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INTRODUCING QMS - Quality Systems Integrators


									Is your company drowning in a
     sea of documents and

   Quality Systems Integrators

TMSWeb Quality Management
   Compliance System
       QSI’s Quality Development

• 50+ years Computer Technology and
  Software Development

• 25+ years Quality Software Design,
  Development and Implementation

• 35+ years Training and Consulting
       QSI’s Mission Statement

  To assist our clients in the management of
    their knowledge assets and to ensure the
    proper transferring of this knowledge to
    their most valued resource “PEOPLE”.
         QSI’s Development Strategy
To develop software which is easy to use, easy
  to support, and satisfies the knowledge
  management needs of numerous standards:

       • ISO 9000, 14000
       • QS 9000, TE Supplement
       • AS 9000
       • FDA – 21 CFR Part 11
To allow clients to continue using their favorite
  products by augmenting and providing
  additional management features for their
  favorite tools.
    TMSWeb Quality Management
       Compliance System

The following slides provide a brief
  overview of a few major functions
  of the TMSWeb base system.
                         Securing Your Data

     User Options
    TMSWeb enables you to
  customize the side panel and
   control what information is
  available to individual users,
 based on permissions and job
functions. Access to information
     is locked ensuring that
   documents are secure and
                       Information Search & Retrieval

Finding Information
 With the Search Results window
 you will see all documents that
     meet the specified search
  criteria. You are able to setup
  Favorite Search fields, use the
  familiar Drill-Down Search, or
 use the full feature Filter Search
 function. TMSWeb allows users
   to define unlimited “free use
  fields” for data collection and
searching. Full content searching
   within MSWord is a standard
                                   Document Revision Control

  Making Changes
 Is simple and straight forward.
   Four steps are accomplished
     with a click of the mouse.
  Automatic e-mail notifications
alert individuals for review, final
 signature and training. A direct
   link to the activity allows the
  user to check-out a document
for review, approve a document,
   or retrain on a newly revised
 document. Quizzing employees
for self training is also available.
                                 Employee Tasks & Activities

     User Activities
  E-mail notification provides
    users with a direct link to
  Activity Detail with icons for
selected functions. A summary
   of all activities for a user is
  located on the My Activities
 screen. Both screens allow a
user to perform the necessary
   tasks. When tasks are not
completed on time, automatic
    reminders are resent and
     eventual notifications to
       managers will occur.
                            Document Change History

   Historical Data
After publishing a new version
of a document, prior revisions
  are automatically archived.
   The History tab allows for
 quick access to a document’s
 revision history. This provides
    valuable insight into the
document’s development along
with a date and time-stamped
 audit trail. Access to archived
 documents is assigned during
        permission setup.
                                   TMS Standard Reports

     Summarizing Data
     TMS utilizes the popular Crystal
        Report Writer to generate
    numerous standard reports with
     many filter options. Important
    decisions can be made based on
   the data provided in these reports.
               For example:

What SOP’s were reissued this month?
Training gaps for my department?
Annual training due this month?
Status of documents in review?
Who has overdue activities?
                                 Job Requirements

Training Matrix
       Setting up job
requirements is quick and
   easy. Simply click and
move documents from one
side to the other to create
     a training matrix.
Requirements can include
 documents, procedures,       All TMSWeb relationships are easily created using
   certifications, training
classes, video courses and               the above grid formats.
       much more….
                          Employee Training Information

   Job Planning
   Assigning users to jobs
     creates an employee
  training matrix. Detailed
     information about an
      employee’s required
training, current training and
 scheduled training is easily
  available. A progress bar
  provides a quick visual of
   the employee’s training
                               Identify Training Gaps

   Reduce Risk
   and Liability
 Job management ensures
     that employees are
  properly trained for their
   jobs assignments. This
greatly reduces production
delays, injuries, down time
 and out of spec products
   due to lack of training.
Cross functional training is
easy to manage and allows
for trouble free movement
   of employees from one
       area to another.
                         Tracking Hard Copy Documents

   Keeping track of physical
    copies of documents is
  inefficient and frustrating.
     Though a completely
paperless environment is not
 always realistic. TMS allows      TMS generates a Table of Contents for
 you to track the location of    procedure binders, providing easy upkeep.
  physical documents within
      your organization.
                       Referenced & Related Documents

    Affected by
     TMS provides a tickler
 system to easily track and
   link documents that are
  referenced or related to
  each other. This benefits
  users by reminding them
that other documents could
  be affected by a change.
TMSWeb is the most cost effective
  solution on the market today

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