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					     A Brotherhood Aiming Toward Education                                                      January 2010                                 Dedicated to Freedom of Choice

Could anti-gang bill affect                                                                                                                COOL BIKE

everyday biker groups?
BY BARBARA VICE                                   A recent case between the government
Biker Journal Editor                            and the Mongols MC attempting to take
                                                the club’s right to wear their own trade-
  Do you consider your riding club a gang,      marked patch served as a wake up call to
or yourself a gang member?                      clubs of all kinds.
  A bill to increase the penalties for gang-      (See Government Loses Mongols MC
related activities and make it a felony for a   Case,
gang member to recruit others will be one       PageViewer.asp?PageID=2897)
of the first measures heard in the upcom-         The Mongols prevailed, and there were
ing legislative session, Rep. Dennis            other issues involved in that case, but leg-
Johnson, R-Duncan said recently. He is an       islation such as Oklahoma’s SB826 is just
author of SB826.                                another step toward identifying ordinary
  Ashley Altshuler, a member of the joint       members of ordinary motorcycle riding
gang committees made up of law enforce-         clubs as gang members.
ment and those involved in community pro-         It seems more and more that law enforce-
grams, suggested legislators make it a          ment wants to identify the wearing of many
felony for gang members to possess a rifle,     colors, matching patches and other cloth-
handgun or shotgun.                             ing prevalent in the biker community, with
  “Nothing good happens with gang mem-          classification as a “gang.”
bers possessing firearms,” the Oklahoma           “We need to ensure that this anti-gang
County assistant district attorney said.        push doesn’t end up painting motorcycling
  The potential problem for the biker com-      groups with a broad brush,” said Tiger
munity with this proposed legislation is the
definition of the term “gang”.                                   See ANTI-GANG, page 2

recalls motorcycles                                                                              Toy runs are a prime example of the generosity of the biker community, but no one can deny the fun of
                                                                                                 also checking all the cool rides that show up for a run. See photos from the Lawton Toy Run at http://
REPRINTED FROM                                  lines.                                  Check the Biker Journal next
THE BUSINESS JOURNAL OF MILWAUKEE                 The federal agency said the motorcycles’
                                                front fuel tank mounts may distort as a re-
                                                                                                 month for photos from the state’s largest toy run, the Tulsa ABATE Marines Toys for Tots which was Dec.
  Harley-Davidson Inc.                                            sult of a front-end crash,     13. Last year, that toy run boasted close to 25,000 bikes and 70 degree temperatures in December. The
is recalling 111,569 mo-                                          creating the potential for     day ended with sleet, though, as a reminder to many to never go out in December without your leathers!
torcycles manufactured                                            fuel to leak and ignite af-
from June 6, 2008,                                                ter a crash. The agency        In This Issue:
through Nov. 19, 2009,                                            did not say how many re-       Calendar of Events ........................ 2
because of a threat of                                            ports were made of gas
gasoline leaking in the                                           leaks or fires resulting       State Board Highlights ................... 4
event of a frontal colli-                                         from frontal collisions.       Tiger Tales ..................................... 5
sion.                                                               Under the recall, deal-      20th ABATE Anniversary ................6
  The recall af fects                                             ers will install left and      A Christmas Story ..........................7
some 2009 and 2010                                                right front braces de-
touring bikes, including                                          signed to reduce front         ABATE of Oklahoma SMILE .......... 8
CVO Touring and Trike products, accord-         mount distortion in a crash. The installa-       Chapter Meetings .... 10,11,12 and 13
ing to information from the National High-      tion will be performed free of charge be-        ABATE Merchandise .................... 14
way Traffic Safety Administration. Touring      ginning around Dec. 14. Customers can call
bikes are some of the Milwaukee-based           Harley-Davidson at 414-343-4056 for more
                                                                                                 ABATE Membership .................... 15
motorcycle manufacturer’s most expensive        information.                                     Lawton Toy Run .......................... 16

                         ABATE of Oklahoma is for ALL motorcyclists, regardless of make, model, and origin of their motorcycle
2   ◆   January 2010                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Biker Journal                                                            ABATE of Oklahoma

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Florida woman gets 18.5 years
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       for killing motorcyclists in crash
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         VERO BEACH, Fla. — A Miami woman            Beach.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       convicted of killing two motorcyclists on       Brice’s brother and two small children
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Interstate 95 in Indian River County has      were in the car.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       been sentenced to 18 1/2 years in prison.       Another driver on the interstate, who
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A judge sentenced 26-year-old Domin-        testified at the trial, had actually called 911
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       ique Brice on Wednesday. A jury found         to report an erratic driver just moments
December 2009                                                                                                                                                              February 2010                                                                                                                                               Brice guilty last month of vehicular man-     before the crash.
➤ 26 - Community Christmas Party, at                                                                                                                                       ➤ 10 - Annual Legislative Breakfast, hosted                                                                                                                 slaughter.                                      Brice said she was just changing lanes
 Billings Community Center at 6 p.m. Potluck                                                                                                                                 by COD. 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., OK State                                                                                                                   Authorities say Brice was speeding and      when another car forced her out of con-
 dinner and silent auction, everyone                                                                                                                                        Capitol, 4th floor routunda.                                                                                                                               weaving through traffic in February 2008      trol.
 welcome. Call Garry at 580-725-3227 for                                                                                                                                   ➤ 20-21 - 13th Annual Oklahoma Motorcycle                                                                                                                   when she hit Fritz Doucet and Raul Ortiz.
  more information.                                                                                                                                                          Show, Held at the Oklahoma State Fair
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       They were recently reunited high school       (Associated Press, Friday , Nov. 27, 2009. For more,
                                                                                                                                                                             Park, 500 Land Rush Drive in Oklahoma
                                                                                                                                                                             City. Doors open at 10 a.m. on Saturday
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       friends going to Bike Week in Daytona,2933,577115,00.html)

January 2010                                                                                                                                                                 and 9 a.m. on Sunday. Entry fee is $25 for

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Anti-gang (continued from page 1)
➤ 1 - Annual Dresser Jack Memorial New                                                                                                                                       the first bike and $10 for additional bikes.
  Year’s Day First Ride, the ride starts at                                                                                                                                  For more information call (816) 456-4415.
  Dan Moran Park next to 45th National                                                                                                                                     May 2010
  Guard Armory on South Street in Ponca                                                                                                                                    ➤ 2 - Tulsa Motorcycle Swap Meet, The                                                                                                                         Mike Revere, former state coordinator       7:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Oklahoma
  City. Registration begins at 10 a.m. and                                                                                                                                  swapmeet will be held at the Admiral Twin                                                                                                                  of ABATE of Oklahoma.                         State Capitol Fourth Floor Rotunda.
  ride leaves at 10:30 a.m. For more info call                                                                                                                               Drive-in, 7355 Easton Street in Tulsa.                                                                                                                      To combat potential “collateral damage”       [Some information in this article was origi-
  (580) 762-0844.                                                                                                                                                            Gates open at 8 a.m. General admission is                                                                                                                 on motorcycle clubs and riding groups from    nally published Nov. 25, 2009 at
➤ 17 - Motorcycle Swap Meet, The swap                                                                                                                                        $5 per person. For more information call                                                                                                                  anti-gang legislation, Tiger Mike suggests
  meet will be held at The Oklahoma State                                                                                                                                    (816) 228-5811.                                                                                                                                           joining ABATE at the annual Legislative       cur tail-membership-in-gangs/ar ticle/
  Fair Park, 500 Land Rush Drive in
  Oklahoma City. Doors open at 9 a.m.                                                                                                                                      June 2010                                                                                                                                                   Breakfast on Wednesday, Feb. 10, from         3420156]
  General admision is $5 per person. For                                                                                                                                   ➤ 5 - Okie from Muskogee ‘Outlaws and
  more information call (816)228-5811.                                                                                                                                       Lawnmen Poker Run’, The poker run will
➤ 23-24 - Wide Open Bike Show, show will                                                                                                                                     begin at Creek Nation Casino. Registration
 be held at the Tulsa Convention center,                                                                                                                                     is from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. The ride ends
 100 Civic Center in Tulsa. Doors open                                                                                                                                      with a ride in bike show, music and door
 Saturday and Sunday at 10 a.m. For more                                                                                                                                    prizes. The ride will benefit the Bedouin
 info call (660) 221-2298.                                                                                                                                                   Shriners Patient Transportation Fund.
                                                                                                                                                                             For more information call (918) 682-2761.

  You may have received this compli- and implementation of antidiscrimination
mentary issue of the ABATE of Okla- laws in the State of Oklahoma (and na-
homa Biker Journal via your local mo- tionwide). In addition, ABATE members
torcycle shop or favorite stomping continue to support local communities
ground. If so, we are pleased to offer throughout the State of Oklahoma
this free issue to you in the hopes of through toy runs and other events which
spreading awareness of what our orga- ben-                            efit local charities.
nization has done and will continue                                       While ABATE has been
to do for the motorcycling                                              dubbed           a     “Harley
community.                                                               Davidson” organization in
  ABATE         (A                                                         the past, we invite and                                                                                                        cate
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      d to
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                of Ch


Brotherhood Aim-                                                            encourage you to be-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     From the ABATE of Pennsylvania
                                                    in ten
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         W g
                                                                                                                                             2009                                                                                                                 Chris sin
                                                                                                                                   June                                                                                                                        e fund
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      P Capt. e s unties
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   sit Th ’s ari
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ugh OHe. ildidenc ch
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  altho rrent t no ev ren nt.
ing Toward Edu-                                                              come a member of our
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         oten, cuay tha ch oxica em year
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Wove to the anged to int.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     mo wa esd   dn                  y ve misd ]
                                                                                           ation                                                                                                        ch ing said We s ch e of an face a e [staff b n 200

                                      s ten-f
                                                                                                                                                                                                            get          us          nc the mo tim
                                                                                                                                                                                              ap pr oa states. foc influee of uldfull homicide,tha
                                                                                                                                                                                                   u can                                                             re
                                                                       ward                                                                                                        cy cle report rd toldt the tim co
                                                                                                                                                                                        ere yo                           the ten 37 nt up to mo ll be Ward
                                                      ing To                                                                                                              mo tor wh nd Wa in lef at “Woohave glige charges wi a,”
                                                                                                                                                                  the pla,ce ily griP ,” kup’s an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           We                          t
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ne p tha Oklahom al
                                                 d Aim
                                                                                                                                                        tic ed is a             an               pic dy                     unt of t ram
                                                                                                                                                                                                              live rou , bu ke n onek                           the fin

cation) is a non-                                                             organization regard-
                                     rhoo                                                                                                             “T the north da                   k the na
                                                                                                                                           as no his m the strucR” Ca u can the co ndminatio We eives                                                                         in the
                              othe                                                                                               listed e awm fro cycle “2 “whereayo lmet, to deter g Bi es rec                                                                       found out
                         A Br                                                                                           ld is parad . froaymotor Ga
                                                                                                                                                                             rry                     he urself          durin Hayn                           can be, or check
                                                                                                                 to yiei Gras ort d TheATE’ der.t month aring yo .
                                                                                                                                                                     s                ,                                  until                     ation inted to and prices

profit independent Rally
                                                                                                                                 rep an                                                         ing                            d.                                 ue
                                                                                                               y ard P y,
                                                                                                      f ilure M OHmone ld the ABervfen las estn’t , enjoy orted dbarrel
                                                                                                                                                              t iew                  we                          tw o sai said.informofappo iss m. Ticket 5 for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   s        s 2006
                                                                                                      nightl 0 inh zepri                                                       yle                         a                 More              7 thi .co                    , $6
                                                                                              gs, a         00                                  r int biker lif                                    ngs in ceeds ad on page samerica ole week gle day
                                                                                     dirt dratotal of $2 n.                            forme            the                                ly bri

                                                                               less of the type of                           smo, band,                             lest.”                                pro her                      spark the wh 0 for a sin
                                                                                                           ca                                                                     orted said the                             www.
                                                                                      with a er by the              an Co           ers                  the ful event rep                                are eit                             for              $3                       u
                                                                                       $1 be ic includ ston;
                                                                                                            es Fr Pat Trav as well                           Th  e           bu  t Wardca events put back are $100week, and                                                      put yod.
                                                                                                                                  ok,              k                 ney,               eri             s or                       lf the                                 we’ll
                                                                                         Mus ger of Bo of Dr. Ho nd , Ch uc                                of mo Sparks Am ’s charitie                                  ff ha ss.                                 broke ,” Ward sai
                                           VICE                                   le                                                             re.                             ildren                                                                   e too
                            BY B
                                              tor                                             sin             er             Ba
                                                                      d pe op ks lead Ray Sawy Pi tts ley al and mo ent fro nated to ch ds.
                                                                                                                                                                 m                                              our sta         pa               you’r gate fee
                                                                                                                                                                                                      eral of said.
                                         l Edi
                                                           ers , an            ar                            n             De                 ev                                                                                    But, “if for your

group of motorcycle

                                                                    iders w motorcycle you ride.
                            Biker                    pa rti ge on SpWeek an the Du sti va, Done behind the ants
                                                                                                                                                              do           groun           and sev ” Ward iser                               rk
                                               ers ,       er                             as              ne             n                   cip               into the y vendors od here, a fundra 99. to wo ask.”
                                       s, bik ll co nv for Bike
                                Bi ke s wi                                                 Lidd Waell, Gerd is the mat 1200 parti around                                an
                                                                                                                                                                  “M ir liv          eliho began as                   19                 st
                                                            d                                                                             to                                                                     t in        d “Ju

