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Start Your Own Profitable's Online Auction Portal . A complete portal site to search the best for your projects. Its a place where a buyer seeks professional services from a skilled professional or company providing auction portal services.

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									Auction Portal Software

Start Your Own Profitable's Online Auction Portal . A complete portal site
to search the best for your projects. Its a place where a buyer seeks professional services from a
skilled professional or company providing auction portal services.

Online Auctions Script is an Extensive and Powerful script written in PHP-MySQL. It has
potential to generate very heavy revenues for you. Script is built with focus on increased ease
of users and raised profits of webmasters.

Here is an opportunity to start your own professional auction website, even if you have nil
programming experience! E-Auction Script is one of the most advanced and user-friendly
auction software available. It's excellent navigation features make it easy to use and our
support team will help you customize your website to your most specific requirements. E-
Auction Script is user friendly and includes a quick-installer with a fully controllable web-based
back office. This software covers the realm of today's e-commerce business. The Script can be
customized based on client's request. The new features can be added or Existing features can
be edited or deleted.

With our auction software, you remain in full control of your business development. Our
solution covers your particular online auction business needs.

Why Choose Us?
E-Auction is the top PHP Auction script software built with the sole aim to ease the auction
management. E-Auction is the world leader in providing the best auction
scripts. It grew exponentially from a small start up to a major force to be reckoned with, all in
the span of a few years. It acts as a bridge between the buyers and sellers offering
comprehensive business solutions across the globe as it is professionally designed and
programmed for you.

Key Applications of the E-Auction Script:
      Can handle auctions (simple/dutch), fixed price item or classifieds to tap the great
       earning opportunity that this script offers.
      Paid services can be enabled/disabled to drive more traffic for your site accordingly.
      Use as advertising platform for your products / other sites.


      Easy installation
      Open source PhP/Mysql
      User friendly admin area wherein user, auctions, and money transfer are easily
      Readily editable and manageable
      Rich end-user benefits
      Cost effective
      Robust, secured on internet
      Support reverse auction
      Allows classified, lots, and penny auction

Auction Portal Software Features
Frontend Features :

      Classification of products into multilevel categories for easy browsing & efficient
      Seller account management
      Seller can post any number of products for auction or Dutch auction or as a classified ad
       or as a fixed price item
      Additional paid options like Highlighted, Bold, Front-page Featured, Gallery Featured
       items also available
      Image gallery associated with each product
      Favorite product section where you can save the product you like for later reference
      Internal messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers
      Email alerts at appropriate times to buyers and sellers
      Member Area for each seller and buyer where they can view stats, their purchases, bids,
       products, profile etc
      sellers past record on the web site
      Option to edit member profile
      View billing stats for sellers/buyers
      Customizable store for each seller
      Full member feedback system
      Maintain online contact list.
      Maintain online block list
      Post feedback

Adminend Features :

      Administrator can view valuable stats like total categories, no. approved/unapproved
       products, no. of products posted yesterday/ in last 7 days etc.
      Administrator can add/edit/delete categories / subcategories
      Administrator can edit/delete/approve/disapprove products
      Administrator can add/edit/delete members and their products
      Option to configure emails that are generated automatically at different stages
      Monitor and edit/delete messages sent between members
      Search available for members/products/billing transactions etc.
      Email all members or particular member
      View order history/bid history for each product
      View/add/edit/delete billing transactions for any member
      Configure prices for all paid features of the site
      Manage banner plans for which advertiser will advertise
      Customized Welcome message, Terms & conditions etc.
      Administrator can add/edit/delete feedback to the members

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