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									   H       I     L       L       S      B      O    R     O              P     R     E     S      B     Y     T     E      R       I    A       N

 Good News
Walking the talk...
 Chris Adams | Pastor

                                                                 hpcnashville.org                                                November 2012
A Note from pastor           Administration,        Zimbabwe ministry,        Mark Arildsen, Book     Thank You to HPC         Christian Ed
chris                        benevolence &          Fellowship team,          Club, supper sisters,   Nations Ministry
Enter his gates with         outreach               membership updates                                Center, Second
thanksgiving and his         Work Day, Room in      News from                                         Harvest Food Bank,       Children Visit
courts with praise.          the Inn, Habitat for   Paddington in                                     Monroe Harding,          blakeford
Give thanks to him,                                 Zimbabwe, Africa,                                 Taylor Ministries,
bless his name. -                                   Something New from                                Rooftop
Psalm 100:4                                         the team, Almaz’ letter                           Page 6                   Creative Care Center
This month our                                      of Appreciation
                                                    Page 4                    thanksgiving,
attention turns to the
                                                                              worship team
season of                    Humanity, Luke 14:12                                                                              Page 7
                                                                              News, Updates and
Thanksgiving.                Page 3
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The Good News
     H    I   L    L    S    B    O    R    O         P    R    E    S   B     Y    T     E    R   I      A    N
A Note from pastor chris
         Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise.       PRESBYTERIAN
              Give thanks to him, bless his name. -Psalm 100:4
This month our attention turns to the season of Thanksgiving. It is time
again to reflect on who we are as the people of God and what we
share together in blessings. There might be no higher calling for the
faithful than to give thanks to God and to express our pride in one                      Chris Adams
another in such a season.                                                                  Pastor
So in that spirit, allow me to I share my pride in you and offer thanks to
God for HPC.                                                                           Hudson Neely
                                                                                   Minister of Discipleship
First, and I don’t say it often enough, thanks to our dedicated staff.
Staff, thanks for all you do everyday to share the Good News.                            Amy Dillon
                                                                             Dir. of Children & Family Ministry
Thanks also to our Session. These men and women faithfully serve the
church, sometimes in thankless roles and tedious ways that go                 Shawn Cothran
unnoticed much of the time. Yet, without them and their work, the Dir. of Youth & Young Adult Ministry
church fails in every way. Over the last few years of transition, the role
of our volunteer leadership has become even more important. We                  Stephen Nix
couldn’t do it without you. Leaders, thanks for all you do.                Dir. of Music Ministry
Thanks to the members of our church. To be a member means that                        Linda Diguette
you have chosen to take an active role in our mission. You attend                    Pastoral Assistant
worship and other church events, you give of your time and your
resources, and you seek God in the midst of all parts of life. You are the              Alice O’Dwyer
reason we are a community called Hillsboro Presbyterian Church.                    Child Care Coordinator
Members, thanks for all you do.
Finally, thanks be to God for all we share. Without any doubt in my                       Janie Hay
mind, it is clear to me that the presence of God is with us here in this                Office Manager
place and among you as His people. God, thanks for all you do.
                                                                                         Gloria Shiavi
This month I challenge you to give thanks! Beginning Sunday,                            Office Assistant
November 4th, and each week in worship following, you will hear one
of our elders share a small part of how the work of our church will be      Carole Shean
done in the coming year through their ministry team. This will be our   Financial Administrator
Stewardship Campaign. You will receive in the mail in the middle of the
month a request that your family submit a “Giving Plan.” We need to         Cynthia White
know what you plan to give so we can make our plans for the 2013 Director of Creative Care Center
budget. Then on Sunday, November 18th (week of Thanksgiving), we
will ask you to bring your Giving Plan forward during worship as             Tim Gmeiner
together we give thanks to God for Hillsboro Presbyterian Church and       Church Organist
thank God in advance for the work that will be done for the Kingdom in
Brothers and Sisters, Thanksgiving is a gift. With this article I have                                     info:
already started my list, looking forward to sitting down with my family                        hpcnashville.org
around the table on Thanksgiving Day, and counting up our many,                                  615.665.0148
many blessings. Certainly one of the blessings my family will be saying                 gloria@hpcnashville.org
together this year: “What a blessing it is to be part of this church!”
                                                                             The Good News deadline:
                                                                             Good News items will be
Chris+                                                                       accepted until the third Sunday
                                                                             of each month for publication in
                                                                             the following month’s edition.
                                                                                                      The Good News
    H        I   L      L    S     B   O    R    O           P    R     E     S    B     Y     T     E    R     I    A     N
