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									                                               WHERE MEMBERS AND BUGS OF BICYCLE NSW MEET
                                                                         Vol. 34 No.8 ■ August 2010

                                                            IN pushon THIS MONTH…
                                                       Getting to know Omar, our new CEO 2
                                                     Smart Commuting 10 | Rides Calendar 13-18

        Country BUGs, and animals on bikes
John Holstein CAMWEST*

    The Bicycle NSW Big Rides may
have stopped for the time being but
there are a number of opportunities
to join small rides all around Australia
if you take the time to look. They
range from commercial ventures,
charity rides such as the Silver city
Bush Treadler’s Dares, Dungog’s Pedal
Fest through to smaller rides run on a
purely volunteer basis.
    My wife Sandra and I were recently
privileged to join Mick Cooper and
Kerrie Walsh and 15 other riders on one
such volunteer run ride, the Annual Tour
of the West from Dubbo in Central West
NSW. Dorothy Pinder has beaten me to
the gun for a story on this delightful ride,
but there were some interesting sights
and people along the way that I would
like to share with you.
    Now being Sydney based at the              Parkes we were encouraged to look out       paddocks lining the roads around the
moment we are not used to riding               for animals on bikes. This conjured up      towns of Cumnock, Molong and Yeoval.
unaccompanied by cars, trucks and other        images of magpies or dogs taking to         The enterprising locals got together
motorised traffic, so it was a joy to have     bicycles to gain an advantage in their      to create this inspired and unusual art
the roads to ourselves most of the time.       quest to chase us. Instead we found a       exhibition aimed at encouraging visitors
    On our ride between Wellington and         collection of interesting sculptures in     to the area. (Check ou http://www.
                                                                                              In the tiny village of Yeoval we
  2010 Spring Cycle – volunteers needed!                                                   met the Uniting Church Minister, who
                                                                                           also has a small collection of vintage
 Tony Henderson BNSW*                          the RTA NSW Police, Sydney Olympic
                                               Park Authority, NSW Ambulance, St John
                                                                                           bicycles that he hopes to place on local
                                               First Aid Personnel and a record 500+       exhibition. He was working at forming
                                               fantastic volunteers, working together      a local BUG, but sadly he finds he
                                               to provide a safe and fun, recreational     won’t be able to organise Sunday rides,
                                               cycling event for all of Sydney to enjoy.   although he will encourage cycling to
                                               Volunteer roles are a great way to get      church.
                                               your self out and about and be part of         The sculptures became more
                                               something amazing. We are still on the      numerous as we approached Cumnock
                                               look out for dedicated Route Marshals       and they were both creative and
 Become the star of the event and              and equipment savvy Logistics people.       amusing. Cumnock was an overnight
 volunteer for the 2010 NSW Government
                                               If you would like to get on board and       stop and there is also a photographic
 Spring Cycle – Sunday 17 October.
                                               help in the success of the 2010 NSW         exhibition of the sculptures on show
 10,000 people will be on their bikes for      Government Spring Cycle, all you need       here. We were treated to one of the
 the annual NSW Government Spring              to do is complete the online volunteer      largest rump steaks I have ever seen at
 Cycle raising some much needed money          application form at www.springcycle.        the local pub that night.
 for the Oncology Children’s Foundation. or contact Tony Henderson
 Once again we will have the support of                               CONTINUED ON P.        
                                                                                                              Inside Bicycle NSW

                push                                  Getting to know Omar
                         on                              STAFF AT Bicycle NSW were pleased to welcome newly appointed ceO
                                                      Omar Khalifa to our lovely offices at homebush Bay during July. PushOn asked
                                                      Omar if he would like to take the opportunity to pen a few words and say “hello”
                                                      to our many members and friends.
Published by Bicycle New South Wales
ABN 26 511 801 801                                        “Firstly, it is an absolute honour to have been selected as the new CEo of
1st Floor, Heritage Building A,                       Bicycle nsW at this particularly interesting time for cycling and cyclists. Certainly,
1 Herb Elliott Avenue,                                the transport, health, recreational and sustainability benefits of cycling have never
Sydney Olympic Park,                                  been more clearly in focus. As new plans are discussed and developed there
Homebush Bay, NSW, 2127                               is an increased need on organisations like ours to ensure they are both properly
Phone (02) 9704 0800                                  prioritised and effective in delivering meaningful results.
Fax (02) 9746 2600
Email                      My goal is for Bicycle nsW to be regarded as the best cycling membership and
Website                         advocacy organization in Australia and among the top internationally. I would like
pushon editor                                         nsW to be regarded as a terrific place to bicycle – however, I am under no illusion
Jenni Gormley                                         - we have a lot of hard work to do!
Contact for all editorial queries & comments
Phone 0404 065 376                                       My three main goals are to increase the relevancy of the organization to more
Email                            members, BuGs and the greater cycling fraternity; to grow and leverage the
Website                             capacity of the organization to deliver more tangible benefits to more cyclists and
BICYCLE NEW SOUTH WALES                               indeed to the community; and to prioritise safety and responsible cycling as cyclists
                                                      begin to share more of the roads and paths. however, it is only by working with
                                                      and growing our base of loyal BuGs that we will be able to leverage our modest
Chief Executive officer: Omar Khalifa                 resources and deliver the positive benefits Bicycle nsW can and should offer.
Chief operating officer: Elizabeth Hole
Assistant Accountant: Brian Fong                         one of my first objectives will be to get out and visit with BuGs and members
Government Liaison & Advocacy officer: Tom            across nsW to better understand the needs and opportunities for us to work
Tansey                                                together at the local and state levels. If you are interested in hosting such a get
head of Behaviour Change: James Adams                 together, please contact our BuGs Council Chair Graeme Edwards (president@
Coordinator Behaviour Change: Elizabeth Roberts I’ll bring my bicycle.”

                                                                                                                         Omar Khalifa
Event Manager – Traffic Management: Natelle
Event Manager – pR & Marketing: Nicole Whelan
Event Coordinator: Lisa Kerr                                                                                                CEo, Bicycle nsW
operations Manager: Tony Henderson
Member Customer service: Mark Pullen
bicycle nsw office volunteers
Advocacy: Werner Steyer
Admin: Richelle Pratap, Lucy Warren, Elizabeth
Muscaino, Hebe Strong, Thomas Cockerton
Jenny Burn (President), Richard Birdsey (Vice
President), John Cooper, Anthony Drury, Christina
Harlamb, Jon Leighton, David McGrath, John
office bearers and board committees
Bicycle nsW Audit and Risk Committee: Jenny
Burn, John Cooper (Convenor), Anthony Drury
                                                     “It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country
Bicycle nsW public officer: Elizabeth Hole              best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down
Bicycle nsW Environmental Trust: Greg Krix, Geoff    them. Thus you remember them as they actually are, while in a
Martin, Hilary Wise
Chair of BuGs Council: Graeme Edwards
                                                      motor car only a high hill impresses you, and you have no such
                                                      accurate remembrance of country you have driven through as
Bicycle NSW is the peak community cycling
organisation in NSW established in 1976 and has a            you gain by riding a bicycle.” ~Ernest Hemingway
mission to promote, advocate, and support cycling
in all its forms as an environmentally sustainable
and healthy form of transport, recreation and
tourism through the engagement of government,        NexT DeADliNe 20 Aug for September 2010. Articles
industry and the community at all levels. Bicycle    should be no longer than 500 words. Note: articles may be edited for clarity and/or
NSW is bound by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). To
                                                     length. Remember to send photos wherever possible (preferably with captions), which
find out why we collect your personal information,
how we disclose it and how you can access it,        should be JPEGs or clear, sharp prints. e: fax 9524 1661 post push on
please log on to       PO Box 254 Sutherland 1499

                      life’s better on a bike

                     Now in
                     27th ye

Sunday 17th October 2010
 life’s better on a bike

Country BUGs

   On arrival at Trundle, yet another tiny
community hanging on to survival with
great tenacity, I visited the local school,
having started my schooling there
some 52 years earlier. The Principal
told me they were trying to organise
a BUG for the town and I noticed the
children had been busy designing entries
for the Bicycle NSW Helmet Design
Competition. Now Trundle boasts the
widest main street in Australia and many
of the locals reckon you need a bicycle
and a spare bidon just to cross from one
side to the other.
   We were met at Trundle by a
couple of riders from Albert, a whistle
stop, pub and silo on the railway line
between Tullamore and Tottenham.              Trundle’s main street is claimed to be the widest in Australia
They have a very interestingly named
BUG which I am sure many bicycle              spend a bit of time enjoying this little            Leichhardt BUG is
riders will identify with, (see picture       town. The local lawnmower man had
below) sponsored by the local Golf            an interesting rig for transporting his             going bush
Club. A few more of them joined us            equipment and quite happily pointed
from Albert for the ride to Tottenham.        out that he had built the trailer himself           Bob Moore LBUG*
Now being mostly farmers, you would           and it even had suspension. He was
expect them to get enough exercise            planning a bigger, better model for                     lBUG TOUReRS ARe setting off for
from their daily activities, but here         better productivity.                                a 600 km bike trip down the Darling
was a very eager group of cyclists that           It was one of the most enjoyable                River from Bourke to Menindee, then
rode a couple of times a week. We             weeks I have spent on a bicycle and                 on to Broken hill.
were warned by Mick Cooper and Ray            it was encouraging to see cycling                       “After the recent rain we hope to see
Wheeler that the Albert group had             being taken up in a number of small                 the country side looking greener, with
been staging an arms race amongst             towns along the way. The riding out                 plenty of wild life. We will be visiting
themselves and we were treated to an          there in spring and autumn should                   several Stations and passing through the
array of some very stylish bicycles that      be magnificent and it is well worth                 tiny towns of Louth and Tilpa, as well
would take pride of place in any cyclists     exploring some of these lovely                      as Wilcania and Menindee.” said Bob
stable. They enjoyed themselves               small towns. Most have limited                      Moore.
‘playing’ with the more active riders in      accommodation of an acceptable                          The logistics have been interesting.
our group.                                    standard, but a phone call before                   The ride will have the support of two
   We arrived in Trangie earlier than         travelling would be advisable if you are            vehicles, with bicycles carried in a large
anticipated and this allowed us to            planning to stay in these towns.                   trailer to Bourke and back from Broken
                                                                                                  Hill. Half the riders will travel by train
                                                                                                  and bus (from Dubbo) to the start at
                                                                                                  Bourke, the others going in the vehicles.
                                                                                                  Coming back there is the option of
                                                                                                  the Explorer train from Broken Hill to
                                                                                                  Sydney, an 1100 km 13 hour trip.
                                                                                                      “If all goes well we might do some
                                                                                                  more outback touring next year - the talk
                                                                                                  is of the Flinders Ranges.” 

                                                                                                  life’s better on a bike
                                            secure bikes within the cage. Showers         the RTA to design the mostly elevated
Secure parking in                           and toilets have been built to a very         sections extending along the western
                                            high standard and are only accessible by      side of the Warringah Freeway corridor.
Parramatta                                  swipe card access.                            The associated PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                               This facility should become a              study into this 3km long “missing link” is
John Holstein CAMWEST*                      showcase for end of trip facilities for       still to be released.
                                            bicycle riders and has the potential to           Further details, including how you
                                            encourage a range of people to cycle          can support this project, is on our
                                            to Parramatta, secure in the knowledge        website 
                                            they can shower before work or going
                                            for other appointments and leave their
                                            bike in a safe environment.                   Tour de Tamborine
                                               There is a modest cost of $20.00 per
                                            month involved and at present the first       2010
                                            month is free. This will allow access to
                                            the facility 24/7. 

