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									                 Saddlemen AMA Pro Road Racing Report
                    Devils Showdown – September 7-9
Rancho Dominguez, Calif. – September 11, 2012 – Saddlemen’s road racers traveled to New
Jersey Motorsports Park in Millville, NJ this past weekend for the Round 10 of the AMA Pro Road
Racing Series.

AMA Pro GoPro Daytona SportBike
Saddlemen’s JD Beach has been the mark of consistency all season long, finishing in the top 10
in all but one race this year. The Road Race Factory/Red Bull rider finished 9 on Saturday, with
                                                                                       th   th
fellow Saddlemen riders Joey Pascarella, Jake Zemke and Cory West behind him in 16 , 24
and 27 , respectively.

Sunday’s race would bring with it better results with Riders Discount Vesrah Suzuki’s Cory West
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leading the way in 6 . Ducshop Racing’s Zemke followed in 7 and Beach finished 8 , while
West’s teammate Pascarella finished 13 .
                     th       th                              th
JD Beach rode his 13 and 14 straight top-10 finishes into 6 in the SportBike standings, with
Jake Zemke just 5 points behind in 8 . West and Pascarella round out the top 10 with just 4 races
remaining in the 2012 season.

AMA Pro SuperSport
Celtic Racing/Orient Express rider James Rispoli took top honors in Saturday’s race with
authority, cruising to the finish line with the next rider nearly 12 seconds behind him. Teammate
                                           th                              th
Corey Alexander finished Race 1 in 13 , and Jake Lewis finished in 15 .

Sunday’s contest was cut short as a collision ended the race after 16 of 19 scheduled laps. The
reset race order landed Rispoli in 2 aboard his Saddlemen Chicane seat. Riders Discount
                                                             rd                                 th
Vesrah Suzuki’s Jake Lewis emerged from the pack to take 3 place, as Alexander followed in 4
on his Saddlemen Sport seat.

Saddlemen has been making high performance seats for racing for over 20 years. During that
time some of the world's fastest racers have fitted their motorcycles with Saddlemen seats,
including land speed attempters, flat track racers and road racers. Saddlemen is the Official Seat
of AMA Pro Racing.

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