                                            !        We especially need folks who      everyone one at Hillsboro who
Administration                              are willing to drive the bus and to be     contributed in some way to making
WORK DAY SUMMARY !                          innkeepers, or overnight hosts. If         this dream come true. I think you can
Saturday morning, October 20, was a         you’ve been thinking about it but still    see the proof in the picture.
glorious day weather-wise and very          have questions, or don’t know exactly
                                                                                       Kerry McCalla
productive for the “Magnificent              what’s involved, we’ll be glad to tell
Seven”. The folding chairs that were        you everything you want to know, and       Luke 14:12
stored in the dugout basement had           to link you up with some experienced
                                            people for the first few times you serve.   On the second Friday of October
become mildewed and Joe Swafford                                                       Debbie Locke, Gayle Sanders, Lucy
and Paula Yelverton cleaned them            !        As the weather gets colder,       Carroll, Melinda Culver, Jim and Julia
and stored them inside. Kurt                there is an increased need for good        Harrell, Woody Gant, Carol Nations,
Musfeldt planted two smoke bushes           condition warm clothes to put in our       Lynne McCalla, Joicelyn Gregory and
                   and a rose bush in                                                  Linda Kilpatrick served 235 men and
                                            clothes closet. We especially need         women a wonderful lunch of turkey,
                   the Agape Garden.        warm jackets, sweat pants,                 dressing, cranberry sauce, fresh fruit
                   He also filled some       sweatshirts, heavy sweaters, socks,        and wonderful bread. Good time was
                   wide seams in the        gloves and hats. Underwear of all sizes    had by all!
                   concrete sidewalk.       is also greatly appreciated. Other items   Luke 14:12 served 1,905 hungry men
                   Seems like the           that are needed include stick              and women during the month of
church hasn’t thrown out a can of           deodorant, backpacks and shoes or          September. Luke has a new program
paint for 30 years!! Charlie and Sally      boots.                                     called G.R.O.W. - Grace, Respect and
Miller took the paint we are using                                                     Opportunity through Work. G.R.O.W.
                                            !        Room in the Inn is a great way    provides job training, skills, mentoring,
and some painting utensils and                                                         resources, and encouragement for those
organized them for easy use. The            to serve some folks who really need the
                                                                                       struggling with chronic homelessness.
paint no longer useful was put into         help, to serve our community, to serve     All of Luke 14:12's kitchen and dining
the pickup truck and is destined            our Lord. HPC has a great heart for        staff with the exception of the executive
either for the Habitat Store or the         service, and thanks again to all who       director are hired from the homeless
                                            have already volunteered to help out       population. Grayline, who works with
recycling center. Bruce Hartmann                                                       those of us who serve, is getting his
and myself worked with others to            this year.
                                                                                       own apartment at the end of October.
trim some of the large boxwoods and         Kurt and Carolyn Musfeldt                  This is so very exciting because it will
planted pansies in the urns in front of                                                                    get this good man off
                                            cmusfeldt52@comcast.net                                        the streets - a home
the Parish House.
                                            832.2310 (home)                                                of his own for the
!        Many thanks to all!                424.2652 (Carolyn cell)                                        first time in 6 or 7
!        !           Rich Shiavi
                                            Habitat Unity Build - 2012                                    To this end, the Board
                                                                                                          and friends of Luke
BENEVOLENCE &                                                                          14:12 have been gathering what he
                                                                                       needs for his new home. Lucy Carroll
OUTREACH                                                                               has been collecting goods for his pantry.
                                                                                       The HPC second Friday servers are
Room In The Inn                                                                        furnishing him with a vacuum cleaner
                                                                                       to be delivered on moving in day.
!        We are off to a great start this
year with our Room in the Inn                                                          Linda Kilpatrick
ministry! Thanks to everyone who has        Our beautiful Habitat house in             Benevolence has learned of the need of
already signed up to drive the bus, be      Edison Park was dedicated on               a vehicle for Mading Arou and his
overnight hosts, prepare a meal or sack     October 7. Ibrar and Shanaz Khan           family. If you have a car in good
lunches, or help with laundry. There’s      and their two children beamed with         working condition that might be
a lot to be done each week as we assist                                                donated to this family, please call
                                            pride as they received the keys, the
our homeless guests so that they don’t                                                 Linda Kilpatrick. Also, a cell phone in
                                            mortgage, a housewarming gift and a
have to face a night of fending for                                                    good working condition is needed.
                                            huge blessing from the diverse
themselves on the streets.                  crowd that was gathered. Thanks to

