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									E-Local Business Directory is a professional
Designed to increase web traffic and provide systematic organization, E-Local Business Directory's
platform offers a low-cost, easy-to-use online directory solution. Our software empowers its users to
publish a variety of directory-based websites that help maximize advertising revenue. With elaborate
search functionality, advanced SEO reporting, as well as a fully customized platform.

E-Local Business Directory is a professional, affordable directory software solution. With a large and
highly customizable set of key features coupled with a standards compliant interface, E-Local Business
Directory Software has been chosen by thousands of webmasters all over the world.
Ready2goportals.com's E-Local Business Directory is full featured software that can increase your sites
ranking in all major search engines as the listing grows. It also supports video listings which can increase
the site ranking in YouTube. http://ready2goportals.com/local_business_directory_script_features.php

Why use E-Local Business Directory?
Below are just a few of the many robust features that help make E-Local Business Directory the leading
solution in its market:
     E-Local Business Directory Software will also allow your submitters to upload information
        themselves, and pay online using one of our many payment methods which has been integrated
        into our business directory software including 2checkout, PayPal, Alertpay, etc.
     E-Local Business Directory Software increases your Revenue Massively.
     E-Local Business Directory's platform provides its users the ability to accrue the best type or
        revenue; recurring revenue. Whether this is your primary source of business, or an additional
        revenue source for your business, it's an easy way to get money from advertisers.
     Complete Business Directory Eye Catchy Template & Easy to use Interface
     SEO friendly URLs and well as the ability to more easily manage Meta tags, keywords and other
        factors that contribute to your search engine rankings.
     Integrated mapping
     Business listings are tied to Google maps so that users can easily find where your advertisers are
     Advanced Search features

E-Local Business Directory Features
Features For Frontend :
Home Page
       Elegant Eye Catchy Look, with easy utility navigation menu at top (Home, Login, Registration,
        Contact us, Twitter, Face book & Company Video).
       Catchy Logo in the center (Manageable from Admin Panel).
      Ajax Based search with Auto Suggest. Auto Company name displays depending on city selection
       from dropdown helps users to select company directly. Locality name also linked with company
       for user reference purpose. Easy Auto product/services name displays based on user input.
      Displays Phone No. on home page for quick visitor reference (Manageable from Admin Pane).
Listing Page
      Related Keywords/Product/Services displays on the left side panel depending on user search.
      Displays search listings based on user inputs with featured listings at first. Business listings
       displays summary like Company Name, Location, Phone No., Deals in with click to view detail
       business listing page.
      Displays Paid Service Tags like Power Seller, Verified, Satisfaction Guarantee & Elegant Look for
       featured listings.
      Rating system for each business. User can rate and comment for particular business listing).
      Easy Page navigation System.
Listing detail Page
      Left Side Panel Displays related keywords/products/services for easy to go user navigation.
      Right Side panel displays Regular Video or YouTube video of respective listing, Google Map,
       Twitter Tweets of respective business listing company, Face book page of company.
      On click of any coupon displays coupon in pop-up with full detailed coupon with company logo
       and option to print coupon.
      Elegant Ajax based pop includes SMS form, Email to seller form, Report Incorrect Business
       listing, Report Abuse, Write Review & Edit Listing form (For Business Listing Owner).

Features For Adminend :
Site Configuration
      Ability to change admin password.
      Can change Meta Tags like Title, Keywords & Descriptions.
      Site slogan management.
      Can manage site footer and copyright links.
      Site logo Add, Modify & Delete option.
      Currency management system
      Phone No. Display on Homepage
      Manage company twitter account with on/off settings
      Manage company face book account with on/off settings.
Membership Plans
      Manage different memberships like free listings, premium listings, video listings, Power Seller
       Tags, Verified Tags & Satisfaction Stamps.
      Admin can manage all the rates for above memberships.
      Can manage tax and service tax rates.
      Category / Subcategory Management
      Admin can add unlimited categories and subcategories.
      Can add, edit and delete categories and subcategories at will.
Manage Users
      Admin will be able to view all the users in a snapshot.
      Admin will be able to Modify | Suspend | Un-Suspend |Delete any user.
      Admin can change the Keyword and coupon limit of any user.
Payment Gateway Settings
       PayPal Account Settings
       2Checkout Settings
       Other Payment Gateway Integration is also possible.

        For more details please visit our site http://ready2goportals.com/ Or mail us


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