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									Benjamin Franklin VanBuskirk– Vocals/Programming
Michael Scarlata – Lead guitar/Vocals
Rick Tauber – Rhythm guitar/Programming
Anthony Lojeski – Bass
Dan Kashuck – Drums/Vocals/Programming

Chicago boasts an amazing musical legacy, and the hard hitting quintet known as Seven Day Sonnet is the latest
to emerge from the Windy City. In a few short years, SDS has come a very long way—from dingy basement clubs
to touring with Saliva, and recording with Grammy Award-winning producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind,
Sevendust) and Adam Ruppel (Systematic). It’s only the beginning for the hungry and hard-working bunch, who
were recently signed by Robert Beadles and his California label, Big Time Records.

"...a very driven band with huge potential"-Adam Ruppel

Since forming in 2007, Seven Day Sonnet has honed its sound and musical chops, has found incorporating metal
roots to achieve a unique, melodic sound that’s “heavy, an hear in songs like ‘Hapless, yet musical and well-
defined,” explains guitarist Rick Tauber. That’s something we strive for as a band. We all put our two cents in and
refine songs down to their best essence elements.” It’s like cooking--a pinch of this and that.” Adds lead guitarist
Michael Scarlata: “Rick and I will spend hours at a time shaping guitar sounds and integrating them into the music
as a whole. We complement each other well.” Handling the lyrical duties is Ben VanBuskirk, who mines personal
experience, introspection, and literature for inspiration. SDS’s first single, ‘Hapless,’ is a somewhat antiquated
word that struck VanBuskirk as an unordinary, yet perfect title for the topic and title of “losing someone very close
to you.” The tune was produced by Johnny K at Groovemaster Studios in late 2010, as were ‘Farewell to Good
Days’ and ‘Crying My Name’ which will end up on the band’s full-length Big Time debut later this year.

"I am to glad to have had the opportunity to work with emerging artist Seven Day Sonnet. Their rare combination
of heavy riff laden guitars, poignant lyrics, and soaring vocal melodies separates them from the pack. Seven Day
Sonnet is definitely a band to watch out for in 2011!"-Johnny K

Seven Day Sonnet also had the good fortune to work with legendary producer Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of a
Down) in 2010. The band traveled to Radio Star Studios in Weed, California; a locale known for its panoramic
views of Mount Shasta as well as frequent Bigfoot sightings. It is there with Sylvia in which they cut two stellar
songs, ‘The Confrontation’ and ‘Day is Over’ “When Sylvia told me she thought I was a great singer, I was
floored,” says VanBuskirk, “because she’s worked with so many amazing artists, like Johnny Cash and Maynard
James Keenan.”

“Blistering hot and heavy sounds, colorful vocals with intelligent and insightful lyrics... Seven Day Sonnet has a
style all their own. This is a unique band who’s well crafted songs have to be fully experienced. See them live!
Hear them on their recordings... Just don’t miss it!”

-Sylvia Massy

It’s not mere luck or connections that find Seven Day Sonnet in such impressive company. It’s a combination of
talent, a laser-like focus and an unshakeable work ethic. “We knew this band and lineup finally reached the ‘right
place/right time’ for each of us,” they say. The band members have known each other for years, playing together
and separately in various Chicago bands before coalescing in SDS. Guitarist Michael is the most recent member
(2010), but he’d known bassist Anthony Lojeski since high school, and in fact, helped out as SDS’s guitar tech
before joining. Seven Day Sonnet notes that it was their self-released album Reprisal that really started the ball
rolling for the band in 2009, attracting the attention of Big Time Records. SDS tracked Reprisal with producer Brett
Hestla of Dark New Day and Creed , while the album art was created by David Scotney of the band Janus. The CD
was released on July 18th, 2009 at famous Chicago venue The Metro, and garnered the quintet local and national
attention that led to their 2010 deal with Big Time. Hitting the road with Saliva in December 2010 solidified the
band brotherhood even further gigged everywhere from strip clubs to theatres, SDS returned to Chicago after the
Saliva tour with plenty of road-worthy stories under their belts.

“Seven Day Sonnet is one of my favorite new bands! They put on a high energy show night after night! Never a
disappointment!” - Paul Crosby, Drummer Saliva

While SDS is forging own musical path, the band counts themselves as fans of like-minded darker-edged bands
including Sevendust, Dark New Day, Alter Bridge, and RED. For his part, drummer Dan Kashuck cites technically
superior drummers including Tim Alexander (Primus), Morgan Rose (Sevendust) and Danny Carey (Tool) as major
influences. But the Seven Day Sonnets sound is as unique as the band’s name. And speaking of, that’s one of the
band’s most-asked questions: How’d they get the name?. According to the band, “Seven Day Sonnet is a concept
taken from a poem that Anthony wrote in an earlier, more turbulent chapter in his life. The basic theme that the
name represents is the importance of unconditional acceptance, and how crucial it is to recognize this rarity when
it does come along in one’s life.”

Though their accomplishments have been many in four short years of existence, SDS is looking at 2011 to be an
even busier year. The Johnny-K produced single “Hapless” hit the airwaves and reached #35 on the BDS charts
and stayed on the charts for an impressive 17 weeks. Single #2 “Farewell To Good Days” was released on 9/16
and was the second most added song in all of rock radio. This week they are #1 in all the BDS charts for new and
active and #33 over all!

 In this year alone they have toured with Sevendust, Adelitas Way, Saliva, Rev Theory, Madam Adam, Nonpoint,
Pop Evil, Emphatic, Cold and we’re only in September they still have three more months of touring this year and
an album to release in early 2012.
As Robert Beadles of Big Time Records said the first time he heard them, “these boys are going places, with the
right push and doors opened, the skies the limit!”

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