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									                                                                                    I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

                                                             lanes through central Colorado Springs. Phase two would
 History of I-25 Colorado Springs                            widen I-25 from four lanes to six lanes north of Colorado
 Corridor                                                    Springs to the I-25/SH 105 Interchange. The third and
                                                             final phase would provide a fourth lane consisting of a
                                                             peak-hour High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane through
Interstate 25 (I-25) is a major commercial corridor for      central Colorado Springs. Also, proposed capacity
interstate commerce among the states of New Mexico,          improvements will include reconstruction of several
Colorado, and Wyoming as well as international               interchanges as described in the I-25 Environmental
commerce among the United States, Mexico, and Canada.        Assessment.
It connects more than three million residents of Denver,     While developing the Environmental Assessment various
Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and several major cities in        interchanges and a portion of the I-25 mainline have been
northern Colorado.                                           improved by construction of several “CAT EX” projects.
                                                             Safety improvements totaling $220 million have been
The I-25 corridor through Colorado Springs opened with       coordinated by the Region 2 corridor team through the I-
daily volumes of 8,500 vehicles per day in 1960. The         25 Corridor public involvement program and are consistent
facility was designed to carry 27,300 vehicles per day by    with planned capacity improvements.
the year 1975, but as it turned out actual volumes were
much higher than expected. By 1975, 42,000 vehicles per      Region 2’s established corridor team is completing the
day were driving I-25, a 54% higher than expected            remaining safety projects and is poised to “kick-off”
volume.                                                      capacity improvements for the Pikes Peak Region. The
                                                             I-25 Colorado Springs Design-Build project limits are
Widening of the Interstate 25 corridor has been planned      approximately from the Nevada-Tejon interchange north to
since 1974, when it first appeared in both the 1990 Long     N. Academy Blvd and focus on reconstruction of Bijou &
Range Transportation Plan and the local Highway Needs        Nevada-Rockrimmon interchanges with 1-mile of I-25
Study. It is currently a key component of the region’s       widening from Fillmore to Garden of the Gods. By
Congestion Management System, targeted at reducing           supplementing recent safety improvements with design-
congestion and improving air quality. Air quality analysis   build capacity, Region 2 will provide the desired 6 lanes of
associated with the 2015 Interim Regional Transportation     I-25 through Colorado Springs.
Plan development concluded that the proposed
improvements to I-25 in Colorado Springs is the single
most effective transportation system project, relative to     Region 2’s Goals
improving regional air quality.

CDOT has sponsored numerous front range studies over         The ultimate goal for the I-25 Colorado Springs Design-
the past fifteen years. In 1997, the South Front Range       Build effort will be to deliver a cost effective and timely
Corridor Assessment Study concluded that the I-25            project while minimizing inconvenience and delays to
segments from Denver to Castle Rock and Monument to          highway users. Our project team has identified the
Colorado Springs do not have the physical capacity to        following key elements that will help meet this goal:
accommodate traffic demand in the year 2020. The study
recommended that these segments be further examined to         ■   Opportunities for innovation. The design-build
determine what improvements are necessary to address               delivery approach will provide the maximum
congestion within the urbanized areas, rather than                 flexibility for development of innovative, cost
between them.                                                      effective design for the project. Key opportunities
                                                                   for innovation exist with the large number of bridge
Based upon current recommendations from the Mode                   and wall structures that are on the project. In
Feasibility Alternatives Analysis (MFAA), performed as             addition, the design-build contractor will be able to
part of the I-25 Environmental Assessment, the design of           develop construction-phasing plans based on broad
I-25 through El Paso county incorporates both multi-modal          operational requirements, with an ultimate saving in
and congestion management strategies. The MFAA                     construction time and cost.
recommends a multi-phase, multi-modal approach
                                                               ■   Provide the best value to CDOT. The I-25 corridor
including freeway widening, high-occupancy vehicle lanes,
                                                                   will have an environmental decision that allows for a
and provision of additional park-and-ride lots.
                                                                   desired 8-lane facility through Colorado Springs.
The I-25 corridor capacity improvements were originally            This is the ultimate goal for improvements to this
envisioned as three phases of improvements. The first              corridor. CDOT’s minimum desired outcome is to
phase would widen I-25 mainline from four lanes to six             have 6-lanes of capacity extending from Circle Drive
                                                                   to North Academy. Utilizing the “Best Value”
REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                    PAGE 1
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                      I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

