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					What is driver?

A driver is a small piece of software that tells the
operating system and other software how to
communicate with a piece of hardware.

For example, all printers come accompanied with
drivers to install that tell the operating system exactly
how to print information on the page. Sound card
drivers tell your software exactly how to translate
data into audio signals that the card can output to a
set of speakers. The same applies to video cards,
keyboards, monitors, etc.

The drivers for each piece of hardware in your
Windows computer are centrally managed from
Device Manager, available in all versions of
Microsoft Windows.

Definition: Computers use particular kinds of file
systems to store and organize data on media, such
as a hard drive, the CDs, DVDs, and BDs in an
optical drive or on a flash drive. Any place that a PC
stores data is employing the use of some type of file

A file system can be thought of as an index or
database containing the physical location of every
piece of data on a hard drive.

A file system is setup on a drive during a format. See
How To Format a Hard Drive for more information.

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