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    Using Facebook To Effectively Promote Your

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                             Table of Contents

How to Create Facebook Ads .....................................................................4
Facebook Advertising: What You Should and Should Not Do .....................5
Using Facebook to Increase Revenue: Easy Steps to Get Started.............7
Creating a Positive Image with the Help of Facebook ................................9
The Power of Facebook Advertising..........................................................11
Using Facebook to Create Buzz for Your Business ..................................13
How Your Business Can Get the Most Out of Facebook ...........................15
Making the Facebook Page of Your Business Stand Out ..........................17
Things to Consider When Using Facebook for Business ...........................18
5 Reasons Why Facebook is an Effective Marketing Tool .........................20

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    Chapter 1: How to Create Facebook Ads That Will
          Greatly Increase Your Bottom Line

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and while the Internet has opened many opportunities
for people to earn money online, it has also made the competition a lot tougher,
especially for small businesses that have very limited funds compared to established
corporations that have pretty much controlled the online market. But just because the
powerful companies are running the show, it does not mean the little guys will have a
dismal chance of succeeding. If you use the right advertising channel, you could stand
to earn a fortune on the Internet no matter what type of business you have.

Facebook is one of the most widely used advertising channels today. It boasts of having
955 million active users around the world. Statistics show that approximately 50% of
people living the United States access Facebook, and considering that only 60% of
residents actually use the Internet, this is an impressive feat for Mark Zuckerburg and
his company.

Using Facebook advertising will give you a significantly wider market reach, and it will
also cost a lot less to use it as compared to other PPC campaigns. BUT, a very
important thing you need to remember is that just because you have Facebook ads
showing in millions of newsfeeds does not automatically translate to a high ROI. You
have to make sure your advertisement is actually effective for the audience you are
targeting. Case in point, your Google Adwords ad might not work effectively if you use
the same one for your Facebook ad, and vice versa.

That said, knowing how to create effective Facebook ads is vital to the success of your
campaign. So, here are the things you need to do:

   •   Determine your goal. Why do you want to advertise in the first place? Is it
        because you want to get more people to like your Business page? Or is it
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       because you want to increase your sales? The rule of thumb is to use one ad for
       each goal.

   •   Create a compelling ad copy. Make sure your copy is accurate, easy to
       understand, and should provide a strong call to action.

   •   Include an interesting photo. The photo or image that you choose should inspire
       Facebook users to give your ad a second look. After all, it’s the photo that will
       actually catch their attention.

When your ads are ready, set the criteria on who should view them. Targeting is
necessary so you won’t waste your money showing your ads to people who will have
very little chance of buying your product or using your service. Moreover, set a budget
for your Facebook advertising campaign and don’t go overboard on this. Start slow and
keep your daily budget low so that any mistake you make will not be costly. Remember
that you can and will make mistakes as you go along. Some ads will work and some
won’t. The key is to know which ads you should put your money on, and this is
something you will learn over time.

  Chapter 2: Facebook Advertising: What You Should
                 and Should Not Do

It’s no secret: Facebook is a key player in online advertising. Countless businesses
have resorted to putting up Facebook ads in order to gain a bigger market share, and
increase their profits. But a common mistake that people make is assuming that since
they have invested money on this medium, their sales will automatically skyrocket. This
is hardly the case. There are rules you need to follow, and strategies you need to
implement before you can reap the benefits of Facebook advertising.

What You Should Do

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1. Determine your marketing objectives. Knowing what they are will help you decide on
which metrics to use in order to find out if your campaign is working.

2. Know who your audience are. Facebook is an advertising channel that will allow you
to target your ads to the specific group of people that will take interest in your brand.
Know who they are so you can target your ads correctly otherwise you will only be
throwing your money away.