      approach to selection, CDOT will be able to select        JAMES FLOHR – RESIDENT ENGINEER
      the proposal, which meets our minimum desired
                                                                                     James has been working within CDOT
      requirements, and gets us closest to our ultimate
                                                                                     since 1985. He has worked in design,
                                                                                     construction and bridge design during
  ■   Mainstream, within CDOT, Design-Build as a                                     his tenure with CDOT. James has
      project delivery option. Until the TREX project,                               worked in the capacities of
      design-build had not been utilized with much                                   construction inspector while working
      success or acceptance within CDOT. But with the                                on the Glenwood Canyon project, and
      successful experience of TREX, Region 2 believes                               as a roadway designer and
      that our I-25 project can utilize the process and                              construction engineer while working
      structure of TREX, and the lessons learned, to                                 for Region 1. James’ background also
      develop a successful project for I-25 in Colorado                              includes 5 years of bridge design
      Springs. Our project is of a significantly smaller                             experience while with CDOT Staff
      scale, but still offers opportunities to take advantage   Bridge. Since 1998, he has been assigned as the I-25
      of the design-build process to get the best value in      Corridor Manager throughout El Paso County. During this
      the quickest time frame, with the most efficient          timeframe, significant progress has been achieved toward
      project oversight. To that end Region 2 is proposing      reconstructing the I-25 corridor. He has helped to manage
      to utilize a number of Region Staff to develop this       the design and construction of the I-25 safety
      design-build project.                                     improvement projects, totaling approximately $200 million,
                                                                while at the same time working on completing an
                                                                extensive environmental review and conceptual
                                                                development of the proposed capacity improvements.
 Personnel                                                      These capacity improvements include 16 miles of I-25
CDOT REGION 2 STAFF                                             mainline and 13 complete interchange reconstructions.
                                                                James has provided management and oversight of
DAVE POLING – PROGRAM ENGINEER                                  internal personnel and consultant services and is always
                       Dave has 20 years of experience          eager to take on challenging new assignments and
                       working within CDOT. He has              implement programs that are extra-ordinary.
                       worked in design and construction on
                       numerous projects with varying           James is a uniquely qualified and willing professional. As
                       degrees of complexity. His career        the I-25 Corridor manager, he is a proven leader and is a
                       with CDOT began with Region 2.           “seamless fit” to move forward with capacity work in
                       Initially assigned to the Lamar          Colorado Springs.
                       residency, Dave then moved to
                       construction residency in Pueblo.
                       During his construction career Dave      ROBERT BURCH – RESIDENT ENGINEER
                       was a project engineer on a number                             Robert has been successfully
                       of projects including bridge                                   working full time for CDOT since
replacements, widening and overlay projects. Dave                                     1984, engaged in all capacities of
moved into a newly created decentralized design unit                                  design and construction during his
located in Pueblo in 1988. He has been intimately                                     tenure with the Department. As an
involved with the I-25 corridor in Colorado Springs since                             EIT in Region 6, he performed in
1990. This involvement has included managing individual                               areas of roadway design, materials
projects, coordinating with the City of Colorado Springs                              testing, preliminary / construction
and other local officials, managing an extensive public                               surveying, and inspection on I-25, I-
involvement program and, since 1998, managing the                                     70, I-76, I-270 and many more of
overall program of I-25 plus other significant corridors                              the urban highways. A PE I in
within Colorado Springs.                                                              1988,he successfully advertised
                                                                and built many highway projects in the surrounding
Dave’s background and experience includes planning,             Denver area for the next 8 years.
NEPA/Environmental studies, Right of Way, public
involvement, engineering and construction. This unique          In 1996, Robert transferred to Region 2, Colorado Springs,
knowledge and commitment to I-25, the Colorado Springs          and became very involved in the I-25 Corridor Project. In
Community, and CDOT will undoubtedly make the I-25              1997 he was assigned project manager responsibilities for
Design-build project, in Colorado Springs, a success.           the Powers Blvd Corridor while continuing his involvement
                                                                on the I-25 corridor.

REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                     PAGE 2
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                      I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