The Good News
     H    I    L      L     S      B     O        R    O           P     R     E     S    B      Y     T     E    R    I    A      N

Zimbabwe Update                                   Fellowship                                   Membership
          News from Paddington, the father        Something New from the Fellowship This is a note from Almaz Aregay for
of Village Hope in rural Zimbabwe ... Read        Team!
on, as Paddington 'catches us up" on                                                           the newsletter. She wanted the
George, one of our first Village Hope             We hope everyone is taking advantage of      Prayer Group and the church to
children. It's amazing how far we've come
since 1999!                                       the amazing classes that are offered as      know how much she appreciated the
                                                  part of Hillsboro Theological Seminary.
“Today I am going to narrate the story of                                                      support during her recent surgery.
George, a son of Village Hope. George was         As we continue to look for new ways to
born in 1993 in Chitungwiza area. His             enhance our fellowship opportunities, we     Here is her note:
father was a bus conductor and the mother         will be adding a new format for our
was a housewife. Unfortunately, George’s          Wednesday Night Fellowship Dinners
father lost his dignity as he met different                                                    "Dear Prayer Group and H.P.C., First
women through his work. He became                 beginning in January. Adults will enjoy      of all I would like blessings for all of
infected with AIDS, and passed it on to the       three-course meals together in the
innocent mother at home. So George did not        Fellowship Hall served at each table. Our    those who did everything for me.
enjoy the comfort of his parents during his       children and youth will dine together        Thank you for your prayers and for
childhood, as the father and mother both
succumbed to HIV/AIDS within a space of           downstairs and have their own chance to      visiting me in the hospital and for
a few months.                                     fellowship with one another. This is a
                                                  terrific opportunity to relax and enjoy       sending all those get well cards
George was left under the custody of the
grand parents, who were heavy drinkers and        each other’s company. Make plans to join     when I was sick. It was so thoughtful
his life grew more difficult, Soon his            us for our Fellowship Dinners! And stay      of you to think of me. I am feeling so
grandfather died because of over drinking         tuned for many more Fellowship events
with his grandmother following close                                                           much better now after my surgery. It
behind. In 2002 we were informed of the           to come!
pathetic conditions in which this child now                                                    means so much to have such good
lived unable to even attend school, so we         Winter/Spring Fellowship Dinners:
                                                  January 23                                   friends in my life."
took him in and re-enrolled him in grade
two.                                              April 3
                                                                                               Women in Prayer will meet
Soon, after miraculous events opened the          April 24
way for us to make Village Hope our home,                                                      November 15 at noon at the home of
we took George and eight other children           If you are interested in volunteering as a
there to start our new life. George has                                                        Julia Harrell. Please consider joining
                                                  server please contact Amy Dillon at
become a very important family member,                                                         us as we will be going OUT together
                                                  665-0148 or amy@hpcnashville.org  
helping run our mill and caring for the
animals. He is now doing his form six and                                                      for a late lunch to a special
will soon sit for crucial examinations which      Women's Breakfast Group will meet
will determine whether he will go for             Saturday, November 10, at the church.        destination!!    Actually,   consider
University next year.                             Sharon Turner and Peggy Boss will cook       joining us for the wonderful
The journey for George has not always been        and Susan Varney will give a                 blessings that we share praying
easy. But using words from Proverbs, we           devotional. All women of the church are
try to teach our children to live intelligently   invited....bring a friend!                   together. You have to be there to
and how to be honest, just, and fair. We are
so proud of George. He has attained all his                                                    experience the love we feel for Jesus
                                                  AND be sure to mark your calendar for
goals so far, in spite of his difficult                                                        and from Jesus. November - what a
background. We are praying that he will           the annual Christmas Breakfast at the
maintain his discipline and become one of         home of Cindi Dingler.  This year it will    time to be thankful in prayer as a
our greatest achievers as he dreams of            be held Saturday, December 15, from 10       group!!
attending university and pursuing a career        a.m. to 1 p.m. 
in law.”
                                                  See you soon,                                HPC Membership Team
Thanks to everyone who is a part of this
ministry through prayer or financial giving!
The Zimbabwe Team                                 Your HPC Fellowship Team

