Water Pollution Water pollution by liaoqinmei


									Environmental Threats
         The Greenhouse Effect
•The greenhouse effect is the process by which thermal
radiation from the planet’s surface is absorbed by the
atmosphere and is re-radiated in all directions
 •The greenhouse effect acts as a blanket trapping
 in heat and not releasing it.This process then turns
 into global warming.
•There will always be the greenhouse effect, but we can do
stuff like reducing air pollution to the greenhouse effect
less damaging.
               Waste Materials
•Waste materials are unwanted substances or toxins that are
expelled or trashed improperly into the environment.
•All pollution really starts with waste materials.
Waste materials are the cause of air and water
 •Waste materials can be reduced by doing 3 simple things:
 reuse,reduce,and recycle.
                Water Pollution
•Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water. Water
pollution occurs when pollutants are discharged into water
bodies without adequate treatment to remove the compounds.
 •Water pollution is absolutely harmful and deadly to
 the environment and the organisms living in it. It kills
 of plants,animals,and even people too.Water
 contaminated by sewage run-off, chemicals, or
 fertilizers make it completely poisonous and
 uninhabitable to any living organism. People everyday
 drink unsafe, polluted water which can cause death and
•Water pollution can be reduced though. If we properly dispose
of waste,chemicals,and trash we make make water cleaner and
safer. Also, if you maintain your septic systems and use less
pesticides, you can reduce water pollution.
                      Air Pollution
• Air pollution is the introduction of chemicals,particulate matter,or
biological materials into the atmosphere.

•Air pollution can be harmful in many ways. It can cause acid
rain, which can contaminate drinking water and
vegetation,damage aquatic life,and erode buildings. It evens
affects the air quality. Bad air quality, which contains pollution,
makes breathing complicated or bad for you.

•We can’t necessarily get rid of air pollution, but we
can reduce it. Driving less or driving cars that don’t
distribute to much pollution is a one way.Or make
mills, chemical factories, and plants burn off less
    The Most Serious Threat

I can’t judge and state the most serious environmental
threat. To me they are all serious and need to be fixed.
Each one affect

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