In 1998, Robert was promoted to a Pueblo Resident              interchange project. He directed DMJM through concept
Engineer position and provided management and                  selection and design of the Split Diamond interchange. As
oversight of internal personnel and consultants for many       the Project Manager he has demonstrated an ability to
significant projects including US 50, Pueblo to Kansas, the    plan and problem solve effectively with a diverse groups
4 St Bridge reconstruction, SH 47 at Walking Stick, and        by becoming an active team player for the I-25 Corridor
many others.                                                   Improvements project. Dave’s innovative management
                                                               approach is demonstrated by a streamlined structure
Robert returned to Colorado Springs in 2000 as the             selection process for 12 bridges on Nevada-Rockrimmon,
Resident Engineer for the Central Front Range TPR.             and his work with Colorado Springs for the Rusina Rd
During this time frame, he has continued to successfully       improvements, coordinated with HQ Property Division and
manage a team to improve several area corridors such as:       FHWA. Also Dave prepared the successful CMAQ grant
US 24 West (Gaming), US 50 near Canon City, SH 115             application for additional federal funds to develop two Park
south of Colorado Springs, Powers Blvd at Platte Ave, SH       n Rides along the I-25 corridor.
67 relocation near CC&V, and I-25 at Garden of the Gods,
North Nevada Ave, and Rockrimmon Blvd.                         Dave has also demonstrated project management ability
                                                               by working on multiple projects serving as PM for SH 16,
Robert is intrigued about design-build and continues to        the southern connection of Powers Blvd to I-25. Also he is
learn more about innovative contracting processes              serving as co-PM on the SH 24 Corridor study from I-25 to
through participation on the Project Development Advisory      Manitou Springs.
Committee. He is always eager to challenge himself with
new assignments and over the last 6 years has taken his        Dave is eager to continue working on I-25 through
knowledge of CDOT processes far beyond just design and         Colorado for the North Program, region specialty units, the
construction.                                                  Colorado Springs transportation community and CDOT
                           Dave has been in the Colorado       DON GARCIA – ENGINEER INTERN
                           Springs transportation community                             Don has been with CDOT since
                           since 1984, including 16 years                               1986. He has worked as a roadway
                           with El Paso County and the last                             designer and construction project
                           3 with CDOT. His initial                                     engineer while working for Region
                           experience working with local                                2. Don has experience in many
                           business representatives, elected                            engineering disciplines including:
                           officials, consultants and the                               design, construction management,
                           public regarding land                                        inspection, CAD, and surveying.
                           development proposals, provided                              Don has helped manage the design
                           knowledge of public process and                              and construction of several of the I-
                           policy for capital improvements.                             25 Corridor improvement projects in
                           For 6 years he represented El       El Paso County. Don is an experienced team player with
Paso County at public hearings, processed land                 the ability to direct and lead others to produce desired
development proposals and effectively prepared written         results. This trait is demonstrated by Don’s work with the
comments. The next 10 years as the Design Engineer and         Union Pacific along I-25 and his collaboration with HQ-
Engineering Manager involved all aspects of project            Safety and Risk staff. Don has developed a solid working
management including design, construction management,          relationship with UPRR Staff by bringing the right
office management, project development and interaction         individuals to table in a timely fashion.
with a variety of public agencies including the Pikes Peak
Area Council of Governments. Two significant projects          Don is well known in Region 2 and within the consultant
demonstrate his ability to collaborate effectively and apply   community as an individual who “gets it done”. A valuable
all facets of transportation engineering. They are the         I-25 corridor asset as the region utilizes Design-build.
southern extension of Powers Blvd to I-25 and the
Defense Access Road project providing enhanced access
to Shriever Air Force Base.

                                                               ALAN PRUDIC, REGION 2 ROW MANAGER
In 2000 Dave transferred to CDOT and took a project
manager responsibilities on the Nevada-Rockrimmon
REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                     PAGE 3
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                     I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

                         Alan has been with the Department    The Region is patterning our design build effort after the
                         of Transportation, Region 2 for      TREX project. Concept design has been completed to a
                         more than 28 years. The last 2       30% level as a part of the I-25 Environmental Assessment
                         years he as served as the Region     for all portions of the project being considered for inclusion
                         Right of Way Manager. During this    into this design-build proposal.
                         28-year time span, extensive
                         knowledge and experience has         The Region has reviewed all of the various Consultant
                         been obtained in all aspect of the   Contracts and is assured that we can reasonably
                         Department’s Right of Way            terminate any outstanding Task Order, for the above
                         Program including Abstracting,       consultants, as necessary, or issue additional Task
                         Right of Way Plan Development,       Orders, to help prepare the design-build proposal.
                         Land Surveying, Appraisal,
Negotiation, Relocation, Property Management and              Based on our discussions with our consultant the Region
Project Management. Prior to being promoted to the            would like to progress with our design-build package as
manager position, Alan provided Project Development           follows:
Team Right of Way support services for the Powers Blvd
                                                                  1. Terminate the services of DMJM, by August 29,
Corridor, State Highway 115 Corridor, Interstate 25
                                                                     upon completion of current concept design
Corridor through Pueblo and Interstate 25 Interchange
                                                                     deliverables. DMJM will be able to participate
Projects at Bijou, Cimarron and Woodmen Road in
                                                                     on a Design Build team.
Colorado Springs. Alan’s career with CDOT also included
10 years of transportation planning, environmental                2. Terminate the services of FHU, by August 29,
analysis and project impact assessment and evaluation.               upon completion of current concept design
His broad base right of way and environmental program                deliverables. FHU will be able to participate on
knowledge along with key Right of Way staff members that             a design-build team.
will commit 100 percent of their time to the project will
                                                                  3. Complete the current Task Order with PBSJ for
ultimately result in a successful Design-build project
benefiting all citizens of the State of Colorado.                    Preliminary Design at Northgate and Baptist Road
                                                                     interchanges. These interchanges are outside of
                                                                     the limits of the proposed Design Build project
These five individuals bring a diverse background together           area. PBSJ will be able to participate on a
with the common trait of collaborative teamwork within I-25          design-build team.
corridor and the Colorado Springs community. Together
they wish to bring Design-build as new and accepted               4. Complete the current Task Order with Carter
                                                                     Burgess for Preliminary Design at I-25 and SH 16
                                                                     interchange and CM services at Woodmen Road.
 Consultant Usage Plan                                               This SH 16 interchange is outside of the limits of
project delivery system to Region 2.                                 the proposed Design Build project and is part of
                                                                     the Powers Boulevard Environmental
Currently Region 2 has the following Consultants working             Assessment. Construction at I-25 and Woodmen
on the I-25 Corridor within the Colorado Springs Area:               should be completed by late 2003. Carter
                                                                     Burgess will be able to participate on a design-
                                                                     build team.
       DMJM – Concept design at Nevada Rockrimmon
                                                                  5. The individuals currently providing Environmental
       Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig (FHU) – Concept design              Services for CH2M Hill on the I-25 corridor and
        at Cimarron interchange                                      firm principals would sign “Confidentiality
       PBS&J – Concept design at Northgate and Baptist              Agreements” to maintain the integrity of the
        interchange                                                  proposal process. Discussions relative to the
                                                                     design-build RFP would not be conducted within
       Carter/Burgess – Design and CM at Woodmen                    the company of CH2M Hill employees currently
        and Concept design at I 25/SH 16                             working on the I-25 EA. The firm of CH2M Hill
       CH2M Hill - Environmental Assessment (sub to                 will be able to participate on a design-build
        Wilson & Company).                                           team.
       Wilson & Company - EA, Concept design at Bijou            6. Retain the services of Wilson & Company to
        interchange, Corridor Management (i.e. PI,                   aid in the preparation of the design-build proposal
        survey, ROW plans, utilities, etc.)                          and the administration of the design-build
                                                                     contract. This would also include preparation of

REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                    PAGE 4
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                      I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

         ROW plans, public involvement and supplemental        knowledge and abilities necessary to direct and oversee
         construction support services. In addition, Wilson    the design and construction the proposed I-25 Colorado
         & Company will continue to provide overall            Springs Design-Build project.
         corridor management support services to the
         Region. Current Wilson contract limits allow          WILSON & COMPANY SUPPORT STAFF
         CDOT to proceed with RFP development and
         project administration but a future supplement        Wilson & Company has consistently provided CDOT
         may be required. The firm of Wilson & Company         Region 2 with the resources necessary to respond to the
         will be precluded from participating on a             oversight and management demands of the I-25 Corridor
         design-build team.                                    in Colorado Springs. Key team leaders that will be
                                                               available to immediately transition into design-build
     7. Retain the services of David Downs to help
                                                               management and oversight services include the following
        Region 2 assure the Quality and integrity of our
        Design Build proposal. His services will be
        contracted through Wilson & Company.
                                                               MARK SCHOLFIELD, PE, Engineering Manager:
     8. Retain the services of Charlotte Robinson,             Mark’s 25 years of transportation experience includes all
        through the Attorney General, as legal council to      facets of design, management, and planning for highways
        review, write, develop or comment on the various       and interchanges, from conceptual design to development
        contracts and agreements needed for this project.      of contract documents, Mark has managed the design of
                                                               numerous major interchange projects for CDOT including:
 The Region has dedicated key individuals internally to play   I-25/Park Avenue Interchange – a $45 million project with
 key roles in the RFP development, design review and           five major bridges including 1,800 ft flyover structure (one
 construction management (CM). In addition to the              of the largest structures ever built by CDOT), for CDOT
 services of Wilson & Company the Region has been              R6: the I-25/North Nevada/Rockrimmon Interchange
 utilizing the expertise of TREX team members to aid in        Complex – a $90 million interchange complex proposed
 our project development. We will formalize and continue       for I-25 in Colorado Springs, for CDOT R2; and the I-
 this relationship as the design-build project develops.       25/SH52 Interchange - a $30 million interchange and
                                                               interstate reconstruction project for CDOT R4.