                                                                                                                          The Good News
   H       I     L   L   S    B       O      R    O            P     R    E    S     B       Y   T     E       R   I   A   N

Mark wins the Bee & meets Al G.
Mark Arildsen won the National History Bee in Mt. Vernon, V last year. The winning
question involved the Gores, from TN. Mark and his Dad, Dr. Ron got to have a meet/
greet with former Vice President Al Gore. Mark was #1 in his class at University School
Nashville, and is now going to Harvard (where Gore attended) majoring in Physics.

Supper Sisters                    Book Club News                    Thanksgiving Breakfast           Worship

In November we are going          In Oct. we read Midwives by       Join us this Thanksgiving  Hanging of the Greens – Nov
                                  Chris Bohjalian. We gathered                                 18 immediately following
to Wild Hare. It's on White       at Ann Bodnar’s home in           morning, November 22, at   11:15 o'clock service. Becky
Bridge Road across from           Franklin & had a very             8:00 a.m. for our annual   Ross gifts HPC annually with
                                  interesting discussion.                                      her decorating talents as she
Sprintz       Furniture.          For the Nov “read” we’ll meet     Thanksgiving breakfast in  prepares      our    Sanctuary,
                                  at the home of Jim Cozart and                                Fellowship Hall and outdoors
Remember we meet at 6 p.m.                                          the Fellowship Hall. The   for the Christmas/Advent
                                  Suzy Bennett. Due to the
now, so mark your calendar        Thanksgiving weekend, we’ll       men of the church will be  season. Please join Becky and
                                  meet on Monday, Dec 3. The                                   Cindi Dingler to help with this
for Tuesday, November 13                                            cooking up a delicious     wonderful project.        Many
                                  book chosen is: The Paris Wife:                              hands make light work, and
and do let me know your           A Novel by Paula McLain. It       breakfast that will get your
                                                                                               you may learn some tips from
coming so I can save you a        gets 4 stars from Amazon          Thanksgiving day off to a  the masters for your own
                                  where it is described as… “A                                 home.
seat.                             deeply evocative story of         great start as we enjoy
                                  ambition and betrayal, The        fellowship with one anotherAll Saints Service- Our
Invite a friend!                  Paris     Wife     captures   a                              Wednesday night program on
                                  remarkable period of time and     and remember all of God's  Nov 7 will be our annual All
                                  a love affair between two         abundant blessings in our  Saints Taize Service. Please
Deb Smith                         unforgettable people: Ernest                                 join us in the Sanctuary at 6:30
                                  Hemingway and his wife            lives.                     for this lovely candlelight
                                  Hadley....”There is no meeting                               service as we remember
                                  in Dec due to Christmas. Our                                          and family who
                                                                    Please contact Amy Dillon friends the Saints during have
                                                                                               joined                      this
                                  next meeting will be on Jan 28,   for more information or if past year. The service ends as
                                  2013 at our place!                                           we take our candles outside in
                                                                    you would like to help!    silence to the Columbarium.
                                  Come read with us!                                           Don’t miss this very moving
                                  Lynne McCalla                                                service.
The Good News
     H   I    L     L    S     B     O      R O         P R E S B                          Y     T     E     R     I    A     N
Thank You's!                                Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian
                                                                                    Hillsboro Pres,
                                                	      Thank you for supporting
Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian,                    Monroe Harding and the youth we 
             Thank you for your
                                                                                    generous gift to support Preston