3. Be creative with your ads. You will still be competing with others in the same market
so every time your ad is showing, make it count. You can give an exclusive offer to
people that they will not be able to find anywhere else and for sure this will grab their

4. Change your ads once in a while. Creating multiple variations can make a major
difference and will likely get you more clicks. Updating and checking on them regularly
is also important to make sure everything’s working, as they should, and that the ad
leads people to the right pages.

What You Should Not Do

1. Don’t use boring or generic images for your ads. Instead of using logos and stock
photos, you will get a better response if you use a more “personalized” image.

2. Don’t forget your business page. You might be too caught up in coming up with the
best advertisements that you forget to update your page. This is a mistake that will have
dire consequences. Even if you get thousands of likes every week, if your page looks
abandoned, with little to no interaction between you and your fans, then they will “unlike”
your page eventually.

3. Don’t use the ads to directly sell something. Facebook is not an online marketplace
like eBay or Amazon. People access Facebook to interact with their friends and family
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so if your ad looks like a glaring sales page, then you will not be able to get the results
you want. Getting “Likes” and “Shares” will give you a more favorable outcome.

4. Don’t spend more than what your budget allows. Some businesses might be tempted
to spend big bucks on advertising without even analyzing if their ads are working. Start
with a small budget until such time you are already able to identify the ads that are
bringing in more clicks. And even then, you should still be careful with your spending.
You might be spending more than what you really need to.

    Chapter 3: Using Facebook to Increase Revenue:
               Easy Steps to Get Started

The power of social media cannot be undermined, and when you consider the 955
million users that Facebook has, as of right now, you have to really be foolish not to use
it in building and growing your business. Facebook users average about 3.2 billion
“likes” and comments every single day. Imagine the impact it would have on your
business if you were to establish a strong presence from this social network.

But how exactly can you use Facebook for your business?

The good news is that even a startup business can take advantage of it. Why? Because
it’s free! You don’t have to invest a sizeable amount of money for marketing like you
would when advertising via other methods. Instead of paying for airtime or billboards
and even website advertising space, you can reach out to a wide market at zero cost.
Obviously, this does not mean it won’t require some effort on your part. You would have
to invest time and effort to build your presence on Facebook, and later on, when you
can afford it, you can always hire someone to do the job for you.

To get you started, here are the things you need to do:

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First, you need to create your Facebook page. To do this, you have to pick a category
and choose the appropriate page name. Most pages use their business name but it’s
not a must. You also need to add a logo or image to your page and this is important
because people often remember businesses through the image that they place on their
Facebook page. Adding a short profile message and a website address is also

Once you’ve created your page, the next thing you need to do is to connect with your
potential market. How do you do this? There are several ways to connect with people
but for starters, you can always begin by inviting friends and family members to “like”
your page, and then encourage them to tell their friends, too. But if you want to connect
to a larger group of people quickly, then you can opt to create ads for your page. This
option’s not free but it is well worth your money.

You will get more and more page likes everyday and your next task is to engage your
audience so that you will win their loyalty. Talk to them and post content regularly.
Studies have shown that photos, videos, and stories shared in Facebook are very
effective in engaging people so use this to your advantage. The toughest aspect of
using Facebook for your business is really in keeping your audience interested on your
page, so you really have to put a lot of hard work into this.

And finally, you also need to influence your fans’ friends. To do this, you can offer
promotions and deals that your fans will want to share to their friends. Interacting with
your fans will also help because when they comment on your page, their friends can
see this on their newsfeed. They will in turn become curious and will click on your page.
Using Facebook for your business is vital to your success. Don’t wait until it’s too late.
Create your business page today.

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   Chapter 4: Creating a Positive Image with the Help
                      of Facebook

Shopping, paying the bills and making travel arrangements are now being done online.
Distance is also no longer a major concern because people can communicate faster via
email, instant messaging, and video conferencing. Without a doubt, the Internet has
improved people’s lives and the way they do things.

