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     The Best
     Boot Camps
     Near You
     A cross-country guide to the top classes
     and retreats to whip you into shape for
     bathing-suit season.
     By Melisse Gelula and alexia Brue of

     New York City               AS one
     Slim & Strong               The well-credentialed
     Ariane Hundt,               mega-athlete founders
     founder of Brooklyn         here really know their
     Bridge Boot Camp,           stuff, including the
     leads this results-         fact that carrying
     oriented month-long         sandbags, lugging
     indoor program              ropes, running stairs
     that combines a             and doing a trillion
     fat-burning workout         squat-thrusts turns
     (with weights,              the average woman
     squats and cardio)          into a super-svelte
     and food advice (in         athlete. $560 for 16
     addition to being a         classes,
     trainer, she’s also a
     nutritionist). You’ll       BASSett’S
     track your success          Boot CAmp At
     with before-and-            pure YogA
     after measurements          Yoga’s first drill
     and photos. $350 per        sergeant is Loren
     month, brooklynbridge       Bassett, who leads                intense yoga/cross-
                                 training classes where
                                                            dirK laMBreCHTs/BlauBluT-ediTion.CoM. sTill life: luCKy diGiTal sTudio.
      Light(er) weights          vinyasa sequences
      plus more reps creates
      slim, toned arms.          segue into burpees,
      Two-pound walking          mountain climbers
      dumbbells, $6 per pair,
      select Marshalls,
                                 with gliders and high-        intensity cardio with
      for locations
                                 strength training—all
                                 in a 105-degree room.
                                 No child’s pose here.
                                              continued …

     *note: Most boutique fitness studios offer
     discounts via class cards/packs. unless noted,
     single class rates are quoted here.
46   Bikini BooT camps                                                                                   LUCKYMAG.COM

       exhAle Six-Week
       Core evolution
       At Battery Wharf
       and Exhale locations
       nationwide. The
       combination of weekly
       one-on-one nutrition
       consults and unlimited
       Core Fusion classes
       (centered around barre
       work and free weights)
       should majorly help
       you along the way to a
       dancer body. Aim for
       four classes a week,
       including more cardio-
       centered variations
       like Core Fusion Sport.   lithe method

                                                     Philadelphia              Miami
                                                     lithe method              FlYWheel And
                                                     This incredibly           FlYBArre
                                                     popular studio is         Also in New York.
                                                     responsible for           For a seriously
                                                     99 percent of the high    slimming self-guided
                                                     butts and flat abs in     program, pair the
                                                     Philly. The fat-burning   popular spin and
                                                     classes use resistance    barre classes. The
                                                     bands that dangle         ideal weekly blend:
                                                     from the ceiling, and     three Flywheel indoor
                                                     the tough, toning         cycling classes (a

                                                                                                                             froM ToP: CourTesy of liTHe MeTHod. CourTesy of exHale Mind Body sPa. sTill life: luCKy diGiTal sTudio.
                                                     barre classes have        45-minute session
                                                     names like “Skinny        torches 500-plus
                                                     Jeans.” Go for three      calories) for cardio
                                                     classes per week.         and two 60-minute
                                                     $20,      FlyBarre classes to
                                                                               tone and elongate
                                                     Washington, D.C.          muscles. $25,
                                                     “Be All You Used to       Chicago
                                                     Be” is the slogan at      tABAtA At
                                                     this no-frills, no-       equinox
                                                     nonsense workout          Julie Valenti packs
                                                     where the trainers        the house for her
                                                     (many of them vets)       high-intensity class at
                                                     expect you to sign on     Equinox Lincoln Park
                                                     for five classes’ worth   for a reason: Three
                                                     of tough love per         classes a week will
                                                     week: four dedicated      transform you. Expect
                                                                                                         This bright
                                                     to strength training,     squat thrusts, planks     yellow,
                                                     core work and             and little downtime.      high-tech
                                                                                                         stopwatch is
                                                     flexibility, and one      $149 to $183 for a        very Life
                                                     that’s pure cardio.       monthly membership,       Aquatic.
                                                     $199 for three months,               resin watch, $89,
                                                                   continued …    Baby-G,
50   Bikini BooT camps