Consultant Support Services                                    Mark’s past experience includes extensive background
                                                               with the I-25 Corridor in Colorado Springs. He has served
                                                               as the Project Manager on two of the major interchanges
                                                               in the corridor and also managed the development of the
 The Region has considered a separate and new RFP to           overall corridor wide preliminary design and plan
 procure consultant support services to aid us in              development, concurrent with the development of the
 developing our design-build package. However, to              Environmental Assessment for Wilson & Company.
 develop an RFP, advertise, select, and negotiate a new
 contract with a new consultant will further jeopardize an     Prior to joining Wilson & Company, Mark served as the
 August 2004 NTP. Given the time constraints of the            Project Manager for the I-25/North Nevada Rockrimmon
 project and their unique familiarity with the corridor, we    Interchange, providing the lead role in the alternative study
 believe that utilizing Wilson and Company will be the most    phase and the design development of the proposed action
 time and cost efficient way to proceed. Wilson &              for the interchange.
 Company staff brings to the project extensive technical
 knowledge of the corridor, combined with their extensive      Mark’s background in design build includes: Design
 past public involvement services, which can continue to be    Manager for segment 3 of the Southeast Corridor (TREX)
 utilized through this design-build effort. They have been     proposal for the Southeast Corridor Constructors;
 involved with CDOT in working with the City, Colorado         Manager of design-build and value engineering projects
 Springs Utilities, UPRR and the FHWA, which will be           for the Lawrence Wilson design build team including the
 critical in developing various agreements and obtaining       Mitchell Gulch Weekend bridge project for CDOT Region
 federal concurrence.                                          1. Mark is a member of The Design Build Institute of
                                                               America (DBIA).
 Wilson & Co has assisted Region 2 through all facets of
 transportation planning and engineering for I-25 corridor     F. SCOTT WATERMAN, PE, Engineering: Scott
 improvements. Through the performance of these                joined Wilson & Company in 2002 and has 13 years of
 activities Wilson & Co and CDOT Region 2 have evolved         transportation engineering experience. Scott’s experience
 into a well coordinated corridor team with unique             includes management and design for highways and
 REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                    PAGE 5
 AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                    I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

interchanges from conceptual design through                  emphasis on storm drainage analysis and design. His
development of construction documents. Significant           experience includes numerous roadway and drainage
design and management experience includes: task              designs and analyses for local agencies such as Colorado
manager for the conceptual design and analysis of            Springs, City and County of Denver, the Cities of Boulder,
interchanges along I-25 at US 34, Crossroads Boulevard,      Aurora, Westminster, Aspen and Arvada, as well as an
and SH 392 as part of the Crossroads Boulevard               extensive resume of past projects for CDOT. Wayne’s
Transportation Study; project manager for the design of      most recent CDOT experience includes: hydrologic and
the I-70/Hidden Valley Interchange for CDOT Region 1 in      hydraulic analysis and storm drainage design for US
Idaho Springs, CO; project manager for the N.                60/Wolf Creek Pass; US160 Mancos Intersection for
Nevada/Rockrimmon Interchange with I-25 for CDOT             CDOT-Region 5; and preliminary drainage design for the
Region 2 in Colorado Springs, CO; project manager for        Cimarron/Bijou Interchange Complex for CDOT-R2:
the development of construction documents to replace and
                                                             Wayne has been extensively involved in the I-25 Corridor
signalize ramps at the Garden of the Gods Interchange
                                                             – Colorado Springs over the last 10 years. In addition to
with I-25 for CDOT Region 2 in Colorado Springs, CO.
                                                             his work on the Cimarron/Bijou Interchange he served as
Scott’s past experience includes significant past            the lead design engineer for the development of the final
experience in the I-25 Corridor – Colorado Springs. Prior    design and construction plans for the 2.8 mile
to joining Wilson & Company Scott Served as the Project      reconstruction of the interstate from Bijou to Fillmore, and
Manager for the I-25/North Nevada Rockrimmon                 has served as lead designer for the drainage analysis and
Interchange, providing the lead role in the development of   design development in support of the corridor
the preliminary, and as the project Manager for the          environmental assessment. Wayne offers unparalleled
development of the final construction contract documents     understanding of the drainage issues throughout the
for improvements to the Garden of the Gods interchange.      corridor.
Since joining Wilson & Company Scott has served as
Project Engineer for the development of the preliminary      TIMOTHY J. RUGG RA, Corridor Architecture: Tim
design for the I-25/Cimmarron/Bijou interchange complex      has been with Wilson & Company since 1994 and has 22
and as Project Manager for the development of the FHWA       years of architecture and design experience. Tim’s
Corridor Wide Interchange Access Approval Report.            background includes extensive highway corridor
                                                             architecture experience, including bridge architecture,
DOUG EBERHART, Planning and Environmental:                   retaining and sound wall architecture, landscape
Doug joined Wilson & Company in 1997 and has over 22         architecture, and development of overall corridor
years of experience in urban transportation planning and     architectural design standards.
environmental studies. Prior to joining Wilson &
                                                             Tim’s past experience on the I-25 corridor project included
Company served in public sector positions as the Air
                                                             the generation of corridor architectural design standards to
Quality Planning Manager for the Maricopa Association of
                                                             be used to facilitate unifying elements throughout
Governments, Arizona, and the Chief of MAGTP Traffic/Air
                                                             Colorado Springs. These standards include design
Quality Planning Branch for Arizona DOT. Since joining
                                                             guidelines for bridges, sound walls, retaining walls,
Wilson & Company Doug’s focus has been on managing
                                                             pedestrian overpasses, guardrails, highway lighting,
transportation corridor feasibility and environmental
                                                             signage, sign bridges and signals. Along with developing
studies including: Project Manager for the South Front
                                                             corridor aesthetics, he also produced final architectural
Range Corridor Assessment Study (a collaborative study
                                                             designs for the Uintah and Fontanero bridges, the
for CDOT- Regions 1 & 2); Project Manager for the
                                                             pedestrian bridge and approach ramps connecting
Regional Cumulative Effects Analysis for CDOT-Region 2;
                                                             Monument Valley Park with the Mesa Springs
and Project Manager for the Environmental Assessment
                                                             neighborhood, three miles of sound wall separating an
for the I-25 Corridor – Colorado Springs.
                                                             historic Victorian neighborhood from the highway, and a
In his role as the Project Manager for the I-25 Corridor     sound wall protecting part of Monument Valley Park.
Environmental Assessment Doug has developed a
comprehensive understanding of the environmental issues      THEODORE S. TJERANDSEN, JR., Construction
of the project, and the public involvement process and
                                                             Management. Ted has over 16 years of experience in the
stakeholder concerns along the corridor. He offers a
                                                             construction management of highway, bridge and
unique and valuable knowledge base to support the
                                                             interchange projects. Ted joined Wilson & Company 3
further development of projects along the corridor.
                                                             years ago as the Manager of Construction Related
WAYNE DUNKLE, Drainage & Roadway Design:                     Services (CRS). His experience includes work on
                                                             approximately $30 million in Federal-aid/County C.I.P.
Wayne has over 30 years of experience encompassing all
                                                             projects, and the $10 million DOD – Defense Access Road
aspects of urban roadway and highway design, with an
REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                   PAGE 6
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                      I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

