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									Building the Foundation of a Tree House

                                                 It is every kid’s dream when they look outside to the
                                                 family’s backyard and see wasted space atop a sturdy
                                                 tree. The adventure of building and owning a tree house
                                                 is the summit of childhood as a tree house is widely
                                                 considered the absolute coolest thing on the face of the
                                                 earth to most seven to twelve year old children.

                                                Tree houses can be transformed in a child’s imagination
                                                into everything from a medieval castle to besieged
                                                western fort but besides that, a tree house is simply the
                                                coolest thing that a little kid can claim as his or her own.
But more than that, a tree house provides a family with quality time as it is being constructed and the
building of a tree house can be just as rewarding to both the parent and the child as is the time spent
playing in the tree house later.

While building a tree house, as stated above, can be incredibly rewarding, it can also be somewhat time
consuming and can also prove to be a challenge from time to time. It is especially this way for parents
who do not know the first thing about building or constructing anything let alone a freestanding
structure such as tree house.

Hiring a company

Construction companies in Utah can be contacted to perform such a job as building a tree house if the
consumer actually wishes that it be done professionally. However, construction companies in Utah do
not typically specialize in such things and may need a little convincing before agreeing to spend their
time on a relatively small construction project.

None the less, they are available for contact if that is what a person or parent desires. Be warned,
however, that their costs could exceeded the cost of doing it yourself so be prepared to shell out some
dough if this is the route you choose.

If you wish to build a tree house by yourself or with your children instead of hiring the job out, there is
one basic thing that you need to be aware of before moving forward with your project. That is a basic
understanding of how structures are built, namely the use of foundations.

Typically, all structures will be built upon a foundation. A buildings foundation provides the base on
which it is built and is where the strength of a building comes from.
Building the foundation
The better a structure’s foundation the longer it will stand.
But with a tree house there is not a traditional foundation
of reinforced cement, instead, the tree house is built upon
a solid platform supported by beams attached to the tree

Attach a tree house’s platform to the trunk by securing
supporting beams from the tree trunk to the bottom of the
platform like legs from a table only the legs will be angled
together and secured around the trunk of a tree and not
placed on a dining room floor. This platform should be
stable enough to support the weight of whatever structure
will be built on top of it in the form of a tree house.

By providing a sufficient base platform the builder of a tree house will be able to construct a tree house
of their choosing a complete in safely.

Photo Credit: Warren Long, Melolou

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