But the impact of the Internet does not stop there. It has also changed the way
individuals and organizations do business nowadays. In fact, just about anyone with an
entrepreneurial mind can put up a business online, even without a large investment to
get things rolling. Dropshipping, for example, does not require huge upfront capital
investments. If you have a website and have formed a partnership with a trustworthy
dropshipper, you can be on your way to earning a fortune in this industry!

The Internet has also paved the way for the creation of the “online community.” People
frequent forums and blog sites, and they interact with each other, discussing just about
every topic you can think of. The rise of social networks like Facebook has also made
quite an impact among numerous businesses because not only does it help widen their
reach but it has also created an avenue for them to reach out to their target audience, in
a way that will foster customer loyalty.

Oftentimes, you will come across negative feedback and reviews in various online
communities and these are mostly coming from people who have had a bad experience
with a particular product, service, or company. These things can hurt a business, and if
no action is done on the part of the company then it could very well lose many
customers. If you value your customers as much as you value your company, then you
need to make sure you take the necessary steps to build a good image.

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Facebook is a very effective medium to use when it comes to creating a positive image
for your company. If you have not taken advantage of this social network yet, then it’s
about time that you do. What’s great about Facebook is that it gives you the opportunity
to interact with your customers (or potential customers for that matter) and it also allows
you to air your side of the story should there be any complaint against your business. If
you have a Facebook page already, or are considering setting one up, here are some
tips to help you in creating a positive image:

1. Always have the genuine desire to help and please your customers. Interact with
them on your page with the intention of providing solutions or appeasing disgruntled

2. Listen to their side of the story. For all you know, they really do have a valid reason to
complain. Don’t be quick to react. You will likely come across emotionally charged
customers so don’t be tempted to react negatively during their outbursts.

3. Give them options. Having options is so much better than saying, “sorry I can’t help
you with your problem” and most customers can be appeased by it.

It takes time to build a positive image, especially if yours has been tainted with a
number of complaints made against you. But by using Facebook to let your customers
know that you value them and care about their opinion, you will slowly but steadily gain
back the respect and trust of your market, and even your competitors.

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      Chapter 5: The Power of Facebook Advertising

Using pay-per-click campaigns is an excellent way to get customers. However, it can
also cost you money… and a lot of it. You see, PPC marketing campaigns like Adwords
do not guarantee a high return on your investment, mainly because many people who
click on these ads are not necessarily your target market. So you might end up getting a
lot of traffic to your site, but only a small percentage of these visitors will have the
intention to buy.

If you are looking for an effective way to advertise your business online, you ought to
consider Facebook advertising. The ads that appear on Facebook are more targeted
because you can set your own criteria, in terms of where these ads will appear. So, if
you run a gaming console repair business in Cleveland, Ohio, you can set the criteria to
target Facebook users who are interested in video gaming (most likely male) and are
living in Cleveland. Facebook can do this because it uses a highly sophisticated
technology capable of geographic, demographic, and interest-targeting.

Facebook advertising can help your business succeed in many ways. Not only does it
help you gain a wide market reach by building a huge fan base but it can also bring
targeted traffic to your website. Facebook can do the following:

1. Increase brand awareness. With ads being visible to millions of Facebook users,
naturally, more and more people will know about your business. There are almost 1B
active Facebook users today and tapping even just a small percentage of this number
can drive massive traffic to your site.

2. Cheaper than Google Adwords. Facebook advertising average CPC is only 1/3 of the
average Adwords CPC. When you are a startup business or a small business, the
difference in pricing can have a significant effect on your profits.

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3. Offers a lot of potential. This is especially true for businesses that have become
active in social media platforms. If you are creative and have a lot of time to devote to
building a strong presence on Facebook, you could very well increase your bottom line
by focusing on this major advertising channel alone.

The power of Facebook advertising cannot be questioned, but still, it is not for everyone.
Your best course of action is to carefully choose which among the channels would suit
you best and strive to excel in it. Some questions you might want to ask yourself before
making a decision are:

    •     How much am I willing to spend on advertising?

