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					USU Bike Plan
 By USU Facilities Planning
      January 2011
 SAFETY: Provide safety and clarity for pedestrians,
  cyclists, and other non-motorized modes of travel

 EDUCATION: Increase awareness and sense of
  responsibility when using bikes, boards, or blades on

 SUSTAINABILITY: President’s Climate
  Commitment, USU will be carbon neutral by 2050.
  39% of footprint is from commuters.
 Increase in enrollment = more pedestrians and vehicles
  on campus, resulting in conflict between vehicles,
  cyclists, and pedestrians.

 Significant increase in cyclists and boarders in recent
  years as gas prices increase

 Cache Valley has air quality problems, and needs to
  develop infrastructure to support alternate modes of
           Plan Components
 On-Campus Bikeway Network
    Bike map – identify appropriate roads and sidewalks as
    Shared Roads – signage and markings on roads
    Shared Sidewalks – signage and markings on sidewalks
    Caution & Dismount Zones – warnings at crossings &
     congested areas

 Supporting Infrastructure
    bike racks (2,290)
    bike structures (3)
    bike racks on city & shuttle busses
          Plan Components
 Connection with Community – link campus bikeway
  to city & county systems.

 Education / Incentives –
    Blue Bikes loaners, bike shop, and education workshops
    Car Free Friday incentives (Wellness)
    Distribution of Bike Map brochure (Blue Bikes,
     Wellness, Campus Rec., Student Services, Parking &
     Transp., websites, local bike shops, expos and fairs,
     incoming freshman and employee programs, etc.)
    Commuter mentoring program (BPAC)
    Student & employee fitness programs
         Plan Components
 Enforcement
   Existing policy in place (USU Policy #501)
   State laws and local ordinances
   Offer safety workshops for Connections, SOAR, or
    incoming employee orientation
   Law enforcement
Dismount Zones
Slow Zones
Shared Sidewalk
12” Sidewalk Mark
        Plan Implementation
 New bike racks funded each year by the state
     180 new in 2010
     Total of 2,290 on campus

 New bike structure funded in 2010 by the senior gift
 City to campus linkages (bike lanes & share arrows) completed by
  Logan city in 2010
 Campus bikeways – signs and pavement markings for
  spring/summer 2011.
 Outreach campaign – spring/summer 2011
 Education programs - ongoing
 Incentive programs – ongoing
Partners                         References / Resources
   USU Facilities Planning       USU Master Plan
   Aggie Blue Bikes
                                  Logan City Master Plan
                                  AASHTO Guide for the
   USU Wellness Program           Development of Bicycle
   USU Campus Recreation          Facilities

   USU Police                    MUTCD (Manual on Uniform
                                   Traffic Control Devices)
   USU Parking and
                                  USU Bike, Skateboard, & In-
   USU Student Services           Line Skates Policy #501

   USU Sustainability Council    State of Utah bike laws
   Bicycle/Pedestrian Action

   Logan City

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