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					Pay Per Click PHP Script (PPC)
PayPerClick (PPC) Engine is powerful, feature rich, fully customizable PayPerClick(PPC) engine script from Ready2goportals PPC Engine works almost similar to google adwords. PPC Engine
allows your advertisers to advertise their products and service using text/banner ads. This is completely
template driven and you can change the look and feel of the advertiser pages very easily to match your
web site style. It comes with advanced statistics option to track clicks, impressions, CTR and profit. It is a
perfect PPC solution which meets all pay per click advertising needs. You may use PPC Engine script
along with Search Engine as well as any other search engine or content
management scripts.

Manage Advertisers: Now using PPC Engine you can manage advertisers in a
better way. You can view the complete profile of advertisers which contains information about ads
posted by the advertiser, click statistics of the advertiser and fund history. Also you have the option for
adding fund to advertiser's bonus/account balance. You can also send mail to each advertiser. You may
review their web sites and if you find their web content is inappropriate for your terms, you may block
users individually.

How it works?

       PPC Script for your web site. You can run your own PPC search engine with this script. This script
        has a VERY high earning potential.
       Members can signup to add there site to your search engine. They can define keywords relevant
        to their web site and the price they are ready to pay for each visitor they get through your
        search engine.
       Administrator can put a restriction to disallow bids below a certain amount. Admin can also
        define different web site categories. Members can then add their sites to these category and
        define the bid for their listings in each category.
       When visitors search for sites or browse to a certain category they see the list of all relevant
        sites. When they click on any of these site, you earn amount equal to the bid for that site.
       Script comes with a very powerful admin panel
       Script supports extensive stats in members area as well as the site admin panel.

Pay Per Click PHP Script Features:
Frontend Features:
       Comes with very nice graphics built in.
       Easily configurable template file that can be configured to give your web site a customized look.
       Entries are listing in search result in descending order of the bid for the keyword. So higher
        paying advertisers are listed first.
       Each advertiser entry can have multiple keywords with separate bid amount.
       Entries appear in search account only if there is enough balance in the advertisers account.
       Multi page display of results along with there bid amount
       Most searched keywords displayed prominently for easy search
       Extensive stats regarding the keyword popularity and competition for those keywords.
       Statistics to help the Advertisers choose most suitable keywords
       Provision for Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages.
       Member signup bonus scheme (Configurable).
       Secure server integration for payment (Paypal).
       Login Form and password retrieval

Adminend Features:

       Add/Edit/Delete member profile
       Add/Edit/Delete Listings
       Administrator can temporarily disable certain entries from display
       Add money to member account
       Configure signup bonus scheme for members
       Keyword based search facility for members and the listings
       Special information on administrator chosen keywords
       View latest entries and disable them in case the need arises
       Report on earning in a particular period
       Statistics regarding popularity of listing entries
       Statistics regarding keyword popularity

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Description: PayPerClick (PPC) Engine is powerful, feature rich, fully customizable PayPerClick(PPC) engine script from Ready2goportals PPC Engine works almost similar to google adwords.