Ted has been the Construction Engineering Manager of           for the New Mexico Department of Transportation. The
numerous projects in the I-25 Corridor – Colorado Springs,     $20 million project consisted of 2 miles of complete
including the recently completed I-25 Bijou-to-Fillmore        highway reconstruction completed on an accelerated
reconstruction, and the Monument I25/SH105 interchange         design-build schedule of less than one year.

OTHER KEY STAFF:                                               BNSF Intermodal Expansion Hobart Yard –
                                                               Construction Manager-At-Risk. Hanson – Wilson
CHUCK SEIP, Utilities Coordination and Permitting:             served as the Construction Manager-At-Risk for the
30 years experience including 6 years as Region Utilities      design-build improvement to BNSF’s Hobart Yard in Los
Coordinator for CDOT Region 2.                                 Angeles, which is the busiest container handling rail facility
                                                               in the world. As CM-At-Risk Hanson-Wilson is responsible
CHERYL EVERITT, Public Involvement: 20 years of                for the turnkey delivery of the fully developed site including
experience in public and media relations including 5 years     preparation of procurement documents, administration of
as the Manager for the I-25 Corridor – Colorado Springs        the procurement, and oversight of the design-build
Public Involvement Plan.                                       construction of the improvements.

Lisa Bachman, PRACO, Public Involvement:
provides supervision and oversight of PRACO public              Project Approach & Critical
relations staff assigned to TREX and the I-25 Corridor
Improvement project in Colorado Springs. Lisa has               Issues Execution
committed herself and PRACO staff to the I-25 Colorado         ISSUE: NORTH PROGRAM’S PROJECTED W ORK
Springs Design Build project.
                                                               APPROACH: Region 2’s North Program is in a position
                                                               to provide the resources to successfully complete the I-25
 Wilson Design-Build Experience                                design-build project. We have 66 FTE’s assigned to the
Wilson & Company combines the expertise and resources          program area and will have a number of significant
of a national transportation consulting firm with the unique   projects completed or nearing completion that will allow us
local expertise, knowledge and understanding of the I-25       to dedicate experienced individuals to develop, manage
Corridor in Colorado Springs, developed over the last 10       and complete the I-25 Colorado Springs design-build
years in our role as the corridor manager for Region 2. As     project. Briefly, over the last two years we have had four
a national firm Wilson & Company employs more than 450         significant construction projects along I-25 that have
professionals and has been providing transportation            totaled over $95 million. These projects have been
consulting engineering service for 70 years. Wilson &          completed or will be completed as the design-build project
Company’s recent experience includes notable design            is developed and as it moves into construction. These
build projects such as:                                        projects have been managed by a combination of CDOT
                                                               and Consultant staff, and we are proposing to utilize many
                                                               of these experienced CDOT staff to help with the design-
Alameda Corridor - Engineering Oversight and                   build project.
Owner’s Representation. In affiliation with Hanson
Engineers (as Hanson-Wilson, Inc.) Wilson & Company            With the completion of the I-25 Environmental
provided the sole-source engineering oversight and owner       Assessment, and corridor interchange conceptual designs,
representation for both the BNSF and UPRR for the 22           our experienced CDOT project management staff will be
mile, $2.5 Billion design build rail corridor consolidation    available to direct the design-build project. All of these
project in Los Angeles California. Services included           individuals will bring their recent knowledge of I-25
contracting procurement and administration, construction       including the design, the stakeholders, and understanding
management, design oversight, scheduling and master            of unique issues, to insure a successful design-build
planning, budget monitoring, correspondence and                project for I-25. The availability of these managers and
document control and oversight of the design build             professionals, and their combined experience on the I-25
construction.                                                  Corridor will provide the design-build project with the
                                                               necessary senior level direction to assure its successful
NM528 Design-Build Highway Improvements – Wilson
& Company teamed with AS Horner Construction to
provide design-build highway improvements on NM528             ISSUE: DEVELOPMENT OF THE DESIGN-BUILD TEAM
REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                     PAGE 7
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                          I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

