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									DEPARTMENTAL BIKE PROGRAM                                                COST

 At a minimum cost, you could help reduce          If your Department or School purchases one
                                                Departmental Bike, the CommuterChoice Program will
traffic and air pollution on campus, improve   provide a subsidy of $125, if two bikes are purchased a
  cardiovascular health, save precious time,               $300 subsidy will be provided.
   and reduce your costs for taxi fare and
           parking fees. Interested?                     Prices quoted as of 06/28/2011
                                                                          Breezer  Breezer
                                                                Uptown                       Fuji
                                                                         Uptown 8 Uptown 7
If your answer is “yes”, consider purchasing                    Infinity
 one or more bicycles for members of your                      U Frame/ U Frame/ U Frame/
   department to use around campus as an                       Diamond Diamond Diamond
                                                                 Frame    Frame    Frame
   environmentally sustainable and healthy                      Infinite
  means of transport during the work day.                                8 speeds 7 speeds 27 speed

  Employees sign out the bike to attend                         $1,250    $1,000     $850      $750
meetings or other destinations on campus.      Accessories
One enthusiastic participant states: “I can
                                                     Helmet       $5       $5         $5        $5
 almost always get where I want to go on
campus more quickly on the bike than in a       Combo Lock       $45       $45       $45        $45
 car, and there is always a place to park.”             Bell      $0       $0         $0        $15

          For more information                        Lights      $0       $0         $0        $20
  about the Departmental Bike Program                 Labels     $50       $50       $50        $50
            call CommuterChoice                      Fenders
        at (617) 384-RIDE (7433)                                  $0       $0         $0        $60
          or visit our web site at                     Total $1,350       $1,100     $950      $945              With $125
                                                subsidy      $1,225       $975       $825      $820
            To create this program              Optional
        at your school or department                                                                     “Thanks to CommuterChoice, I ride a
           CommuterChoice will help                 Panniers     $40       $40       $40        $40      Departmental Bike to my morning
             you and your staff:                                                                         work site on Oxford Street. I really
                                                  Bike pump      $25       $25       $25        $25      enjoy the benefits of biking and the
   1)   Select the bike and accessories            Multi-use                                             convenience of getting from one place
   2)   Purchase the bike and labels                             $10       $10       $10        $10      to another without needing a car or
   3)   Establish a monitoring system                                                                    looking for a parking space.”
   4)   Maintain the bike
                                               2 Tune-ups                                                           Edison Melgar, Custodian
                                                                 $60       $60       $60        $60                 University Operations
   It’s that simple.                             per year
Step One: Select the bike(s) and accessories.                                             Sizing Notes
Decide which type of bike(s) you would like to purchase.          It is very important that a bicycle fit the person(s) using it.       BREEZER
See the three available options by visiting the bike
                                                                                                                                     DIAMOND FRAME
manufacturers’ web sites at and              The Breezer Diamond Frame (men’s model) comes in:                           L (fits riders 5’ 9” - 6’ 3”), M (fits riders 5’ 6” - 6’), and
                                                                  S (fits riders 5’ 2” - 5’ 8”)
         Select the size bike(s) that best fit your staff needs
         (please see “Sizing Notes” at right).                    The Fuji Patrol Bike comes in:
                                                                  17” (similar to the Breezer men’s S), 19” (similar to the
         Choose bike accessories to fit your needs.               Breezer men’s M), 20.5” (similar to the Breezer men’s L),
                                                                  and 22”
         The purchase of a combination “U” lock for your
         bike(s) eliminates the need to distribute keys, and      The Breezer U Frame (women’s model) comes in:
         it prevents the loss of keys.                            M (fits riders 5’ 5” - 5’ 11”) and S (fits riders 5’ 2” - 5’ 8”)
         Determine how your department would like its
         name to be lettered on the bike.
                                                                  Types of bikes available:

Step Two: Purchase the bike(s).                                   After much research, three different model bikes from two           FUJI PATROL
                                                                  different manufacturers were selected:                             MOUNTAIN BIKE
         Contact the CommuterChoice Program by phone at
         617 384-RIDE (7433) or by e-mail at                                the Breezer U Frame (women’s model) to arrange the                
         purchase and delivery date of your bike(s).
                                                                            the Breezer Diamond Frame (men’s model)
Step Three: Establish a monitoring system.
                                                                            the Fuji Patrol mountain bike,
         Create a sign out sheet so program participants          
         will always know if the bike is available.
                                                                  Why the Breezer bike?
         Print out a liability waiver form and ask all
         participants in your department to sign it prior to                The Breezer is specifically designed for the urban
         using a Departmental Bike (required).                              cyclist, and it has a suspension system that will
                                                                            glide along bumpy roads. The Breezer comes
                                                                            standard with a chain guard and fenders, so you             BREEZER
Step Four: Maintain your bike.                                              never have to worry about getting chain grease              U FRAME
                                                                            or mud on your dress clothes.
         Maintain your bike(s) with a tune up in the spring
         and fall. Quad Bikes, a non-profit bike shop for
                                                                  Why the Fuji Patrol bike?
         the Harvard community, offers tune-ups, bike
         repair classes, and winter storage for bikes at                    The Fuji Patrol bike is a mountain bike chosen
         modest rates,                                   for its ruggedness, durability, high ratings, and
                                                                            moderate price. This bike is presently being
         If possible, always keep the bikes indoors when                    used on a daily basis by staff at Harvard
         not in use. Your bike(s) will last longer, and                     University Mail Services. They have stated that,
         require less maintenance and repair when housed                    “it is like riding on air, and we never feel fatigued
         inside.                                                            at the end of the day, as we did when riding on
                                                                            other bikes.”

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