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  Ashok Kothari, Pioneer in Asian Venture Capital and
 Private Equity, Speaking at China Leaders Forum 2012
  Building off of the momentum of past conferences, Golden Networking brings back China Leaders
   Forum 2012 (, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi
                     Jinping, China's President-in-waiting", New York, December 7th

(October 20, 2012, New York) Ashok Kothari, Founding Partner and Managing Director of APC private equity
funds, will be speaking at Golden Networking's China Leaders Forum 2012, "Political and Economic
Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting", New York, December 7th
( This forum will examine the challenges facing American companies
that want to grow and expand their business in China, the opportunities to find Chinese investment partners that
can provide a much-needed capital injection while opening the Chinese market, as well as important
considerations to look at so that the high-powered Chinese rocket doesn’t drastically slow down.

Mr. Kothari is a pioneer in Asian venture capital and private equity participating from angel to pre IPO rounds,
and PIPEs. He holds licenses for Financial Advisory and Asset Management from Securities and Futures
Commission. He also conducts courses in Art and Science of Private Equity in China, Hong Kong, India,
Indonesia, and Korea.

Investors in his funds have included International Financial Institutions including The World Bank, (IFC),
European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, (EBRD), German, Dutch and Swiss Development Banks;
major corporations including Acer, GE, Mitsubishi, Reuters and Sumitomo; insurance companies including
Daido Life Insurance of Japan and Tongyang Life Insurance of Korea; financial services companies including
BNP Paribas, Daewoo, Khan Bank, Shinhan Financial Group; and pension funds.

Mr. Kothari has obtained and maintained Foreign Venture Capital Institution (FVCI) license from Securities
and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) for over 10 years. APC’s investments in India have included those with
the biggest and with best industrial houses including Tata, Birla, Godrej, Srei and Patni.
Mr. Kothari has extensive, hands on operating experience. Prior to APC, he was Hong Kong based Chairman
and CEO of W.R. Grace (Asia Pacific) Ltd, which he later acquired in a management buyout. He also served as
President of PPG Industries (Pittsburg Plate Glass) Europe, Middle East, and Africa based in Paris, where he led
over 8,000 employees in 23 subsidiaries. At both Fortune 100 conglomerates, he executed very profitable
acquisitions, rationalizations, LBOs, MBOs, privatizations, and IPOs.

Previously, he was with McKinsey & Co. and Deloitte & Touche, both in New York. Mr. Kothari holds B.E. in
Mechanical Engineering from Maharaja Sayajirao University in India, and M.S. in Industrial Engineering from

China Leaders Forum 2012, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting",
December 7th, New York City, will provide attendees with the responses to the above-mentioned questions and
the most up-to-date review of where the Asian giant stands and the challenges and opportunities for
businessmen looking to expand their business with China when others only see growth contraction. Recognized
experts, regulators, and strategists, will return to China Leaders Forum 2012 in its fourth edition to provide the
information practitioners are looking for in an open and unbiased environment, highly conducive to the most
efficient and effective networking.

China Leaders Forum 2012 is produced by Golden Networking (, the premier
networking community for business executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Panelists, speakers and sponsors
are invited to contact Golden Networking by sending an email to


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