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Board Meeting Agenda January West Hills Community


                             9900 Cody St.
                           Coalinga, CA 93210


                                   January 20, 2010

                                        10 a.m.

               West Hills Community College District Office Board Room
                                9900 Cody Street
                               Coalinga, CA 93210

Any writings or documents that are public records and are provided to a majority of the
Board of Directors regarding an open session item on this agenda will be made
available for public inspection in the West Hills Community College Foundation office
located at 9900 Cody Street, Coalinga, CA 93210 during normal business hours.

Due to the presence of two members of the West Hills Community College District
Board of Trustees on the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the potential presence of
former Foundation Board members who are also elected members of the District’s
Board of Trustees, there is the potential for a quorum of Trustee members, however, no
Board of Trustees matters or business will be discussed or acted upon by the Trustees
present at this meeting of the Foundation Board of Directors.

1. Call to Order
           Flag Salute
           Introduction of Guests
           Public Comments
             This time has been reserved for the public to comment on non-agenda
             items. If an individual wishes to address the Board of Directors, he/she
             should state his/her name and occupation/affiliation and proceed with

2. Interim Executive Director’s Report-Dr. Rick Post
   A. Recognition of Edna Ivans and Nina Oxborrow
   B. Recognition of Trustee Board members: Steve Cantu and Bill Henry
   C. President’s Scholars Golf Tournament - Donations/Pledges to date
   D. Affiliate membership – proposed Bylaws amendment
   E. Removal of Community Director –proposed Bylaws amendment
   F. Request to Continue Service – proposed Board member term renewal form

3. Chancellor’s Report-Dr. Frank Gornick

4. Campus Reports-
   A. Dr. Willard Lewallen-WHC Coalinga
   B. Don Warkentin- WHC Lemoore

5. Investment Committee Report-
   A. Analysis of Investment Portfolio year-to-date-Jim Giordano, Vice President UBS
      Financial Services
   B. Gift Acceptance Policy – draft

6. Len Falter CFO, Financial Report
   A. Balance sheet and Statement of Activities - July1, 2009 through
      December 31, 2009
   B. Auditors’ Preliminary report as of June 30, 2009 & December 2008 - Larry Corum

7. Action Items
   A. Approval of Minutes
      (1) Special Board meeting October 14, 2009

   B. Acknowledgement of adjourned Board meeting notes: November 18, 2009
   C. Consideration of Receipt of Sale of sixteen calves- Farm of the Future
   D. Consideration of Auditors Preliminary report as of June 30, 2009 and
       December 2008
   E. Consideration of Gift Acceptance Policy-draft
   F. Consideration of Nina Oxborrow- Community Director member nominee
   G. Consideration of Katie Delano-Community Board member nominee
   H. Consideration of transfer of 2005 Bulldozer CAT D4C to WHCCD
    I. Consideration of transfer of Fire truck to WHCCD
   J. Consideration of transfer of Almond- Pistachio trees to WHCCD
   K. Consideration of deletion of livestock from list of WHCCF assets
8. Announcements

    A. Regular Board meeting on March 17, 2010 @ 10:00 a.m.
       WHC Lemoore Conference Center, Room 253
    B. West Hills Community College Foundation 14th Annual Golf Tournament Monday
       May 10, 2010

9. Member comments and requests

10. Adjournment


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