                                                                cons et la
                               wa tch ca Camp 18-28.
                                                     groun                       them
                                                                                              Tony n with abmber grew ye ar, plu
                                                                                                                                                                         the          erica Departmen ation an
                                                                        keep                          ga                                                                      s Am             e              loc
                               Ameri oma June                 nty to lahoma’s that be . That nu ito rs las ir guests.
                                                                                                                                      t                              Spark arks Fir its original

                                                      ve ple           Ok                                                                                                     Sp
                                                                                                  1999 pa id vis , and the                                         for the ly outgrew

enthusiasts who ride            Oklah ’ll all ha s become ly.
                                    They what ha st bike ral

                                                     Louis ping helm
                                                                        ek an
                                   busy st and longe th e we poker runs, emplo   In fact, you can be-
                                                                                        o in           0
                                                                                  d tw , 12 ,00 yees, vend
                                                                                                                                                                    It quick
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          e,” sai
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  d John Riders

                                    bigge lig ht s of e a $20,0 , bike game                                                                                                                                                                                       uranc otorcycled Tu lsa
                                      Hi gh ds includ , vendors                                                                                                                                                                                        alth ins        a M           an

                                      al de           scrap
                                                                                                                                                   esses. a                                                                                  buy he Oklahom KM RF )

different types of mo-                                                            come a member
                                     week cage fights                                                                                     busin                                                                                  ives             the                (O                          n,
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           airma in
                                                                                                                                                          be                                                           sentat to of                          tio n
                                      MMA                                                                                     iendly want to te                                                                                                    un da                             ve ch

                              er Jou
                                                                                                                      cle-fr                              sta                                                   Repre           on                                             islati en tat ive
                                                                                                               torcy rtantly, we at the wer                                                           use of d legislati th at Fo ATE. d the leg
                                                                                                     and moas impo                  su its        the po how
                                                                                                                                                                                                 a Ho prove             iri ng                 AB              sai             rep res
                                                                                                                                                                                      uisian                                                                                                        v.

torcycles, but we Bik
                                                                                          t you         Just          fo r the           have                                  A Lo e has ap law re qu, according                                  Pierce the M RF                           of Go
                                                                                 per tha ding                   do g pitol who lives and                                               itte           te                                 to                  is                        pport about
                                                                         wspa                          wa tch                                                                comm th e sta ar helmets od news                                    Po et, a.                      the su

                                                                                   even if you do not
                                                                                        rea                          ca                  r                                                                                                                                                 ted
                                                                the nethat you’re ATE                                         ect ou                           s the                 al              we ess – go e to the Louisian asure has commen their own
                                                        py of        or                 AB                            to aff e.                       al wa ter               re pe cyclists               Pr                                                                  o                      nt
                                               The co ur hand, t issue of the                                          we rid Biker Journ Chap s                               motor Associated an s wh o comes law e
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         rid               .          The me dal whe to choose ve rn me
                                                       yo                                                                                      Tulsa rdle. Hi                                                                                                 y Jin        fre           go
                                              hold in is the debu r                                            The                                                   to the Ok lah om indeed be Committep. Bobb ns being th ou t
                                                     e,              ke                                                            hild of           cA               ly                                                                              citize iti es wi
                                               onlin lahoma Bi the right e
                                                                     to                                                 brainc nt Lee M a mo nth re                              ma ny y state if it sportation bill by Re                   ow                                             Ho use flo s
                                                of Ok that face Vi ce , th                                                                                                                                an
                                                                                                                                  de                r                             nearb House Tr proved the would all the ac tiv erence. moves to the ilar bill
share a common inter-                             And
                                                  me ,
                                                                 ar a
                                                         Ba rb d editor back
                                                                                  of the
                                                                        l come du ce
                                                  publi . If you’l l int ro
                                                                                    ride a motorcycle.
                                                                                                                         Presi wa s fo color, mo r
                                                                                                                          vis ion per with and large r
                                                                                                                           news vertising, the forme
                                                                                                                                                  than ABATE
                                                                                                                                                                                      The ously ap City that without

                                                                                                                                                                                     Jim    M
                                                                                                                                                                                    unan orris of Oi er to rid choose. y
                                                                                                                                                                                                  21 an gear
                                                                                                                                                                                                            old if they
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           na tor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         interf measure
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             The ng to the te last year.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Acco by the Se
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  AP, a

                                                   AOBJmo nth , I’l; suffice it a                                             circu ter, so tha mote its
                                                                                                                                                                           elf        bikers tive head l with no dis clists be to killed

est in keeping motorcy-                                                              Please help the                                                                                    protec a clean bil as motorcyor having
                                                    ne xt f properly th at I’m at
                                                                                                           VICE                news better pro pr ov idet    lly
                                                     mysel r no w sher/editor                                                   a could ho pe fu ities tha                                  “It’s e such in roads
                                                      sa y
                                                            fo       publi                                            lahom te an d ny activ .                                                     ag
                                                                                                                                                                                          langu d to ce
                                                            paper                           nts            re Ok             sta               ma                 ety           is                 cte
                                                       news y job.                   nstrai on the mo l. in theue for the hts and saf n see,                                               restri                                                 ..... 2
                                                                              ce co                                                                           u ca           here
                                                        my da due to spa let’s focus ker Journa                    reven           your
                                                                                                                                                 , as yo not in                                                  ue: ts ....................... 3
                                                                                                                                                                                                       is Iss
cling a safe, pleasant                                    But             nth,
                                                         this fir nt topic: brand ne is the latest
                                                                  st mo
                                                                                 the ne
                                                                                      growth of the
                                                                                         w Bi project of focus on st issue ms are nth.For a

                                                          impo AOBJ is oma, and to informt small u will see , there pected in
                                                                     E of Ok state bo public

                                                                                             ard          abou         tha t yo
                                                                                                                                 fir              ite
                                                                                                                       This d many next mo re a few
                                                                                                                               , an
                                                                                                                                     of rea
                                                                                                                                               sons be ex
                                                                                                                                                                    we               a

                                                                                                                                                                                              In Th l Day Even.................... ...... 4

                                                                                                                                                                                               Memo g with 2R ................ ..........5
                                                                                                                                                                                                     velin         inion
                                                                                                                                                                                                         rs, Op ................ ................ 8,9
                                                           ABAT by your general legislative variety but that’s up.                                                              it in,            Lette                           ........
                                                                                                                                                                       make time.

sport. We participate in                                                               sport by becom-           ss,              ,                                                                        Ta  les            n                   ........
                                                            effort ers and the E events, awarene                         kinks new start- ad didn’t next                                           Tiger Poker Ru ................ ...... 10
                                                                                                   ,                                                                    ht               s,
                                                             memb oma ABAT , safety aff ec ts the brand ur news or get it rig news, ad
                                                                                                                                                                                                    5 State Meeting ................ ...... 11
                                                              Oklah , educati e tha t                                         If yo say we’ll have any send them                                                                ....
                                                                      ity             els                            L             only         if you              t, just         . Th e
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Chap ................                   o ........ ... 11                                           Page
                                                               activ yth ing              unity
                                                                                                 .            r AL
                                                                                                       is fo make, can til then, ts to submi ho o.c om 20th                                                                      hip Inf                ....                                     See
                                                                an d cycle comm lahoma                                       Un               en                 ya                the               NCOM Members ................ ....... 12                                               e~
legislative activities, which                                    motor E of
                                                                                       ing a member
                                                                                                     s of the cle. We pics, or ev ne ws @ issions is month.
                                                                     ABAT clists, reg their motor want and to ok abe for all su
                                                                   motor or origin enough. We or three deadlin month for dback and this
                                                                    mode stress that two whee to be a pa
                                                                                                           ls,           rt                h

                                                                                                                                  of eac se, send the biker,
                                                                                                                                                               bm lowing
                                                                                                                                                               the fol as we
                                                                                                                                                                                         ll …
                                                                                                                                                                                                      AB   ATE s ............ ............
                                                                                                                                                                                                        Classif ters, 2 Da
                                                                                                                                                                                                         3 Chap
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ys ....

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    , an
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            d or
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              of th
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       eir m
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   9 2:36
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         :57 P

                                                                                                                         ur           Plea , you’re                                                                       odel
                                                                     can’t anyone on love them) wi th yo                                                                                                          e, m

promote the sport of mo-                                              need
                                                                            today. Not only will you
                                                                                      who eth er it’s ources.

                                                                        of ABenergy, or this Bike anizations
                                                                         time, also want clubs, org
                                                                       (and AT E, wh financial Journal , YOUR
                                                                                                                            to aft
                                                                                                                                         er all rnal!

                                                                                                                                                                          , rega
                                                                                                                                                                                               ss of

                                                                                            ers,                                        Lm


                                                              make a difference in your commu-

                                                                                    all rid

                                                                                        E of
                                                                                                                  a is
                                                                                                                         for AL

  While one of our goals is                           nity, but also you will have a great time
to keep helmet use a freedom of choice doing so. You will find a membership
for the motorcyclist, we are not against form in this newspaper.
helmets and many of our members wear                    If you have any questions, please con-
them. Again, we feel it should be free- tact any of the Chapters listed. If you
dom of choice. We continue to strive are currently a member of ABATE, Thank
towards motorcycle safety awareness You!
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                       Biker Journal                                                     January 2010   ◆   3

Santa, sunshine, and                                                                                    “T’was the Night Before
                                                                                                     Success” or “2009 in Review”
Salvation Army smiles
BY BROOK “XMAN” BULLOCK                           Santa rode a Hayabusa that year!), so how
                                                                                                          (with apologies to C.C. Moore’s famous poem)
                                                                                                                        BY BROOK “XMAN” BULLOCK
                                                                                                                        Secretary, ABATE of Oklahoma

