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									              Reciprocal Link Exchange PHP Script

Increase Targeted Web Site Traffic With Unique Partner Finding Algorithm Integrated Into SEO
Powerful Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Software. Our software can be easily integrate in
your site, very easily to manage, save lots of time as the software automatically manages all
links submitted

Why do you as web site owner need Automatic Reciprocal Link Exchange Software?
The answer is simple.
When you create new web site in any niche, you face one BIG problem. It's not your design, not
your hosting, not shopping cart or affiliate program software. This problem is how to get
targeted traffic for your web site. The Internet is packed with tons of fantastic solutions that
promise to handle this problem for you: different submitters, million times re-written ebooks,
traffic exchanges, primitive list builders - those who tried them know that they don't give any
positive effect.

Why Should You Use This Script?

To get higher rank in search engine you need the link popularity of your web site, this
popularity can be achieved by getting link from other web site and in reverse giving link to
them. This in turn can be easily done through this Script.

      Save a lot of advertising money
      Get preference in search engines
      Get highly targeted visitors to your web site
      Increase your traffic significantly
      More customers and more sales
      Benefit from new business contacts
      Providing quality Experience to your visitors
      Make your site part of the web not an isolated Island

Reciprocal Link Exchange PHP Script Features
Frontend Features :
       Easy to install.
       Multilevel categories
       Real time validation of reciprocal links to your site on partner site.
       100% AUTOMATIC Reciprocal link validation
       Keeps search engine visibility of your links as prime focus during automatic link
       validation process.
       DOESN'T allow links in framed pages.
       Configurable emails..

Adminend Features :

       Configure Site parameters.
       Admin can create CATEGORIES AND SUBCATEGORIES to which links are posted.
       Add, Remove, Modify, ACTIVATE, AND DEACTIVATE LINKS.
       Add, Remove partner sites running the same script.
       Extensive stats
       SHIFT LISTINGS from one category to other in one go.
       View Links waiting admin approval.
       View most resent links
       View most active links.
       Search on links database.
       Email all LINK PARTNERS

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