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					Bike Fit

A good position on your bike is essential for comfort, aerobic and aerodynamic performance and
injury prevention. Bicycle positioning is individualized based on flexibility, strength, experience
and skeletal characteristics. The goal of the bike fit is to arrive at a comfortable, efficient,
aerodynamic and powerful position you can utilize to reach your goals.

For more than a decade Mountain Bike Specialists has guaranteed your bike will be comfortable.
To improve our bike fitting skills, we went to the “best” for more training and information. Dr.
Andrew L. Pruitt, the clinical director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine. He works with
Specialized Bicycle Company in their research department, is the author of several cycling
fitness books and is an expert in the field. The approach and principles are designed to consider
each individual and their needs and goals. Through correct application of science, we can help
every rider achieve their goals.

A bike fit at Mountain Bike Specialists is a sophisticated, two to three hour, focused; body and
bike evaluation to increase both the customer’s comfort and performance.

Premium full body fit is $200.00.

Not only will we guarantee you will be more comfortable on your bike, the suggestions and
adjustments we make will increase comfort, reduce injury, and improve performance.
We promise.
To schedule a performance and comfort fit call us at @970-247-4066 or email us

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