Secretary, ABATE of Oklahoma                      excited I was to see at least 20 bikes al-
                                                  ready there. About the time we were fin-                     T’was the night before 2010 entered the land
  Three Sands Chapter of ABATE of Okla-           ished with warm handshakes and smiling                         And Garry, named “2Rs”, pondered his plan
homa hosted the Six Annual Salvation              hugs and welcomes, another wave of 14 or                        Of how to sustain such fantastic growth
Army Toy Run on Saturday Nov. 28.                 15 bikes came rolling in with some Holiday               That had come to ABATE just when we needed it most.
  Unlike previous years, the weather was          Thunder.
fantastic and the resulting turnout of Bik-         Not long after that Motorcycle Santa ap-               Just twelve months before the numbers were decline.
ers, toys, and smiles was the best the chap-      peared out from one of the storage sheds                  Deaths caused by cell phones were in the headlines.
ter has hosted so far. As always, “Motor-         at the edge of the Lowe’s Parking lot. He                         Tiger Mike’s injury was taking its toll.
cycle Santa” made a special appearance to         does that every year. It appears to be some              Muskogee and Great Plains barely kept 10 on their Roll.
lead the delivery parade.                         sort of magical doorway directly connected
                                                                                                                  Southeast was kaput, and Tulsa was tired.
  Technically, I don’t know if Three Sands        with the North Pole.
is our most northern chapter or not, but I          Unfortunately, it appears to only work one               In another year’s time would ABATE be expired???
do know that for the last five years it has       way—or perhaps my behavior hasn’t been
definitely felt like that during the Ponca City   good enough—but at any rate, I can never                          When at the Quartz Mountain Meeting
Salvation Army Toy Run.                           seem to find out how to make it work.                               two new Chapters were formed
  I’ve been involved with the run for all but       There were some young’uns in the crowd                   And ‘round Carmaletta the memberships swarmed!
one year and during those time I’ve had so        who had ridden two-up or arrived via four                     In just one meeting we increased one fifth!
many layers on I’ve looked like the Michelin      wheels with Mom, Dad, or grandparents,                        Tiger was so excited he replaced both hips!
Man (2004), been so wet that I thought my         and they had a good time talking with Mo-
rain gear wasn’t zipped up (2005), and been       torcycle Santa and sharing some hopes for                 The “ABATE Booth” appeared at more and more rallies,
                                                  Christmas morning.                                        And Gunner and 2Rs competed for membership tallies.
                                                    After visiting with the little ones, the Jolly
                                                                                                             “I’ve got one, now two!” shouted Gunner with pride!
                                                  Ol’ Rider gathered us “older kids” around
      If you haven’t had a                        and directed our attention to the local PD              - Memberships in both hands and beaded girls at his side!
  chance to hang out with                         who gave us the layout and rules of the
                                                  road for the Toy Parade. MANY THANKS                         Tiger whispered to John Pierce from Tennessee,
 this great Chapter, come                         to Ponca City Police Department for send-             “These guys might need some wisdom, so what would it be?”
     and join us. Our next                        ing multiple units to both lead and guard              “Are you kidding?” said John “You’ve found Magic Members.
 event is the Three Sands                         our riders.                                               They’re fanning the flame of ABATE’s member embers.
                                                    The parade itself went off without any
 Chapter Christmas Party                          trouble whatsoever. Most nearly every                          So, around the State the two cohorts flew.
   on Dec. 26 in Billings.                        oncoming vehicle pulled over to the side                     Gunner and 2Rs and their ABATE Booth Crew!
                                                  as we approached. I guess it’s both a sad-                    At rallies and events the memberships came
                                                  ness and a blessing that when they see a
                                                                                                              and cards in the mail started sporting the names:
so nervous about getting home due to slick        line of motorcycles in formation that they
conditions (2007) that I know my prayer           think of funeral escorts.                                                    South Central and Lawton!
life improved dramatically—well, for at least       The mood lightened for most when they                                 There’s Three Sands and Muskogee!
an afternoon. SO, what a welcome—nay!             saw Motorcycle Santa at the lead, and we                                  Northwest 69, Great Plains, COD!
Even Praiseworthy Blessing!— it was as            even had some kiddos running out of their                                 Tulsa, Lakes Area, Rogers County!
the weekend approached to hear the                houses to give big waves and smiles. Even                       More Members for Sunset and Chisholm Trail 412!
weatherman talk about highs near 70 de-           bigger smiles greeted us at the Salvation                  Now we’re way over a thousand and doing so well!
grees and sunshine! And, for one time this        Army drop-off.
year, he was right!                                 Good people there and it’s a blessing to                         Tiger’s eyes—how they twinkled!
   Saturday morning in OKC I met-up with          get to help them help others.                                       His back— so much straighter!
Paul W, my good friend and fellow Three             Finally, ever yone was invited by the                With new hips “Orca’s” rider would be out sooner, not later!
Sands-er.                                         American Legion Riders to join them for
                                                                                                           His beard had more chrome but his wit’s just as quick,
   It was promising to be a great day. At 48      snacks, stew and all the fixin’s, and bever-
degrees the temperature was already               ages at the local Post just down the street.                And Tiger asked 2Rs, “So, what’s this year’s trick?”
warmer than any Three Sands Toy Run,              They had the added enticement of a big-
and I had a good brother to cruise down           screen TV for OU and OSU fans to watch                       “I can’t do it alone—this is Membership work.
the road with. “Life is Good” (to borrow          the game. (A special “shout out” to Jerry                       It takes every person. It did from the start.
from my riding brother, RayMan).                  & Judy C. —good to meet you guys. And                         Bikers love freedom! It’s down in our hearts.
   Sunshine and not much traffic all the way      also to brand new members “Big Mike”,                      But we need the members, like that gal, and YOU!”
to Kay County. We did have one south-             Teressa, and Becky D—I can tell that we’re
bound Highway Patrolman give us a holi-           gonna have good times!)                                         And then I realized his eyes were on me.
day flash of red and blue to remind us not          Although I had to leave a little bit early,
to be too excited in our journey, but the         the afternoon was another great time of                        “Come out and join us, its fun, you will see.
visual reminder was well-received, and we         fellowship and laughter with my Three
                                                                                                            Your bike joins my bike, we’re two, then three—four!
arrived safely at the Lowe’s Parking Lot in       Sands Brothers and Sisters.
Ponca City.                                         If you haven’t had a chance to hang out                 As more and more Bikers fill out Membership forms.”
   Pulling into the parking lot about 20 min-     with this great Chapter, come and join us.
utes before the Rider’s Meeting, I didn’t         Our next event is the Three Sands Chap-                  “Come defend freedom, promote skill and awareness!
know exactly what I would find. Last year         ter Christmas Party on Saturday, Dec. 26                    Remind Legislators that blind cagers can kill us!”
with temperatures barely in the 30s we had        in Billings, Okla. It’s potluck style so come
a very low turnout (although Motorcycle           on up and join us!                                       So we sprang to our bikes and they rumbled to life!
                                                                                                            We twisted the throttles to go fight for our rights!
Deadline for submissions to the Biker Journal is the 1st of the month!                                    We’re having great times, but we’re missing some folks.
 Submit news, photos and advertising to                                               YOU ARE THE MEMBER THAT WE NEED THE MOST!!!
4   ◆    January 2010                                                                 Biker Journal                                                                    ABATE of Oklahoma

 All 12 Chapters Present.
                               Highlights: State Board Meeting, Nov. 14
                                                   ing went incredibly well with the reps from                                                       You can contact RayMan at
                                                   the ABATE Presentation Team of John             Computer Issues:                       for memorial de-
Membership Report:                                 Pierce, Suzette Rhodes, Mark Buskirk (of                                                        tails. Chapters need to submit final Award
                                                                                                     Garry 2Rs took full responsibility for the
                                                   Downed Bikers) answering questions for                                                          Ideas at December Meeting. Chapters
 Increase of 35 members. Active October                                                            delay in updating website.
Membership is 1253. (If ever yone re-              over an hour. The normal Q/A time frame            ABATEofOklahoma Yahoo Group: Af-             need to submit names of “Freedom
                                                   is less than 15 minutes. John Pierce indi-                                                      Fighter” Patch qualifiers at Dec Meeting.
newed we’d have 1449.)                                                                             ter Chapter Elections, be ready to send
                                                   cated we have a “new friend” in Chairman
                                                                                                   Member Updates (Presidents, Reps, Com-
                                                   Sue Tibbs. John is confident that               mittee Chairs, etc) to Carol King at              Chapter Winners from the $1,000 Poker
Merchandise Report:                                “Gunner’s Bill” will be passed. We will get                                                     Run Events are: COD: Ripper Bailey,
  $1,334 in Merchandise account. Orders            “noisy and rowdy” if needed and we will use                                                     MUSKOGEE: Jake Kennedy, SOUTH
for ABATE of Oklahoma 20th Anniversary                                                                  ABATE_MEMBERS group: A great
                                                   the Press and Media if needed. Wait for the     discussion group for the Membership.            CENTRAL: Linda Davis, GREAT PLAINS:
shirt. Option “Skulls” and “Party on the           Call To Action so we can move as a large                                                        Michael Powers, LAWTON: John Walsh,
                                                                                                      Encourage your people to join. Go to:
Plains” shirts are due NOW. Contact 2Rs            force. ABATE of Oklahoma Members need                                                           NW69: Andy Huddleston, SUNSET: Craig
at for mer-                                                     
                                                   to be ready for action in February, March,      ABATE_Members                                   Joiner, STATE PARTY (Bonus Hand):
chandise questions.                                and April.                                                                                      Andy Huddleston, LAKES AREA: Pam
                                                     Legislative Focus Items: The passage of                                                       Ryan, CHISHOLM TRAIL 412: Teri Wehr,
Legislative Reports:                               “Gunner’s Bill” ($3 Safety & Awarness Bill)     Mid-South MILE Final Recap:                     THREE SANDS: Roger Flat, TULSA:
                                                   Increase the Penalities in “Jagger’s Law”         Great speakers and info. Good fellow-         Tommy Harold
  Oklahoma: The Legislative Committee
welcomes all members. Contact John                 (Right of Way violations) The Passage of        ships and discussions all weekend long.
                                                   the “Stoplight Detection Bill” (unrespon-       ABATE of Oklahoma won the “Traveling            Leadership Summit Update:
Pierce at for
                                                   sive redlights) Proclamation for May as         Trophy” and the bids on TWO baskets! We
details.                                                                                                                                           February 9, 2010:
 Motorcycle Awareness and Education                Motorcycle Safety Month                         had 48 of the over 150 attendees and the
                                                     Confederation of Clubs: Presentation          Oklahoma Basket with its theme of “Off            The ABATE of Oklahoma Leadership
Fund Petition The bill will be renamed                                                                                                             Summit will be held the evening before the
                                                   of the Defender’s Program. Two Reps             the Beaten Trail” lost the “Crowd Favor-
“Gunner’s Bill.” The interim study meet-                                                                                                           Legislative Breakfast. The tentative time
                                                   (Main and Alternate) are needed from            ite” award by only 5 votes! Another TRE-
                                                   each Chapter. They will receive Defender        MENDOUS SET OF THANK YOUs to the                is 8pm in Oklahoma City at a location to be
                                                   Patches. The information contact between        Three Amigas of Lakes Area for making           announced. Please both incoming and out-
                                                   the Chapters and the statewide Defend-          ABATE so competitive and profitable in the      going President’s, VP’s, and current Reps
                                                   ers will be “Xman Brook.” Contact him or        last four years!                                plan to attend. Chapter leaders may invite
                                                   2Rs for more details.                             Oklahoma S.M.I.L.E, Jan 8-10 at Quartz        special guests/members to attend also.
                                                                                                   Mountain Lodge in Lone Wolf, Ok
                                                                                                     December 18th is the deadline to get the        ABATE Legislative Breakfast is Febru-
                                                   Safety Report:                                  $59 room rate. After that it goes to $198 !!!   ary 10th, 7am-11am at the State Capitol.
                                                      Congratulations to ABATE Safety Officer         Format will be Friday Fellowship, Satur-       COD: Food & Invites, Great Plains:
                                                   Paul Brinker for now being only 1 of 2 Cer-     day Board Meeting (9-11:30am), Guest            banquet coffee pots, State: slideshow.
                                                   tified Trike Safety instructors in Oklahoma!    Speaker and Town Hall (1-3:30pm), Break-        Contact Garry 2Rs or John Pierce to offer
                                                   He is also the only Certified Scooter Safety    out Sessions (3:45-5:30), Auction and Party     help or for more info.
                                                   instructor in the State! (By definition, a      (7pm-???)
                                                   scooter has less than 500cc engine, a “step       Sunday Services a bit different with an
                                                   through” design, less than 60’ wheelbase,       “Honor and Remembrance” ceremony for            UPCOMING ABATE EVENTS:
    STATE OFFICERS & CONTACTS                      is less than 400 pounds, and must be DOT
                                                                                                   members and loved ones that have passed          Three Sands Christmas Party: Sat, Dec.
                                                                                                   on.                                             26, Billings Community Center
                ABATE OF OKLAHOMA, INC.
                           State Office
                           c/o Revere
                        P. O. Box 45513                                                             LETTER TO THE EDITOR
                    Tinker AFB, OK. 73145                                                          over the past few weeks.                          He interpreted that to mean that he
        World Wide Web -
                                                   Thank You!
                                                     There are just no words that will ad-           The wonder ful tribute written by             should focus on his own little corner of the
                   STATE COORDINATOR                                                               RayMan touched our hearts. Although it          world.
            Tiger Mike Revere P/F 405-672-1008     equately express the depths of gratitude
                                                                                                   brought tears to our eyes, I believe              So, he took that advice and applied it to
                       we have for the outpouring of love and
                                                   prayers during our recent loss.                 RayMan captured the essence of Gunner           his fight for motorcycle safety and free-
                         TREASURER                                                                 in his words.                                   dom. He wanted to make a difference in
              Carmaletta Lara 405-601-3514           The cards, flowers, donations and espe-
                                                                                                     As those of you who knew Gunner per-          his own little corner of the world.
                           cially the prayers are all that kept us going
                                                                                                   sonally can attest, when he became pas-           That’s why we asked to establish the
                          SECRETARY                                                                sionate about something, he went at it full     safety fund in his memory.
             Brook Bullock 405-740-7075                                                            bore. ABATE was his passion.                      If we can take the donations that have
                        SGT. AT ARMS
                                                          A.B.A.T.E.                                 He wanted to make the world a freer and
                                                                                                   safer place for motorcyclists.
                                                                                                                                                   poured in and make Oklahoma a safer
                                                                                                                                                   place for motorcyclists, I believe that he
               Garry Canaday 580-763-3846
                     of OKLAHOMA                                   One of his favorite books was Candide
                                                                                                   by Voltaire. His favorite line was at the end
                                                                                                                                                   will smile down on us and say “your garden
                                                                                                                                                   looks good”.
           STATE SAFETY EDUCATION OFFICER               Sustaining Memberships                     of the book, “now let us tend to our own          With heartfelt gratitude,
                Paul Brinker 918-835-2648                                                          garden.”                                           - Callie aka Strawberry aka Gunner’s Ol Lady
                       MRF LIAISON &
              COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR                ❏ Diamond
                  Carol King 408-390-4535
                      ❏ Gold                                          Deadline for submissions to the Biker
                                                                                                                Journal is the
                   POLITICAL DIRECTOR                Lake Area Chapter 13 (7/2010)
             Holly Swinford P/F 405-329-7254         Three Sands Chapter (11/2010)

                                                                                                               1st of the month!
                       Chisholm Trail Chapter (11/2010)
                      LEGAL ADVISORS:
                Holly Hefton 405-239-7711            ❏ Silver
           Johnathan M. Sutton 918-747-9977
                                                     Leatherneck MC (3/2010)                              Submit news, photos and
                  BIKER JOURNAL EDITOR
                                                     ❏ Bronze                                                   advertising to
          Barbara Vice         Rogers County Chapter 11 (8/2010)
           129 E Broadway, Drumright OK 74030        Main Street Cafe (9/2010)
                        918-232-8709                 Naysayers Motorcycle Club
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                   Biker Journal                                                                    January 2010         ◆    5

