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(UPDATED - MARCH 2009) BEFORE WE START - A FEW HANDY TRAVEL TIPS PAPERWORK: It’s a good idea to start up a checklist so things aren’t forgotten about with last minute packing etc... Top of the list should include: air tickets, passports, other form of photo ID (i.e. Drivers Licence or 18+ card). Its a good idea to photocopy your passport and other ID, keep the originals in the hotel safe and carry the photocopies with you. If you are taking prescribed medicines make sure you take enough with you for the trip because whilst there are chemists in Bali they may not carry the same medication in stock. Its also a good idea to get a letter from your doctor listing all your medications this may save problems with customs either in Bali or on your return to Australia. Departure tax from Australia is included in your ticket price but you’ll need US$25 or equivalent in Australian currency for a VOA (Visa On Arrival) in Bali and you will also need to keep 150.000RP for departure tax when exiting Bali. WHAT TO PACK: Bali’s warm tropical climate lends itself to light casual clothing. Would suggest taking 3-4 sets of clothes and buy what you need when you get to Bali. All hotels have washing or laundry service facilities, however it is much cheaper dealing with the roadside laundries direct and prices for items are very cheap (see average laundry price list below). Its also a good idea to carry a small plastic zip lock bag filled with lifes little emergency items such as: tissues, wet ones, toilet paper, paracetomol or asprin, band aid strips, roll-on insect repellent, etc... THE FLIGHT: Economy passengers are only allowed 20kg in luggage and a further 7 kilos as hand luggage plus duty free. Ladies are usually allowed a small handbag, a coat and umbrella. Most solid luggage suitcases weigh 7 kilos empty so keep this in mind. Many seasoned Bali travellers use the large nylon zip up Nike style sports bars, they hold as much as a suitcase and weigh next to nothing empty. There is also a size requirement on luggage and cabin bags, this may vary between airlines it is advisable to check your ticket conditions because with high fuel prices the airlines are getting very heavy on excess baggage penalties. As well as restrictions on sharps there are also new restrictions on carry on liquids, with any container or bottle over 100ml to be placed in one 20cm x 20cm clear plastic zip-lock bag per passenger which must be shown at security checkpoints. Any liquids over 100ml must go in your main luggage. IDP (INTERNATIONAL DRIVERS PERMIT): If you intend to hire a car or motorbike and drive yourself make sure you get a International Drivers Permit (IDP). IDP’s are available from motorist associations in each state, see here for more details: MONEY: Currency used in Bali is Indonesian Rupiah (RP). Exchange rate for RP varies with other world markets so its a good idea to check the exchange rate every few days. Here is a link to an exchange conversion calculator that automatically updates the rate when you open it, also has a nifty cheat sheet print out function available to see conversion rates at a glance without the need for a calculator Print out and give each member of the family one to take shopping. Most world currencies are able to be exchanged for RP at Money Changers all over the island but be careful as there are a few bad apples that try to rip you off with slight of hand tricks. Be sure you count out the money yourself before you leave the counter. Kodak shops seem to be favoured by most travellers to Bali as the least troublesome. Take mainly cash with you as most stall holders do not take credit cards. Take a credit card though as it comes handy in emergencies. There are also ATM’s that will accept Aussie Cash or EFTPOS cards. PHONES: Your mobile phone will still work in Bali provided you called your provider to make sure that Global Roaming is switched on, but be very careful as anyone calling you from Australia you are paying for their call and the rate is horrendous. Its best to buy a local Bali simcard (XL is best) and make sure your phone is unlocked before you leave home so that it can accept another card. Using a pre-paid XL sim card to call or text home is about a quarter of the price of your aussie charges. Write down your family and friends numbers back home before you remove your Australian simcard then text them a message using the new simcard and they will then have your Bali number. To call Australia simply remove the first zero of the Aussie mobile or home number then add +61 in front of it (i.e.: 0412 118899 becomes +61412118899) same with home numbers (i.e.: 07 5580 8080 becomes +61755808080). Calling Bali from Australia prefix the Bali number with +62. BALI DEPARTURE: As previously mentioned you will need to keep 150,000RP set aside for your departure tax. Also keep aside some last minute RP for drinks, food etc... at the airport OR 100-150,000RP will buy you entry into one of three executive departure lounges (Dewi, Prada or Premier). The entry fee includes alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, tea coffee, hot and cold snacks, sandwiches and cakes. There are also showers (free towels), internet access and even a last minute Bali massage (extra fee). TRAVEL AGENT – PACKAGE DEALS For the best package deal prices contact Nicki Lawson (07) 55 30 3555 or email her at: Nicki’s overheads are low and she passes these savings onto her customers…….please mention that you are a BTF or My Bali Guide member. Nicki posts on the BTF under the name “Nicno”. Email her if you have any queries or want to check out package prices. Check out Nicki’s details here:


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Checkout Airport Taxi Prices here: Car and Driver Hire - Half day hire approx 4-5 hrs (depends on mileage) RP 350000 - 450000 All day hire approx 6-8hrs (depends on mileage) RP 550000 - 700000 Above prices should include: Car, Driver, Petrol & Parking fees (check driver has tourist licence and insurance). There are many “drivers” that will accept less than this but most are just private citizens that have no tourist licence and therefore no insurance in case there is an accident. Be warned and please be careful who you do business with. SHORT TRIPS BY DRIVER WITH CAR: Tuban - Kuta Kuta - Legian Legian - Semniyak Tuban - Nusa Dua Kuta - Tanah Lot Kuta - Sanur Beach RP 10000 RP 10000 RP 10000 RP 50000 RP 70000 RP 55000 15000 15000 15000 60000 80000 75000

BLUE TAXIS: (average meter price) Airport to: Batu Bulan Candi Dasa Canggu Denpasar Jimbaran Kerobokan Kuta Legian Nusa Dua Oberoi Padang Bay Sanur Seminyak Tanah Lot Tuban Ubud Uluwatu RP 95000 RP 335000 RP 135000 RP 80000 RP 70000 RP 70000 RP 45000 RP 55000 RP 95000 RP 70000 RP 315000 RP 95000 RP 60000 RP 190000 RP 35000 RP 195000 RP 135000

(Short trips and 4 Persons or less best with these metered Blue Taxis) GPS NAVIGATION For those driving yourself around Bali why not checkout the website for sales & rental of GPS car navigation units for Bali. They even have maps to download for GPS enabled mobile phones (SmartPhones) RECOMMENDED (LICENCED) DRIVER & TOUR OPERATOR Everyone has a favourite driver, and for Airport Transfers and Guided Tours I highly recommend Dewa Parwita. Dewa is a great guy, good value for money, has very clean modern air conditioned vehicles, and above all is very reliable. He has several "standard" tour packages for the 1st and 2nd timers but can "customise" a tour for the well travelled Bali lover who wants something different and off the beaten track. He can be contacted at either: Dewa now has his own website...which shows tours and prices and some info on him and his beloved island of Bali check it out at: Dewa will give discounts to BTF and My Bali Guide members.....just tell him Mr Don from My Bali Guide recommended him to you and ask him for your 10% BTF discount off all his advertised services. DVD's After advice on the BTF we placed our order with Helgi via email before we left for Bali and he supplied us about 300 DVD's and 150 PS2 Games. They are all great quality so we are totally satisfied. He is a really nice guy and also hires DVD's players at about a quarter of the price inside the hotels. Usually he has deals like buy 10 get 3 free / buy 100 get 30 free etc….. ask him. Check a list of titles available at: His email address is: or at send him a list before you go and he will deliver to your hotel room when you arrive (pay in rupiah). I have been dealing with Helgie now for several years and highly recommend his services and quality of merchandise. PRINTING Deka Graffika art design and printing for business cards, letterheads, labels, stickers, paper & plastic bags, tshirts, brochures, stubby holders etc..... They are down a lane off Jalan Padma...not far from the Melasti corner, heading towards Rama Gardens. ph/fax +62 361 766320 and mobile +62 81338678835 or email on:


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DRINKS & COCKTAILS: (BAR & RESTRAUNT PRICES) Beer Bintang Bar/Restaurant Cold Coke (can or sml btle) Water (Bottle 500ml) Orange or fruit juice Depending where you go cocktails will range from Arak Attack (rice wine cocktail) Scotch, Bacardi, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Rum etc Jam Jar (Arak Attack 1ltr Goldfish Bowl) Wine (Australian White or Red per glass) ALCOHOL – WINES – BEER (SUPERMARKET PRICES) Chardonay Jacobs Creek Champagne Jacobs Creek (pinot Noir) Champagne (Chilean) Absolut Vodka 750ml Canadian Club 750ml Ballantines Scotch 750ml Beer Bintang Supermarket per btle Wine Yellow Tail (Red/White) BASIC LAUNDRY PRICES Business Shirt Wash & Press T Shirt Wash & Press Singlet Wash & Press Shorts Wash & Press Dress Wash & Press Panties/Bras Wash & Fold Jacket/Blazer Dry Clean/Press GENERAL & STREET MARKET PRICES Aftershave Black Mkt (Joop,Yves St.Laurent etc) Belt Leather (Plain) Bowls Wooden Beach Towels Baskets (Woven) Bracelet (U supply 2 x Aussie Gold Coins) Bracelet (without the Aussie Gold Coins) (NOTE 1) Bamboo Wind Chimes Beach Bag woven Bead Necklaces Bags Louis Vuitton Lge Overnight Bag Board shorts Billabong Blk Mkt (NOTE 2) Caps Baseball Peaked Cardigans lite weight crochet Coke 6 pack supermarket Car Timber Steering Wheel (with boss kit) Cigarettes pkt of 20 Cushion covers DVD Player Hire (week) Dresses (summer) Earrings Games PS2 or Xbox games Blk Mkt Handbags Louie Vetton Jackets Leather Tailor made Jeans Levi's 501 Kids T-shirts/Singlets Kimonos 55,000 (depending on length & material) Masks Timber Meals - Entrée average (more for seafood) Meals - Mains average price (more for seafood) Mobile Phones Older model Nokia around (NOTE 3) Mobile Phones newer model Nokia about (NOTE 3) Music Cd's (discounts for volume) Necklaces beaded or polished shells




12000 3500 2500 5000 40000 7000 35000 35000 25000

- 18000 5500 3000 6000 - 75000 - 10000 - 45000 - 45000 - 35000

Lge RP 30000

Lge RP 20000


RP 180000 RP 185000 RP 230000 RP 402900 RP 446450 RP 418750 RP 10000 RP 220000

Lge RP 18500


1700 1500 1300 1700 2300 1000 3000

Sml Sml Sml Sml


RP 15000 - 25000 RP 15000 (Studded) RP 50000 RP 5000 Lge RP 15000 RP 25000 Lge RP 50000 RP 1000 Lge RP 5000 RP 10000 RP 25000 RP 10000 Lge RP 15000 RP 28000 RP 5000 RP 180000 RP 30000 RP 10000 - 15000 RP 35000 RP 21000 RP 150000 RP 10000 - 15000 RP 30000 RP 100000 RP 25000 - 40000 RP 5000 RP 10000 - 15000 RP 55000 - 70000 RP 550000 - 700000 RP 75000 - 90000 RP 15000 RP 35000 - 50000 RP 15000 Lge RP 40000 RP 10000 - 35000 RP 25000 - 75000 RP 500000 RP 900000 RP 8000 - 10000 RP 5000 - 10000

GENERAL & STREET MARKET PRICES (CONT’D) Petrol (Gasoline) per litre Placemats Woven Photo prints (digital) Photo Memory Stick Card to disk Perfumes Blk Mkt Photos onto a CDR Placemats Wooden Singlets Sarongs Short (basic printed) Sarongs Long (detailed embroidered) Tops (Paul Frank for teen girls) Singlets Bintang printed Shirts Collared Stubby holders Sandals Leather Sunglasses Oakley. Chanel, Dior etc (NOTE 2) T-shirts Billabong,Quicksilver,Rip Curl,Nike) Watches Blk Mkt Copies (battery powered) “ “ “ “ “ (automatic – self wind) Wallet Leather Billabong Wrist Bands Leather (pk of 4) RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP RP 4500 5000 1000 25000 15000 25000 12000 15000 15000 25000 20000 15000 25000 4000 25000 15000 15000 25000 70000 15000 12000

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1500 25000 20000 20000 35000 25000


40000 25000 30000 35000 100000

NOTE 1: Bracelets aren’t really made with our gold coins, they exchange coins for rupiah it’s worth more that way. NOTE 2: Black Market brands i.e. Billabong / Roxy / Oakley etc…are kept under the counter so ask shopkeepers if they have them. NOTE 3: Bali is not the place to buy a cheap new mobile phone…… but it’s a great place to swap/sell your old one …..


