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					                BP6: ‘Softening’ the Highway Infrastructure

Reference:      Title of         Biker-Mate
 BP6 005        Project:         EuroRoadSafety
 Version:       Website:
   Brief                                                    Biker-Mate is an energy absorbing
Description                                                 cushion which fits around sign posts
of Project:                                                 and other street-furniture to reduce
                                                            the energy transfer to a motorcyclist
                                                            striking the protected object.

                                                            The energy absorption is achieved
                                                            through a ‘honey-comb’ of material
                                                            which deforms during an impact.

              The manufacturer makes the following claims:
                 •   “Large radius impact face drastically reduces "piercing" effects which would be
                     seen upon impact with an unprotected structure/ post.
                 •   Wrap around design shields the likely impact region of the post but does not
                     need to be installed around all sides, reducing the footprint and the cost.
                 •   No sharp edges
                 •   Resistant to vandalism (subjected to basic trials) – rigid, non brittle, slow melting
                     rate, secure connection etc…
                    •   Easy fixing system, designed to fit Lattix & Round Posts
                    •   Modular system is stackable enabling flexibility. Various heights can be achieved
                            o   Height – 420mm nominal
                            o   Depth –160mm nominal
                            o   Low Mass/ Weight: only 2kg nominal
                    •   Designed to enable easy access to lamppost electric panels.
                    •   Thin gauge casing helps with load spreading, and interaction of absorption
                        cartridges .”
                 The Biker-Mate system has been performance tested using Head Impact
                 Criteria and this appears to indicate a protection level greater than that
                 required by crash helmets approved to ECE 22.05.
 Monitoring      Performance testing by the manufacturer using static crush tests and
   Data:         dynamic impact tests appears to predict an absorbing capacity of around
                 6,000J, equivalent to 100% absorption for a 75kg rider travelling at over
  Results:       The product is relatively new and not yet in widespread use. There would
                 not appear to be any results available based on casualty reduction.
Key Effective Whilst this type of injury causation is not indicated as a major contributor to
Conclusions: urban PTW injuries in the MAIDS and other in-depth studies, performance
              testing results provided by the manufacturer indicate the likelihood of
              reduced injury severity for PTW users striking the protected object.
Projects for     Frangible Street Furniture (BP6 001).
Comparison:      Motorcycle Friendly Crash Barrier (BP6 004).
Justification:   In-depth studies do not appear to show that striking fixed roadside objects is
                 a major contributor to urban PTW injuries but for specific sites where the
                 casualty data indicates the existence of this problem the Biker-Mate could
                 be an effective counter-measure.

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