                                                                     Tiger Tales
BY TIGER MIKE REVERE                             Motorcyclist Freedom Fighters, since            motorcyclists get killed, injured or locked      and kill others; namely, putting more teeth
President COD Chapter, ABATE of Oklahoma         these events happen successfully as the         down. The NCOM Board has been ex-                in our Jaggers’ Law! Options here could
                                                 result of all of us working together! Many      panded to include representation from the        include supporting increased fines, impos-
  Happy New Year, everybody!! I trust all        thanks to all the outriders for helping to      Sport Bike Community with a Board Liai-          ing driver license suspensions and possi-
of you an enjoyable Christmas and Holi-          keep us safe, to Ed Glendinning and Pas-        son position for the National Sport Bike         bly mandating jail time. ABATE’s Legisla-
day Season with your special family, friends     tor Pickle for their inspiring prayers and      Association, now held by Brian “Seven”           tive Agenda will be firmed up by the time
and loved ones.                                  spiritual guidance, and to the American Le-     Lawson.                                          our Legislative Breakfast kicks off, so stand
  It was gratifying to see our Riding Com-       gion Riders Post #1340 and Ladies’ Auxil-         Quite a large number of sport bike riders      by for more news next month!
munity, including so many of our ABATE           iary for the logistical support, the hot dog/   attended the conference, which was grati-
Chapters, engaged in making so many chil-        chili dog cookout, and the delicious Bake       fying to see. All in all, the stage is now set
dren happy with successful Toy Runs to           Sale goodies!                                   for one of the largest and most festive          Tiger’s Tip O’ The Month:
close out 2009.                                    Donations from the after-party are going      NCOM Conventions ever, our Silver Anni-             Well, we’re deep into Winter, whether
  Many thanks to all our ABATE Family            to the American Legion Children’s Home,         versary event slated for May 6-9, 2010 in        you like it or not! There’s nothing like a
for continuing to reach out to those less        a very worthwhile cause. Thanks also to         Orlando, Fla. Check out the NCOM                 long stretch of cold weather to expose what
fortunate and improve the Positive Image         Charley’s Last Stand and new owner Linda        Website at for a Pre-            might be wrong with your machinery, so
of Motorcycling!                                 Murphy for the tremendous hospitality and       Registration application and make plans to       be kind and patient with it. Take the time
  Now that were are entering 2010, I’m           providing the live music. I’m supremely         attend!                                          to properly warm up your bike, and send
very much looking forward to celebrating         glad for everyone’s cooperating to make           Now’s the time to plan on attending            your thick oil through the system by kick-
a new month and a new ABATE Adminis-             this a safe and enjoyable event honoring        ABATE’s annual Legislative Breakfast,            ing it through a few times (if you have a
tration at our Oklahoma S.M.I.L.E. General       the service and sacrifice of our Armed          scheduled for Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2010,          kickstart-okay, so I’m a dinosaur!).
Membership Meeting Jan. 8-9 at the Quartz        Forces members and their families.              7:30a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the State Capi-        Trickle-charge your battery occasionally
Mountain Resort in Lone Wolf.                    Thanks very much for attending, and I very      tol Fourth Floor Rotunda.                        and remember, your tire pressure gets low
  I’ll be proud to be participating as Presi-    much look forward to seeing all of you at         For going on 20 years now, we’ve invited       more quickly in Winter so check it more
dent of ABATE’s Central Oklahoma Dis-                                                            the entire Oklahoma State Legislature and        often. Also, take advantage of one of our
trict, and look forward to interacting with a                                                    their staffs to join us for breakfast, and       famous mid-Winter January thaws to wash
large number of my ABATE Family there,                                                           Sooner State politicians have turned out in      the salt off the steel (especially from un-
both old hands and new folks.                                                                    force. It’s a tremendous opportunity to get      der the fenders) and slap a coat of wax on
  As with so many of our Sister Chapters,                                                        to know your State Senators and Represen-        the paint. Take good care of your sled, and
COD is starting the New Year with a new                                                          tatives, and discuss meaningful issues with      it’ll take care of you!
slate of officers, and you can follow our                                                        them.                                               As I wrap it up for this month, I guess it’s
progress at the revamped Chapter                                                                   As you should know, ABATE will re-ad-          time to consider New Year’s Resolutions.
Website, into which our Webmaster John                                                           dress the Motorcycle Safety and Mobility         Man, that’s a tough topic to address while
Kirchen has been putting a lot of work.                                                          Act, our “Red-Light Bill”, which has been        working off the Goodbye 2009 hangover
Link to it, and to all the Chapter sites, from                                                   carried over to the 2010 Session. This bill      and hauling around the post-Holiday As the new                                                               covers motorcyclists whose bikes don’t trig-     weight gain!
COD President, I’m excited about working                                                         ger the light to turn green at controlled           With the State Legislative Session start-
with both our new ABATE State Officers                                                           intersections.                                   ing soon, we’ll continue to have important
and fellow Chapter Presidents at our up-                                                           They’ll be allowed to ride through after       issues to tackle.
coming Chapter President Symposium                                                               stopping and determining it safe to pro-            There’s still a lot of political game-play-
scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 9 in Oklahoma                                                        ceed. Biker deaths and injuries have been        ing going on (THAT’S a news flash!) and
City.                                            ABATE’s Memorial Day Bike Parade in             reduced in several states where this has         we in ABATE have to keep learning to play
  A significant number of our Motorcycling       May, 2010. You’ll be able to recognize          been passed.                                     the game more effectively if we’re going
Community enjoyed a Happy Veterans               me—I’ll be the bearded, smiling fat guy           Our Rider Safety, Education and Aware-         to continue to be a force for good in
Day, and to my fellow Veterans, thank you        astride Orca, my big, white Road King!          ness omnibus bill has also been carried over     Oklahoma’s motorcycling community.
for your service, and welcome mome!! To            I was able to make the NCOM Semi-An-          to the 2010 Session, and ABATE and the           Politics, by definition, addresses the skill
expand on what I mentioned last month, I         nual Board Meeting and Regional Confer-         OK Confederation Of Clubs (with nearly           of acquiring and utilizing power.
want to express my heartfelt appreciation        ence Nov. 13-15 in Philadelphia, PA, where      70 member groups now!) have been work-              By becoming more active participants in
for your support in attending our success-       over 300 motorcyclists took part in the         ing together to sign up thousands of mo-         all levels of government through register-
ful 13th Annual ABATE Veterans’ Day Run          seminars.                                       torcycle owners supporting these pro-            ing and voting, communicating with legisla-
to the Oklahoma Veterans’ Memorial Park.           Following the morning’s NCOM Board            grams in advance of an Interim Study au-         tors, attending events like our Legislative
The last bike count we came up with was          Session, the afternoon Conference con-          thorized by the Legislature.                     Breakfast, and following the lead of the
485 motorcycles and trikes, not counting         sisted of a number of valuable and informa-       With Suzette Northcutt-Rhodes working          politically astute in our organization like our
cages.                                           tive presentations on Biker Freedom-re-         as our lobbyist again, and a number of dedi-     Legislative Committee members, we’ll
  With many bikers riding two-up, we had         lated topics, such as Freedom of the Road       cated ABATE Members backing her up,              wield a greater degree of power as a spe-
well over 500 members of Oklahoma’s              throughout the Nation, and Legal Issues         ABATE is optimistic that some valuable           cial interest group of Oklahoma Citizens.
Riding Family participate, and we continue       such as Noise Abatement, Insurance Cov-         legislation will be passed this year as we          I’ve emphasized in the past that the “B”
to provide the largest number of support-        erage, and interacting with Law Enforce-        continue to improve Motorcycling Quality         in ABATE stands for Brotherhood, but we
ers for the Veterans’ Day ceremonies. A          ment.                                           of Life in our state.                            can’t forget that the “E” stands for Educa-
number of riders even showed up after at-          The Regional Confederation of Clubs             Other issues ABATE might look at in-           tion.
tending Veterans’ Day Services at the 45th       Meeting and Christian Unity Conference          clude a bill increasing penalties for those         Not only do we need to promote educa-
Infantry Division Museum as well.                were also well-attended, with a lot of pro-     causing death or injury while Driving Dis-       tion for our elected officials as to the needs
  The event was highlighted by a change          ductive crosstalk, and Gimme Jimmy was          tracted.                                         of the motorcycling public, but also to make
in the Parade Route, where the long line of      there to present the Defenders’ Program.          We could also pursue a Right to Repair         ourselves smarter regarding the system
motorcycles proceeded down the Avenue            Incidentally, our recent successful Call to     Law on the State level, which would make         that’s supposed to be working for us, the
of Flags in front of the Oklahoma VA Medi-       Action regarding Federal-level Right To         the same computer diagnostic information,        American people.
cal Center to benefit a number of apprecia-      Repair Legislation constituted a Nationwide     tools and training available to independent         I consider that a part of becoming a more
tive patients. The heartfelt services at the     test and fine-tuning of the Program.            repair shops and vehicle owners that cur-        involved citizen, and getting a larger return
Memorial Park were conducted by the                NCOM is very interested to hear more          rently is only afforded to those under the       on our considerable investment of tax dol-
Paralyzed Veterans of America, and Okla-         about the Strategic Alliance Program pio-       dealership umbrella.                             lars and service to our country. I intend to
homa Lt. Governor Jari Askins was the            neered by our own Oklahoma Confedera-             Our newly-formed Defenders Program             play a more active role in that regard, so
Keynote Speaker.                                 tion.                                           already responded to a Nationwide Call to        that’s my major New Year’s Resolution for
  After her speech, I was completely               This Alliance of Spiritual groups, Clean      Action to urge passage of this type of legis-    2010.
floored by her presenting me with an Okla-       and Sober Clubs, and community service-         lation on the Federal level. We also might          Well, that’ll do it for my first Tiger Tales
homa State Flag on behalf of the Oklahoma        oriented riders such as the Downed Bik-         need to again pursue in the future Equal         as a “Private Citizen” since October of
Veterans Council.                                ers Association, is designed to function as     Access Legislation eliminating Anti-Biker        1999.
  It was a complete surprise, and I have to      a quick-response force to support the           Discrimination, and legislation increasing          Keep It On The Black Strip Between The
accept it on behalf of all our Veterans and      Riding Community during incidents where         penalties for negligent drivers who hurt         Trees, Tiger Mike
6   ◆   January 2010                                                                Biker Journal                                                               ABATE of Oklahoma

The Twentieth Anniversary of ABATE of Oklahoma     That is a clear indication that ABATE has
State Coordinator, ABATE of Oklahoma             been doing some great things. With all of
                                                 these new members I would love to see
  It is humbling to think that the member-       many of you step up and volunteer to take
ship of this outstanding organization has        on some new responsibilities.
chosen me to lead them in this the twenti-         There are always many things that can
eth year.                                        be done to help make ABATE a stronger
  I can tell you that as I accept the chal-      organization. The easiest way to get in-
lenge, I understand the                                          volved is at the annual state
daunting task at hand.                                           membership meeting Jan. 8
  It has taken an unbeliev-                                      and 9 at the Quartz Moun-
able amount of time, effort                                      tain Lodge, in Lone Wolf,
and energy from untold                                           Okla.
numbers of folks that can’t                                         This year we are calling
be thanked enough.                                               the meeting the Oklahoma
  Without the foresight of                                       S.M.I.L.E. for State Motor-
those that came before we                                        cyclists Improving Legisla-
would not be enjoying                                            tive Effectiveness. We will
ABATE of Oklahoma as it                                          have the Senate Majority
is today. For that you can’t                                     Leader, Senator Todd Lamb
be thanked enough.                                               as our featured guest
  We have fought the good fight and pro-         speaker. There will also be some training
tected motorcyclists rights and freedoms         and a town hall style of meeting with your
in this great state, and we have some of         ABATE of OK state board.
the best folks in the nation at our side help-     A banquet and awards ceremony, are also
ing us to continue the fight.                    in the works along with a hospitality room
  I truly hope that in this my first term as     with dj and karaoke.
State Coordinator I can hold up my end and         This is a golden opportunity to get to
make those that came before proud.               know your ABATE family a lil better and to
  The ground work was laid long ago and          learn how you can help ABATE make this
many great strides have been made, now it        the best state to be a motorcyclist in.
is our turn to keep up the pace.                   I look forward to meeting many new
  In the past couple of years our member-        Brothers and Sisters as we start a new year
ship has more than tripled and almost qua-       and a new chapter for ABATE of Okla-
drupled!                                         homa.                                                    Garry “2R” Canaday, the new State Coordinator, ABATE of Oklahoma.