    •     Where can I get the majority of my customers?

    •     What is my priority right now—is it to increase my revenue or simply to get

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you decide whether to use Facebook
advertising, Google Adwords, or other marketing campaigns. No matter what medium
you pick, see to it that your ad is attractive and creative, so that people will want to click
on it.

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       Chapter 6: Using Facebook to Create Buzz for
                      Your Business
Businesses these days operate differently from the way they did a decade ago. The
competitive field is a lot harder to penetrate, and prospective customers have so many
options to choose from. This has forced marketers to rethink their strategies and really
reexamine how they can sustain the attention of their target audience. Competition is a
lot harder now largely because of the Internet. The existence of the Internet removes all
geographical barriers and other constraints that used to make the competitive field
smaller. These days, anybody can be your competitor, and this is why you have to be
more creative in your methods.

The good news is that in the same way that the Internet poses a threat or a challenge, it
also offers a myriad of opportunities that a business can take advantage of and social
media is one of these opportunities.

The Importance of Social Media

Social media has transformed the way companies generate awareness for their
respective brands. A long time ago, businesses had no choice but to pay the ceiling
high rates of mainstream media – putting out TV commercials, expensive billboards,
and radio ads just to breed awareness among their prospective customers. These days,
you can forge an entire business solely on the Internet, and the tool that will help you do
so is social media. People pay as much attention to social media as they do to
mainstream media, if not more. Almost everyone has a Facebook account for instance,
and whether they’re aware of it or not, they’re on Facebook most of the time because
this is where they get to connect with their respective networks. This is why the smartest
companies are looking at social networking sites such as Facebook as a very important
marketing tool.

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Buzz Marketing is the Way to Go
Facebook can be used by businesses not only to connect to a network of potential
customers but also to create positive buzz for their brands. Buzz marketing is not a new
concept, but the existence of social media makes it an even more potent force. You
would want people to talk about your products and services amongst themselves.
Penetrating Facebook is the way to do this. Imagine creating your brand’s own
Facebook page and having people “like” this page. Every time you come up with
updates and posts, these will appear in the Facebook walls of everyone in your network,
which means you can update them just like that, with little to no cost on your part.

Reaching Your Target Audience

Reaching your target audience through Facebook is a very smart move, because you
have to remember that your customers are on Facebook anyway. You no longer have to
think about how you’ll get to communicate with them and how you’ll catch their
attention, because they’re on Facebook almost all the time. As long as you have a solid
social media strategy that can really meet the demands of your target audience, it will
be very easy to get them hooked, and at the same time, creating positive buzz for your

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 Chapter 7: How Your Business Can Get the Most Out
                   of Facebook

More and more people have discovered that relying on social networking sites such as
Facebook can be such an effective tool in capturing and sustaining the attention of
prospective customers. Facebook is a popular social networking site, and it’s one that
has reached so many people from all over the world. It connects people of all ages,
nationalities, locations and social backgrounds, and as such it’s the perfect place to
create interest and loyalty. Any business can maximize on Facebook to reach the
people they need to reach, and here are four steps on how to do it:

Step 1: Create Your Own Page

Maximizing Facebook begins with creating your own profile. This is where you can
place your brand name and build a short description of what your company is about.
You can also place a cover photo and a profile picture that captures the essence of your
business. This can include your brand logo, as well as a company tagline if you have
any. After you’ve set up the skeleton of your profile, you are now ready to create your
first post. Make sure that you keep your profile visually interesting and your posts short
and succinct.

Step 2: Connect with the Relevant Network

Once you’ve set up your own page, you can now start connecting with your network.
Facebook is all about connecting with people, and if your goal is to reach a certain
target audience then you better make sure you know who they are. Even if this is social
marketing, the basics of choosing the right target market still apply. This means that you
need to be clear about the profile of your target audience – how old they are, where

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they live, what their gender is, and what the idiosyncrasies of their lifestyle and
personalities may be.