    OveR 30 PeOPle gathered at              3km long “missing
Parramatta’s horwood Place carpark
on Thu 1 July 2010 to witness the          link” Harbourlink
opening of the Western Sydney’s first
secure bicycle parking to be retro fitted   Russ Webber NSBG
to a car park.
    A joint venture between Parramatta          The RTA hAS budgeted $1.363
City Council and Secure Parking has         million this financial year to construct
resulted in 42 bicycle parking spaces       a 1.3 km long SUP (shared user path)
being made available to bicycle riders      along the Warringah Freeway.
in Parramatta. The Council secured              This will result in nearly half of
Federal funding to help build the parking   HarbourLink / the 3km long “missing
cages and to renovate two sets of toilets   link” between the Sydney Harbour                 STATe OF ORiGiN ✔ The Giro
to provide showers, toilets, lockers and    Bridge and Naremburn being completed          d’italia ✔ US Open Golf ✔ FiFA World
change facilities in their Horwood Place    within the next 12 months.                    cup ✔ Tour de France ✔ Wimbledon ✔
and Erby Place Car parks.                       Works are expected to involve a bi-          Isn’t it about time you picked yourself
    The facility was officially opened by   directional SUP adjacent to and along         off the sofa, dusted off those cleats and
Parramatta’s Lord Mayor Paul Garrard        the length of the Miller St entry ramp        thought about taking part in something
who stated “The provision of these new      extending adjacent to the freeway’s           active!?
facilities, along with the completion       northern shoulder past the Cammeray              Add to that, family orientated,
of the missing links in the Parramatta      Golf Course, proceeding beneath Ernest        charitable, healthy, fun – and you’ve
Cycleway network is part of Council’s       and Falcon Streets then connecting to         arrived at your local world class sporting
goal to have 5% of the population riding    the Ridge St bridge over the freeway. It      event for everyday people – the Tour de
to work by 2021 and help create a           is essential that the connection to this      Tamborine 2010. If you can walk, run or
greener City”.                              bridge is largely level, otherwise cyclists   cycle, then you can take part – it’s that
    Vice President of Bicycle NSW,          and pedestrians will face a very steep        simple!
Richard Birdsey also welcomed the new       climb.                                           Put it in the diary, stick a note on
facility which reinforces Parramatta City       At the western end, construction is       the fridge door, tie a knot in your
Council’s resolve to support cycling        proceeding on the $10M bus layover            handkerchief – this year’s event is
in Western Sydney and its potential to      with parking for 33 buses. When these         booked in for Sunday 21st November
greatly improve cycling accessibility to    works are completed, most cyclists            2010. That’s 5 weeks before Santa.
Parramatta.                                 will use Amherst St, this being recently         And how much does it cost? Answer
    Master of Ceremonies and Chair          signposted as an eastbound by-pass due        – very little. In fact, ALL of the monies
person of both Parramatta Cycleways         to the construction of the bus layover.       from entry fees are donated to the
Committee and CAMWEST, John                     Further west, the RTA’s contractors       official charities. Now that’s giving at its
Holstein welcomed the construction          have been drilling 7 exploratory holes        best.
of the facility and thanked Parramatta      between Brook St and West St prior to            And what better place to hold a
Councillors for their support of issues     the future construction of an SUP bridge      world class event for everyday people,
relating to cycling in Parramatta.          over the Brook St entry ramp. This will       but the new world class facilities on
Parramatta is one of the few Western        then extend beneath West St and Miller        Tamborine Mountain. Yes, we can
Sydney Councils with a dedicated            St together with an underpass of the          exclusively announce the multi-million
Cycling Advisory Committee.                 Miller St entry ramp. On completion           dollar Tamborine Mountain Sport and
    The facility was constructed to a       this facility will connect to the existing    Recreation Complex will host this year’s
first class standard by Graeme Roth of      7.5 km long SUP that extends along the        event. The facility not only provides and features swipe       Gore Hill Freeway corridor, then Epping       state-of-the-art sporting infrastructure,
card access, vandal and burglar proof       Rd (Lane Cove) through to Wicks Rd at         but cements Tamborine Mountain’s
mesh cages, individual lockers and both     North Ryde.
hanging and loop type racks to further          South from Ridge St, we are wanting                       CONTINUED ON P.         

 life’s better on a bike
Tour de Tambourine
CONTINUED FROM P.                                      Cycle Re-Cycle needs you!
                                               Cycle Re-Cycle is run primarily by volunteers and wishes to
reputation as Queensland’s premier
tourist destination.                          continue helping the community get back on bicycles, share
   With a new venue, we’re also               the joy of cycling, socialize without having to buy something
excited to announce there’ll be some         and lets not forget recycle/ reuse as many bicycles as possible.
new courses for each of the events,
new entertainment on the day, and a              Open 5pm-9pm every Monday and          computer stuff:
renewed effort to raise as much money        Wednesday, Rain, hail or shine ! In the     Help update our Mac with Internet
for charity. So whether it’s the infamous    carpark,1 Phillip St Waterloo (cnr Cope    sites that can be accessed off line,
cycling challenges that excite you, or the   St).                                        Upload videos, music, workshop
breathtaking mountain run through the            “But I don’t know anything about       manuals on our computer / website.
heart of Gold Coast hinterland, or the       bicycles!”
peaceful walk in amongst friends and             If you know that they generally have   Design:
family and rainforests nature, be sure not   2 wheels then you are good to help.         We love cool looking stuff, T-shirts,
to miss out.                                     To volunteer, you don’t need to        funky things to promote the club
   Find out more from our website            know anything about bicycles. There         Banner                  are many different ways on how you
Registrations open August 2010. Stay         can help.                                  Web site:
Tuned!                                           Here are some different ways you        Our websites need updating, sorting
   Your Mountain. Your Challenge. Tour       could help the club with that doesn’t      out and regular updates on any cool
de Tamborine.                                require bicycle knowledge:                 stuff that is happening at the club or
   (Tour de Tamborine organisers are                                                    that the club could be involved in.
in search for new events people to help      Food distribution (Monday Nights
with this year’s organisation. Interested    only):-                                    Pictures:
parties should send details to info@          Set up the serving table, prepare         We love pictures that we can use,                       some hot water tub for washing up/         print, handout, post on the website.
                                             rinsing, receive the food from the          Good shots help for funding
Smart Commuting                              Hare Krishna’s, serve the food, collect
                                             donations, help clean up and put away

– New webpage                                the material used.                         Media:
                                                                                         Writing articles
underway!                                    Working with people:
                                              Welcoming people to the workshop
                                                                                         Creating documentaries
                                                                                         You Tube videos
Liz Roberts BNSW*                             Asking them to sign in the welcome        Etc.
                                             book. (Name and postcode)
   OveR The NexT month Bicycle                Giving a general intro and referring     Funding:
NSW will be redesigning the                  them to someone that can help.              Helping us get donations, write
commuting Section of the Bicycle                                                        submissions, chase grants, etc.
                                             Manual handling:
NSW website.
                                              Help us sort out parts, material and     Advocating for cycling:
   A new feature of the website will be
                                             build the place to be even better.          Up to you.
product reviews on bicycles and other         Opening/Setting up and closing
bike related products (cyclocomputers,       down the workshop                          Fun stuff:
lights etc). The products will not only       Building tool boards, shelves,            Organizing events, parties,
be reviewed by staff at Bicycle NSW          stands, etc.                               meetings, meet ups, etc. We are open
but by you as well!                           Helping at the Shed                      minded and love having fun.
   If you have a product you feel is
worth reviewing fill out our review          Pick-ups:                                  learning to teach others:
form on the website.                          Going around bike shops and               This place is a fantastic opportunity
   In addition, the new Smart                picking up bike parts that they don’t      to learn about bicycle mechanics and
Commuting webpage will include:              want.                                      apply your new knowledge to help
* Information to get you started *            Picking up bikes from various places     someone else at the club. For example,
Reasons to ride * Maps and Resources         in Sydney                                  how to patch an inner tube.
* National Ride2Work Day * The                Organizing drop off and pick up
                                             points around the city and greater             For more information/ ideas/
Commuter Challenge * Skill Workshops
                                             Sydney.                                    suggestions please check in with
and Presentations * Product Reviews *
                                                                                        Julien Radcliffe at 0434844659 or
Bicycle NSW Corporate membership *                                             or
Program Partners                                                                        at the Club. Please check with Julien
   If there’s something specific you’d                                                  regarding any task you would like to
like to see in the Smart Commuting                                                      undertake.
section of the Bicycle NSW website                                                          Thanks for supporting the growing
please send an email to Elizabeth                                                       Cycle Re-Cycle Club.

                                                   life’s better on a bike

commuter challenge


                                   The Commuter Challenge is an
Accumulate 500km of cycling        initiative to encourage and reward
                                   individuals to cycle all or part of
                                   the journey to work and to also
                                   encourage cycling outside of the
                                   workplace - for transport, fitness
                                   and recreation.

                                   Great prizes to win!

Be rewarded for your efforts

                     Tel (02) 9704 0853
 life’s better on a bike

Bicycle bliss in Copenhagen
Brenda Mattick BNSW*

    AS ONe OF fifteen fortunate
Australians to attend the velo-city
Global 2010 cycling conference in
copenhagen (June 22-2), i too know
what it’s like to cycle ‘copenhagen-
style’: on an old upright bicycle,
in regular street clothes, on wide,
separated and inter-connected
cycleways — bike bliss.
    I experienced my first ‘green wave’
as I rode non-stop along a priority green
highway (preference is given to cyclists
riding at 20 km/h). I rode in peak hour
with a mob of cyclists right through
the centre of the city without having to
weave around pedestrians or swerve
around cars. Or wear a fluoro safety
    And before anyone says: “Ah yes
— but because it’s so flat there, cycling
is really easy”, 70% of Copenhagen’s
regular summer cyclists keep on cycling
to work, shops or school through
winter’s rain, sleet and snow.
    Copenhagen* was an ideal city
to host a major cycling conference,
demonstrate world class cycling
infrastructure and launch new cycling
initiatives. Velo-city Global 2010
was the first ever global version of
the conference series (originally
established as a European bicycle
planning conference in Germany back            Taiwan and Crowd-sourced bike maps            session (modeled on speed dating?)
in 1980). Over 1000 participants from          for Minsk.                                    we had the opportunity to hear brief
60 countries attended truly inspiring              The subject of Australian Cyclist’s       presentations from Danish experts in the
plenary sessions, drank good coffee, ate       July-Aug In the frame column, Jim             following areas: studies and research,
great Danish food and agonised over            Krynen (WA Public Transport Authority’s       communication and campaigns,
the choices on offer in the numerous           Cycling Integration Manager) presented        hardware and infrastructure or bicycles
presentations, roundtables and                 Train drivers on bikes – a Trojan for         and accessories. We could listen, ask
workshops.                                     cycling integration in the Cycling            questions then move on to the next
    It was a cycling advocate’s religious      and public transport session. Getting         station.
convention; in many ways this meant            sedentary, overweight and stressed train          The ‘Creative cycling innovations’
‘preaching to the converted’, but there        drivers onto bikes not only improved          session gave young fashion designers,
were enough innovative campaigns,              their fitness and well being – it also        film makers and illustrators a chance to
successful strategies and new research         greatly improved their attitude to people     show us their cycling-themed creations.
findings to keep us thinking – and             taking bikes onto trains or parking bikes     We learnt how bike-powered water
motivated to make a difference.                at train stations.                            pumps (‘bicimaquinas) have helped
                                                   It was a top priority of the conference   reduce the workload of women in
Global perspective                             organisers to help fund speakers and          Guatemala. And we joined a bike
   To give you a little taste of Velo-city’s   participants from Africa, Asia and            parade through the city accompanied
global flavour, broad reach and diversity:     Latin America, regions where there            by not only a coffee cart on wheels but
the Lithuanian Cyclists’ Community,            are significant health, pollution, road       also a group of very talented musicians
Bicycling Empowerment Network                  safety, equity and access problems – and      transported on cargo bikes.
Namibia, Bikeability in Iceland and            thanks to UN-Habitat and the City of
Cycling Scotland were all represented.         Copenhagen, 20 people were sponsored          Big wheels
Speakers from a variety of occupations         from the bicycle communities in these            ‘Big wheels’ were there too, and
and organisations (federal government,         specific regions.                             they made a big impression: Jan
city council, business, academia,                                                            Gehl, the Danish urban planner and
advocacy and NGOs) presented                   creative programming                          ‘international architect’ (famous for
sessions on topics including Greenways           The program structure was varied            putting the human back into the city);
in Central Europe, Bicycle tourism in          and innovative. In a ‘Meet the Danes’         Janette Sadik-Khan, Commissioner