                                                                                                 2010 OKC Motorcycle
                                                                                                       Swap Meet Schedule
                                                                                                 ❍ January 17 - Fairgrounds, Okahoma City
                                                                                                 ❍ February 20 & 21 - Motorcycle Show, Fairgrounds, OKC
                                                                                                 ❍ March 28 - Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
                                                                                                 ❍ May 2 - Admiral Twin, Tulsa
                                                                                                 ❍ June 13 - Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
                                                                                                 ❍ July 11 - Admiral Twin, Tulsa
                                                                                                 ❍ August 15 - Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
                                                                                                 ❍ September 12 - Admiral Twin, Tulsa
                                                                                                 ❍ October 17 - Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City
                                                                                                 ❍ December 5 - Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City

                                                                                                       OUR 39TH YEAR
                                                                                                   Promoting Motorcycle Events
                                                                                                           Jeff Williams Pro. Inc
                                                                                                        P.O. Box 543
                                                                                                   Blue Springs, MO 64013
                                                                                                       (816) 228-5811
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                   Biker Journal                                                                    January 2010         ◆    7

        What’s Christmas without the cranberries?
                                                   **** A Christmas Story ****
BY RAY-MAN                                        Many a Christmas has passed since              rights as a farmer. I’m sure the same could      our motorcycle lifestyle and motorcycle
President Great Plains Chapter                  those early days of biker freedom. I often       be said for welders, mechanics and so on.        issues.
                                                reflect on the goodness of the brothers            But I’m a biker, so my fight for                 What’s that? Oh, my Christmas meal I
  Perception is a strange thing. It’s usually   and sisters in our club including the            motorcycle rights is my just cause for the       prepared. Well let me tell you, that meal
based on the knowledge we have at the           wrongful perception that one of us men           preservation of liberty and freedom on two       was an incredible display of culinary art on
time a perception is made.                      couldn’t prepare a traditional Christmas         wheels. Let’s face it, a just cause cannot       behalf of all of the women in our club. Most
  Back in the 80’s, way before I met the        dish.                                            be justly served with an ignorant mind so        of us men spent our time in the garage
Tooth Fairy, I was serving as the VP for          It’s easy to form a wrongful perception        education is one of the keys to the              playing pool or some other activity bikers
the Southern Star Riders, M/C. We were          especially when it’s formed due to a lack        effectiveness of good representation.            enjoy as we were banished from the
an odd collection of both civilian and          of information. My perceptions today are           In my opinion there is no better place to      kitchen and dining room until our feast was
military bikers who gave each other a lot       that freedom of speech seems to have             get educated and participate to effect           completely prepared and ready to be
of mutual support during times of difficulty    taken a back seat to political correctness       change for motorcycle rights than in             devoured.
such as deployments, field exercises and        and the second amendment that gives us           A.B.A.T.E. of Oklahoma, A Brotherhood              Once we were called in, immediately the
reassignments.                                                                                   Aimed Toward Education.                          aroma of fine food filled our nostrils with
  I’m proud to say that I rode near and far                                                        On Jan. 10, 2009, The Great Plains             the smells of heavenly delights and our
with these brothers and sisters. They were         What’s that? Oh, my                           Chapter will host the A.B.A.T.E. of              stomachs rumbled as we were hungry for
a great family that stuck close together                                                         Oklahoma S.M.I.L.E. (State Motorcyclist          the feast to begin. Each and every one of
especially during the Christmas holidays.       Christmas meal I prepared.                       Improving Legislative Effectiveness). This       us stood around the table hand in hand as
Each and every year we made the time to          Well let me tell you, that                      event will be held at the Quartz Mountain        prayers of appreciation and gratitude were
celebrate Christmas together, complete                                                           Lodge in beautiful southwest Oklahoma.           offered up through Christ to the Father.
with red ribbons and bows and all the
                                                meal was incredible display                      I’m sure you can find the flyer in this issue.     With the last amen, we were ready to
decorations that go with Christmas. While       of culinary art on behalf of                       The point I want to make is that attending     DIVE IN! All of a sudden Spunky said; “Ray-
the men were in charge of setting up the          the women in our club.                         the SMILE is the best way to start your          Man, where’s your dish? You were
Christmas tree, lights and other                                                                 year of freedom fighting with A.B.A.T.E.         supposed to bring one.” All eyes turned
decorations, it was the women of the club                                                        Come meet all of the new state officers.         toward me as the comment seemed to
that planned, prepared, and served the          the right to bear arms has become so             Talk to any of them and you will rapidly         reinforce the women’s perception that a
Christmas feast.                                conditional and restrictive for an honest        become aware of the high level of                man couldn’t prepare a proper Christmas
  One day as Stick and I were moving in a       man that only the criminals dare to carry        determination and dedication each of them        dish for this fine meal.
new refrigerator, which incidentally was        firearms.                                        posses in the service of our mutual and            Without hesitation I piped right up and
much bigger that the old one, I overheard         Freedom of religion has turned stores          just cause. Come prepare yourself in the         proudly announced that it was in the
the women talking about the meals they          and malls into places where they say             fight for motorcycling freedom.                  saddlebags of my 1950 Panhead parked
were preparing.                                 “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merr y                I’m not kidding, the A.B.A.T.E. of             outside. With surprising and curious looks
  Glazed ham with pineapple, pumpkin pie        Christmas” and watching a police officer         Oklahoma legislative breakfast at the            on their faces they all followed me to the
with homemade ice cream and lots of cool        go through my saddle bags during a               Oklahoma state capitol is coming up this         door as I strode out to “Old Faithful” who
whip, green beans with bacon, homemade          “motorcycle safety inspection” seems to          February and when the time comes on              was parked along the curb among many
mashed potatoes, and so the list went on.       be a true violation of the 4th amendment         that day for you to talk to your legislator      newer bikes that were ridden by younger
  I piped up and said “Hey, I can make a        which is protection from unreasonable            “one on one” about motorcycling                  men.
dish for Christmas?”                            search and seizure.                              legislation, like the “Red Light Bill” or the      As I began rummaging through my
  Some of the women began to chuckle as           My perceptions of my elected officials         “Motorcycling Safety and Awareness Bill”         saddlebags, I loudly announced “It’s in here
others began to laugh out loud, but one of      protecting my constitutional rights have         now known as “Gunner’s Bill”, you will be        somewhere.” MMMmmm, crescent
the women remembered that my wife was           begun to dim. Right or Wrong, I can tell         armed with the facts to represent not only       wrench, quart of oil, and then I grabbed it,
absent; she had died of cancer that year.       you when I stopped taking my liberty and         yourself but the motorcycling community          the one thing that the women missed on
So with compassion in their hearts and a        freedom for granted. It was the day I began      around us.                                       their list of culinary delights! My great
puzzling look in their eyes they gladly         to take my voice, my actions and my vote           If you’ve been a side line member or if        Christmas dish that would save the
accepted my of fer but placed no                seriously!                                       you’re a new member, heck, if you are not        Christmas meal!
importance on what I would bring and their        If I were a farmer, all of the laws proposed   a member and just want to come down for            I brought in a can of cranberry sauce,
expectations were, to say at least, minimal!    or passed and programs developed that            the education, please come! Because after        opened it up and put it on a saucer then
It was easy to tell by the expressions on       affect my lifestyle as a farmer would be of      all, it is our responsibility to represent       laid it on the table. Hey, I slaved over it all
their faces what their perceptions were of      interest to me. I would probably be involved     ourselves clearly so we will prevent our         day!
a Christmas dish that Ray-Man would             with some organization whose purpose             fellow motorcyclists and our legislators           Besides, what’s Christmas without the
prepare.                                        and responsibility is to look out after my       from getting the wrong perception about          cranberries?

                                                                                                      2024 Main Street, Woodward, OK 73801
8   ◆   January 2010   Biker Journal   ABATE of Oklahoma
ABATE of Oklahoma   Biker Journal                                                                      January 2010   ◆   9

                          OKLAHOMA BIKERS AT PLAY
                          Top, many ABATE of Oklahoma members attended the M.I.L.E. recently. Above, left,
                          Turtle, X-Man and Ken share a hotdog. Above, right, Joker receives the RAT Bike Trophy.
                          At left, Paulie and his girlfriend win the No Hands Banana Peel from Paul Brinker and
                          Carole King and below, Staz enjoys the show.
10   ◆   January 2010                                                                Biker Journal                                                                    ABATE of Oklahoma

Chapter Meetings Adjourned
Muskogee Chapter                                   This challenge has been issued. We, the        making sure those children are not left out
  A very special person told me the chap-        Muskogee ABATE Chapter, have donated             in the spirit of Christmas. A motion was
ter meeting minutes should really be about       $500 to the Gunner’s Fund. We challenge          made to donate $250 to this fund, which
what the chapters did that month. For ex-        EACH chapter in Oklahoma to match this           was passed.
ample, how many combined miles did your          donation.                                          Bob Drake gave a short report on the
chapter travel or what events did you go to        And please, when the fervor wears off          Learning Seminar at Emporia, Kan. A hand-
or, even better, how many times did you          do not forget about this important fund and      out was offered on the proper hand sig-
meet up with your ABATE brothers and             the good it has the potential to do.             nals that everyone should know, if you
sisters to hang out and what did you do?           Minutes by: Chrissy Kennedy                    didn’t receive one and would like to have
  A brief description of our meeting would       NW Oklahoma ABATE 69                             one , they are available in the ABATE of-
go something like this: We met, we grieved,        Our November meeting was held Nov.             fice.
we rejoiced, we set our goals for 2010, we       8,2009, at the shop beside the ABATE               Events discussed at the meeting and a         for.
planned a party (as our lost brother would       Office. We had 43 members present and 4          few side notes on the ones that have oc-          Nov. 22— The Float for the annual Wood-
have wanted us to do). We also, like our         guests (a few of our guests did slide on         curred at this time—                            ward Christmas Parade
fellow ABATE chapters, worked some               signing in so I know there was more than           Nov. 21— The Johnson family fundraiser          Thank you to all who showed up to take
more on our Toy Run details.                     4). Among our guests were 3 representa-          at Buddy’s Bar.                                 part. Putting these toys together and deco-
  Here’s what that special person would          tives of our local Faith Riders Chapter,           At the time of discussion of this benefit,    rating the float gave all of us good fellow-
have wanted to read. Our chapter rode            these gentlemen will be joining us in some       Lee Jackson made the motion to donate           ship time and pride in the awesome job
proudly in the Muskogee Veterans Day             of our efforts to help the community and         $500 to this fund on behalf of ABATE 69,        done. For those that could not attend, thank
Parade on Nov. 7, 2009. We held vigil over       joining us on some of our rides.                 motion was seconded at that time.               you for helping in raising the funds that
our fallen brother and shared his last ride.       Financial report was given by Lynn, fol-         The fundraiser was an awesome suc-            were donated for this purchase. We will
Per his most verbal requests we became a         lowed by the State Report given by AJ            cess!! A very heartfelt “Thank You” goes        make lots of happy children in a time when
more close knit ABATE family, our great-         White. At this time, we were all informed        out to Bob, Debbie, Steve and Duana for         the economy needs help. I overheard that
est happiness in a time of loss. We rode in      of the passing of “Gunner”, president of         heading that fund drive.                        the number of hands helping had ex-
the Indian Nation BACA Toy Run. We met           the Muskogee chapter. Gene Karns of the            To everyone who has donated items,            ceeded previous years, very nice of all of
up and went out to eat and us ladies, well,      CMA was kind enough to offer a prayer            money, clothing and your prayers, you are       you.
we had a jewelry party. Finally, we made         for “Gunner” and his family at this time.        all included in this “Thank You” from the         The parade is scheduled for Dec. 3 this
plans to attend the Rogers County, Lakes         Bob Drake mentioned when the funeral             Johnson family. Thanks to all involved, an      year, on a Thursday evening. We would like
Area and Tulsa Toy Runs.                         was to be and that everyone that could go        amount of $4300 has been raised to help         to see lots of you turn out to ride in the
  The most important thing that I want to        down to attend would be appreciated.             get the necessary down payment and hook-        parade, whether it be on your bike or on
communicate is we will continue our                Two of our guests were from the                up fees for the Johnson family to once again    the float.
brother’s dream of a Safety Course in            Easyriders of Watonga. They came to in-          have a home.
Muskogee and his ardent passion for Mo-          vite us to ride in their Polar Bear Run, which     The kindness you have shown will never
torcyclists’ freedom and rights.                 raises funds for their local Foster services,    be forgotten by those that this was all done        See CHAPTER MEETINGS, next page

 CENTRAL OKLAHOMA DISTRICT                                                                                                                        Meets 3rd Saturday, 1 p.m. @ Big Rick’s
 PO Box 96113, Oklahoma City, OK 73143                                                                                                            Brews & Stews, 1 mi. east of I-35, off Exit 66,
 Meets 2nd Thursday, 7 p.m. @Skyline                                                                                                              Wynnewood
                                                                                                                                                  President: Darren Barbour