APPROACH: An early “action item” will involve a                 APPROACH: As recommended by TREX one of the first
facilitated gathering of Region staff, key stakeholders,        activities any design-build project team should perform is
CDOT-HQ, FHWA and TREX. This process will help form             an early Risk Assessment for the particular project. The
our project vision and goals while kicking off capacity         Region proposes utilizing David Downs to help facilitate
improvements within the Colorado Springs community. In          this effort for the project. The identified shared risks will
addition the following agenda items will be addressed:          be given to potential proposers on the project during the
      Team Collaboration                                       DRAFT RFP review process. Some of the risk elements
      TREX & Executive Committee Oversight                     to be considered are as follows:
      Public Involvement/Development of key messages
      Quality Audit Program w/FHWA concurrence                           Utilities*
      Colorado Springs interaction as a key stakeholder                  Geo Technical*
      Roles & Responsibilities for Executive Oversight,                  ROW*
          Project Management and Functional Leads                         Public Involvement/Information
      RFP Schedule and list of deliverables for each                     QA/QC*
          project milestone                                               Cash Flow to Contractor dependent on CDOT
      Opportunity for TREX, FHWA, and legal oversight                     revenue
                                                                          Environmental Compliance (Noise Wall, Flood
                                                                           plains, Trails)*
ISSUE: LOCAL AGENCY, RAILROAD AND UTILITY                                 Local Agency Coordination (Corporate Extension,
                                                                           Vincent Extension)
AGREEMENTS                                                                Warranty*
APPROACH: As a first step in the design-build project                     Railroad Coordination
the Region will need to negotiate and develop several                     Maintenance of Roadway/Structures during
“Local Agency” agreements. These agreements will be                        construction
completed between CDOT and the City of Colorado
Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU). The Region         *Risk identified as part of TREX project
proposes to use Agreements in Lieu of a MOU’s because
there is the potential that funding issues may become a         ISSUE: QUALITY AUDIT PROGRAM
part of the negotiations. The agreements will allow CDOT
and the City to jointly pursue design, funding, construction,   APPROACH: CDOT will perform oversight to assure that
and overall development of the project. These                   the contractor is complying with contract requirements.
agreements will also allow for the administration of utility    CDOT will use an audit approach, which is a technique of
relocations or will be a result of the work within the          checking on a sampling basis, to determine whether the
corridor. The overall purpose and goal of these                 work is complying with the contract documents. The
agreements will be to formalize the intent of CDOT and          auditing will include:
the City to work cooperatively to construct the I-25 design-      ■ Design auditing performed on drawings,
build project.                                                         specifications, and other design outputs. This will be
                                                                       an “over the shoulder” review as plans develop
We would also anticipate other “Master Utility                         rather than traditional review, comment and
Agreements”, similar to those incorporated by TREX for                 approve.
some of the private utilities within the corridor. The most       ■       Construction / operations auditing performed on
significant of these other utilities being Qwest, and other               construction and operational activities. Operational
fiber optic lines within the corridor.                                    activities include requirements such as public
                                                                          information, traffic control, health and safety, and
Since our project will have several structures crossing the               project management.
UPRR we will need to negotiate a Railroad agreement in
                                                                  ■       Management system auditing performed on the
advance of the design-build notice to proceed. We have
                                                                          implementation of the contractor’s quality
had preliminary discussions with the railroad regarding
                                                                          management plans
these structures, including vertical and horizontal
clearances and other details, all of which will be included       ■       FHWA concurrence of Quality Audit Plan
as contract requirements in the design-build RFP.