Page 5 MONEY EXCH RATE: MY FAV ORPHANAGE: POWER PLUG ADAPTERS: PLUS SIZE CLOTHING: SANUR PLACES TO EAT: SANUR NIGHTLIFE & PUBS: SANUR RESTAURANTS: SATELITE NAVIGATION: SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: SIZE CONVERSION CHART SUBMARINE REEF TOUR: SURF REPORTS FOR BALI: TIME IN BALI NOW: TOUR OPERATOR DRIVER: WILDLIFE AND ELEPHANTS WHOLESALE WINE/SPIRITS BALI TOURIST SEASONS LOW SHOULDER FEB - JUN OCT - NOV HIGH SEASON JUL - SEP PEAK SEASON DEC - JAN ACCOMMODATION There are many sites on the net that give details for various accommodation so I won’t touch on that but if you want a local travel agent that is “on the ground” and based in Bali that can barter some great deals try Mida. Almost always she gets better prices than if you tried booking direct with the hotel. Tell her what you want and she will Email you with prices. She provides free transport (she will try to get you to do tours but is not pushy if you say no). You just pay upon arrival at the hotel. Cheap for local accommodation but she does not do flights. Contact Mida at: THINGS TO DO (and NOT TO DO) WHILE IN BALI THE “TO DO” LIST DO go to a Elephant park. (see above links) DO go to the Monkey Forest in Ubud DO take the kids to Waterbom Park…they’ll have a ball DO get a Massage DO buy some copy DVD's DO buy a fake watch DO buy some fake perfume DO buy a leather jacket DO see a Barong or Kecak or Legong Dance DO see a shadow puppet show DO go to Ubud DO eat some Satay…no….. eat many satays…the best in the world DO go White Water Rafting DO buy some silver jewellery in Celuk DO drink some Bintang…….. drink much Bintang DO have an Arak Attack cocktail…….no……have many cocktails DO buy a T-shirt with “Fu*k The Terrorists” printed on the front even if you never wear it again it will make you feel good. DO change money at the Kodak shops, and bank exchange tellers, the small back street guys aren’t worth the risk. DO try a swim up bar in one of the resorts, it's heaps of fun. DO take sunblock and use heaps of it. DO go on the submarine tour (see link above) DO go to the Monkey forest in Ubud is beautiful, monkeys not to cheeky! DO ask first before you take a picture of somebody its common courtesy. DO go to Tanah Lot Temple and get “blessed” by the priests (check tides as this only happens at low tide) DO eat seafood at Jimbaran Bay DO see the black sand of Lovina Beach DO go to Poppies in Poppies Lane 1 for lunch (or dinner). DO try and go see the memorial to the bombings...a time to reflect…a time to remember…a time for respect…We Won’t Forget DO take a trip to Mandala Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park the views are breathtaking and the size of the statues awesome. Not many tourists get to see this attraction (don’t be one of them). See link: DO check out Filos Pages before you leave for the most comprehensive Bali information: DO go to Poppies Lane II to shop…you won’t find better deals anywhere and won’t have to leave this street to get just about anything you want or need DO smile at everyone who smiles at you…. DO take all your spending money in cash!! Don't bother with a visa card in Bali…why ?? in Bali…… “CASH is KING”. DO go on an ocean cruise, do go snorkelling and I highly recommend a trip up to Lovina Beach to see and feed the dolphins.. DO go on volcano tour, and stop and have lunch at the crater rim….truly awesome views. DO get a fake tattoo just before you come home and freak out your mum/kids/hubby etc. They are great and really realistic! DO try Arak. Arak is a rice wine made over there, very potent (40% alcohol) don't drink too much of it, but it's a really great drink with fruit juice (punch) DO drink many Bintangs. Bintang takes a couple to get used to but once you get the taste for it ….lookout ! DO leave the air-conditioning on when you sleep cos it doesn't get cool at night like it does in Oz DO start your shopping in an area that is fairly busy (like Poppies Lane II or Legian st) they are not so desperate and hence not so scarily pushy. DO hire a “Blue Cab” for short distance travel – they are metered and so cheap half the time your tip will be more than the fare DO book you holidays for 10+ days…it takes 4-5 simply to unwind and get into “Bali Mode”. DO post your JBR (Just Back Report) on the Bali Travel Forum (BTF) so that others can share your experience.


