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Private Schools (K-12)
                                           Salisbury Seventh-day Adventist
                                           school, established in 1940 in
                                           Salisbury, offers the Adventist EDGE
                                           which is Educators delivering GREAT
                                                                                      nary offered the first doctoral pro-
                                                                                      gram in the county in conjunction
                                                                                      with Union Seminary in Dayton,
                                                                                                                                         Rowan County is proud to offer
                                                                                                                                         residents a premier school system
                                                                                                                                         and several institutions of higher
                                           education. GREAT meaning God-cen-                                                             learning. The Rowan-Salisbury
                                           tered, Results-oriented, Environ-ment      LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE                                School System is made up of 21
Founded in 1967, North Hills
                                           that is safe and nurturing, Aligned with
Christian School is an independent,                                                                                                      elementary schools, seven middle
                                           national, state, and Adventist stan-       This co-educational college was
non-sectarian, college-preparatory,                                                                                                      schools, seven high schools and an
                                           dards and Team effort. We welcome          founded in 1879 by a group of AME
co-ed day school for students in 3k
                                           students and families of all races,        Zion ministers. It is a four-year under-           alternative high school. These 35
through 12th grade. We welcome
                                           denominations, nationalities and color     graduate, private, residential, liberal
students and families of all races, col-                                                                                                 schools, many of which have
                                           who desire a Christian education, and      arts, historically black college still affili-
ors, denominations, and nationalities                                                                                                    received numerous awards and
                                           we meet individual needs at each aca-      ated with the African Methodist
who desire a Christ-centered educa-
                                           demic level. We teach to all learning      Episcopal Zion Ministry. Sitting on a              recognitions, comprise the system
                                           styles with hands-on activities, music,    272-acre campus in the Historic                    that serves over 21,000 students.
                                           drama, public speaking, sign language      District of Salisbury, the property
                                           and witnessing opportunities. Our          includes 22 brick buildings of which                                                                                                                 With continued growth in the county,
                                           students grow spiritually, emotionally     seven are listed in the National
Salisbury Academy is a co-education-                                                                                                     future plans include expansion and
                                           and academically because our teach-        Register of Historic Places.
al, independent day school, accredited
                                           ers pray with our students.                                                                   construction of new facilities. The
by the Southern and National
                                                                                      Accreditations: Southern Association
Associations of Independent Schools,                                                                                                     State Department of Public Instruc-
                                                                                      of Colleges and Schools (SACS),
SAIS and NAIS. It opened its doors in                                                                                                    tion and the Southern Association of
                                                                                      National     Council     for     the
1993 to educate 13 children with an        Colleges & Universities                    Accreditation of Teacher Education                 Colleges and Schools accredit all
innovative option in education.
                                                                                      (NCATE), NC Department of Public                   schools in the Rowan-Salisbury
Increased enrollment led to the build-     CATAWBA COLLEGE                            Instruction.
ing of a new campus in 2003. The cur-                                                                               system. Other choices for primary
riculum enhances students' critical        Chartered in 1851 and moved from
and higher order thinking skills but is
                                                                                      Enrollment: Over 1,000 students from               education include a number of pri-
                                           Catawba County to its present loca-        25 states including 33 from foreign
also tailored to the needs of individual   tion in 1925, the campus has grown                                                            vate schools, many church-affiliated.
                                                                                      countries. Student to Faculty Ratio:
students consistent with the mission       to 27 buildings on 210 acres. The          18:1. 60% of students reside in six res-           The Horizons Unlimited Supplemen-
and vision of Salisbury Academy, to        Center for the Environment, a 21,000       idence halls and six off-campus
provide strong spiritual and character     square foot building situated on the                                                          tary Education Center and Museum
development as well as community           edge of the college’s 189-acre nature
service. Students are engaged in                                                                                                         at 1636 Parkview Circle, serves area
                                           preserve, stands as an example of an       ROWAN-CABARRUS
hands-on learning and exposed to           environmentally sound project, from                                                           school children and is operated by
                                                                                      COMMUNITY COLLEGE
foreign language, drama, music and         the site design to the environmentally                                                        the Rowan-Salisbury School System.
visual arts.                               friendly building materials used in con-   RCCC serves the vocational, technical              This 19,000 square-foot facility
                                           struction. Enrollment continues to         and literacy education needs of the
SACRED HEART CATHOLIC                      rise, with over 1,500 co-educational                                                          includes many exhibits and the
                                                                                      county, as it has done since its incep-
SCHOOL                                     students attending from 25+ states                                                            Woodson Planetarium and Roof Top
                                                                                      tion in 1963. A two-year public com-          and 25+ foreign countries. Supported       munity college, RCCC offers degrees                Observatory, giving students cultural
Established in 1882, Sacred Heart          by a faculty of 78 full-time and 35        and diplomas in varying comprehen-                 and educational opportunities.
Catholic School (PreK-8) is fully          part-time instructors, students are        sive programs, as well as a liberal arts
accredited by the Southern                 able to earn various four-year                                                      
                                                                                      associate degree to students wishing
Association of Colleges and Schools,       degrees or a Master of Education                                                              704-639-3004
                                                                                      to further their education at a four-
the North Carolina Department of           degree in Elementary or Middle             year college or university.
Public Instructing and the Diocese of      School Education. The college’s 19th
Charlotte. The mission of the school
                                                                                                                                         Rowan County Parks and Recreation
                                           president, Dr. Robert Knott, contin-       RCCC currently trains over 95% of
is to proclaim the Good News of the        ues the tradition of strong academic                                                          has long supported the local school
                                                                                      the local emergency service workers
Gospel and to develop each student         programs, unrelenting commitment                                                              system, hosting class field trips at
                                                                                      and the majority of law enforcement
spiritually, intellectually, physically,   to excellence in education while                                                              many of their parks. One popular
                                                                                      officers. With a continued commit-
emotionally and socially to become         preparing Catawba College for the          ment to local industry, RCCC offers                event is held each year at Sloan
self-respecting and responsible citi-      future.                                    specialized training, workforce devel-
zens. Students receive instruction in
                                                                                      opment, occupational programs and
                                                                                                                                         Park/Kerr Mill; each fall, all area sec-
Religious Education, Math, Science,
                                 HOOD THEOLOGICAL                                                                                        ond-graders are invited to attend
                                                                                      short-track programs.
Social Studies, English/ Language Arts,
Computer Science, Art, Library,
                                                                                                                                         “Stories by the Millstream,” a story-
                                                                        Over 20,000 students attend RCCC
Physical Education, Music and Spanish.
                                 Offering professional training in the each year with over 5,000 taking                                  telling adventure which brings in top
                                 ministry with courses leading to courses for credit. Additions to                                       regional talent to perform.
SALISBURY ADVENTIST SCHOOL Master of Religious Education and Master of Divinity. In 1996, the semi-
                                                                                                                CONTINUED ON PAGE   38                                                                                                                                                         37
                                    course offerings include distance learning programs, a motor   PFEIFFER UNIVERSITY
                                    sports marketing program, information systems technology,