                                                                                                                   The sheer spring green is electric.
                                                                                                                    “Cyclone Vapor” running jacket, $115, nike
                                                                                                                     .com TexT To Buy: cycLone aT 58259

         barry’s bootcamp                                                                                                                 (less than one
                                                                                                                                            pound!), but
                                                                                                                                                  and the
                                                                                                                                               color is so
       adorable. and it                                                                                                                          sneakers,
       fits all your stuff!                                                                                                                  $100,

       ripstop nylon duffel

                                                                                                                                                                 MessaGinG raTes aPPly To all sMs CorresPondenCe. oTHer CHarGes May aPPly. aVailaBle on ParTiCiPaTinG Carriers
       bag, $68,


                                                                                                                                                                 froM lefT: luis Mendoza. CourTesy of equinox. sTill lifes: luCKy diGiTal sTudio. *your Carrier’s sTandard

                                                                                                                                                                 and in THe u.s. only. for CoMPleTe MoBile TerMs and CondiTions, Please Go To luCKyMaG.CoM/Go/TexT.
       Dallas                         intense moves                  shape with his five-          sprints, push-ups            music. $24 to $32,
       metCon3 At                     at this playful,               day-a-week program.           and squats super-  
       equinox                        noncompetitive,                Classes mix intense           fun. $300 to $350 for
       Expect muscle                  women-only workout             military calisthenics         eight weeks of classes,      Nationwide
       fatigue and all-out            that melts muffin tops         with killer kickboxing        CroSSFit
       breathlessness during          and firms backsides—           drills and cadence                                         Available in dozens
       this demanding                 without adding bulk.           calls. $140 for 10 classes    BArrY’S                      of cities, this strength
       class featuring three          The crack-of-dawn              or $135 to $290 per           BootCAmp                     and conditioning
       10-minute rounds of            four-week outdoor              month,       Also in Nashville            program has some
       “real life” exercises          series includes four                                         and New York.                very butch credentials:
       incorporating cardio           workouts a week.               Los Angeles                   Do 15 minutes of             It’s used to train police
       bursts and eight-              $199, seattleweightloss        lACeY Stone                   treadmill sprints,           and military special-
       pound weights. The                      BootY CAmp                    hop off and do a             ops units—so there!
       good news? You only                                           Also in New York.             bundle of weights,           Expect feats-of-
       need to do it twice a          San Francisco                  Super-positive                squats and push-             strength challenges
       week. $130 to $240 per         StArt FitneSS                  firecracker Stone is          ups—then repeat.             and endurance
       month,             Ken Weichert isn’t             poised to become the          That’s the fun and           intervals, like 30 jump-
                                      playing: This master           next Jillian Michaels.        fast-acting recipe           ups on a 20-inch
       Seattle                        fitness trainer for the        Her tough early-              of this dress-size-          box, 50 push-ups and
       SWl BootY                      Army National Guard            morning outdoor               dropping workout             30 reps of hurling a 14-
       CAmp                           has spent the past 15          boot(y) camps in              done in a glam studio        pound ball. $10 to $20,
       The Boom-Boom-                 years whipping Pacific         L.A. and New York             discoed out with red
       Pow is just one of the         Heights women into             City magically make           lights and pumping                          continued …

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54   Bikini BooT camps                                                                                                           LUCKYMAG.COM

                                                                                                                               The It Veg
                                                                                                                               Thanks to its
                                                                                                                               doses of
                                                                                                                               omegas, protein
                                                                                                                               and vitamins A,
                                                                                                                               C and K, this is
                                                                                                                               the green to beat.

         escape to shape

                                                                                                                               CoConut Kale
                                                                                                and behavioral                 Smoothie
       cushy, hot pink
                                                                                                therapists work