 Restaurant-1631 S. E. 15th Street                                                                                                                           Chapter Rep: F. A. Copeland 580-465-2889
 President: Jon Kirchen 405-205-7148                                                                                                              Alt. Rep: Larry Killebrew 405-238-0305
 Chapter Rep: Sharon Taylor                                                                                                                       SUNSET CHAPTER
 E-mail:                                                                      Who’s who in                                      PO Box 1152, El Reno, OK 73036
 Alt. Rep: Jim Frazier
                                                                                                    Oklahoma                                      Meets 2nd Thursday, 7:30 p.m. @ VFW Hall,
                                                                                                                                                  Hwy. 81 North
                                                                                             ABATE Chapters,                                      www.myspace/sunsetabate
 CHISHOLM TRAIL 412 CHAPTER                                                                  when they meet ,                                     President: Mike Lander 405-265-0339
 PO Box 3841, Enid, OK 73702
 Meets 2nd Sunday, 6 p.m., American Legion
                                                                                        and how to reach them                                     Chapter Rep: Gary Bradley 405-278-1682
 Post, 121 W. Oak in Enid                                                                                                                         E-mail:
 President: Frank Dods 580-977-4951                                                                                                               Alternate Rep: DeDe Henderson
 E-mail:              LAWTON DISTRICT #3 CHAPTER                       NW #69 CHAPTER
 Chapter Rep: Craig Robertson 580-234-8156                                                                                                        THREE SANDS CHAPTER
                                                 4702 N. State Hwy. 65, Elgin, OK 73538           P. O. Box 2783, Woodward, OK 73802              PO Box 81, Ponca City, OK 74602
 E-mail:                  Meets 3rd Sunday, 3:30 p.m., @ VFW on E.         Meetgs 2nd Sunday (call for location)           Meetings: Call for location & time.
                                                 Gore Blvd.                                       President: Bob Drake 580-571-2258               President: Charles Criner
 GREAT PLAINS CHAPTER                            President: Cleo Williams 580-353-2431            Chapter Rep: A. J. White 580-334-1635           Chapter Rep: Charles Criner 580-363-0321
 413 N. Hightower, Altus, OK 73521               Vice President: Karl Keough 580-647-0736                        E-mail:
 Meets 3rd Thursday, 7 p.m., call for location   Chapter Rep: “Pops” Walsh                                                                        Alt. Rep: Mike Laughlin
 President: Ray Heiskell (Ray-Man)                           ROGERS COUNTY CHAPTER
 405-823-3878 E-mail:                                                         P. O. Box 136, Foyil, OK 74031                  TULSA CHAPTER
 Chapter Rep: Paul Champagne                     MUSKOGEE CHAPTER                                 Meets 3rd Friday, 7:30 p.m. @ VFW - 1717 W.     PO Box 582078, Tulsa, OK 74158-2078
 E-mail:                   PO Box 472, Muskogee, OK 74402                   Dupont                                          Fax: 918-835-8352
 580-318-4365                                    Meets 3rd Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. @ Cowboys         President: Booger John 918-341-2833             Meets last Thursday of month, 7 p.m. @ Akdar
                                                 BBQ, 401 N. York, Muskogee                       E-mail:                      Shrine Temple, 2808 S. Sheridan
 LAKES AREA CHAPTER 13                                   Chapter Rep: James Parmley 918-341-1683
 110 N. Whitaker St. Pryor, OK 74361             President: Bernie Williams 918-683-5733          E-mail:              President: Lee McArdle 918-282-1000
 Meets 3rd Friday, 7 p.m. @ American Legion      E-mail:                             Chapter Rep: John Pierce 918-371-2410
 on West Hwy. 20, Pryor, OK 74361                Chapter Rep: Gunner 918-232-1211                 Youth Coordinator: Denny Rollins 918-698-5477   E-mail:
 President: Kevin Anderson                       Email:                     E-mail:              Alternate Rep: Carol King 918-746-4903
 Chapter Rep: Brian Witt 918-864-0557            Alt. Rep: Switch 405-532-6209                                                                    E-mail:
 Alt. Rep: Becky Wingard                         E-mail:              SOUTH CENTRAL CHAPTER
                                                                                                  400 E. Lindsay, Elmore City, OK 73433           [Please submit changes or corrections to
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                     Biker Journal                                                                         January 2010   ◆   11
Chapter Meetings (continued from page 10)
  Dec 12— The ANNUAL ABATE                      lists.                                             chased a ham from Roberson’s in Marietta            eral Membership meeting to order at 7:30
CHRISTMAS PARTY!!                                  Until next time….(that is if Debbie still       to donate to the auction at Emporia and             p.m on Nov. 12, 2009.
  We are using the facilities of NW Inn this    wants me to do this), TAMMY                        the ham went for $65. Bob purchased this              Wishbone opened the meeting with the
year. It will be a catered dinner beginning     South Central Chapter                              ham from his own pocket money. Thanks               pledge of allegiance.
at 5:00 pm in one of their banquet rooms          By Eric “tourguide”, SCC Secretary               were given to Bobcat.                                 We had 35 members present including
and is also our December Meeting. We are          2009 Was a good year for the South Cen-             Kudos were given to VP Randy Jones for           our newest members Glenn & Garnett
also doing the dirty Santa again this year      tral Chapter and hopefully, 2010 will be           finally getting our patches to us after 10          Thurman from Yukon. We had visitors
for all those who wish to participate. The      better. Our first year of growing pains is         months of talk.                                     Jesse & Laura Schmidt from Minco. Blue
more the merrier.                               behind us now and we are ready to make a              Cost for our legislative liaison is $9000        Star Moms Barbara & Pat were visiting from
     This will be our electoral meeting of      name for ourselves. The south central part         per year.                                           Tulsa.
the year. After the meeting, enjoy dinner,      of Oklahoma will be hearing a lot about the           Chapter donated $100 to Gunner’s fund              Secretary Report: Gator said the min-
good company, a little dirty Santa, 50/50       South Central Chapter of ABATE of Okla-            which is going to be earmarked for rider            utes were e-mailed; and there are copies
tickets are being sold as well, and I am sure   homa in the future.                                education and safety.                               on the table. Dede made the motion to dis-
there will be more going on than I list. Just     The new officers will take over on Jan. 1,          Old business discussed was concerning            pense with the reading of the minutes and
come have fun.                                  2010. We would like to thank the 2009 Of-          patches. President Tony Brister was asked           Ellen seconded the motion. Motion car-
  Feb. 20— The Annual CHILI COOK-OFF            ficers for getting us this far and we will trea-   to return money back to the members that            ried. John & Bill opposed.
  (makes a person break a sweat on their        sure their wisdom and guidance in the fu-          had already paid for patches. The new                 Treasurer: Vicki read the treasurer re-
brow thinking of some of that chili, can you    ture.                                              patches were shown to the members and               port for Sunset and Carry the Flame. Dede
say “Where’s the ice cream?”)                     The November election meeting held at            were available for purchase after the meet-         made the motion to accept the treasure’s
  The motion was made and passed to once        Rick’s Stews and Brews had the greatest            ing.                                                report. Nancy seconded the motion. Mo-
again hold the cook-off at the Woodward         number of members present since our                   All by laws changes were accepted with           tion carried. John & Loner opposed.
Moose Lodge. Last year was a good suc-          beginning. This great turnout shows the            the exception of the re-adoption of 1.9 that          Chapter Representative: Gary said that
cess, so, we thought we would try it again.     concern for the future of this chapter. In         required “a quorum of 1/3 of active mem-            as you know Tiger Mike didn’t run for State
Wal-Mart has already pledged to donate          the last three months, we have gained ap-          bers must be present before a meeting can           Coordinator this year and was going to stop
towards the funds that will be raised there.    proximately 15 new members.                        be called.                                          writing “Tiger Tales” but after a long talk
I will be relaying information as soon as I       The meeting was called to order by the              There was an addition to the by laws             with him Ray-man and I convinced him to
get it from the head officers. Everyone         Sergeant at Arms at approximately 1:12 pm          which removed the Executive board meet-             continue writing it. Everyone does read it
break out your chili recipes and see if we      with all officers present minus the Trea-          ings and changed to an “as needed basis”.           not only ABATE members. At this year’s
can break a record for entries this year. If    surer. Treasurer report given by VP Randy          All changes were voted on by the mem-               MRF Garry Canaday got ABATE recog-
not, join a few of us fools that keep the       Jones stating we have money in the bank.           bership and accepted.                               nized. Party on the Plains made $3430 and
companies that make Rolaids, Tums,              A few checks to the state had not cleared             New business consisted of officer elec-          got 66 new members. The Legislative
Prilosec and Zantac making their money,         by meeting date but once cleared, we would         tions. The attendance list was checked              Breakfast will be on Wednesday this year,
or just join in the fun. The auctions are al-   still have in excess of $1,000 available.          against the membership roster and ballots           mark your calendars for Feb. 10. The Presi-
ways very interesting and lots of games         Treasurer’s report was approved.                   were handed out to all current members in           dents’ Summit will be Dec. 5 for past &
and good fun to be had.                           Minutes for the October meeting were             attendance. Everyone had a chance to                present presidents. No location has been
  For those who may have missed the             read by the secretary and were accepted            speak in their behalf or on the behalf of           set yet. The state is selling T-Shirts, they
messages and the last meeting, “Pa              unanimously.                                       another candidate before the ballots were           have all sizes, they have to be pre-paid &
Patches” was laid to rest Monday, Nov. 23.        Webmaster has agreed to turn over                cast. The polls were held open until 2:30 to        turned in this Saturday they are only $12.
Please keep “Ma Patches” and the rest of        power to update the webpage to a mem-              accommodate any late comers. After votes              This year the Annual Membership Meet-
his family in your prayers. Thank you to        ber since he will not be available to make         were counted by the Secretary and the               ing will be called Oklahoma SMILE, and
those who had a chance to ride escort in        changes as needed. Webmaster has still             Vice President, the results are below.              will be Jan. 8-10 at Quartz Mountain. Call
his memory to the cemetery, it is deeply        not turned over control of website which              President-Darren Barbour, Vice Presi-            and reserve your rooms now before the
appreciated by those of us that couldn’t go     has not been updated in the last 4 months.         dent-Randy Jones, Secretary-Eric Gage,              17th and you’ll get them for $59 vs. $109 a
on such short notice. Also, keep Sarge of         State Rep’s report was given by FA               Treasurer-Coelene Guinn, Sergeant At                night.
the VNV in your prayers, as well as his         Copeland.                                          Arms-Jim McLain. There were no “write                 We have lost ABATE member Bob “Gun-
wife who needs our strength through the           Some of these issues are as follows:             in” candidates.                                     ner” Catcher. Keep his family in your
journey they have with his medical prob-          We were told about the STATE ABATE                  General discussion concerned the                 thoughts and prayers, and pray that his wife
lems at this time.                              Meeting which will be held Jan. 8-9-10 of          Christmas Party to be held Dec. 13 at 1             will have the strength to continue as our
  If you want to be added to the text/email     2010 at Quartz Mountain Lodge and we               pm at Ricks.                                        State Treasurer.
notice list please do one or both of the fol-   urge all members to make this meeting if              Everyone is asked to bring 2 canned                Vice President: Racket said he and three
lowing (This will help cut down the costs of    possible. It should be very informative. We        goods to be donated to a local food bank.           other members rode the Poker Run with
our monthly mailing expenses): Send an          discussed the chapter helping with gas etc.        All members were asked to bring a gag gift          NW 69 & Chisholm Trail 412, and what a
email to or       for members wanting to go to the state             if they wanted to participate in the “Pink          great meal they fed us (chicken fried steak
Text to 580-216-2276. When you send your        meeting but having financial trouble.              Elephant” present exchange.                         & chocolate cream pie). Racket said at the
email address or phone number please be           State Rep’s report was held short to al-            Meeting was adjourned at approximately           last minute he decided to go to the Mid-
sure to include your name. The text remind-     low time for the elections but it was              2:55 pm.                                            South Mile, big push to get more Rider Ed
ers are a very nice way to make sure to         stressed that we need lots of participation        Sunset Chapter                                      Classes thru ABATE. 30th Annual Tulsa
remember things, and especially, when           at the State Meeting in Jan. It was also men-        President Mike “Wishbone” Lander
there are last minute add-ins to our activity   tioned that Bob (Bobcat) Miller had pur-           called the Sunset Chapter of ABATE Gen-                  See CHAPTER MEETINGS, next page

                                                                                                    MAIN STREET CAFE     “If you leave here hungry, it ain’t our fault!”

                                                                                                                                      10% Biker Discount
               KURT WAGES
                                                                                                                                    On a homecooked meal when you mention
                                                                                                                                          this ad in the Biker Journal.

