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Pols Apart Excerpt


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									Excerpt from Pols Apart

                                   CHAPTER FORTY-SIX

       Nancy parked the car in front of Luther’s. As before there were few cars. The Harley-

Davidson was nowhere in sight.

       “Guess Turk won’t be joining us this evening,” Nancy observed. “He sure was an odd-

looking guy. Can’t say I was impressed either with his definitely overconfident attitude.”

       Alice laughed. “Wonder what he thought about us.”

       “Who cares?” Nancy replied. “No, let me rephrase that. What’s he to us besides,

hopefully, a reliable snitch?

       “When biker dude met with us,” she continued, “it sounded like he was offering much

more than just smoke.”

       “At least Nolan thought so. And Bill’s a pretty savvy guy.”

       As they went through the main entrance several men at the bar turned in their direction.

       “I wonder if they ever go home,” Nancy said softly. “Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s the

same bunch from two weeks ago.”

       “The gentlemen are in the backroom.” The bartender nodded in that direction. “Scotch,

same as last time?”

       Alice nodded. “Absolutely. Make them doubles.”

       The two passed empty tables on their way to the back. Some were set with checkered

tablecloths, most bare. Other than the men at the bar the place was empty.

       Justin Falconer and Bill Nolan rose as the women entered the small room. Their glasses

were empty. A tray of chips nearby was nearly gone.
Excerpt from Pols Apart

       “Want me to order you drinks?” Nolan asked. “Anything to eat? Sandwich, cheese or a

Turk special?” He laughed. “Pickled eggs?”

       “We ordered on the way in.” Nancy looked at Alice. “Baby, you want anything else?”

       “Scotch is nourishment enough for the moment. By the way, where is our biker pal?”

       “By this time Turk is probably dipping his wheels in the Pacific Ocean.” Bill smiled

warmly at Alice. “We have no further need for him though I believe his information was quite

helpful.” He hesitated. “How – or whether – we use our findings is another matter.”

       “What do you mean whether?” Nan shot back.

       At that moment the bartender arrived, bringing a round of drinks including refills for

Nolan and Falconer.

       Nolan took a long sip before continuing. “Strange how this business goes. We did a

background check on the lady in question in Fremont Bay and found some interesting

connections both when she was in college and subsequently during the years she was living

outside Philadelphia.”

        “What does that have to do with anything?” Alice was growing obviously agitated.

       “I thought we were interested in the relationship between Roberts and her two years ago,”

Nan continued.

       Bill Nolan took another long sip. “Well, yes, we are but let’s just say that her past pals

might not want us smearing her name. And, personally, I don’t want to end up as part of a

concrete pier.”

       “Oh, come on.” Nancy let out a sigh. “Are you saying we got some good stuff and we

can’t use it? Give me a break.”
Excerpt from Pols Apart

       “Let’s just say that you two might also be in jeopardy. Have you heard of an organization

out of Philly called Commonweal?”

       “Sure,” Alice replied,”though only thing I know is that it’s a group of Pennsylvania

businessmen and political figures. Guess they’re the shakers and movers who get important

projects going from behind the scenes.”

       “That’s about it,” Nolan replied. “Well, it seems Sandy Beach, the lady in question, is

someone who has been given their special blessings. Couldn’t figure out who or why, not that it

would make a hell of a lot of difference. Point is that influence makes her an untouchable.”

       “Okay, okay, we get the picture,” Nancy snorted. “But isn’t there something here we can

use without offending past pals?”

       “I’ve been thinking about it, never fear. I figure we gotta introduce a new woman, one

who’s even more dangerous. We’ll let Justin continue to be the coordinator only now it’ll be

with a different actress and this time we’ll be sure the action is directed straight to your


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