                                                                                                    life’s better on a bike
of the New York City Department of            freeing up more space for cyclists,           allocate space for bicycles inside the
Transportation (behind the ambitious          creating wider cycleways, putting car         train carriages.
strategy to make NYC greener and              parking underground and encouraging
more accessible); Connie Hedegaard,           employers to build bike storage facilities    Start saving for Seville
European Commissioner for Climate             for staff, for example.)                         The Velo-city Global 2010
Action and keen cycle commuter, to               The city bike hire system in               conference ended with the symbolic
name just three.                              Copenhagen was well-intentioned               handover of the conference to Seville,
                                              but not successfully designed or              Spain. Vice-Mayor of Seville, Antonio
Borrowed bikes                                implemented. As the very patient              Rodrigo Torrijos, confirmed that in only
   And how did the conference                 tourism information officer explained to      three years, Seville has managed to
participants get around town? On bikes        yet another hopeful visitor, ‘here is the     increase the number of daily cyclists
borrowed from the fabulous Baisikeli          map showing where the bikes for hire          “from a mere few thousands to 60,000
boys. Baisikeli (which means bicycle          are meant to be – but you’ll be very          a day”, and that the modal share for the
in Swahili) was set up as a commercial        lucky to find a bike”. For a 20 kroner        bicycle has increased to 7.5% of daily
company by Henrik Smedegaard                  coin, people could ‘withdraw’ a bike          transport. The Velo-city 2011 conference
and his cousin Niels Bonefeld to not          using a system similar to the shopping        in Seville will be held 23 – 25 March
only make money for the founders              trolley coin-in-the-slot deposit system       2011.
but also for local bicycle repairers          used here. But for that tiny deposit
in central Africa. Second hand and            you could just take the bike forever             *The city of Frederiksberg together
‘given up’ stolen (but insured) bikes are     – perhaps right across the border and         with the city of Copenhagen hosted
packed into shipping containers along         sell it. Time and again I would find an       Velo-city Global 2010; in this article
with spare parts to Sierra Leone and          empty bike hire rack, such as outside         I have simply referred to the host as
Tanzania. Baisikeli trains and employs        Central Station. In fact these racks were     Copenhagen since most readers would
local people to repair and sell the           often just being used by regular bike         recognise ‘Copenhagen’ as the capital of
bicycles at a ‘decent profit’.                riders as a parking bay due to lack of        Denmark (rather that the name of a city
   The profits help fund a hospital and       space.                                        council).
create better living conditions for local        Copenhagen aims to increase the
communities; the bikes themselves             cycling mode share from 36% to 50% by         More info
provide low cost mobility and practical       2015. City planners are working on ways        Velo-city http://www.velo-city2010.
transport for goods. Some have even           to improve the cycling infrastructure         com/
been converted to ambulances.                 even further by increasing the number          Baisikeli http://www.cph-bike-rental.
   Another venture involves the               of green wave highways and redesigning        dk/
construction of special blue corporate        intersections to reduce the accidents          European Cyclists’ Federation (ran
bikes with cargo box for Ikea employees       between cyclists and right-turning traffic,   Velo-city Global 2010) http://www.ecf.
and customers. After the conference           for example. There’s video detection          com/
Baisikeli were off to a major music           of cyclists, ‘bicycle islands’ and traffic     Brenda’s Blog on BNSW site http://
festival to take part in a new five star      calming, new ways to integrate bicycle
‘green ticket’ system and lend bikes to       parking at stations and systems to            city-global-brendas-blog
festival goers. No wonder the company
won the Danish Best Socio-Economic
Business award last year (presented by         Ride for the rainforests
‘our’ Princess Mary).                          International adventure cyclist Krista Bernard will
                                               lead ‘Ride for the Rainforest’, a cycling challenge, in
cycling in copenhagen                          Sri Lanka in February 2011. Working with Rainforest
   Velo-city Global 2010 aimed to              Rescue, a not-for-profit organization that has been
“highlight the bicycle’s potential to          protecting rainforests in Australia and internationally
enhance the quality of life around the         since 1998, Krista hopes the cycle challenge will raise
world and to solve global challenges           urgently needed funds to protect the endangered Sri
such as congestion, obesity and climate        Lankan environment.
change”. It was a highly successful            ‘Ride for the Rainforest’, is a fundraising twelve day
conference, and Copenhagen itself was          trip which includes five days of cycling at a moderate
an excellent showcase for sustainable          grade, accommodation at hotels and comfortable
transport.                                     camping grounds.
   But cycling in Copenhagen isn’t             Riders will visit the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage,
without its problems. There’s now              see Buddhist Temples and the Royal Botanical
major bicycle congestion. Accidents            Gardens in Kandy, visit the UNESCO World Heritage
                                               listed Sinharaja rainforest, which the project is helping to protect, and relax at the
happen; right turning traffic in particular
                                               beaches of Galle.
can be dangerous. Too many bikes
means crammed and cluttered bike               During the trip, participants will also spend an afternoon planting trees and finding out
racks — bikes crowd around corners             about the environmental work being done in Sri Lanka.
of buildings, onto additional makeshift        For more details and to book go to
racks and against heritage buildings           Krista Bernard has an indomitable cycling history. In Australia, she traversed the
despite notices such as: “Henstilling af       Nullarbor and Central Deserts on dirt tracks, has ridden down the east coast, and
cycler langs facade forbudt”. (But ‘too        cycled around Tasmania. Pedalling 15,000km solo across 19 countries – from
many bikes’ is a pretty good problem           Indonesia to Egypt – won her the prestigious ‘Young Adventurer of the Year Award’ in
to have, and the city is working on            2000 by the Australian Geographic Society.

 life’s better on a bike


Ride to work @ Arup
Brenda Mattick BNSW*

    WiTh AN hONOURS thesis titled
“Bicycle safety analysis”, completed
as part of the transport major in his
civil engineering degree (UNSW 16),
Joshua Milston’s academic background
sits well with his role as transport
planner. And over the past couple
of years with Arup (a global design,
engineering and business consulting
firm), Joshua (Josh) has gained plenty
of real-world professional experience
    Arup has offices around the world,
from Seattle to Sydney, Cape Town to
Copenhagen. There are six offices here
in Australia and Josh works in the large
multidisciplinary design office in Kent
St Sydney, overlooking the site of the
Barangaroo waterfront urban renewal
    Even if you haven’t heard of Arup,
you’d certainly know of their work:
Arup played an integral role in the                             Arup cyclists join Ride to Work Day, hyde park 2009
development of the Sydney Opera
House. This complex project first           building design. It also has considerable      Sustainable staff travel
brought Arup to Sydney in the 60’s and      experience in planning and constructing            Megan Gee runs OvaGreen, Arup’s
involved nearly every Arup engineer         bike ways, bike hubs and systems to            in-house environmental committee
throughout the world.                       encourage city cycling.                        which aims to “make the Sydney office
    One of Arup’s more recent iconic           Arup has prepared bike plans for            as green as possible”. This includes
projects was the Water Cube, the            councils in Australia, most recently           promoting cycling and other forms of
beautiful blue bubble officially known as   for North Sydney and Port Macquarie            sustainable transport. With around
The National Aquatics Center, built for     (2009). Josh Milston is currently updating     400 staff but only 4 car spaces in the
the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.             the RTA’s ‘How to prepare a bike plan’         building, close proximity to Wynyard
    However Arup is not just in the         (originally published back in 2002, the        train station and lots of buses, the office
business of building beautiful buildings;   new edition is due to be published             is ideally located for travel by public
the company focuses on sustainable          soon).                                         transport.
                                                                                               According to Megan, employees who
These Arup projects may be of particular interest to PushOn readers:                       ride to work “are supported through
Go Between Bridge, Brisbane                                                                initiatives such as end of trip facilities
■   officially opened on 5 July 2010                                                       and a bike loan scheme which allows
                                                                                           permanent employees to take an interest
■   300m concrete balanced cantilever bridge which includes dedicated pedestrian and
                                                                                           free loan of up to $2000 to purchase
    cycle ways.
                                                                                           a bike, accessories and protective
■   Hong Kong cycle track                                                                  equipment”.
■   22km-long, 4m-wide cycle track between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun in the New                   Around 6% of staff ride to work (a
    Territories (one of the three main regions of Hong Kong, together with Hong Kong       new mode share survey is due later
    Island and the Kowloon peninsula).                                                     this year). OvaGreen sells Arup brand
■   will be mainly along the coastline; includes a 4m-wide footway and 2m-wide             bicycle clothing and is looking into other
    planter.               items it could provide.
Cycling England – Professional Support                                                     cycling promotion — and problems
■   Cycle infrastructure design for Cycling England (NGO funded by the Department of          In May 2008 Josh was given the
    Transport), responsible for increasing the levels of cycling across England.           responsibility of producing Arup’s                     Cycling Information Pack for internal
Kurilpa Bridge, Brisbane
                                                                                           staff. Now on the staff intranet’s Green
                                                                                           Transport page, it has helped raise
■   October 2009. A pedestrian and cycle crossing over the Brisbane River in
                                                                                           awareness of the advantages of riding
    Queensland.                                                          CONTINUED ON P.2           

                                                    life’s better on a bike

              NR MA
                  AL E
               ED NG ?
       G O LDCHAeLLchallen
              M E ge

                                                                                    Pictured: Chad Doering, rst student in NSW to complete the 2009 challenge
                              fo r t
               re ady
Are                       l
                ur goa
    oo se y
 ch               rr ides
        rd you
     o            l
 rec           eda izes
         o ld m t pr
     a g grea
 win er
  + ot
                             IST     ER
                     RE    G
                                      O          RG         201

