CS2420 Computer Animation by wendang


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Level: 2

Computer Animation
Credits: 10 Teaching Period: 2 Module Tutor: Dr G Vogiatzis

Aims To introduce basic techniques used in animation To introduce methods and design techniques for the development of applications in which the appeal of an idea is improved and the viewer is engaged To examine in depth the concepts involved in 2D and 3D animation To describe and compare a range of relevant software packages and animation languages Content Introduction to animation Animation techniques: frame by frame, tweening and guide animation, physics-based, programming techniques Animation design: structure, story board, graphic design Principles of 2D animation and programming tools Principles of 3D animation: implementation and texture mapping, programming techniques Teaching One lecture per week (11 hours) One two-hour lab per week (22 hours) Assessment Exam (1.5 hours, May/June): 60% Project-based practical work: 40% (assignment 33%, lab work 7%) Module outcomes What the student should gain from successful completion of the module Knowledge and Understanding Rationale for and principles of computer animation Design and implementation techniques for 2D and 3D animation Intellectual Skills Evaluate the benefit of applying animation in different situations and select appropriate animation techniques Design an animation-based computer application Professional/Subject-Specific Skills Deliver an animation system from a given design and specification Use animation languages and relevant software packages Transferable Skills Project management skills Teaching/Learning Methods Lectures Assessment Methods Exam

Lectures and practical work

Exam and project tasks

Lectures and practical work

Project tasks

Practical work

Project tasks

Learning resources R Parent, Computer Animation: Algorithms and Techniques, Morgan-Kaufmann, 2002. I V Kerlow, The Art of 3-D Computer Animation and Effects Watt & Policarpo, 3D Games: Advanced Real-time Rendering and Animation, 2002 P Ratner, 3D Human Modelling and Animation, 2003 Other study requirements to take this module CS2300 Java Program Construction (or equivalent) CS1040 Multimedia Software and Applications (helpful but not essential) CS2150 Computer Graphics

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