Step 3: Keep Your Audience Interested

Even if you’ve built a good network of potential customers, you have to ensure that you
keep this audience interested. At any given time, a typical Facebook user will get so
many notifications and updates from friends. Their walls will be filled with updates from
different people, and this means that you have to find a way to make your updates
stand out from the clutter. If your goal is for them to click on your post, like it or even
comment on it, you have to make your posts engaging. Your large fan base wouldn’t
matter if you can’t sustain their interest.

Step 4: Broaden and Influence Your Fan Base

The fourth step is to take it a notch higher and make sure that you influence your fan
base. This means that you should not only target the people that are currently part of
your fan base, but you should also target their friends. You want to make sure that you
transform your fans from just being interested to actually being advocates of your
products and services. If you manage to create brand ambassadors out of your fan
base, then your social marketing strategy will truly make waves.

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                             Facebook For Business

       Chapter 8: Making the Facebook Page of Your
                            Business Stand Out

Online marketing has been recognized as a very important tool for businesses these
days. More and more companies have turned to the Internet for help and this means
that the competitive field is getting tighter. Take a look at Facebook, for instance.
Companies and brands have been setting up Facebook pages in order to reach a large
fraction of their target market. Facebook is a very effective tool that companies can use,
but you should still keep in mind that there are so many other companies using this tool.
This means that you have to constantly find ways to ensure that your Facebook page
stands out and that your posts are interesting enough to attract and sustain the attention
of your target audience.

The Importance of Branding

In order to stand out from the clutter of Facebook pages and posts that can easily
populate and overwhelm the news feeds of people, you have to ensure that your
Facebook page and everything you post through it is consistent with your branding. A
big part of effective marketing consists of stating a clear message that’s consistent with
your image as a company or as a brand. Branding is very important because this is how
people remember you. This is what sticks to people’s minds, and this is why
consistency is a very important factor. Knowing this, your brand name, logo, photos,
messaging, and everything that people can find in your Facebook page should form one
cohesive and strong message that will really create an impact in the minds of your
target audience.

Call to Action

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Another way to make your posts stand out is by placing a strong call to action in as
many posts as possible. While you may be free to put out as many posts as you want,
you have to remember that because you’re using Facebook as a marketing tool, you
have to focus on your business goals. Whether your goal is to spark interest or to
increase the visitor traffic of your actual website, you have to keep them in mind when
you create your posts. Maybe your goal is even to generate sales, and in this case you
really should have clear call-to-action signals that are seamlessly included in whatever
Facebook posts you come up with. Whether you do this through a photo, a quote, a link,
a video or even a story, just don’t forget to always put a recognizable and effective call-
to-action button.

Maximize All the Tools Available

Lastly, you have to make sure that you maximize all the tools that Facebook has to
offer. Facebook metrics, for instance, is a great way to really get the pulse of your target
audience in terms of which posts they find interesting, which posts generate the most
reaction, and what they could possibly be thinking about at any given moment. Inserting
video links and flash content to your Facebook page can keep your page interesting, so
you should understand the tools that Facebook has available and maximize all of these
tools for the good of your business.

 Chapter 9: Things to Consider When Using Facebook
                     for Business

The Internet has truly changed the way companies do business, not only because of
online shopping but also because of how many people can use the internet to advertise
their products and services. Creating positive buzz for a particular brand is easy to do
these days, because as soon as you have a new product available in the market, you
can broadcast this in social marketing sites and the news will spread like wildfire. Before

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                              Facebook For Business

you know it, everyone’s suddenly aware about this product that you have and they all
become interested. The power of social media has made a lot of companies go to
Facebook for their marketing strategies. There are, however, certain things that people
need to consider in order to succeed in this strategy.