                   NS               W   ece

              C LE                 th

                           s 1

               //                                    ol s pr
         v                                                art
     e e                      by :
                                                  a p
                          ted                 edi
                      sen                   m


 life’s better on a bike

Ride to Work @ Arup                            Josh Milston on cycle paths: “When a motorist sees a cyclist on a separate cycle path,
CONTINUED FROM P.0                           they don’t think they deserve to be on a road – cyclists are seen as a splinter group
                                               rather than people with a legitimate right to use the road: ‘get back on the footpath’.”
to work and the bike storage facilities        Josh prefers ‘on road’ cycle paths – and not over-engineered unnecessarily expensive
available.                                     paths. “However there also needs to be proper infrastructure – which of course
   There are two bike storage rooms and        takes into account the width of the road, traffic volume, nature of the bike route
showers on two levels – but “nowhere           (recreation, commuting or near a school, for example).”
near enough lockers” (a familiar story
to many cycle commuters). After-hours          taken to use cars that meet specific          workplace in Kent st because “it’s faster
access to bike storage rooms is also           sustainability requirements, as “pool”        by bike than the bus”. It helps keep him
a problem because there is a limited           bicycles could not be used by all             fit, and of course also saves him bus
access to the keycards required for entry      staff with the duty of care that Arup         fares. Driving and parking are out of the
to the car park (and then to the bike          required.                                     question – parking stations are far too
storage rooms). So if you are a cycle             Arup instead provides end of trip          expensive in the city anyway.
commuter who works back after 6pm,             facilities, safety training courses and           Josh aims to make more people aware
you have to go around the long way to          bike storage rooms so individual staff        of the benefits and convenience of bike
alert security in order to retrieve your       members can use their own bicycles.           riding ‘so you don’t only see lycra clad
bike. And if you are held back after 8,                                                      cyclists zooming down the road at 45
you have to go home without your bike          community cycling events                      kph’.
because security won’t be around then.            Arup supports Ride to Work Day                 In his professional role Josh likes to
                                               each year – riders join in with the           do ‘a whole range of transport planning,
Pool cars stay – pool bikes go                 celebrations in nearby Hyde Park. A           focusing on transport connectivity’.
   Arup has four pool cars for staff to        few Arup riders have completed the MS         He asks questions like “How can you
go on site visits or to attend meetings.       Gong ride (last year they raised $2,000       facilitate riding your bike to the station,
There were also (until last year) a couple     to support Australians with MS).              catching the train, riding to work?”
of pool bicycles for staff to get around                                                     He wants to give people “a range of
the city, ride to meetings or to team          Bike, train or bus?                           choices – walking, cycling, taking public
sport events in the Domain. Josh himself          Josh broke his leg during a soccer         transport – to reduce car dependency”.
used to borrow a pool bike and ride to         match 5 years ago which unfortunately             Josh now has 6 months’ leave from
Cremorne Point for recreation, fresh air       stopped him running. He took up               work to travel through China and
and exercise.                                  cycling for exercise – and discovered a       beyond. No doubt he’ll gain some
   However following an internal               host of other benefits. He now cycles         interesting insights into transport
operational review, the decision was           the 10 km trip from Coogee to his             planning along the way. 

                                               Why cycling is best…
 Ride to Worship                               A study by the US-based Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion indicates that

 Week                                          for an average weight person (68 kgs), leisure cycling burns more calories per hour
                                               (290 cal.) than walking that burns 280 calories and weight training that burns 220
 Cycle to your place of worship with           calories. High-intensity cycling burns more calories (590 cal.) than swimming that
 people right across Australia during the
                                               burns 510 calories, aerobics that burns 480 calories, and speed-walking that burns
 week of Saturday 9th to Friday 16th
                                               460 calories.
 Cycling is healthy, it’s fun, and it is one   Cycling also offers a few advantages over other exercises. Cycling exercises the
 way we can reduce our contribution to         heart better than walking without the pounding of jogging. One can ride a bicycle
 climate change.                               almost anywhere, at any time of the year and at a low cost. More, a bicycle can
 You can take part in Ride to Worship          be used to get to work, perform errands or enjoy the outdoors. You can turn an
 Week as an individual, with family            enthusiast and clubby as there are groups that promote cycling and its many
 and friends, and even encourage your          benefits. And it’s also beneficial for others—commuting by bike reduces pollution
 whole place of worship to participate         that causes asthma, bronchitis and even cancer.
 by cycling or use other environmentally-      Doctor and cyclist Atamjot Grewal says: “Cycling is one of those very few exercises
 friendly forms of transport.                  that are safe and if done in a controlled manner, it helps reduce stress, increases
 S ee the Ride to Worship Week                 fitness levels, lowers risk of heart attack and lets you cut that extra flab from the
 webpage for more information. http://         body.” Cycling not only boosts stamina but also helps control heartbeat levels.
                                               Grewal adds: “Regular cycling helps one build stamina and have greater control on
                                               heartbeat. But, one has to do it regularly without longer breaks.”
                                               Those with an obesity problem, can try to shed weight simply by pedalling an
                                               outdoor or an indoor (stationary) cycle. Cycling improves your mood, keeps the heart
                                               in shape and doesn’t impair your joints.
                                               Cycling is also good for children, especially 3-7 years old. “Apart from the thrill to
                                               learn a new activity, it gives them a first-hand chance to learn navigation, helps them
                                               to focus their mind. It also acts as a confidence booster for them apart from helping
                                               them in improving concentration levels,” says Dr Grewal. She adds that cycling acts
                                               as a developmental milestone for kids. It also builds travel habits among kids.

              More rides are added to our online calendar every day. For the latest updates, check out WWW.PUSHON.COM.AU

                                                   IMPORTANT INFORMATION, PLEASE READ
• All rides listed in this calendar are open to the public unless otherwise stated in the ride description.
• All ride leaders are volunteers who generously donate their time to plan and conduct these rides. Please follow their instructions to help ensure
each ride is conducted in the safest and most enjoyable possible manner.
• All persons leading or joining these rides do so as volunteers in all respects and as such accept sole responsibility for any injury howsoever
incurred. The appearance of the rides is this calendar does not imply that Bicycle NSW Inc., PushOn, the organisations with rides on this calendar,
or the appointed ride leaders, are in any way liable in respect of any injury or damage resulting from participants engaging in any such ride activ-
• An approved helmet is required to be worn on all rides. No helmet, no ride. No exceptions. Please ensure your bike is in good working order and
bring a spare tube, a pump, tyre levers, a full water bottle and any other tools you may require. It is also recommended you bring money for food
and/or fares and your mobile phone.
• Children are welcome on some rides but must be accompanied by a cycling adult carer.
• If in doubt about the suitability of any ride, please contact the ride leader in advance.
• Feedback can be sent to

Saturday, July 31, 2010                             NatIONal trEE day rIdE                  
                                                    liveBug*; 15 km ; Slow pace Easy /
BErOWra HIll ClIMB                                                                                    arMIdalE – ENMOrE
                                                    Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
BikeNor th*; 30 km ; Moderate pace                                                                    N E B u g; 5 0 k m ; M o d e r a t e p a c e
                                                    / Contact: Maree Stacy; Ph 96025293 /
Some traffic / uses On-road Cycleways                                                                 Significant Hills / Contact: Jo; Ph 0429
                                                    0419203379 C2C
/ Significant Hills / Contact: darryn; Ph                                                             101 056
                                                    Starts: 0830AM; Liverpool Station, Bigge
0406 380 862                                                                                          Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre
                                                    St An easy short ride using mainly cycle
Starts: 8:00AM; Hornsby Park, opposite                                                                A ride to give you a cycling buzz. Warm up
                                                    paths to South Park, Charlton Ave, Chipping
Coronation St, near pool Ride from Hornsby                                                            your legs with a ride out to Enmore then
                                                    Norton to participate in 2010 National Tree
along Pacific Highway to Berowra. Head                                                                return.
                                                    Day. Bring hat, sunscreen & water. Liverpool
down to Berowra Waters and climb back up            Council provides gloves, tools, plants & free     MOONEE MagIC
again.                                              BBQ lunch. Suitable for families, riders under    duB Bug*; 80 km ; Moderate pace Some
WarWICK FarM MarKEtS                                14 years must be accompanied by a cycling         traffic / Contact: george ; Ph 02 6652
BSW*; 27 km ; Moderate pace Some                    adult. Option to explore the cycle paths          7464
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses           around Chipping Norton Lake & return to           Starts: 08:30AM; BP North Urunga Ride
On-road Cycleways / Contact: Warren                 Liverpool at completion of the event.             along the Highway to Lyons rd, Link rd to
artlett; Ph (h) 9771 4606 (m) 0422400185                                                              Coffs and wind through Coffs back streets
                                                    WattlE grOVE rEturN                               and back onto the highway near BIG Banana
Starts: 8:00AM; Panania Railway station             WSCN; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy / uses
Edwards Reserve (North side Opposite Pub)                                                             and out to Moonee for Coffee and back to
                                                    Off-road Cyclepaths / Contact: Bob Ward;
This ride is mainly along off road cyclepaths                                                         Urunga a similar way.
                                                    Ph 97241520 C2C
and quiet back streets but includes a section       Starts: 9:00AM; WSCN bike shed                    aKuNa Bay aNd CHurCH POINt
along the M5 shoulder. Spend about an hour          Prairiewood. Starts & finishes at WSCN bicy-      BikeNorth*; 80 km ; Fast pace Some
doing your fruit and veg shopping and having        cle recycling shed located rear of Fairfield      traffic / For experienced riders only /
a relaxing morning tea. Return to Panania           showground off Moonlight Rd., Prairiewood.        Significant Hills / Contact: Malcolm; Ph
via alternate route.
                                                                                                      9713 1994
NOrtH tO WESt HEad                                   rIdES gradES                                     Starts: 07:30AM; Eastwood Station, East
BikeNorth*; 91 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                side Ride via de Burghs Br, Pymble, Terrey
traffic / For experienced riders only /              As an aid for those looking for a ride, and      Hills, Akuna Bay, Church Pt (coffee). Return
Significant Hills / Contact: robyn; Ph               also for those Ride Coordinators charged         via Turramurra. Fast pace.
9144 1325                                            with the responsibility of entering rides
                                                                                                      tuESday, auguSt 03, 2010
Starts: 7:30AM; Turramurra Station, East             into the online calendar, Bicycle NSW has
side Hilly ride via Browns w/h, Terrey Hills,        provided the following guide...                  OVEr 50S rIdES: laKE IllaWarra
West Head, Akuna Bay (coffee). Return a                                                               BSSC; 44 km ; Moderate pace Easy / uses
similar route.                                       An easy ride is normally classified as           Off-road Cyclepaths / For experienced
                                                     under 15km per hour with no hills and up         riders only / Contact: Bruce/Val; Ph 42
SuNday, auguSt 01, 2010                              15k ride for beginner or 20k otherwise           941704 C2C
Callala tO MyOla MEaNdEr.                            A mid ride is 15km + and under 23km              Starts: 9.30AM; SAILING CLUB/Fish Shop
SBug; 20 km ; Slow pace Easy / Child                 per hour with some up flats (small hills)        ,Northcliffe Drive Berkeley Ride around lake
Friendly / uses Off-road Cyclepaths /                                                                 from Sailing Club via cycle paths and quiet
                                                     between 25k and 40k ride                         back streets to Shellharbour via Warilla
Mountain Bike required / Contact: Judi;
Ph 0244215214                                        Hard ride is 25km + per hour with hills or       Beach and return. Lunch at Shellharbour.
Starts: 9.00AM; Callala shopping centre              just a very hilly ride so you need to be fit.    Optional:If conditions poor, Oak Flats
Scenic meander around Callala.Easy ride              The length of the ride can vary depending        instead.
slow pace suitable for all riders.Mountain           on the amount off hills. If flat it can be 70k
Bike. Excellent ride to see if you like cycling.
                                                     to 100k

