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									                                                                                                                                                               * * * Savannah Morning News, Friday, November 26, 1993 - 11D

Mothers Helping Mothers in Liverpool
By KARIN DA VIES                                                                                                      that social disadvantage contributed
The Associated Press                     'If there were more nursery schools and more play to crime. The report also lambasted
                                         groups, children would grow up better. We need to the government's plans to build five
                                                                                                                      new training centers to lock up
   LIVERPOOL, England - In the
city where two young boys mur-           start children off mixing with each other and                                young offenders, saying it was build-
dered a toddler, mothers have band-      learning the right way to treat each other.'                                 ing schools for crime.
ed together to make sure their chil-
dren grow up respecting others.
                                                                                               - Sarah Ryan, vid In turn, government minister Da-
                                                                                                                           Maclean accused churches of be-
   That's one response to a horrify-                                                       Liverpool Mother ing "strangely silent" on moral is-
ing murder: many others were de-                                                                                      sues.
bated throughout Britain on Thurs-       toddler, telephoned one of the sever- year-olds for a few hours in a color-      "It is surely part of the problem
                                         al TV talk shows that debated the ful nursery where young women pre- that while the church spends its time

                                                                                                                                                                                    6 Months
day, with fingers pointing at the con-
victed boys' parents, the churches,      case Thursday and said the two boys side over the hubbub. While mothers discussing social issues, such as
the government and the entertain-        should be jailed for life.            enjoy a break, their children play housing, politicians are left to talk
ment industry.                              "If they get out we'll be waiting. with building blocks and climb on a about the importance of the differ-
    "If there are any lessons to be      And when we get hold of them, we'll wooden jungle gym.                       ence between right and wrong/'
learned from this unspeakable            —ing kill them/' Bulger said before      Christopher Beedell, an expert on Maclean said.

                                                                                                                                                                   NO Interest
crime we must certainly learn            he was cut off.                       child behavioral problems, told the        Jon Veriables' parents were sep-
them," Home Secretary Michael               In Mrs. Bulger's own Kirkby BBC that people are not born evil.            arated at the time of the crime, and
Howard, the Cabinet official in          neighborhood in Liverpool, some          "What distinguishes those that his father is out of work.
charge of law and order, told the        mothers have banded together to fail, so to speak, and those who man-            Among Liverpool's 452,500 peo-
House of Commons.                        create a haven for children where age is the quality of their very early ple, unemployment is more than 15
                                         they are taught "to be nice to each experience and that's what we ought percent, nearly 5 points above the
   Robert Thompson and Jon Ven-          other," said Irene Winstanley.        to be looking after."                   national average. More than 30 per-
ables, both 11, were convicted
Wednesday of murdering 2-year-old
James Bulger after luring him from
                                            "If there were inore nursery          Detective superintendent Albert cent of men ages 18 to 34 are out of
                                         schools arid more play groups, chil- Kirby, who directed the murder in- work.                                             NO PAYMENTS'TILL MAY'94'
                                         dren would grow up better," added vestigation, endorses that idea.               In Parliament, some lawmakers
his mother at a shopping mall.
   The mother, Denise Bulger, said
                                         Sarah Ryan. "We need to start chil-       "Children do, when they're out of demanded new controls on violent
                                         dren off mixing with each other and sight of parents, get up to some pret- entertainment. Judge Michael
                                                                                                                                                                          Look For
she blames the murderers' parents
"but I blame them (the boys)
                                         learning the right way to treat each ty horrendous things," Kirby said.
                                                                                                                      Morland, who presided in the Bulger
                                                                                   In London, the Children's Society, trial, speculated that the boys may
                                            For the equivalent of 50 cents, a voluntary Church of England have been inspired in part by gory
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   Jim Bulger, an uncle of the slain     mothers may leave their 3- to 5- group, released a report arguing videos.
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off from their jobs in high fashion in a traditional holi-       The peculiar holiday began sometime in the last cen-         107 Fihm St • Savannah
day to put down the needle and thread and hunt for hus-      tury, but Jacques Mouclier, president of the French
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ployees of top couture houses. As Americans celebrated
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Rue du Faubourg St. Honore. "I'm happy with my job."         ens and then later young women who remained unmar-           Cydonic Cleaning.  \
    They are part of a long tradition dating to when
Catherinettes were overworked, underfed Parisian
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day off Nov. 25 as compensation for their work and giv-      convent outside Paris was named Sainte Catherine. It         good thru 12;/8/93 \
en the limelight in hope of finding a fiance.
    Nowadays, marriage and thinness are a matter of
choice. Many are trainees from the Far East - working
                                                             was a farming community that cultivated vegetables.
                                                                 "Culture," as in agriculture, evolved into "couture,"
                                                             and Saint Catherine became the patron saint of seam-
                                                             stresses, especially unmarried ones.
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at couture school or in the big-name houses - and ply            Mouclier says he's still happy to see that young cou-
public relations and sales as well as sewing.                ture women are having their fete, though pessimists still                                                                                         354-5811
    They kicked up their heels in style Thursday, begin-     cry that couture - expensive/hand-tailored wear - is                                                                                 24 E. DeRENNE (Between Abercorn & Bull)
ning with a champagne reception at city hall and ending      slipping into irrelevance.                                                                                                                        Mon.-Wed.106
with a dance-soiree at a folklore museum.                                                                                                                                                                   Closed Thanksgiving
    The party hats are traditionally wild. Some of the           "Couture still lives," insists Mouclier. "There are
                                                             2,000 girls working in the seamstress-workshop side,             In Sunday's                                                     ' with approved credit   FlVSat 1(M)
Catherinettes, pretty enough to be models, pranced
around city hall in couture outfits and headgear worthy      though that's down from 2,300 about five years ago."        SAVANNAH NEWS/PRESS
of the Mad Hatter.                                               On this day, the Catherinettes didn't seem to care         Sfff WHAT* Biff FOB YOU!
    The Christian Lacroix group wore garb plastered             "It's a marvelous day for us;" said Laurence Gomez
with everything from crayons to perfume bottles to post-     from the Givenchy accessories department.

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