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                                                           OCEANSIDE, CA. CHURCH REACHES OUT WITH
                                                           THE LOVE OF GOD TO BIKERS – ONE AT A TIME

                                                           Rushing Wind Ministries, located in Oceanside, CA is not your
                                                           Momma’s church, but it might be - if she could handle seeing dozens of
                                                           motorcycles (of every brand) in the parking lot every Sunday morning.

                                                           As the song says: “Sometimes it’s nice to go where everybody knows
                                                           your name, and they’re always glad you came”… at Rushing Wind Min-
                                                           istries – the people are genuinely friendly, the atmosphere is laid back,
                                                           the lobby looks more like a Starbuck’s, and the fellowship is great.

                                                           The church began as a biker bible study at Kennedy’s Custom Cycles
                                                           in Oceanside, CA. in 2003. Every Sunday morning, members pushed
                                                           bikes and parts out of the way to set up folding chairs and bring in mu-
                                                           sical instruments. The bible study went for almost a year at Kennedy’s,
                                                           then Rushing Wind moved into a small suite in an industrial park in
                                                           Oceanside. Not long after - they moved to a 4,000 sq. foot unit in the
                                                           same complex.

                                                           At Rushing Wind the worship is rockin’ and the messages are down to
                                                           earth and very applicable. Every Sunday morning, 10 o’clock service
                                                           time, you’ll find bikers of all types: club members, independents, and
                                                           again every type of bike that you can imagine.

                                                           Pastor Z. (Fred Zariczny), who is also the Founder of Bikers for Christ,
                                                           has a preaching style that has been compared to a cross between Billy
                                                           Graham and Robin Williams. People really enjoy his laid-back, non-
                                                           judgemental vibe, and the messages are laced with a lot of humor at
                                                           this unique church.

                                                           In these times of economic problems and world chaos, people are
                                                           looking for answers. The Bible has always had solid answers for people
                                                           of every generation. Pastor Z’s teaching style makes the Bible “truly”
                                                           come alive, and people always leave with much more than they came
                                                           with. Many have found hope, real peace, and direction “from above” at
                                                           the services.

                                                           Rushing Wind Ministries is truly a breath of fresh air to both riders
                                                           and their families who may have felt like a square peg in a round hole
                                                           at some of the more traditional Christian churches.

                                                           “ Everyone is welcome” – with a “come as you are” feeling of accept-
                                                           ance. Through Pastor Z’s leadership - other Rushing Wind Ministry
                                                           Biker churches have also started popping up in Arizona, Nevada, Ore-
                                                           gon, South Carolina,Tennessee,Washington and other parts of Califor-

                                                           Rushing Wind Ministries – along with Bikers for Christ (a well known
                                                           international Christian biker ministry) will be hosting the “7th Annual
                                                           Bike Blessing and Benefit” on Sunday, March 22nd at 12 p.m. - at
                                                           Kennedy’s in Oceanside, CA. The rally will be a great time, and will
                                                           benefit Disabled Vets at Camp Pendleton and Downed Bikers. The
                                                           event will feature live music, a BBQ lunch, raffles, bike games, and a
                                                           “show your stuff” Bike display. Admission is $ 15 for adults and $5 for
                                                           kids. This year the Bike Blessing will also add a very special “renewal
                                                           of vows” for all married couples that would like to participate.

                                                           Rushing Wind Ministries meets at 4168 Avenida De La Plata suite 101,
                                                           Oceanside CA. 92054 Sundays at 10 am, Weds. At 7 pm, and on the
                                                           3rd Saturday nite at 6 pm – for their “Holy Grounds Coffee House”
                                                           which features: great bands, movies, potlucks and great fellowship.

                                                           There will also be a special “Easter Sunday Service” on Sunday, April
                                                           12th at 10 a.m., and everyone is encouraged to attend.

                                                           You can call the church office at: 760-940-0257,
                                                           e-mail:, or visit the websites:

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