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									Media Arts
 & Animation
 From toys and monsters to courtroom         Classes are built on a solid foundation of   At graduation, your demo reel will show
 reenactments and architectural              the competencies you need to have for        a prospective employer that you are
 presentations, our dedicated professional   graduation such as anatomy, modeling,        ready for an entry-level position in the
 instructors are enthusiastically waiting    life drawing and perspective, 2D and         film and television industry, animating
 to help you bring your art to life using    3D animation, scripting, storyboarding,      commercials, and post production as a
 industry software and technology.           acting, character design, and texturing.     digital artist, special effects artist, texture-
 The world of animation is more than         You’ll use industry-standard software        mapper, or storyboard artist.
 blockbuster motion pictures. Television,    such as Adobe® Photoshop, Adobe®
 medicine, education, science, legal, and    AfterEffects, Painter®, Macromedia®          At graduation, your demo reel will show
 corporate America are in need of talented   Flash MX, 3ds Max®, and Maya®.               a prospective employer that you are
 and creative people who know how to                                                      ready for an entry-level position in the
 combine art and technology to effectively   You’ll also learn business practices,        film television and commercial industries
 communicate and entertain their             marketing, and promotion, and have           in such disciplines as modeling,
 audience. Part acting, part storytelling,   an opportunity further enhance your          rigging, animating, lighting, texturing,
 and part visual art – animation is a mix    education through internships and            storyboarding and more.
 of both electronic arts and traditional     meeting guests from major animation
 animation skills.                           houses such as Industrial Light + Magic
                                             (ILM) and Disney.

                                                                 Brook Buckelew

                                  Eric Jose Valdez

              Amanda Massa

Kris Crecco

Christopher Maslen
Media Arts & Animation
Bachelor of Science                                                                         Malcon Pierce

The Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Animation refines and synthesizes the students’ competencies in the field of computer anima-
tion. Students apply advanced techniques in drawing, characterization, animation in both 2-D and 3-D computerized environments, and
interactive technologies. Students may focus on their chosen area of animation specialization. Art direction and project management are
emphasized. Graduates develop a graduate project which represents a unique style and demonstrates conceptual abilities. The Media
Arts & Animation Bachelor of Science degree program prepares graduates to seek entry-level positions as 2-D animators, 3-D animators,
special effects animators, broadcast graphic artist, or other animation and art specialties. The length of the program is twelve [12], eleven
[11] week quarters.


FIRST QUARTER [Credits, Course Title, Course Number]                    SEVENTH QUARTER [Credits, Course Title, Course Number]
3   Drawing and Perspective [ART1300C]                                  3   Dynamic Anatomy and Life Drawing [ART3385C]
3   Design Basics [ART1201C]                                            3   Sculpting [ART3716C]
3   History of Animation [ARH1771C]                                     3   Advanced 3D Animation [DIG3354C]
3   Computer Science* [CGS1160C]                                        3   Fundamentals of Web Design [GRA2841C]
3   Team Effectiveness* [SPC1016]                                       3   Introduction to Sociology* [SYG2000]
    or Interpersonal Communication* [COM1041]
                                                                        EIGHTH QUARTER
SECOND QUARTER                                                          3   Advanced Life Drawing and Painting [ART3567C]
3 Life Drawing [ART2330C]                                               3   Web Animation [DIG3308C]
3 Color Application [ART2205C]                                          3   3D Textures [DIG4373C]
3 Graphics [GRA1106C]                                                   3   Broadcast Graphics 1: Animated Text & Logo Design [DIG3343C]
3 Photography Techniques [PGY1103C]                                     3   Topics for Composition* [ENC1145]
   or Principles of Lighting [RTV1224C]
3 General College Math* [MGF1211]
   or Discrete Mathematics* [MAD1104]                                   NINTH QUARTER
   or College Algebra* [MAC1105]                                        3   Animal Drawing [ART3384C]
                                                                        3   Media Law [GRA2412]
                                                                        3   3D Animation Scripting [DIG4367C]
THIRD QUARTER                                                           3   Principles of Macroeconomics* [ECO2013]
3   Drawing and Anatomy [ART1332C]                                      3   Art Appreciation* [ARH2000]
3   Scripting/Storyboarding [FIL1104C]
                                                                             or Theatre Appreciation* [THE2000]
3   Acting and Movement [TPP1500C]
3   Maps/Mattes/Masks [GRA1762C]
3   English Composition* [ENC1101]                                      TENTH QUARTER
                                                                        3   Drawing the Clothed Model [ART3339C]
                                                                        3   Animatics & Previsualization [DIG3542C]
FOURTH QUARTER                                                          3   Media Arts Portfolio Preparation [ART4951C]
3   Character/Object Design [ART2378C]
                                                                        3   Particles/Dynamics/Paint FX [DIG4381C]
3   Introduction to 2D Animation [GRA2854C]
                                                                        3   Principles of Aesthetics* [PHI3800]
3   3D Modeling [DIG2321C]
3   Drawing for Animation [ART2370]
3   Introduction to Literature* [ENC1102]                               ELEVENTH QUARTER
     or The Short Story* [LIT1020]                                      3   Media Arts Portfolio Development [ART4952C]
                                                                        3   Program Elective
                                                                        3   Program Elective [3000 or 4000 level]                          Christopher Maslen
FIFTH QUARTER                                                           3   General Education Elective*
3   Background Layout and Design [GRA2761C]                             3   General Education Elective*
3   Intermediate 2D Animation [FIL2723C]
3   3D Animation [DIG3306C]
3   Storyboarding for Animation [DIG4544C]                              TWELFTH QUARTER
3   Fundamentals of Biological Science* [BSC1001]                       3   Professional Development [SLS3355]
     or Fundamentals of Physical Science* [ISC1004]                     3   Media Arts Portfolio Presentation [DIG4595C]
                                                                        3   Program Elective [3000 or 4000 level]
                                                                        3   General Education Elective*
SIXTH QUARTER                                                           3   General Education Elective*
3 Film Appreciation* [FIL2000]
3 2D Animation Techniques [DIG3313C]
3 Advanced 3D Modeling [DIG3323C]
3 Ancient and Medieval Civilizations* [WOH2012]
   or Modern and Post-Modern Civilizations* [WOH2022]
3 Introduction to Psychology* [PSY2012]

Total Core Credits Required                     117
General Education Credits Required(*)           54
Program Electives                               9
Credits Required for Graduation                 180

     Malcon Pierce

Erik E. Eckles

                          Marc Wheeler

                      Erik E. Eckles


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