EPPINg CONCOrd BOOMEraNg                           of start and place may change.                    tuESday, auguSt 10, 2010
BikeNorth*; 44 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                   “WarNErValE StatION –                             OVEr 50S rIdES: WattlEgrOVE
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
                                                   NEWCaStlE CHallENgE”                              BSSC; 28 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
On-road Cycleways / Contact: leigh; Ph
                                                   NCM*; 70 km ; Moderate pace Some                  Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
9484 4093
                                                   traffic / uses On-road Cycleways / For            / Contact: Ossie/Wendy; Ph 9521 3071
Starts: 09:00AM; Epping Station, East side A
                                                   experienced riders only / Contact: ray;           Starts: 9:30AM; Black Muscat Park, Chipping
good training ride with minimum stops over a
                                                   Ph 4965 0771 or 0418 658 532                      Norton. Starting from Chipping Norton lakes,
variety of terrain. Some on-road experience
                                                   Starts: 08:30amAM; Warnervale Station             we ride to Wattlegrove via back roads and
                                                   Ride to Swansea via Doyalson and Pacific          cycle paths. We have lunch at the Moorebank
WEdNESday, auguSt 04, 2010                         Highway. Coffee break then off to Redhead         cake shop and then return.
NOrdS WHarF                                        where we will join the Fernleigh Track and
TDCC; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some Traffic           then via cycleways into Newcastle. This ride      WEdNESday, auguSt 11, 2010
/ Uses Off-road Cyclepaths / Uses On-road          is intended to be a relaxed day trip, as you      EdgEWatEr ParK
Cycleways / Contact: Kevin Parsons; Ph 02          would encounter on a one day run on the           tdCC; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some
4390 0375                                          Queensland Ride (except you are only there        traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Peace Park,              for 1 day in lieu of 9 days). There will be       On-road Cycleways / Contact: Kevin
Gorokan. Nords Wharf via Budgewoi –                a break each 25km or so for a drink and           Parsons; Ph 02 4390 0375
Elizabeth Bay – lunch Nords Wharf (BYO or          refreshments and we will take a Lunch Break       Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Peace Park,
shop near) – return Hwy – Doyalson – con-          along the way. You could get delivered to         Gorokan Marks Rd – Wyongah – Wahroonga
tinue along Hwy – The Corso – Gorokan              Warnervale Station and then be picked up          Rd – Louisiana Rd – Warnervale – Sparks
                                                   at the Newcastle Wharf. There is also the         Rd – Link Rd – Blue Haven – Edgewater
Saturday, auguSt 07, 2010                          option to join the ride from Swansea if that      Park (Buff Point) (lunch – BYO). Return via
                                                   is more to your liking. Bring some eats and       Budgewoi & Noraville.
                                                   lunch although there are shops along the
BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace Some                                                                   Saturday, auguSt 14, 2010
                                                   way. Come and challenge yourself . Ring to
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
                                                   confirm.                                          a tO C aNd BaCK
On-road Cycleways / Contact: alison; Ph
9874 2383                                          Mt MOOMBIl SEarCH                                 BikeNor th*; 30 km ; Moderate pace
Starts: 08:00AM; North Sydney station              duB Bug*; 54 km ; Moderate pace Some              Some traffic / uses On-road Cycleways /
Ride to scenic wharves and providores in           traffic / Significant Hills / unsealed            Contact: graeme; Ph 9436 0969
Pyrmont/inner city area. Lots of stops to look     roads / Contact: Murray; Ph 02 6657 2139          Starts: 08:00AM; Artarmon Station, East side
and buy. Bring bag/panniers & bike lock.           Starts: 09:15AM; Top Pub Dorrigo Ride from        Hilly ride to Balmoral and Middle Head. After
                                                   Top Pub Dorrigo out towards Megan and             coffee at Chowder Bay return to Artarmon.
SuNday, auguSt 08, 2010
                                                   turn off and ride up to Moombil and return to     ParraMatta ParK ParadE
SPagHEttI WEStErN                                  Dorrigo.                                          BikeNorth*; 35 km ; Moderate pace Some
BikeNorth*; 39 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                               traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths /
                                                   EaSt HIllS rIdE
                                                   liveBug*; 40 km ; Moderate pace Easy /            On-road Cycleways / Contact: doug; Ph
Contact: Keith; Ph 0434 496 299                                                                      9874 5594
                                                   Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
Starts: 07:30AM; Whitby Rd King’s Langley,                                                           Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride
                                                   / Contact: alison Pryor; Ph 0438171484
near Hutchins Cr. Whitby Rd King’s Langley,                                                          along the PVC to Parramatta Park. Do a lap
near Hutchins Cr. Medium paced ride on the                                                           or two of the park before coffee, then return
                                                   Starts: 08:30AM; Liverpool Station An
M7 cycleway to Lighthorse Interchange and                                                            via M4 c/p.
                                                   easy-medium ride on cyclepaths through
return. Coffee at Rooty Hill shops.
                                                   Moorebank and Wattle Grove then on-road           SuNday, auguSt 15, 2010
BOtaNy Bay BaCON                                   through Voyager Point to East Hills. Coffee
BikeNorth*; 65 km ; Moderate pace Some             stop in Panania, then on-road routes with         uPPEr KaNgarOO rIVEr aNd
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses          some traffic routes in Condell Park, return via   rEturN
On-road Cycleways / Contact: Phillip; Ph           Georges Hall & Chipping Norton lakes paths.       SBug; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some
0402 918775                                                                                          traf fic / Mountain Bike required /
Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride
                                                   BOOdErEE lIgHtHOuSE ruINS                         Contact: Judi; Ph 02 4421 5214
                                                   SBug; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some                  Starts: 9:00 AM; :Kangaroo Valley Show
via the Cooks River c/w to Botany Bay. A
                                                   traf fic / Mountain Bike required /               grounds Easy ride following the Kangaroo
refuel at our favourite cafe at Brighton, then
                                                   unsealed roads / Contact: Judi; Ph 02             River Spectacular views of the sand stone
                                                   4421 5214                                         escarpment.Lunch in Kangaroo Valley.
tOWN rIdE                                          Starts: 9,00AM; Park at corner Jervis Bay
NEBug; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some               road at Hyams Beach turn off Medium moun-         MEadOWBaNK tO BOBBO
traffic / Contact: ; Ph                            tain bike ride.From the ruined Light House a      BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre           very scenic ride to Murry’s beach. A few small    traffic / Significant Hills / Contact: doug;
Easy paced ride around Armidale. Great             hills but worth the ride for the views. Bring     Ph 9874 5594
introduction for new riders or the coffee cruis-   snack food. Coffee after ride at Vincentia        Starts: 07:30AM; Bicentennial Park, Victoria
ers. Ride climaxes at a local coffee shop.                                                           Ave carpark Hilly ride via Eastwood,
                                                   a PIE at HEatHErBraE                              Browns Waterhole, Turramurra, & Bobbin
WINdSOr SaCKVIllE rIdE                             NCM*; 60 km ; Moderate pace Some                  Head. Coffee and return. Long climbs and
NBB*; 60 km ; Moderate pace Some                   traffic / Contact: leigh; Ph 4929 7859            descents.
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths /               Starts: 8:15amAM; Queens Wharf, Wharf
Contact: Jill; Ph 0425 294 207                     Rd. Newcastle to catch the ferry to Stockton      tHE gOrgE aNd BErOWra
Starts: 09:00AM; Windsor Station Car park          Ferry to Stockton, then through Fern Bay,         BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some
Ride from Windsor to the Sackville ferry,          Fullerton Cove, Williamtown to Heatherbrae        traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:
stopping for morning tea at Ebenezer               to sample an award winning pie. Return to         darryn; Ph 0406 380 862
Church. Cross the Hawkesbury on the ferry          Newcastle through Hexham, Mayfield and            Starts: 06:30AM; Bicentennial Park, Victoria
and ride back to Windsor station. Please call      Throsby Cycleway.                                 Ave carpark Ride through Galston Gorge,
Jill to confirm you are coming along as time                                                         rural Arcadia & on to scenic Berowra Waters.

After coffee, ride via Berowra & Pac. Hwy to     Silverwater bridge to Olympic Park, then on        link rd up Beacon Hill and down to Suf Club
Hornsby                                          to Concord for coffee. Return a different way.     for coffee and return to Urunga
laNE COVE tO OlyMPIC ParK                        tuESday, auguSt 17, 2010                           tHrEE gOrgES PIES
BikeNorth*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                              BikeNorth*; 75 km ; Fast pace Some
traffic / Contact: Joan; Ph 99098925             OVEr 50S rIdE: KurNEll ; BSSC;                     traffic / Significant Hills / Contact: doug;
Starts: 09:30AM; Lane Cove Plaza Ride from       BSSC; 26 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                 Ph 9874 5594
Lane Cove to Olympic Park                        Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths            Starts: 07:30AM; Turramurra Station, East
                                                 / Contact: don Mcgregor;; Ph 95289568              side Hard, hilly ride through Galston Gorge,
OlyMPIC ParK rIdE                                Starts: 9:30AM; Parking area opp Sharks            Arcadia, Berowra Waters to Pie in The
BikeNorth*; 25 km ; Slow pace uses               Club, Easy pace to Kurnell on the cycle lane.      Sky for coffee. Return via Bobbin Head to
Off-road Cyclepaths / uses On-road               Voodoo Beach/Cape Solander whale watch,            Hornsby.
Cycleways / Contact: alister; Ph 9879            lunch at club and return.
3664                                                                                                BruNCH By tHE BEaCH
Starts: 09:00AM; Bicentennial Park, Victoria     WEdNESday, auguSt 18, 2010                         BikeNorth*; 30 km ; Slow pace Some
Ave carpark Loop around Homebush Bay             NEWCaStlE aNd SuBurBS                              traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
with a coffee stop. Suitable for beginners and   tdCC; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some                   On-road Cycleways / Contact: Joan; Ph
children OVER 12 accompanied by an adult         traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses          99098925
carer.                                           On-road Cycleways / Contact: Kevin                 Starts: 09:30AM; St Thomas Rest Park,
                                                 Parsons; Ph 4390 0375                              West St , Crows Nest Ride via Beauty Point,
BOWraVIllE ESCaPE                                                                                   over Spit Br to Balgowlah & Manly. Take
duB Bug*; 80 km ; Moderate pace Some             Starts: 09:30AM; Jesmond Park, Jesmond
                                                 UBD Ref 131, q13 Meet at Jesmond Park              an extended stop for brunch at Manly, then
traffic / For experienced riders only /                                                             return on a similar route.
Contact: george ; Ph 02 6568 2115                0930. This Newcastle and suburbs ride
Starts: 08:30AM; BP North Urunga                 includes Fernleigh Track cycle-way (can now        tOWN rIdE
Ride on the highway to Nambucca and              be extended to Redhead). Lunch (BYO) will          NEBug; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some
onto Bowraville then return via Wilson           be at Nobby’s Beach.                               traffic / Contact: ; Ph
rd to Macksville and Sally Curtis Way to         Saturday, auguSt 21, 2010                          Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre
Nambucca                                                                                            Easy paced ride around Armidale. Great
                                                 FItNESS rIdE Hard                                  introduction for new riders or the coffee cruis-
uralla – KENtuCKy                                BikeNorth*; 1 km ; Fast pace Some traffic          ers. Ride climaxes at a local coffee shop.
NEBug; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some                / For experienced riders only / Contact:
traffic / Significant Hills / unsealed           darryn; Ph 0406 380 862 C2C                        tuESday, auguSt 24, 2010
roads / Contact: ross; Ph 67721331               Starts: 00:00AM; SW Cnr Pennant Hills Rd
Starts: 08:30AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre                                                            OVEr 50S rIdES: St JOHNS ParK
                                                 and M2 intersection Call for all details includ-   BSSC; 40 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
Uralla – Kentucky. Car pool to Uralla. Ride      ing distance and pace.
out to Kentucky, then across to Walcha Road                                                         Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
and back to Uralla.                              rIdE tO rOZEllE FOr dINNEr                         / Contact: Phil; Ph 9542 3354
                                                 aSHBug*; 20 km ; Moderate pace Some                Starts: 9:30AM; Black Muscat Park, Chipping
ParK tO ParK                                     traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses          Norton Starting from Chipping Norton lakes,
BikeNorth*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some           On-road Cycleways / For experienced                we take back streets to Warwick Farm,
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses        riders only / Contact: Chris; Ph 9799 2104         then to Greenfield Park via the rail trail and
On-road Cycleways / Contact: Fran; Ph            Starts: 05:30PM; Lackey Street (fountain),         Fairfield City cycleway. Optional extension
0414 187 427                                     Summer Hill. Use quiet back streets and bike       to Fairfield city farm. We have Lunch at the
Starts: 07:30AM; Bicentennial Park, Victoria     paths to go through Leichhardt to Rozell and       greenfield park pub and return.
Ave carpark Ride from Macquarie Uni to           a new restaurant. Bring money for dinner,
Lane Cove National Park, then across to                                                             WEdNESday, auguSt 25, 2010
                                                 and lights for the ride home. AshBUG has
Homebush Bay for coffee at Newington.            a bike we can lend to people who can ride          tOOWOON Bay
Return by a different route.                     but don’t have a bike. Ring contact person to      tdCC; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some
laP tHE lINK                                     check if bike is available.                        traffic / uses On-road Cycleways /
NCM*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                    Contact: Kevin Parsons; Ph 4390 0375
                                                 SuNday, auguSt 22, 2010                            C2C
traffic / uses On-road Cycleways /
Contact: Kerry; Ph 49547053                      VIEW tHE FarMlaNdS                                 Starts: 10:00AM; Wallarah Peace Park,
Starts: 9:00AM; Energy Australia Stadium,        NCM*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Easy /                 Gorokan The Entrance – cycleway to Long
Turton Rd, Broadmeadow Please ring if rain-      Some traffic / Contact: adrian; Ph 4965            Jetty – Shelley Bch Rd – Toowoon Bay –
ing. Meet Energy Stadium 9am follow east         6108                                               (lunch – shop nearby) Return via coast roads
west cycleway to Wallsend, up Link Road to       Starts: 09:00AM; OAK at Hexham Raymond             to The Entrance then Noraville and Gorokan
Edgeworth roundabout and return for coffee       Terrace, Duckenfield Return by Raymond             Saturday, auguSt 28, 2010
at Hamilton.                                     Terrace for lunch.
                                                                                                    guIldFOrd – PrOSPECt –
CONCOrd FOr CaKE                                 BErry FOr BrEaKFaSt                                OrPHaNS CrEEK – CaNlEy ValE
BikeNorth*; 28 km ; Slow pace Some               SBug; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                   liveBug*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses        traffic / Contact: judi; Ph 0244215214             Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
On-road Cycleways / Contact: debbie; Ph          Starts: 8.00AM; nowra Visitors Centre. Cycle       / uses On-road Cycleways / Contact:
9436 0969                                        along the Highway for a leisurely breakfast at     alison Pryor; Ph 0438 171 484 C2C
Starts: 08:30AM; Bicentennial Park, Victoria     Berry.Cycle back Back Forest Road.                 Starts: 10:30AM; Guildford Railway Station
Ave carpark Ride along the PVC over              HErBS WaNdEr                                       (eastern side) 30km entirely riding along
                                                 duB Bug*; 65 km ; Moderate pace Some               off–road cycle paths. Prospect canal cycle
                                                 traffic / For experienced riders only /            path and then undulating paths through
                                                 Contact: Herb; Ph 02 6655 6047                     Western Sydney Regional Park, the Orphans
                                                 Starts: 08:30AM; BP North Urunga ride from         creek path to Canley Vale. Have lunch at a
                                                 urunga to Bunnings roundabout and tpo the          Vietnamese restaurant, then hop on the train