                                                                Members of the project team will be attending an
ISSUE: RISK ASSESSMENT                                          appropriate audit-training program relevant to the I-25
                                                                Colorado Springs design-build effort. Input from FHWA
 REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                        PAGE 8
 AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                                                     I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

and TREX individuals can provide the initial foundation the   Oversight from both Charlotte Robinson and David Downs
Quality Audit Plan.                                           will help assure CDOT has a sound legal contract and an
                                                              effective selection process. FHWA concurrence will be a
ISSUE: RFP DEVELOPMENT                                        necessity through both development of the RFP and
                                                              selection of a design-build team.
APPROACH: Development of the Request for Proposal
(RFP) is the cornerstone of a successful design/ build
endeavor. The RFP will communicate the procedure for
the design-build Contractor selection and contracting          Design Build Schedule
process. This process will need to meet the guidance of
the FHWA, as set forth in 23 CFR Parts 627, et al. design-    The design-build procurement process will begin
build Contracting; Final Rule. The RFP and final contract     immediately following the completion of the environmental
will delineate the design and construction requirements for   process. The procurement process is expected to take
the selected design-build Contractor. Through the two-        from 6 to 8 months, followed by estimated 48-month
step RFP process contractor teams will have the               construction duration. A more detailed schedule is
opportunity to propose alternative configurations or          provided on the attached project schedule.
request clarifications on various scope elements. These
elements include phasing options, alternative MHTs,
specifications, plan details or other requirements to be
developed during the selection phase. Design oversight         Design Build Budget/Estimate
and construction oversight processes will be clearly
communicated. Processes will be developed to handle
design changes, design decisions, and construction            Ultimately CDOT’s goal is to provide 8-lanes of capacity in
change orders. CDOT will be allowing the proposers to         Colorado Springs and 6-lanes of capacity North to
present technical solutions that meet or exceed the quality   Monument. The desired project outcome, for this design-
levels prescribed in the RFP, but may be different than       Build project, provides 6 lanes of capacity through
what was included in the RFP. This process will allow for     Colorado Springs from Circle Drive to North Academy
innovations on the part of design-build proposers. A best     Boulevard. This includes reconstruction of the Bijou
value approach will be incorporated into the entire           Interchange, Nevada/Rockrimmon interchange, and one
process. Value Engineering will be a part of the process      mile of interstate widening between Fillmore and Garden
to allow a 50/50 cost savings to the design-build team and    of the Gods. The Region has estimated this desired
CDOT. Value Engineering proposals will be reviewed with       project at $141,000,000. This estimate was based on
the design-build Contractor. After analyzing the cost         quantities known from conceptual design and recent
estimates, life cycle costs, comparisons, safety, schedule,   bidding experience. The project scope and estimate was
and design criteria, a decision by CDOT will be made          reviewed with Larry Warner and several other staff
considering the best value to the Department.                 members from TREX. It was their opinion that Region 2,
                                                              utilizing a design-build project delivery method, basing our
During the selection process a procedure will be              selection on the “Best Value” and by utilizing contractor
established that will clarify issues as teams submit          innovations inherent in this process we could achieve our
Requests for Information (RFI’s). The CDOT design-build       desired project outcome within the allotted construction
management team will provide direction to clarify intent,     budget of $120,000,000.
resolve issues and provide insight to prospective teams.
These RFI’s and decisions will be closely monitored and       The Region has estimated the project budget and is
documented to ensure proper resolution and                    summarized as follows:
                                                              Construction Budget              $120,000,000
SCHEDULE                                                      Wilson & Co. Fees (PE & CE)      $ 4,000,000
                                                              CDOT Expenses                    $ 3,900,000
The development of the Request for Proposals (RFP) will       ROW (Acquisition/Relocation)     $ 10,000,000
progress such that an RFP is developed and ready for                Total Estimated Budget     $137,900,000
release immediately following environmental clearance.
Selection of the design-build team will occur far enough      Project Revenue Sources have been identified as Follows:
ahead of funding, so that selected design-build Team can
be issued a Notice to Proceed.                                FY 04 7 POT Funding                       $4,900,000
                                                              FY 05 7 POT Funding                       $120,000,000
                                                              Reprogram funds from existing

REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                                                    PAGE 9
AUGUST 11, 2003
                                                            I-25 CORRIDOR, COLORADO SPRINGS

I-25 Projects to “NEW” project            $13,000,000
        Total Revenue Estimate            $137,900,000

 Next Steps
    1. Approval of Consultant Usage Plan. Need
    2. Create a new project on I-25 for the Design-build
       project. This new project will be funded with
       remaining unencumbered funds currently in other
       I-25 projects. This will initially be for design &
       ROW then ultimately for construction. Schedule
       for September Commission Meeting.
    3. Schedule and move forward with the Design-build
       project team formation. This will include a
       facilitated meeting and all of the significant
       stakeholders. (i.e. City, County, utilities, TREX,
       FHWA, CDOT HQ and Region) Schedule
       meeting for late September or early October.
    4. Obtain formal Chief Engineer Approval to move
       forward with this Design-build project. This is
       according to “CDOT rules for Design-build
       Procurement”. Need Immediately.
    5. Resolution of payment to design-build proposer's
       of a Stipend. Need prior to release Letters of

REGION 2 – I-25 COLORADO SPRINGS DESIGN-BUILD                                          PAGE 10
AUGUST 11, 2003

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