4.03 Summarize technology used in communication by dfhdhdhdhjr


Summarize technology used in
   Digital communication systems
• Word processing software
  – Used to create documents containing primarily text
• Desktop publishing software
  – Combines text and graphics in documents
• Database software
  – Organizes a collection of information
• Spreadsheet software
  – Designed for computerized worksheets
• Presentation software
  – Used to make professional presentations
 Interactive technology includes…
• Voice mail
  – The technology used for leaving messages when no
    one is available to answer a telephone (inexpensive)
• Email
  – Messages are delivered from one users’ computer to
    another. This technology allows for instant memo
    composition and more informal contacts
• Touchscreen computer
  – Allows the user to interact by simply touching a
    computer screen. (kiosk and e-tickets)
• e-Commerce
  – Sales of products via the Internet
•       Advantages
    –     Immediate access to prospective customers all over
          the world.
    –     Introduction of new products and/or updating of
          product information instantaneously.
    –     Less costly distribution channels or middlemen.
•       Disadvantages
    –     Quality customer service may be difficult achieve.
    –     Demand may be difficult to predict due to
    What has been the impact of the
•   World Wide Web - A means of accessing, organizing,
    and moving information on the Internet. The Web
    made the Internet user-friendly by acting as a large
    library of information.
       Web page
       Web site
       Hyperlink
       Web address
       Web browser
       Blog
•   Search engine - A software program that searches
    web sites about a topic. For example, two of the most
    popular search engines are Google and Yahoo.
             4.03 Quiz
1. What does digital communications
2. What does interactive technology
3. Name 1 advantage of e-commerce.
4. Name 1 disadvantage of e-commerce.
5. Define search engine.
BONUS: Name the 2 most popular search

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