home, or ride 5km back to Guildford.              EaSy WaNdEr                                    Hills / Contact: Eric armstrong; Ph 02
                                                  duB Bug*; 15 km ; Slow pace Easy /             6926 2768
FurtHEr BEyONd BarrENJOEy                                                                        Starts: 10.00AM; Wagga Beach Carpark.
                                                  Some traffic / Contact: george ; Ph 02
BikeNorth*; 85 km ; Fast pace Some                                                               Ride to Junee via Wantabadgery, return via
                                                  6652 7464
traffic / Significant Hills / Contact: Peter;                                                    Bomen. Unsupported ride. Lunch at Junee
                                                  Starts: 08:30AM; Hickeys Garage Ride
Ph 9144 1325                                                                                     Liquorice and Chocolate factory, at riders’
                                                  Hillveiw Cresent Urunga to Hungry Head rd
Starts: 00:00AM; Turramurra Station, East                                                        expense.
                                                  and onto Wenonah and return to Urunga
side Ride via back roads to Palm Beach,
ferry across Broken Bay, superb scenery           ENd OF WINtEr rIdE 82KM                        ParraMatta HErItagE rIdE
around Kilcare, Gosford and Brisbane Water.       BWW*; 82 km ; Moderate pace Some               (MaCQuarIE tHEME)
Train from Woy Woy. Call to confirm.              traffic / Contact: Eric armstrong; Ph 02       CaMWESt*; 20 km ; Slow pace Easy
                                                  6926 2768                                      / Child Friendly / Some traffic / uses
MEtrO MaNgrOVE MEaNdEr                                                                           Off-road Cyclepaths / uses On-road
                                                  Starts: 10.00AM; Wagga Beach Carpark.
BikeNorth*; 47 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                           Cycleways / Contact: Paul Bowyer; Ph
                                                  Ride to Junee via Overdale and return to
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses                                                        0438 856 880
                                                  Wagga via Bomen. Supported ride with
On-road Cycleways / Contact: Ian; Ph                                                             Starts: 08:00AM; Tudor Gates, George St
                                                  morning tea. Lunch at Junee Liquorice and
0419 621 848                                                                                     entrance to Parramatta Park A fascinating
                                                  Chocolate factory, at riders’ expense.
Starts: 07:30AM; St Thomas Rest Park,                                                            3.5 hour ride into Parramatta’s rich 220 year
West St , Crows Nest Scenic loop ride via         CENtENNIal ParK ON Car FrEE                    history. This ride will focus on Gov Lachlan
river foreshores, from Huntleys Cove and          day                                            Macquarie, and will include a short tour of his
Gladesville Bridge to Kissing Point Bay           SharkBike; 70 km ; Moderate pace Some          2 most famous buildings – Old Government
crossing Parramatta River via the Putney          traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses      House and the Female Orphan School. It
Punt to Meadowbank. Return via back roads,        On-road Cycleways / Contact: Jenni             also includes Parramatta’s most beautiful
Shrimpton’s Creek and Epping Road/Gore            gormley; Ph 0404 065 376 C2C                   buildings, regular stops and an intriguing
Hill cycle paths. Includes qui                    Starts: 8.15am for 8.30amAM; Sutherland        commentary linking buildings, characters and
                                                  Post Office, Cnr Old Princes Hwy and Flora     plots. Finishing at the Park Cafe in the Park.
                                                  St Ride to Centennial Park using back          There is a $10 charge to cover site entry.
BikeNor th*; 60 km ; Moderate pace
                                                  streets and cyclepaths wherever possible,      Bookings essential.
Some traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:
                                                  via Sylvania Waters, Botany Bay, Alexandra
robyn; Ph 9144 1325                                                                              tuESday, auguSt 31, 2010
                                                  Canal. Enjoy this wonderful park on Car Free
Starts: 00:00AM; Turramurra Station, East
                                                  Day and a cafe stop. (Good opportunity to
side Ride via back roads to Palm Beach,                                                          OVEr 50’S rIdES: dOll’S POINt;
                                                  learn alternate commuting route?)
ferry across Broken Bay, superb scenery                                                          BSSC;
around Kilcare. Train from Woy Woy. Some          tHE BIg lOOP                                   BSSC; 26 km ; Select... pace Easy / uses
hills, small dirtroad section, relaxed pace.      BikeNorth*; 55 km ; Moderate pace Some         Off-road Cyclepaths / Contact: Jeff
Call to confirm                                   traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses      Williamson; Ph 9525 5571
                                                  On-road Cycleways / Contact: Malcolm;          Starts: 9:30AM; Peter Depena Rsve , Doll’s
SuNday, auguSt 29, 2010                                                                          Point We ride the Botany Bay cycleway to
                                                  Ph 9713 1994
CurruMBENE StatE FOrESt                           Starts: 07:30AM; Eastwood Station, West        Alexandra canal . Morning tea at Tempe rec-
SBug; 35 km ; Moderate pace Mountain              side Ride to M2, Winston Hills. Down to        reation reserve on the Cooks river. Return to
Bike required / unsealed roads /                  Parramatta for coffee. Return via M4 c/p to    Peter Depena reserve via StGeorge Sailing
Contact: judi ; Ph 02 4421 5214                   Meadowbank & uphill to Eastwood.               Club for lunch.(ring to confirm details)
Starts: 9.ooAM; The bus shed before the                                                          WEdNESday, SEPtEMBEr 01, 2010
Crematorium on Worrigee Road Cycle
                                                  laNE COVE NatIONal ParK
                                                  NBB*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some
through forest tracks to Callala. Not to chal-                                                   BayS aNd BrIdgES
                                                  traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths /
lenging off road riding. Only if the tracks are                                                  BikeNorth*; 45 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                  Contact: Peter; Ph 9416 1062
dry. Coffee at Callala. Weather permitting.                                                      traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
                                                  Starts: 09:00AM; Artarmon Station
                                                                                                 On-road Cycleways / Contact: Bob; Ph
guIldFOrd, PrOSPECt daM, tO                       Ride round the National Park to finish at
                                                                                                 9449 9112
CaNlEy ValE                                       Turramurra. Call Peter to confirm start time
                                                                                                 Starts: 00:00AM; Naremburn Shops,
aSHBug*; 40 km ; Moderate pace uses               and place as this might change.
                                                                                                 Willoughby Rd and Rohan St Scenic loop
Off-road Cyclepaths / uses On-road
Cycleways / Contact: Chris ; Ph 0418 417
                                                  EPPINg tO gOSFOrd                              ride via bridges and bays around Sydney
                                                  BikeNorth*; 95 km ; Fast pace Some             Harbour. Gore Hill cycle path, Gladesville
291                                                                                              Bridge, Iron Cove, Blackwattle Bay, Walsh
                                                  traffic / For experienced riders only /
Starts: 10:00AM; Guildford Station (north                                                        Bay, SHB and return to St Leonards. Cycle
                                                  Significant Hills / Contact: Fran; Ph 0414
side) 9.45 for 10am start, Guildford Station                                                     paths, quiet and a few busy streets, some
                                                  187 427
(east side). A medium pace 3 hour ride along                                                     hills.
                                                  Starts: 07:30AM; Epping Station, East side
cyclepaths to the Dam, Orphan School
                                                  Ride from Epping to Gosford via Peats ridge.
Creek down to Canley Vale. Have lunch                                                            Saturday, SEPtEMBEr 04, 2010
                                                  Catch the train home back from Gosford.
(Vietnamese restaurant)or hop a train home.
                                                                                                 COVErt OPEratION
This ride is a joint Liverpool and Ashfield       ENd OF WINtEr rIdE 100KM                       BikeNorth*; 24 km ; Slow pace Some
BUG ride.                                         BWW*; 100 km ; Fast pace Some traffic /
                                                                                                 traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses
                                                  For experienced riders only / Significant
PuddlEdOCK lOOP                                                                                  On-road Cycleways / Contact: darryn; Ph
NEBug; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                0406 380 862
traffic / Significant Hills / unsealed                                                           Starts: 07:30AM; Epping Station, East side
roads / Contact: Bruce; Ph 67720796                                                              Ride via Macquarie Uni and Epping Rd bicy-
Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre                                                         cle path to Lane Cove. Return via North
Armidale to Puddledock and Return: Ride                                                          Ryde
north to Sunnyside Road then return via
Puddledock Road                                                                                  a tO C aNd BaCK
                                                                                                 BikeNorth*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Some
                                                                                                 traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses

On-road Cycleways / Contact: graeme;             On-road Cycleways / Contact: darryn; Ph
Ph 9436 0969
Starts: 08:00AM; Artarmon Station, East side
                                                 0406 380 862
                                                 Starts: 7:30AM; Eastwood Station, West
                                                                                                    Is your BUG
Hilly ride to Balmoral and Middle Head. After
coffee at Chowder Bay return to Artarmon.
                                                 side Ride to M2, Winston Hills. Down to
                                                 Parramatta for coffee. Return via M4 c/p to
                                                 Meadowbank & uphill to Eastwood.                       Many BUGs don’t realise that it
MEadOWBaNK tO BOBBO                                                                                 is necessary for BUGs to re-affiliate
BikeNor th*; 50 km ; Moderate pace               SuNday, SEPtEMBEr 12, 2010                         with Bicycle NSW every year. This is
Some traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:                                                         a simple on-line process and you will
Malcolm; Ph 9713 1994                            NOrtH tO WESt HEad
                                                 BikeNorth*; 91 km ; Fast pace Some                 find a link on either the PushOn or
Starts: 07:30AM; Meadowbank Wharf Hilly
ride via Eastwood, Browns Waterhole,             traffic / Significant Hills / Contact: doug;       Bicycle NSW websites.
Turramurra, & Bobbin Head. Coffee and            Ph 9874 5594                                           You can check to see if your BUG
return. Long climbs and descents.                Starts: 07:00AM; Eastwood Station, East            is affiliated by looking through the list
                                                 side Hilly ride via Browns w/h, Terrey Hills,      of BUGs on the inside back page of
PyrMONt MarKEtS rIdE                             West Head, Akuna Bay (coffee). Return a            PushOn. Affiliated BUGs are marked
aSHBug*; 25 km ; Slow pace Easy /                similar route.
                                                                                                    with an asterisk (*). If there is no (*)
Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
/ uses On-road Cycleways / Contact:              MaCdONald rIVEr MEaNdEr                            next to your BUGs name, then perhaps
Heather ; Ph 9799 0107 (h); 0408 227 133         BikeNor th*; 45 km ; Moderate pace                 you need to raise this issue with other
(m)                                              Some traffic / Mountain Bike required /            BUG members.
Starts: 08:30AM; The fountain, Lackey St,        Contact: Phillip; Ph 0402 918775                       For more information about Bicycle
Summer Hill. Ride along Whites Creek and         Starts: 09:00AM; Wisemans Ferry, kiosk Ride        NSW affiliation ring 9704 0800
Glebe foreshore to the Pyrmont Markets and       via Webbs Ck ferry to St Albans for coffee.
back via Anzac Bridge. Bring panniers for        Return on other side of river to ferry. 50% dirt
                                                 road, hybrid & MTB only.                           SuNday, SEPtEMBEr 19, 2010
all your shopping. Morning tea and return
to Summer Hill. AshBUG has a bike we can         tOWN rIdE                                          arMIdalE – yarrOWyCK
lend to people who can ride but don’t have       NEBug; 30 km ; Slow pace Easy / Some               – arMIdalE
a bike. Ring contact person to check if bike     traffic / Contact: ; Ph                            NEBug; 70 km ; Moderate pace Some
is available.                                    Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre           traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:
                                                 Easy paced ride around Armidale. Great             andrew; Ph 67712360
SuNday, SEPtEMBEr 05, 2010                                                                          Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre
                                                 introduction for new riders or the coffee cruis-
daNgarS FallS                                    ers. Ride climaxes at a local coffee shop.         Travel the Bundarra Road to Yarrowyck and
NEBug; 40 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                   return
traffic / Significant Hills / unsealed           WEdNESday, SEPtEMBEr 15, 2010
                                                                                                    MOuNt aNNaM rIdE
roads / Contact: leo; Ph 67721659                WEStErN WaNdEr                                     NBB*; 30 km ; Slow pace uses Off-road
Starts: 09:00AM; Armidale Bicycle Centre         BikeNorth*; 70 km ; Moderate pace Some             Cyclepaths / Contact: astley; Ph 9999
Join us for a fun ride out to the falls to see   traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses          0197
the spectacular water flowing, then return       On-road Cycleways / Contact: Bob; Ph               Starts: 09:30AM; Mount Annam Car Park
home via Petersons Winery on the way back.       9449 9112 C2C                                      Ride round the Mount Annam Botanic
trI-EPPINg lOCal                                 Starts: 0:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride              Gardens. Phone Astley for further details and
BikeNorth*; 20 km ; Slow pace Contact:           via M4 c/p and Rail Trail to explore Prospect      to confirm start time and place as these may
Keith; Ph 0434 496 299                           canal routes. Coffee at Abbotsbury.                change.
Starts: 07:30AM; Epping Station, East side       Saturday, SEPtEMBEr 18, 2010                       “tOur dE BaCKStrEEtS”
Explore local routes to the railway station,                                                        NCM*; 35 km ; Moderate pace Easy /
local shops and schools.                         Saturday NIgHt FEEdEr – tO
                                                                                                    Some traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths
CONCOrd FOr CaKE                                                                                    / Contact: george; Ph 4953 8320
                                                 aSHBug*; 30 km ; Moderate pace Easy
BikeNorth*; 28 km ; Slow pace Some                                                                  Starts: 09:00AM; Energy Aust Stadium,
                                                 / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / Contact:
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses                                                           Turton Rd., Broadmeadow, Start: 9:00
                                                 Chris; Ph 97992104
On-road Cycleways / Contact: debbie; Ph                                                             am at Energy Aust Stadium, Turton Rd.,
                                                 Starts: 5.30PM; South end of Croydon Ave,
9436 0969                                                                                           Broadmeadow, travel by cycle path and road
                                                 Croydon Park, at Cooks River cycle path.
Starts: 08:00AM; Meadowbank Wharf Ride                                                              to Stanley Street and then to Tighes Hill,
                                                 ‘Bay to Bay’ c/p to Brighton for fish’n’chips
along the PVC over Silverwater bridge to                                                            back streets of Tighes Hill and Mayfield East
                                                 on the beach. Headlights required for return
Olympic Park, then on to Concord for coffee.                                                        to Mayfield West then to the Warabrook wet-
                                                 to Croydon Park. AshBUG has a bike we can
Return a different way.                                                                             lands, University and Jesmond for morning
                                                 lend to people who can ride but don’t have a
                                                                                                    tea. Return to Energy Aust Stadium via bike
laKES CIrCuIt                                    bike. Ring contact person to check if bike is
                                                                                                    tracks and Howe St. A very easy and relaxed
WSCN; 28 km ; Slow pace Easy / uses              available.
Off-road Cyclepaths / Contact: Bob Ward;         HIllS aNd SurFSIdE
Ph 97241520 C2C                                  BikeNorth*; 80 km ; Fast pace Some
                                                                                                    BrOOKlyN BruNCH
Starts: 9:00AM; WSCN recycling shed. Start                                                          BikeNorth*; 90 km ; Fast pace Some
                                                 traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:
and finish at WSCN shed, located near                                                               traffic / Significant Hills / Contact:
                                                 Malcolm; Ph 9713 1994
Moonlight Rd.,entrace of Fairfield show-                                                            darryn; Ph 0406 380 862
                                                 Starts: 7:00AM; Eastwood Station, East
ground. www.westernsydneycyclingnetwork.                                                            Starts: 7:00AM; Eastwood Station, East side
                                                 side Ride to Pymble, St Ives, Oxford Falls &                                                                                              Ride Bobbin Head, then Brooklyn for brunch.
                                                 Narrabeen. Return via Warriewood, Church
                                                                                                    Return via Hornsby & Turramurra. Fit, experi-
Saturday, SEPtEMBEr 11, 2010                     Point, Terrey Hills & Turramurra. Fit & experi-
                                                                                                    enced riders only.
                                                 enced riders only.
BikeNorth*; 55 km ; Moderate pace Some
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses

SuNday, SEPtEMBEr 26, 2010                                                                       in the Flinders Ranges, the Annual Tour is
MarKEt day                                       Multi Day Tours                                 home to one of the greatest adventures of
                                                                                                 your life. Exert yourself for half the day, then
NEBug; 0 km ; Slow pace Easy / Contact:          July 24, 2010 tO auguSt 3, 2010                 relax with a coldie and share stories as the
; Ph                                                                                             sun sets over the mountain peaks. Tomorrow
Starts: 09:00AM; Beardy Street Mall Some
                                                 Way Out WESt ON tHE darlINg
                                                 lBug*; 550 km ; Moderate pace Mountain          is just another beautiful day and another
of us will be at the markets with a stall pro-                                                   great ride with your mates. For more info and
                                                 Bike required / unsealed roads /
moting cycling. Come and say hello and talk                                                      registration, visit
                                                 Contact: Bob Moore; Ph 98103706 C2C
bicycles with us. Start 9am – 12pm corner
                                                 Starts: hh:mm; Bourke Bourke to Broken          SEPt 17, tO SEPtr 19, 2010
Beardy and Faulkner Streets
                                                 Hill along the Darling- camping and some
laNE COVE VIllagE rIdE                           hotels or station bunks. Back up vehicle. If    rIdE tHE rIM: tWEEd VallEy
BikeNorth*; 17 km ; Slow pace Some               interested contact us as soon as possible for   CyClINg OdySSEy
traffic / uses Off-road Cyclepaths / uses        details and planning. Also see our web site     WollumbinBug; 30 km ; Moderate pace
On-road Cycleways / Contact: Ian; Ph             at under GROUPS          Easy / Child Friendly / Some traffic / uses
0419 621 848                                     then LBUG Tourers.                              Off-road Cyclepaths / For experienced
Starts: 8:00AM; Lane Cove Plaza (corner                                                          riders only / Significant Hills / unsealed
Burns Bay & Longueville Roads) Loop ride
                                                 auguSt 21, tO auguSt 22, 2009                   roads / Contact: wollumbinbug@yahoo.
through Lane Cove, Bicentennial Reserve,         tHrEE W’S                             ; Ph
Artarmon and Chatswood. Passes site              lBug*; 160 km ; Moderate pace Some              Starts: 04.00PM; Murwillumbah Showgrounds
of Lane Cove community garden and                traffic / For experienced riders only /         Join Wollumbin BUG members in the beauti-
Stringybark Creek. Uses Epping Road and          Significant Hills / Contact: grant rogers;      ful Tweed Valley, far northern NSW for a
Gore Hill cycle paths and quieter cycle          Ph 97120983/0408164259 C2C                      weekend of cycling. This event is based at
access routes to adjoining suburbs.              Starts: 09:00AM; Wyong Station Wyong            the Murwillumbah Showgrounds and offers
                                                 to Windsor via Wiseman’s Ferry. Train to        guided rides, workshops and displays, camp-
COalFIEldS CIrCuIt                                                                               ing plus a bush dance. For more information
                                                 Wyong (7.21am from Central). Staying at
NCM*; 50 km ; Moderate pace Some                                                                 visit our website
                                                 Wisemans Hotel on Saturday night. Classic
traffic / For experienced riders only /
                                                 Hawkesbury scenery plus good climb up           NOV 20, tO NOV 21, 2010
unsealed roads / Contact: leigh; Ph 49
                                                 Bumble Hill to Mangrove Mountain. Train
297 859.
                                                 back from Windsor. Need to be fit, but not      SHOalHaVEN SOCIal CyClINg
Starts: 9:00AM; Kurri Kurri Post Office To
                                                 that fast. Take your time on this one. Get in   WEEKENd
Mulbring, Quorrabolong (views, bellbirds and
                                                 early as numbers limited. Note SECOND           SBug; km ; Moderate pace Easy / Some
history) Kitchener, Cessnock for a fuel stop,
                                                 change of date (was 29/30th).                   traffic / Contact: Judi; Ph 0244215214
Back to start through Aberdare, Kearsley and
Neath.                                           SEPt 11, tO SEPt 19, 2010                       Starts: 7.00AM; M&M Guest House 1 Scenic
                                                 FlINdErS raNgES rOad tOur                       Drive Nowra 2 Days of medium rides in the
                                                 PushOn; 45 0 km ; Moderate pace                 picturesque Shoalhaven. Cycle through farm-
                                                 Contact: Bicycle Sa ; Ph 08 8168 9999           land, enjoy river views.Coffee and a look
                                                 Starts: hh:mm; Port August, SA With 600 mil-    around historical Berry. Join other cyclist on
                                                 lion years of secrets waiting to be revealed    Saturday night for dinner and a bit of fun.
                                                                                                 Limited accommodation available at M&M
                                                                                                 Guest House Friday and Saturday night so
                                                                                                 book early.For more information contact
                                                                                        or Phone 02 44215214