What Network to Tap

One of the key things that all businesses have to consider when using Facebook is how
to tap the right people. One helpful tip is to import contacts from your email or mailing
list in order to find them in Facebook. Another is to have the details of the profile set –
age, gender, location, nationality, lifestyle, and others. If you don’t have enough of a
contact base to begin with, what you can do is join Facebook groups or connect with
networks in the industry related to your business. This will help you broaden your
horizons and connect to people who are interested in your offerings as well.

Crafting Interesting Posts

Another important thing to consider is the quality of the posts and updates that you can
come up with. If you have a Facebook page and you want to engage your network by
constant updates and photos, you have to make sure that you can keep these updates
interesting. Keep the messages short and choose words that can capture the attention
of your audience right away. The best thing about Facebook is that you’re free to use
photos and videos, so you can take advantage of this and create material that’s visually
appealing. You don’t have to necessarily create your own material either, because
Facebook makes it easy for you to share links to other interesting pages that your
network will appreciate.

Marketing Your Products to Generate Sales

Of course, at the end of the day, you’re just using Facebook as a tool. You have to keep
in mind that there’s an end goal to why you’re using Facebook in the first place, and for
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                               Facebook For Business

some that may be to just gain some buzz while for others it may be to generate sales.
Perhaps your Facebook page is just a way to bring more customers to your actual
website, where they can purchase your products. Facebook can be seen as a very
effective Marketing tool but you have to keep sight of your end goal. If it’s for your
customers to actually buy a product, then what you can do is post discounts and deals
that will capture the attention of potential buyers.

 Chapter 10: 5 Reasons Why Facebook is an Effective
                   Marketing Tool

Marketing is something that a lot of companies find challenging, especially because the
times keep changing. To be an effective marketer you have to be attuned to the current
trends and changes in consumer behavior. You have to have a full understanding of
who your target market is and how to capture their attention.

Being an effective marketer in this day and age means recognizing the Internet as a
very important tool that can help a business. Instead of looking at the Internet as a
threat, it’s better to look at it as an opportunity to reach markets that you may not even
be able to reach without it. Social networking sites like Facebook is a big part of any
online marketing strategy, and here are 5 reasons why Facebook can be such an
effective Marketing tool when used properly:

   1) Everyone is on Facebook.

       Facebook is probably the most popular of all social networking sites, so it makes
       sense to use it. If you want to reach as many people as possible and you want to
       understand what your target market’s preferences are, Facebook is the best
       place to go to. The platform itself is also very user-friendly, so it won’t be difficult
       to reach as many people as you need to.

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                          Facebook For Business

2) You don’t have to spend millions.

   The problem with other Marketing strategies is that you have to spend huge
   amounts of money for something that may not even work. The budget behind the
   biggest promotional campaigns can be enormous, and this is why a lot of thought
   goes into these campaigns. With Facebook as a marketing tool, you don’t have
   to spend millions just to get your message out there. As long as you have a good
   online marketing team, your message can be spread to the people you need to
   talk to.

3) Need instant feedback? No problem.

   Feedback is very important when it comes to marketing campaigns, because you
   need to know whether your target audience is receptive to the campaign you just
   set out. Facebook is a good tool because after posting an update or a new
   product, you immediately see the number of likes, views, and even comments
   from your target customers themselves.

4) Accurate and measurable.

   Not only can you use Facebook to promote your business for little to no cost, but
   you can also use the groundbreaking Facebook metrics to monitor your page.
   With one click, you can easily see which posts generated the most traffic or
   views, as well as the most responses. This will help you craft your future
   strategies and tailor your future posts into something that will be more effective.

5) The power of word-of-mouth.

   In this day and age when consumers are constantly bombarded with marketing
   gimmicks and advertisements, word-of-mouth marketing is the best strategy to
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                       Facebook For Business

 turn to. Instead of forcing prefabricated advertisements into the faces of your
 consumers, it’s better to generate positive buzz through the power of word-of-
 mouth marketing. Design your social media strategy in a way that you can
 influence your consumers enough to talk about you to their own networks.

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