 1216 NW 3rd Street                                                  405-232-3557
 Oklahoma City, OK 73106                                         FAX 405-232-3559
                                                                                                                         115 West Main, Billings, OK 74630 • (580) 725-9309
                       email:                                                                     Summer Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11 -2, 5-9 • Sunday 11-2
12    ◆   January 2010                                                                                  Biker Journal                                                                                  ABATE of Oklahoma

Chapter Meetings (continued from page 11)
  ABATE Toy Run Dec 12th. Dec 3rd El                         Mike will you please stand up and accept                     You card sent from the schools.                               Blue Star Moms will have a booth at the
Reno Christmas Parade. If Craig is going                     this award on behalf of “Sunset ABATE for                      Yesterday was the Veterans Day ride to                    19th Annual Honey Festival in Minco on
to be the Grinch we can all be his snowmen                   your support and patriotism of the US Mili-                  the Capital; Wishbone, Racket and Sarge                     Dec. 5 downtown at the Old Armory; Fes-
behind him. (Steve has a bunch of white                      tary Troops & Veterans. We thank you                         rode down and there were 485 bikes and a                    tival kicks off about 9ish.
paper suits.)                                                from the bottom of our hearts for all that                   lot of those had two up. We had a beautiful                   2010 Sunset E-Board
  Newsletter: No report. The newsletter                      you have done and continue to do for the                     day! We rode thru the VA Center. The Lt.                      Secretary – Teacher – Nancy Salsman
has been emailed.                                            Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc. Okla-                     Gov. spoke.                                                   Treasurer – Lawndart - Vicki Penix
  Web & Merchandise Report: Kelley re-                       homa Chapter 1.” They also presented a                         Don’t forget the Christmas Parade Dec                       Vice President – Racket - Steve Seely
ported that there are 850 people on the                      plaque to the VFW; Bill “Moondog” ac-                        3, meet at the VFW at 5pm and leave at                        President – Wishbone - Mike Lander
Buddy List, Nov. 28 Enid is having a Toy                     cepted the plaque.                                           5:15.                                                         Loner said he has all the ballets if any-
Run at 10 am. Kelley also said there is a                       Barbara said Bill puts in long hours and                    NEW BUSINESS                                              one has any questions they can look, the
picture of Gunner as a memorial on our                       lots of time at the VFW. Everyone stood                        Sarge made the motion for Nominations                     only question was on Nancy and it was that
web site.                                                    and clapped for both the chapter and the                     to be reopened. Speedy seconded the                         her name wasn’t circled.
  Carry the Flame: Linda reported that                       VFW.                                                         motion and wanted to tell us why he                           Racket said here are a few things we did
they had a board meeting a week ago. The                        Safety Officer: No Report                                 thought maybe people might have had                         this year; Legislative Breakfast, Lincoln
T-shirt design this year is done Rodney                         Dinner Ride: Dinner ride was to Chicken-                  time to think about it and may want to run                  School, Trash Pickup, Burger Day, Carry
Sharp, he’s a Native American Artist from                    n-Chops; we had 9 come and we had really                     now. Motion carried.                                        the Flame, Moving Wall, Sleep Over, Mem-
Yukon. I will bring it to the next meeting.                  nice weather.                                                  You must be a member for a minimum of                     bership Poker Run, Lincoln/Webster
We have all our ducks in a row. Pat will be                     OLD BUSINESS                                              60 days before you can vote, so a member                    School, Mid South Mile, Veterans Day
taking over as our Route Coordinator. This                      Recap-Mid-South Mile: At the last minute                  as of Sept 12. BA – Ellen, Sarge at Arms                    Ride, Dinner Rides from March thru Octo-
year is even more important with the loss                    Racket went to the Mid-South Mile, there                     Loner will count the ballets and Linda Elkins               ber. I’m sure I missed something. If there
of even more boys & girl. Carry the Flame                    are a lot of things going on in the country,                 will witness it.                                            are things you want to do let us know, you
is a 5013C. Carr y the Flame donated                         the biggest things in our area are in Mis-                     Our Christmas Party will be Dec. 10 we                    can’t just say you want to do things and
$13,000 to Camp Purple last year. There is                   souri there are loop holes in the insurance                  will have a potluck dinner and a Dirty Santa                then never show up or setup.
a camp in Oklahoma near Turner Falls; we                     which they can hold you up to 75% liable                     with a $20 minimum. We will have a Silent                     Carrie McMullen had the lucky ticket in
have been invited to go there to see the                     because you are riding a motorcycle. Big                     Auction, please bring your slightly used                    the 50/50, which was worth $45. Sarge
kids and maybe we can all go as a group.                     push for Riders Ed for ABATE groups,                         items, new items, or create a goodie bas-                   wanted to take a group picture while we
We need sponsors for this year’s shirt,                      Congress is tr ying for a “CASH for                          ket, etc.…. money raised for ABATE. We                      had a good group here.
spots are $250. We do have one pre-sold.                     Clunkers” program, Boston Noise Ordi-                        are also collecting warm coats, gloves, hats                  Speedy made a motion to adjourn the
There is a great video on                                    nates (NO EPA sticker on your bike $300.                     and scarves to take to the missions, so here                meeting, J.W. seconded the motion. Mo- Ellen said a spe-                      Fine riding or parked, that didn’t last long)                is your chance to clear out those coats that                tion carried. Meeting was adjourned at
cial thank you to Bill for all his past designs              Speeders in Germany (cut down to 500cc),                     you have outgrown. “Winter clothing                         8:58pm.
on all the years designs of shirts that he                   Global-Theo the cheese slicers (they got                     men’s and women’s”                                            Respectfully Submitted by;
has done. Everyone agreed and stood and                      rid of those),                                                 Vicki has Chapter Patches and Boiling                       Terri Lander, Gator Secretary Sunset
clapped. There are about 74 shirts from                         Recap-Lincoln School Ride: Nancy re-                      Springs patches with rockers for 07, 08,                    Chapter ABATE
last year on sale for $10. Get with Linda                    ports that they took 275 pictures; it was                    and 09.                                                     Three Sands Chapter
with one of those.                                           cold and rainy. There were 8 motorcycles                       Kent Hurst’s name was drawn in the cap-                      he November Three Sands meeting was
  Barbara from the Blue Star Moms said                       there and they were about mauled by kids.                    sule for $160. Kent was not present to-                     called to order at 2:05p.m. Nov. 15 by
until you ride you really can’t understand                   It has been really neat. Our test scores have                night so that money will roll over till next                Charles Criner with 23 in attendance. Terri
what it really means; you meet families that                 continued to grow. We went to two schools                    time.                                                       Wehr gave the invocation. Prayer requests
have lost kids, lost parents and families that               this year, Webster and Lincoln. Moondog                        There will be a Flag Retirement Cer-                      were: Gunner’s Family, Our Troops, Paul
take care of kids that have lost limbs. You                  said “It was great to hear the kids say the                  emony at the VFW on Nov. 14 at 9 am.                        Wyckoff’s girlfriend, Claire Atkinson,
have raised money and helped us a lot. It                    bikers kept their promise.” Even though                        Speedy will be at the VFW Nov. 14 and                     Krista Robertson’s father, Edmond. Garry
takes a strong leader to do what you do,                     they were cold and wet. There was a Thank                    27.                                                         “2R” led everyone in the Flag Salute.
                                                                                                                                                                                        Reading of the October minutes were
                                                                                                                                                                                      waived. Motion 1st, Garry “2R” and 2nd,
               ABATE OF OKLAHOMA IS A MEMBER GROUP OF THE NCOM                                                                                                                        Kaye to waive the reading. Motion carried.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Charles Criner gave the Treasurer’s re-
                                                                                                                                                                  $          Ov       port. A check for $102.32 was appropri-
                                                                                                                                                                   2     0     er     ated to Garry Canaday for the Items for
                                                                                                                                                                   Re 0 M
                                                                                                                                                                     co       i
                                                                                                                                                                   Ou vere llion
                                                                                                                                                                                      door prizes purchased from Forman Harley
                                                                                                                                                                              dF      Davidson of Stillwater. Motion 1st, Sarge
                                                                                                            HIRE ATTORNEYS WHO RIDE                                          nts or
                                                                                                                                                                                      and 2nd Bill to appropriate the funds. Mo-
                                                                                                                                                                                      tion carried. Balance after the check was
                                                             RICHARD M. LESTER Founder, Aid to Injured Motorcyclists                                                                  $$$$. Motion 1st, Sarge and 2nd Terri to
                                                                                                                                                                                      accept the treasurer’s report. Motion car-
                                                                                                                   24 Hours - Toll Free (800) 531-2424
                                                                                                                   (800) ON-A-BIKE                                                      State Report: Charles gave the report.
                                                                                                                                                                                      All 12 Chapters were in attendance of the
                                                                                                                                                                                      State Board meeting for November. Party
                                                                                                                   Call for Your New                                                  on the Plains shirts and 20th ABATE An-
                                                                                                                   A.I.M. Card with
                                                                                                                   Lost Key Finder                                                    niversary shirts need to be paid for, the
                                                                ONE                                                                                                                   order is going in this week.
                                                                                 YOU                                                                                                    Merchandise Report: $1394 in account
                                                                                                                                                                                      as of 11/14/09. The $3 bill will be named
                                                                                                                                                                                      the Gunner Bill when it goes to session,
                                                                                                                                                                                      and when passed it will be called The Gun-
                                                                                                                                                                                      ner Law.
                                                                                                                                                                                        C.O.C. Report: The Defenders Program
                                                                                                                                                                                      is a group of people that send out impor-
                                                                                                                                                                                      tant information to the Chapters. Two
                                                                                                                                                                                      people are appointed from each Chapter
                                                                                                                                                                                      to make sure the info is spread to the mem-
   Visit us on the web at                                                                                                                                                             bers. Dawn Canaday(Secretary) and Elly                                                                                                        Offices Throughout Oklahoma to Serve You                    Criner (Membership Director) will be
  We are endorsed by the National Coalition of Motorcyclists and more than      ATTENTION ABATE OF OKLAHOMA MEMBERS: Our nationwide network                                           Three Sands Contacts.
  1,000 motorcycle groups throughout the United States and Canada, and serve    of A.I.M. Attorneys donate a significant portion of their legal fees from motorcycle
                                                                                accident settlements back into motorcycling by being the sole financial sponsor of the
  as Legal Counsel for the Confederation of Clubs.
                                                                                National Coalition of Motorcyclists.                                                                     See CHAPTER MEETINGS, next page
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                                    Biker Journal                                                                January 2010         ◆   13
Chapter Meetings (continued from page 12)
  Mid-South M.I.L.E. Report: 160 people
in attendance this yr. Oklahoma had 48 this
                                                 cept State rep and alternate as above for
                                                 2010. Motion carried.
                                                                                                            Motorcyclist’s Signals
year. Next years M.I.L.E. will be in               Old Business: Halloween Party was awe-
Sherman, Texas (2nd weekend in Octo-             some and raised $53 for the Chapter.             Left Turn Signals
ber). Oklahoma S.M.I.L.E.: Dec. 18 is the        Keven and Becky won best costume.                Extend your left arm outward horizontally from your shoulder. Signal multiple lane
deadline for reserving rooms at the Lodge.       Veteran’s Day Parade: awesome turnout,           changes by extending fingers equivalent to the numbers of lanes you are changing.
Rooms are $59+tax per night. After the           lots of bikes. Halloween Poker Run: 36           These signals should be made while utilizing the turn signal light on the motorcycle.
deadline they go to $199 per night so make       Hands from Three Sands and 50 for                Right Turn Signals
your reservations today!! Halloween Run:         Chisholm Trail 412. 95 Meal tickets were
                                                                                                  Extend your left arm outward horizontally from your shoulder and the forearm
$1,000 was made for the State off the run.       presented at the end of the run with
                                                                                                  upward. Signal multiple lane changes by extending fingers to the right equivalent to
The $1,000 was put in the Gunner Memo-           Chicken Fried Steak, mashed potatoes,
                                                                                                  the numbers of lanes you are changing. These signals should be made while utilizing
rial fund by Three Sands Chapter and             green beans, a roll, drink and a slice of pie
                                                                                                  the turn signal light on the motorcycle.
Chisholm Trail 412 Chapter, making them          from Main Street Café. Hats off to them
both Gold Sustaining Members for                 and all of their help! The door prizes were      Speed Up and/or Passing
ABATE. Sunset wants to be a part of our          awesome that were collected from both            With your left arm extended above your head, palm open and toward the sky pump
Run next year. Motion 1st, Staz and 2nd          chapters. A free concert was held at the         your arm up and down.
Kaye to allow Sunset Chapter to join with        end of the run by Brad Short band and            Slow Down
Three Sands and Chisholm Trail 412 on            sounded great!                                   With your palm open and toward the ground pump your arm up and down.
next years run. The Halloween Run will be          Gunner’s Last Ride: lots of people…
renamed the Autumn Gathering for 2010.           Three Sands, Chisholm Trail 412 and              Sudden Stop
Poker run winners were Terri Wehr and            Woodward rode as a group to Park Hill for        Hold your hand open facing the rear. This often gets used as a slow down signal.
Roger Flatt. Both names will be put in the       Gunner’s service. Over 300 people were           Pull Over and Stop
$1,000 drawing for January’s meeting. Feb.       in attendance and Ty Conklin led Gunner          Extend your left arm outward horizontally from your shoulder and the forearm
9, 2010 will be the Leadership Summit in         on his Motorcycle Hearse. It was an awe-         upward while repeatedly bending the elbow from 90 degrees toward the shoulder.
Oklahoma City and Feb. 10 is the Legisla-        some sight. Ride Free Gunner. Memorial
tive Breakfast at the Capitol. Please make       Patches for Gunner are $5. Contact Garry         Single File Request
plans to attend as this is the MOST IM-          “2R” if you would like one put back. Salva-      The Ride Leader will hold their left arm up with the index finger pointing upward.
PORTANT function we have as ABATE                tion Army Toy Run: Nov. 28 at 10:30 a.m.         Staggered Formation Request
Members.                                         we will meet in the Lowe’s Parking lot and       The Ride Leader will hold their left arm up with the index and little fingers pointing
  State patch design was discussed and will      leave at 11 and ride to the Salvation Army       upward.
be left as is. Tulsa Toy Run and other mem-      Community Center. Stew will be served
bership drives: Free Look Twice t-shirt          for all participants. A hat was passed at the    Switch Sides Request
with a new membership to ABATE. The              meeting for stew supplies.                       The requester will hold their left arm up with the index and little fingers pointing
$5 that would normally go to the chapters          New Business: S.M.I.L.E. Award Name:           upward while swiveling their hand.
will go to the state. Next State Board meet-     Best Photojournalist of the year(amateurs        You Lead or Ride In Front Of Me
ing is Dec. 12 at Madison’s Kitchen (4776        only) on state level. Distinguished service      With either arm extending downward and open palm facing forward, move your arm
S.E. 29th Street in Del City).                   award (Three Sands Member). Motion 1st           from the back to the front repeatedly until it is recognized by the following rider.
  American Legion Report: Rusty Davis            Krista and 2nd James to pay for 2 awards.
stated that they held a meeting in order to      Next meeting, everyone is encouraged to
                                                                                                  Pull Up Beside Me
try and get the lounge up and running. The       bring a photo and the person’s name that         With either arm extending downward, palm facing forward, and index finger pointing
bar will be open Thurs-Sat. and ran by vol-      best captures the essence of biker free-         down, move your arm from the back to the side repeatedly until it is recognized by
unteers. The Legion Riders have adopted          dom. Dec. 26 is our next Three Sands meet-       the following rider.
a child from the Legion Home in Ponca            ing at our Christmas party.                      I or We Are Leaving The Group
City. Polar Bear run will be Jan. 30. Fliers       Freedom Fighter Award: Garry passed            Give the universal OK sign by forming a circle with your index finger and thumb
for this event will be e-mailed out to mem-      out criteria sheets for becoming a recipi-       while extending the three remaining fingers. This should be followed by a good bye
bers. Christmas Party for the Legion is          ent of this award and stated that he would       wave.
Dec. 19 at the VFW.                              be everyone’s mentor. Awards will be pre-        Tighten Formation
  Election of Officers is as follows for 2010:   sented at the January membership meet-
                                                                                                  When the Ride Leader feels that the formation should be tighter (bikes closer
President, Charles Criner; Vice-President,       ing. Christmas Party: Dawn asked people
                                                                                                  together) (usually after being informed by the Tail Gunner), he raises his left hand
Brook “X-Man” Bullock; Secretary, Dawn           to bring turkeys for the dinner: Staz and
                                                                                                  with fingers spread wide and repeatedly closes them into a fist. All other riders
“Shrimpi” Canaday; Treasurer, Chris              Joby will bring turkeys and Mickie will bring
                                                                                                  repeat this and close up all unnecessary space in the formation.
Wehr; Sgt. At Arms, James “Sarge”                a ham.
Robertson and Mike “Staz” Stasyszen;               A list will be e-mailed out for side dishes,   Road Hazard
Road Captains, Garry “2R” Canaday, Rich-         desserts, and other meat dishes in the           Anyone seeing a hazardous condition on the road surface (road kill, oil, gravel,
ard Bryer, and Keven Criner; Membership          upcoming weeks. All Chapters are invited         significant pot hole, etc.) will point at it. All following riders will repeat this, and all
Director, Elly Criner; Public Relations,         to join us. Dinner is at 6p.m. Three Sands       riders will avoid the hazard.
Chris Atkinson; Chaplain, David Buntt; Co-       will have a short meeting at 5:30 before         Need Gas
Chaplain, Terri “Tinkles” Wehr,                  the dinner. Everyone is encouraged to            Point to tank. (Always start a ride with a full tank.) This signal can be initiated by
  Motion 1st, Krista and 2nd Staz to accept      round up items for our silent auction. This      ANYONE.
above officers for 2010. Motion carried.         is a fundraiser for the Chapter also.
  State Representative: Terri “Tinkles”            50/50 was won by Amy “Dipper”                  Need a Drink or Food
Wehr; Alter nate State Rep: Andy                 Stasyszen of $43. With no further business       Use the universal signals of glass or utensil to the mouth. This signal can be initiated
Huddleston                                       at hand motion 1st Garry and 2nd Randall         by ANYONE.
  Motion 1st Mickie and 2nd Kaye to ac-          to adjourn. Motion carried.                      Need a Restroom Break
                                                                                                  Use the sign language signal of closed fist with the thumb protruding between the