        Thank you so much for your serve through your thoughtful Taylor Ministries! Your gift will help
continued support of our outreach donations.                                        to provide many opportunities for
to refugee families! Your gift does 
                  I want to tell you about one y o u t h – l i k e o u r a f t e r s c h o o l
s o m u c h — t u t o r s r e f u g e e of the ways we are helping the programming, field trips and
s t u d e n t s , p r o v i d e s E n g l i s h young men who live on our mentoring. See our facebook
classes, teaches English to adults, campus. Recently we’ve been page for pictures. Our school year
provides job placements, aids c o l l a b o r a t i n g w i t h C a r i n g programming is in full swing with
families in accessing social
                                                Connections to teach our young over 150 children and youth
services and helps refugees men how to behave with dogs and participating.
become U.S. citizens.                           how to train rescued dogs. The
	        Thank you!                             first eight weeks were all about 	             Thanks for helping to build
                                                dog safety, breeds, vet care, how   God-inspired dreams!
                                                to approach a strange dog, health Gratefully,
Sincerely,                                      care and the proper type of collars
                                                and leashes. The second eight Chan Sheppard
C h r i s L o v i n g o o d , E x e c u t i v e weeks are about having the youth
Director                                        actually train dogs rescued from
                                                the kill shelter so they can be Dear Hillsboro Presbyterian
Nations Ministry Center                         adopted.                            Church,
       Here you’ll see a photo 	                   On behalf of the entire
Dear Friends,                               [photo unavailable] of one of our Rooftop Board, I would like to
                                            youth and his K-9 “partner.” This           thank the congregation for their
Thank you for reducing hunger in            young man is in state custody               continued and generous support
our community with your recent              because of a terribly broken home           of Rooftop.
gift to Second Harvest Food Bank            life that led him into drug use and
of Middle Tennessee. We are so              petty theft. When we first started  	       In mid July, I started as the
grateful to have you as a partner in        the dog program, he wouldn’t       Executive Director of Rooftop. I
the fight against hunger.                    even look at the dogs. He crossed  am delighted and excited about
                                            his arms, looked away and hid      this opportunity to partner with
This steadfast support comes                                                   you and other congregations to
from the shared understanding               behind an angry facade. Now look
                                            at him! The healing and self-      make a difference in the lives of
that keeping the people of Middle                                              struggling families in Davidson
and West Tennessee fed makes                esteem for this young man is what
                                            Monroe Harding is all about...AND  County. Helping to provide stability
for better students, employees,                                                and keep families in their homes is
and citizens in our community.              we are helping dogs find a better
                                            life, too!                         good work. Hearing their stories
Your support of our mission will                                               and seeing their gratitude is
have profound and lasting benefits           
      Cottage staff members tell powerful. Together we are making
for the well being and productivity         me the guys aren’t so slow to drag a difference.
of our fellow neighbors.                    out of bed on Saturday mornings
Thank you for caring; together we           these days. Thanks to you these 	          Thank you again for joining
                                            young men are changing their       us in partnership as we continue
are fighting hunger and feeding                                                 to grow in the community and
hope.                                       lives!
                                                                               bring hope to those in needed.
Sincerely,                                  Thank you!

