Suggestions for Brand New Fishermen, from Travis Zwenger by traviszwenger


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									Suggestions for Brand New Fishermen
        from Travis Zwenger
                   Joy of Fishing

•   Fishing is a wonderful way to relax and spend some time

•   Here are some tips to ensure you enjoy yourself the first time
    out on the water.

•   Keep it simple. Do not buy the most expensive equipment;
    stick with the basic models that are easy to use.
       Practice and Preparation

•   Practice at home. Take some time to practice casting, tying
    lures on, or baiting hooks on land, where there is no chance of
    losing your equipment in the water.

•   Check the forecast. Overcast skies are the best, but always put
    on sunblock—you can still get sunburned, even on overcast
        Clothing and Protection

Dress appropriately. Wear layers as the weather on the water can
  change rapidly. Do not wear anything that will be ruined if it
  gets wet. Wear waterproof boots if it’s cool out; sandals are
  great during hot summer days.

Don't forget the insect repellent. Mosquitoes love water.
  Mosquitoes love people who are fishing even more.

•   Hire a babysitter. Leave the kids home, both for the sake of
    your sanity and their safety. There will be plenty of
    opportunities to make fishing a family adventure, but make
    sure you have the basics down first.

•   Be legal. Check whether you need a license to fish, and what
    the size and take limits are. Different locales have different
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  Suggestions for Brand New Fishermen

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