                                                                                                                        life’s better on a bike
                                                                                                                          BUGS cONTAcTS
The Bicycle user Groups (BuGs) listed here focus on cycling-related issues in                       
                                                                                                              ■ NarBUG; Narrandera BUG; Contact: Wade Mitchell
their area. Many have representatives on local council bicycle committees and                                 0427 594 764 E:
are an excellent source of information on local cycling issues. Most BuGs also                                W:
conduct social rides as listed in the Rides Calendar. All BuG representatives are                             ■ NBB*; Northern Beaches Bikers*; Contact: Peter
                                                                                                              Benecke 9416 1062 E: W: http://
volunteers and Bicycle nsW acknowledges their assistance and the vital role                         
they play in our campaigns. BuGs marked * are affiliated with Bicycle nsW.                                    ■ NBUG; Narooma BUG; Contact: Graham Andrews
                                                                                                              4476 7807 E: W:
■ ASHBUG*; Ashfield BUG*; Contact: Col Jones                              
0439 979 950 E: W: http://www.       ■ DBUG; Dubbo BUG; Contact: Kathy Furney 6882        ■ NCM*; Newcastle Cycleways Movement*; Contact:                                           5533 E: W: N/A
                                                                                                              Don and Sue Owers 4944 7869 E: cycleways@hun-
■ AWPP*; Albury Wodonga Pedal Power Inc*;              ■ DUB BUG*; Dorrigo-Urunga-Bellingen BUG*;
Contact: Tony McLeod-Nibbs 6025 8856 E: annton@         Contact: George Hudson 6655 5355 E: george1h@
                                                                                                              ■ NEBUG; New England BUG; Contact: Andrew W:                        W:
                                                                                                              Pearson 02 6771 2360 E: W: http://
■ BADBUG; Bathurst BUG; Contact: Julia Blackwood       ■ EuroBUG*; Eurobodalla BUG*; Contact: Guy
                                                        Brantingham 02 4473 8376 E: guybrantingham@ 
6332 1180 E: W: http://                                                           ■ NRCCBUG; Northern Rivers Cycling Club BUG;                              W:
                                                        ■ GayBUG; GayBUG; Contact: Michael Johnson           Contact: Greg Wilson 6628 0356 E:
■ BARBUG; Bargo District BUG; Contact: Sally                                                                 au W: N/A
Knyvett 46841444 E: W: http://bargo.   9810 8107 E: W: http://
                                                                                ■ NRP; Northern Rivers Pedallers; Contact: Jenny
info/barblog                                                                                                  Thompson 6628 3850 E: N/A W: N/A
■ BayBUG; Canada Bay BUG; Contact: Rolf Muller         ■ GLADBUG; Greater Lithgow & District Bicycle
                                                        Advocacy Group; Contact: Bronwyn Laing 6355 1195      ■ NSBG; North Shore Bicycle Group; Contact: Russ
8765 9719 E: W: http://www.                                                             Webber 9906 7238 E:                                           E: W: N/A
                                                        ■ GLC; Goulburn Cyclists Group; Contact: Chris       au W: N/A
■ BBUG*; Ballina BUG*; Contact: Craig Gibson 6686                                                            ■ OBUG; Oberon BUG; Contact: Glenn Sherlock
6322 E: N/A W:       Bushell 4822 6970 E: W: N/A
                                                        ■ GreatBUG; Greater Sydney Bicycle User Group;       6335 6249 E: N/A W: N/A
■ BIKEast*; BIKEast Inc*; Contact: Mark Worthington                                                          ■ OCTC*; Orange Cycle & Triathlon Club*; Contact:
0412 013 262 E: W: http://       Contact: Jason Moxham 0419 412 542 E: jmoxham@
                                               W:         Chris Morgan E: W:
                                                        ■ GundaBUG*; Gundagai BUG*; Contact: Leon            ■ PP; Parkes Pedallers; Contact: Greg Godde 6863
■ BikeNorth*; Bike North Inc*; Contact: Pam + Col
                                                        Patterson 6944 4035 E: lmpatterson@gundagai.nsw.      5500 E: W: N/A
Kendrick 9872 2583 E: W:
                                               W: N/A                                         ■ SBUG; Shoalhaven BUG; Contact: Jim Florence
                                                        ■ GW; Gentlemen Wheelers; Contact: Tim Maguire       4423 2943 E: W: N/A
■ BMBG; Blue Mountains Bicycle Group; Contact:
                                                        N/A E: W: N/A                   ■ SCBT Inc*; Silver City Bush Treadlers Inc*; Contact:
Terry McCann 0425 833 437 E: terence.mccann@
                                                        ■ HVBUG; Hawkesbury Valley BUG; Contact: Doug        June Files 08 8087 6881 E: N/A W: N/A W: http://www.bluemountainsbi-
                                                        Bathersby 45773620 E:         ■ SCBUG; Sapphire Coast BUG; Contact: Rob
                                                        W: N/A                                                Robilliard 6494 1049 E:
■ BNSW MAST*; Cycle Masters (Bicycle NSW)*;
                                                        ■ IBUG*; Illawarra BUG*; Contact: Werner Steyer      W: N/A
Contact: 02 9704 0800 E: W: http://www.bicyclensw.      4256 5727 E: W: www.                                                                                                        ■ SharkBike; Sutherland Shire BUG; Contact: Jenni
                                                                                         Gormley 0404 065 376 E:
■ BS BUG; Byron Shire BUG; Contact: Bernard            ■ KBUG*; Kiama BUG*; Contact: John Tomlinson
Grinberg 0412 107 415 E: W:                                                             au W:
                                                        024233 1476 E: W: N/A               ■ SHBUG*; Southern Highlands BUG*; Contact: Greg                              ■ KRC; Kempsey Recreational Cyclists; Contact:
■ BSSC; Bike South Senior Cyclists; Contact: Bruce                                                           Searle 4872 1002 E: W: N/A
                                                        John Klose 6562 2888 E: N/A W: N/A                    ■ SIC BUG; St Ives BUG; Contact: Dennis Torode
Hamilton 02 4294 1704 E: whackywiders@optusnet.         ■ LBUG*; Leichhardt BUG*; Contact: Bob Moore W: N/A                                                                                                 02 9482 2207 E: W: www.sic-
                                                        9810 3706 E: W: http://
■ BSW*; Bike South West Inc*; Contact: Warren
Artlett 9771 4606 E:                                                             ■ SydneyBikeHash; Sydney Bike Hash; Contact:
                                                        ■ LiveBUG*; Liverpool BUG*; Contact: Maree Stacy     Rose Pengilly 0424137777 E: W:
W:                      9602 5293 E: W: www.
■ Bsyd*; BikeSydney*; Contact: Andrew Dodds                                                                  sydneybikehash
                                                                                ■ TDCC; Toukley & District Cycle Club; Contact:
0403 999 899 E: W: http://      ■ MAC BUG; Macarthur BUG; Contact: Ken Hall                                                                                            Kevin Parsons 4390 0375 E: enquiry@toukleycyc-
                                                        46282528 E: W: http://home.
■ BUGOFH; BUGOFH; Contact: Mark Robson 9827                                                         W:
0738 E: W: N/A                                                                     ■ TNSWBG; Tottenham NSW Bicycle Group; Contact:
                                                        ■ ManMos BUG*; Manly-Warringah/Mosman BUG*;
■ BurstBUG; Burwood Strathfield BUG; Contact:                                                                Richard Clegg 02 6892 4411 E: riclegg@bigpond.
                                                        Contact: John Thixton 0419 432 626 E: jthixton@
Greg Krix 9747 5219 E: W:                                                                com W:
                                               W:                              mosbug                                                ■ UOWBUG; University of Wollongong BUG; Contact:
■ BWW*; Bicycle Wagga Wagga*; Contact: Eric            ■ MASSBUG*; Marrickville-South Sydney BUG*;          Nicholas Gill 4285 9290 E: W:
Armstrong 02 6926 2768 E:          Contact: voicemail 9294 5900 E: massbug@mass-         ■ WC; Windsor Cyclists; Contact: Sandra or Alan
W:                       W:               9679 1411 or 9651 2024 E:
■ CAG; Great Lakes Cycle Action Group – Forster;       ■ MBMBC; Mongrel Bastards Mountain Bike Club         au W:
Contact: Phil Webster 02 6555 3651 E: philw.heath-      Inc.; Contact: Colin Pursche 6663 1488 E: cpursche@   ■ WCM; Wollondilly Cycleways Movements; Contact: W: N/A                          W:         John Sutherland 4683 1511 E:
■ CAMWEST*; Cyclists Action Movement West*;            ■ MUDBUG*; Mudgee BUG*; Contact: Chris Blake         au W: N/A
Contact: John Holstein 9686 2391 E: info@camwest.       02 6372 1338 E: W: N/A      ■ WollumbinBUG; Wollumbin BUG; Contact: Jo W:                 ■ Muggaccinos; Muggaccinos; Contact: Phil            Spiller (Secretary) 02 6679 5495 E: wollumbinbug@
■ CBUG; Cootamunda BUG; Contact: Debbie Barrett        Johnston 9114.6689 E: W: W: N/A
02 6942 2843 E: W: http://                            ■ WSCN; Western Sydney Cycling Network; Contact:                                ■ MVTCC; Manning Valley Touring Cycle Club;          Bob Ward 0422 933 612 E: info@westernsydneycy-
■ CCTCC*; Central Coast Touring Cycle Club Inc*;       Contact: Cass or Geoff Kinchin 6550 6189 E:  W: www.westernsydneycycling-
Contact: Ian Svenson 4324 2486 E: cctouringcc@ W:  W:                      mvtcc2003/                                            ■ WW*; Warrumbungle Wheelers*; Contact: Milton
■ CHBUG*; Coffs Harbour BUG*; Contact: Ian Scott       ■ NAMBUG; Nambucca BUG; Contact: Allan Duthie        Judd 02 6842 4873 E: W: http://
6655 4898 E: W: http://www.          6568 1433 E: W: http://www:

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