Bill Smith, Senior Director                 Mary N. Baker
Corporate Relations                         President & CEO of Monroe
                                            Harding                   Julia Gildemeister
Second Harvest Food Bank

                                                                                                                     The Good News
   H       I     L   L   S   B   O    R    O          P   R    E    S    B    Y    T     E    R    I   A    N
                                                          will be held at 3:30 pm and then we will
                                                          visit with the residents before returning to
                                                          church for pick up at 5:00 p.m.
Christian Education                                       Please contact Amy Dillon for more
Ever wish you could go to seminary? Now you can!          information!
Join us on Wednesday Nights from Nov 28-Dec 12
for our Advent Term of Hillsboro Theological
Seminary. Course catalogues, with teacher bios and
course descriptions, are available at the church or
online at hpcnashville.org. In addition to the below
courses, we offer a full age range of children and
youth programs, as well as free childcare, during
Hillsboro Theological Seminary. And if you’re
                                                          Creative Care Center
worried about dinner, make plans to join us for our       	      Congratulations to our Creative Care Center
5-4-3 Dinner at 5:43pm ($5 adults, $4 youth, $3           for placing second in the Nashville Scene's "Best of
children). Dinner will be provided by local vendors.      Nashville" reader's poll. During the past fifteen
You can register by visiting us online, by filling out a   years, CCC has come in either first or second. We
registration page in the course catalogue, or by          think this is a great record. We thank all those at
calling the church office at 665-0148.                      HPC that voted for us. We love having your ministry
	     ADVENT TERM 2012 (Wednesdays, Nov 28 -              and we hope we make you proud.
Dec 12)                                                   	      As a fundraiser last month, CCC had a "Best
Classes from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.                            or Favorite Pumpkin" contest. Each staff member
                                                          decorated their pumpkin. They did a fantastic job!!
	      The Teachings and Practices of Buddhism            The pumpkins were on display in the hall with a jar
with Dr. Marty Bell                                       by each one for a monetary vote for their favorite.
                                                          Thanks to all those parents and others who
    A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: An
                                                          contributed to our fundraiser account by giving their
Advent Study of Theology & Film with Rev. Chris           donation (vote).
                                                          	       Upcoming events for the month are:
                                                          Grandparents Day on November 2. The
                                                          grandparents will be served a spaghetti lunch and
                                                          will tour CCC and the church for an Open House.
                                                          	       Also this month, the children will be learning
                                                          about the Pilgrims and the origin of the first
                                                          Thanksgiving. On November 15, they will dress up
Children's Blakeford Visit                                like pilgrims or native Americans for their annual
                                                          Thanksgiving Dinner. The children will tell what they
Our elementary children will be leading                   are most thankful for.
chapel at The Blakeford at Green Hills on                 	     CCC will be closed on Nov 23 and 24 for the
                                                          Thanksgiving Holidays.
Sunday, November 11th. Children are
invited to stay after church for lunch and
practice before riding together to The                    Joyce Smith, Chair CCC Board
Blakeford in the church bus. The service                  Cynthia White, Director CCC

The Good News
  H     I    L        L   S     B   O   R   O       P     R    E   S   B   Y   T   E   R   I      A    N

The Good News this month:
Note From Pastor Chris, Administration Work Day, Benevolence & Outreach,
Room In The Inn, Habitat Unity Build, Luke 14:12, Zimbabwe, Fellowship,
Membership, Mark Arildsen, Supper Sisters, Book Club, Thanksgiving, Worship
Team, Thank You, Christian Education, The Well Children, Creative Care Center

Hillsboro Presbyterian Church                   hpcnashville.org                               November 2012

5820 Hillsboro Pike
Nashville, TN 37215

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