libraries                           and courses/programs in biotechnology. Continuing
                                    Education classes draw residents to more than 150 locations
                                    around the service area. RCCC continually updates pro-
                                                                                                   Pfeiffer University is a comprehensive United Methodist-
                                                                                                   related institution, with its main undergraduate campus in
                                                                                                   Misenheimer, NC, just a few miles from the southern end of
                                    grams to provide the most innovative training available to     Rowan County. Pfeiffer offers a strong liberal arts curriculum
Rowan Public Library, part of a     students.                                                      with 67 full-time and 35 part-time faculty. Our student
10 state lending network, has                                                                      enrollment in Misenheimer is 900, and our overall student
                                    In 2005, the college received the prestigious Workforce        enrollment is 2,100. Pfeiffer’s servant leadership mission
branches in China Grove/            Innovations Award from the US Department of Labor for its
                                                                                                   empowers students to serve, learn and grow in a challenging
Landis, Rockwell and Salisbury.     work with the Pillowtex Project when approximately 4,000
                                                                                                   and supportive environment.
One of the area's largest           local citizens lost their textile jobs in Kannapolis.
collections of business related
reference and circulating mate-
rials is located at headquarters
in Salisbury.

Business related materials
include reference materials and
books, electronic databases,
business journals & audio
books. You can find videos cov-
ering business directories, man-
agement, corporation records,
financial reports, stock infor-
mation, accounting, business
correspondence,       statistics,
buyer's guides, marketing, tax
and       legal    information,
planning and proposal writing,
small business startup and
                                                                                                                                       ROWAN PUBLIC LIBRARY

RPL also provides access to         PUBLIC EDUCATION                          NOAH’S PLAYLOFT PRE-SCHOOL #1 & 2          NORTH HILLS CHRISTIAN SCHOOL
electronic resources, including     ROWAN-SALISBURY SCHOOL SYSTEM             704-636-8118                               704-633-3005
searchable databases of full-       704-636-7500                                                               
                                                   PARTNERS IN LEARNING
text business journal articles:                                               CHILD DEVELOPMENT CENTER                   SACRED HEART CATHOLIC SCHOOL
nationwide directories search-                                                704-638-9020                               704-633-2841
able by name, business type,        EARLY EDUCATION/CHILD CARE            
location and other variables:       SMART START- CHILD CARE CONNECTIONS,
                                    RESOURCE & REFERRAL                       ROWAN-CABARRUS COMMUNITY COLLEGE           SALISBURY ACADEMY
financial reports and company                                                 DAYCARE CENTER                             704-636-3002
profiles and other Internet                       704-637-0760                     
resources including Pro-net                                         
(SBA's Procurement Marketing        CORNERSTONE CHURCH DAYCARE                                                           SALISBURY ADVENTIST
                                    #1, #2, #3, #4                            ROWAN REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER CHILD        704-633-1282
& Access Network).
                                    704-855-1218                              DEVELOPMENT CENTER               
RPL offers free internet and                                        
                                                                                                                         COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES
e-mail classes and provides         FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH WEE CENTER                                                      CATAWBA COLLEGE
                                    704-633-0431                              ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH CHILD
workstations on a first come-                                                                                            704-637-4414
                                                 DEVELOPMENT CENTER
first serve basis.                                                                                             
                                    FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH DAYCARE\
                                                                                                                         HOOD THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY             704-636-1321                                                                         704-636-7611
                                          YMCA AFTERSCHOOL CARE
Salisbury 704-216-8228                                              
                                    FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH DAYCARE                                                LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE
China Grove 704-216-7727            704-633-7209                                                                         704-216-6152
                                               PRIVATE EDUCATION                
Rockwell 704-216-7838
                                                                              NORTHGATE ACADEMY
                                                                              704-633-7200                               ROWAN-CABARRUS COMMUNITY COLLEGE

38                                                                                                          Rowan County Chamber of Commerce 2010 Relocation Guide
 find your rowan county school
                                                                          north rowan
                                                                           south rowan
                                                                                  east rowan
                                                                                west rowan

ELEMENTARY                            19. Koontz          704-216-0273
1. Bostian             704-857-2322   20. Shive           704-279-2899
2. China Grove         704-857-7708
3. Cleveland           704-278-2131
                                      21. China Grove     704-857-7038    Public School
4. E. Hanford Dole
5. Enochville
6. Faith
                                      22. Corriher-Lipe
                                      23. Erwin
                                                          704-279-7265    Registration
                                      24. Knox            704-633-2922
7. Granite Quarry      704-279-2154   25. North Rowan     704-639-3018    New residents registering a child in
8. Hurley              704-639-3038   26. Southeast       704-638-5561    the local public schools will need the
9. Isenberg            704-639-3009   27. West Rowan      704-633-4775
10. Knollwood          704-857-3400                                       following:
11. Landis             704-857-3111   HIGH                                  ✓ the pupil’s birth certificate
12. Millbridge         704-855-5591   28. Jesse Carson     704-855-7297     ✓ immunization records
13. Morgan             704-636-0169   29. East Rowan       704-279-5232     ✓ Social Security card
                                      30. Henderson Independent
14. Mt. Ulla           704-278-2750                        704-639-3134     ✓ the most recent grade report if
15. North Rowan        704-639-3042   31. North Rowan      704-636-4420      transferring from another school
16. Overton            704-639-3000   32. Salisbury        704-636-1221
17. Rockwell           704-279-3145   33. South Rowan      704-857-1161
18. Woodleaf           704-278-2203   34. West Rowan       704-278-9233                                                                                               39

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