                                                                                                                                                         CourTesy of esCaPe To sHaPe. Kale froM ToP: judiTH Collins/alaMy. reid3850/isToCKPHoTo.CoM. illusTraTion: oddesius Perry. sTill life: luCKy diGiTal sTudio.
       and anti-slip:                                                                                                          co-created with

                                                                                                                                                         *your Carrier’s sTandard MessaGinG raTes aPPly To all sMs CorresPondenCe. oTHer CHarGes May aPPly. aVailaBle on ParTiCiPaTinG Carriers and in THe u.s.
       perfection!                                                                              with you to create a           Naturewell in Los
       electric yoga anti-                                                                      program, but circuit           Angeles
       slip yoga mat, $78,                                                                      training, cardio,                                                                                                       Combine one large
       TexT To Buy:                                                                             kettlebell classes and         frozen banana, two
       eLecTric aT 58259                                                                        nutrition lectures             to three kale leaves
                                                                                                are de rigueur. $3,800         (stalks and all), a cup
                                                                                                and up per week,               of Coconut Dream,

       Getaway Camps                                                 Blue peArl
                                                                                               coconut water or
                                                                                                                               coconut milk, six
                                                                                                                               ice cubes and two
       eSCApe to                      meals totaling 1,500           Laguna Beach, CA           CAl-A-vie
                                                                                                                               pinches of cinnamon
       ShApe retreAtS                 calories a day. (Typical       A yogi and former          Vista, CA
                                                                                                                               in a blender. Blend
       Various locations              mid-hike snack?                model run Blue Pearl,      Celebs and CEOs                for 35 seconds.
       A mere 11 guests at a          Four almonds, two              which is equal             favor this posh fitness        Sweeten with a drop
       time experience these          cashews.) Making up            parts power yoga,          spa where the chef             of agave, if needed.
       intensely fitness-             for the challenges are         meditation and hiking      keeps you to your
       focused retreats               swish guest rooms,             boot camp. The             calorie count and the

                                                                                                                                                         only. for CoMPleTe MoBile TerMs and CondiTions, Please Go To luCKyMaG.CoM/Go/TexT.
       featuring daily four-          daily massages and             organic light meals        fitness staff works
       hour hikes followed            a smaller dress                are delicious (when        you hard. Expect
       by spin and yoga               size upon departure.           they’re not veggie         a rigorous hike at
       classes. You’ll eat raw        $5,600 per week,               broth). Everyone gets      dawn, classes like             Kale ChiPS
       food for two days,                five massages during       kickboxing and                 Preheat oven to
       then organic calorie-                                         the week. $3,950 per       cardio-sculpt until            400°. De-stem,
       controlled cuisine.            the AShrAm                     week, bluepearllaguna      noon and restorative           wash and dry well
       $4,500 to $6,000 per           Calabasas, CA                  .com                       spa services until             one bunch of kale.
       week,        You’ll hike a lot,                                        dinner. $8,000 per             Tear into small
                                      you’ll do a ton of             premier FitneSS            week,            pieces, toss very
       the rAnCh At                   yoga, you’ll get an            CAmp                                                      thoroughly with
       live oAk                       incredible massage             San Diego and                                             1 tbsp. apple cider
       Malibu, CA                     every day, and you             Park City, UT                                             vinegar, 2 tbsp. olive
       Daily 10-mile hikes            won’t eat much                 There’s a Biggest                                         oil, and salt and
       and four hours of              (the food is spartan           Loser–ranch vibe at                                       pepper and cayenne
       fitness classes: These         and vegetarian).               this weight-loss-and-                                     pepper to taste.
       are the non-negotiable         But you will definitely        workout camp located                                      Spread in one layer
       terms at this five-star        emerge slimmer,                within a spa resort.                                      on a baking sheet
       boot camp, where               fitter and utterly             A physician-supervised     Haven’t downloaded             and bake for 10 to
                                                                                                our new app yet? Go
       you’ll receive tiny yet        detoxed. $4,500 per            staff of personal          to
                                                                                                                               15 minutes or until
       beautifully presented          week,            trainers, nutritionists    luckyshopper to get started.   crispy. Serves two.

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