  Deadline for submissions to the Biker
                                                                                                  index and middle finger or point toward your crotch. This signal can be initiated by

             Journal is the                                                                       Police or Emergency Vehicle Nearby
                                                                                                  Pat the top of your head or helmet. This signal can be initiated by ANYONE.

            1st of the month!                                                                                                           Conclusion
       Submit news, photos and                                                                    Group riding can be a lot of fun if all the members are comfortable within the group.
                                                                                                  If one or more members of the group are not comfortable; then this should be
             advertising to                                                                       discussed at the next stop so as to accommodate or correct the cause of the problem.
                                                                                                  It’s very easy to take each problem and, with a little tact, teach who ever might not                                                                       have a sufficient understanding of these simple guidelines. We all can then safely
                                                                                                  enjoy the fine sport of Motorcycling.
14    ◆   January 2010                                          Biker Journal                                            ABATE of Oklahoma

      of Oklahoma Merchandise

      Vinyl Window Decal, your choice               Short Sleeve, $12; Long Sleeve $18       6 oz Stainless Steel Flask, $15
          of three colors, 3” square                   Hoodies, $30, several colors          8 oz Stainless Steel Flask, $18

     Item                            Colors Available                      Size   Color      Quantity          Amount             Total
     State Patch                                                                                               $5
     Anniversary Patch                                                                                         2/$5
     State Pins                                                                                                $5
     State Charter Pin               Black/White                                                               $5
     ABATE Bandana                   Black                                                                     $5
     7 Function Pocket Knife                                                                                   $5
     Vinyl Car Decal - ABATE Eagle   White                                                                     $3
     Vinyl Car Decal - ABATE Patch   White/Yellow/Blue                                                         $2
     Black Plastic Car Tags          ABATE Eagle or ABATE of Oklahoma                                          $10
     Mirrored Car Tags               ABATE Eagle or ABATE of Oklahoma                                          $15
     6oz Stainless Steel Flask       ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                    $15
     8oz Stainless Steel Flask       ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                    $18
     10oz Rock Glass                 ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                    $10
     16oz Beer Mug                   ABATE of Oklahoma Logo                                                    $15
     Youth Look Twice T-Shirts       Black, Orange, Pink or Green SM-LG                                        $10
     Adult Look Twice T-Shirts       Black, Orange, Pink or Green SM-4XL                                       $12
     Look Twice Long Sleeve T’s      Black, Orange, Pink or Green M-2XL                                        $18
     Look Twice Hoodies              Black, Orange, Pink or Green M-4XL                                        $30
                                                                                            Subtotal or Order                     $
                                                                                            Shipping/Handling                     $
                                                                                            Total                                 $

                                                                                           $10 - $15 $3.99 • $15.01 - $25 $4.99
                                                                                            $25 - $35 $5.99 • $35 - $50 $6.99
                                                                                           Orders over $50 call 580-725-3227
                                                                                          Make Check or Money Order Payable to:
                                                                                             ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc., and mail to:
                                                                                          Garry Canaday, P.O. Box 91, Billings, OK 74630
                                                                                                       or email order to:
              10 oz Rocks Glass, $10                      Stocking Hats and Beanies       Please include: Name, full address and phone number.
ABATE of Oklahoma                                                       Biker Journal                                                     January 2010      ◆      15

    ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc                                                                           Classifieds
                                                                                                                FOR SALE
                    Application for Membership                                    Hand built cooker/smoker for sale by Tulsa Chapter, ABATE of Oklahoma. Made
                                                                                  out of boiler plate on a boat trailer by members of the chapter in 1990, $550.
Prior Member #:_______________     Full Member Name: _____________________        Call 918-949-4204 or email
Prior Member #:_______________     Full Member Name: _____________________        2006 Road King Custom Fuel Tank. Black. Still in box. Never been on bike. Fuel
                                                                                  Injection Tank. Has tank emblems. Asking $400.00. If interested and for
               ❑ NEW                           ❑ RENEWAL                          questions call: Eric Gage, South Central Chapter Secretary, 580-504-1315.

                 ❑ Cash       ❑ Check       ❑ Money Order
                                                                                              Classified ads are FREE to ABATE members.
                                                                                        Submit by the 1st of the month to
  ❑ Full Membership                $20/year                                                          Please include a phone number.
  ❑ Full Membership                $20/year
  ❑ Card Laminating                $1/per card
  ❑ Change of Address              No Charge                                       Help us to help Oklahoma’s
                                                                                                               Motorcycling Community
  Address: __________________________________                                                               Become a Sustaining Member
  City: ______________________________________
                                                                                      Application for Sustaining Membership in
  Zip: _______________ Phone: ________________
                                                                                                 ABATE of Oklahoma
  Chapter: __________________________________

          Payable to: ABATE of Oklahoma, Inc.                                                   Individual Name or Company
             Mail To: Brook Bullock, P.O. Box 23616                                             you want listed in newsletter:
           Oklahoma City, OK 73123 • 405-740-7074

                                                                                     Address: ___________________________
                                                                                     City: _______________________________
                                                                                     State: _________________ Zip: _________
                                                                                     Phone: _____________________________
                                                                                     Which level of membership do you wish?
                                                                                                    ❑ Bronze                 $100 per year
                                                                                                    ❑ Silver                 $250 per year
                                                                                                    ❑ Gold                   $500 per year
                                                                                                    ❑ Diamond                $1,000 per year

                                                                                    You will have your name listed in the newsletter as a sustaining
 By signing this application, I agree to waive any and all claims against ABATE   member of ABATE of Oklahoma, receive a certificate suitable for
 of Oklahoma, Inc., its officers, board members and general members for           framing and also know that we will continue to be here in the fight
 any personal or property loss or damage which may occur as a result of my                             for your riding freedoms.
 participation in ABATE functions. I understand that ABATE cannot and will
 not assume responsibility for my safety, and that if I participate in any                         Please make checks payable to:
 ABATE sponsored activity, ride or event, I do so voluntarily, assuming all
                                                                                                        ABATE of Oklahoma
 risks and I release and hold ABATE harmless for any personal injury or prop-
 erty loss which may result there from.                                                                     and mail to:
                                                                                                          Carmaletta Lara
                                                                                                       5101 S. Youngs Blvd.
               Member’s Signatures:                                                                  Oklahoma City, OK 73119
 FULL: ________________________________________
                                                                                              Call or email if you want further information
 FULL: ________________________________________                                                  (405) 601-3514 or
16   ◆   January 2010                                                                    Biker Journal   ABATE of Oklahoma

Hundreds attend Lawton Chapter Toy Run            it wasn’t going to rain. Oh well, either way
Secretary, Lawton ABATE, District 3               it still wasn’t to bad out.
                                                     At around 1:30, our sheriff’s escort
   This year, Lawton did something differ-        started signaling to mount up and get ready
ent for the annual toy run. Members from          to head out. It was really something to see
several of the local MC and RC chapters           and hear over 300 bikes coming to life!
got together and formed the “Lawton Toy           TOTALLY cool! I believe this was the big-
Run, Inc.”. This was done to take the orga-       gest gathering I’ve seen for our local toy
nizational responsibilities and liabilities off   run… Our group headed up the rear and it
any one group of people. It worked out very       was an awesome sight to behold. As the
well!                                             “parade” headed east on Cache Rd, there
  Thir teen members of the Lawton                 must have been a line of two by two bikes
ABATE Chapter met                                                          almost 2 miles long.
up at the VFW on East                                                      Quite a sight for
Gore and rode as a                                                         Lawton, OK! People
group to the Arvest                                                        pulled over on BOTH
Bank at 44th and                                                           sides of the road to let
Cache Rd.                                                                  us pass and to smile,
  We got to the park-                                                      wave, and take pic-
ing lot around 11:30                                                       tures of all the bikes.
a.m. Saturday morn-                                                        We made our way
ing. The weather was                                                       through town and
cloudy and a brisk 67                                                      headed east on Gore
degrees. Just enough                                                       to I-44. From there it
chill to need to drag                                                      was off and north to
out the leathers. Al-                                                      the American Legion
ready, there were                                                          Hall at the Medicine
probably over 200                                                          Park exit.
bikes parked there                                                            I do believe that the
and ever yone was                                                          American Legion Hall
walking around and                                                         was packed to capac-
exchanging hellos.                                                         ity. There were people
  We were greeted by                                                       everywhere both in-
Sherif f         Kenny                                                     side and out. People
Stradley and several                                                       were sharing stories
people from the                                                            and making introduc-
Lawton Food bank who were helping col-            tions. The food was great and a good time
lect up all the toys and canned goods that        was had by all. There was an auction of
everyone brought.                                 donated items later in the afternoon but I
  The CMA had a table set up with nice            couldn’t stick around. I had to make it home
hot coffee which was just great to help beat      for another commitment. All in all, 300 –
off the morning chill.                            400 bikes showed up to ride, the local news
     As time went on, more and more bikes,        said that over 3000 pounds of food were
of all kinds, kept pulling into the parking       donated, and enough toys were brought to
lot. At one point several were asked to move      fill the big box van that was brought by the
as it had got to the point that the entrance      sheriff’s office.
to the bank was getting blocked.                     I created an album on Photobucket for
  Many ended up having to move to the             the Lawton ABATE chapter and pictures
north end of the Lowe’s parking lot just to       from the day can be found there. Sorry
keep the flow path open. Man, I just couldn’t     about the quality but they’re not too bad
believe how many people showed up this            for cell pics. I’m still waiting on other, bet-
year! The main lot was just jam packed with       ter pictures to add to the site.
bikes.                                               Log on in and take a look.
  As it got closer to 1:30, the sun actually
came out, nice and bright, but just as fast       xx98/LawtonAbate/11-21-
the clouds rolled in again. Grrrrrr! I hoped      09%20Toy%20Run/

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