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DONT step on the offerings on the footpath, please be respectful. DON’T fall for the money changing magicians, they have all day long to practice their slight of hand. If you see an exchange rate from a money changer that looks too good to be true, then it probably is. DONT do anything in the resort (ie. use internet, hire DVD player burn CD's make phone calls) big rip off, you can get any of these things way cheaper in the shops. DONT freak out about the roads. There are road rules, even if they are less obvious, they are very good drivers/riders. DONT get sucked in by someone who calls out a price for some thing (especially if it sounds really cheap) once you show interest the price will start to go up. Pick what you want, ask the price, then start bargaining, anytime the process is any different to that, don't get yourself into it. DONT get stuck with hair braiding hawkers. Worst hawkers were the women wanting to braid hair in the street, they would grab our girls hair and are a lot harder to get away from, so get braided early on, cut it short or tie it up well. If a hawker says "I sell this watch for 350000 normally" say either "But I'm not Japanese" or "maybe to a first timer" they will laugh and realise you are not “an easy touch”.. The Japanese tourists mostly just pay the first price, they hardly ever bargain. The Balinese are really nice genuine people, but they are only happy to sell something to you for too much if you are happy to pay too much, if you're not sure about a price, show your discomfort they will pick it up straight away and will become much more reasonable. DONT be afraid to go into a shop with a price in mind and if they wont give it to you for near that price walk away. There are no doubt a hundred more shops with the same thing, so the next time you put your price up a little bit. Once the battering is over with usually they are so keen to get to know you and ask many questions. DON’T forget to take a small medical kit. Include things like Aqua ear drops, and if possible a course of antibiotics (very expensive to get in Bali). As you can see there are many…many…more DO’s than DON’Ts in Bali…..and if it’s your first holiday in Bali I will guarantee it won’t be your last…once you make that first step you’ll get “Hooked on Bali” just like the rest of us. (do I get the credit for coining that one Filo)….LOL. THE LAST WORD ON PRICING & SHOPPING I have had mail from some experienced forumites who tell me that they have purchased some of the items on my list cheaper than I have quoted or that they can get transport a bit cheaper from this guy or that guy. But to those experienced Bali Travellers I ask one simple question “how much did you pay the 1st time you went to Bali”. I think that most would agree, if you were a Bali Virgin again and you paid the prices that I have listed in this guide first up you would have to be pretty chuffed with yourself…. wouldn’t you ? When shopping the stalls and markets just adopt the friendly practice of saying no thank you (tidak!, terimah kasih) or sorry, no money (sing lapis). Be firm but sympathetically friendly. Keep walking as though you are on a mission. Don't look at the goods they are offering unless you are really interested. Keep your sunglasses on so they cannot see your gazing eyes. Keep your money in a bum bag draped in front of you, wallets in back pockets are real targets as is opened handbags, only take with you the money you intend to spend for that day plus say 20%. Some hawkers get too close and when they do it is time for you to move on. Walk off as though you are looking for something or someone you are with is up the road. Don't make promises like I will come back "maybe tomorrow" or "maybe later." You will regret it if you run into that person again, to them you had made a promise and they will hold you to it. Don't get into a slanging match with the hawkers if things get heated simply walk away. Don't be intimidated by them. Talk to them you will find that after the bargaining is over with they are very keen to chat and share a joke with you. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU A very special thank you and huge credit goes to the many Bali Travel Forum (BTF) contributors (many that I have plagiarised) for making this list possible. I constantly troll the forum for news, recommendations, links and prices so please keep up with your JBR’s (Just Back Reports) that is how we share our experiences on here. Please make sure you take a look at Filo’s Guide it is the ultimate and most comprehensive Bali information site on the net and it merely begins …….….where I finish off. I will keep this guide updated regularly and a current version of this guide is always available for download at:
I hope that this helps you to better enjoy you trip to the “ISLE of SMILES” Happy Holidays in Bali Cheers

SPECIAL UPDATE 22 March 2009

In Memory of a good friend - Rest In Peace “Papa” Filo It is with deep and profound sadness that we note the passing of “Filo” (Bill to his friends). Bill passed away peacefully while taking an afternoon nap on Sunday 22nd March 2009, while no doubt dreaming of his beloved Bali. To Bill's life partner Claire and their extended families we extend our deepest condolences.

BAHASA INDONESIAN - SIMPLE LANGUAGE GREETINGS * Good morning - Selamat Pagi * Good afternoon - Selamat Siang. * Good evening - Selamat Sore. * Good night - Selamat Malam. * Goodbye - Selamat Tinggal. * How are you? - Apa Kabar? * I am fine - Kabar Baik. * What is your name? - Siapa nama anda? * My name is... - Nama saya... * Nice to meet you - Senang berkenalan dengan anda. * See you later - Sampai jumpa lagi. * Goodbye (said to people leaving) - Selamat jalan. * Goodbye (said to people staying) - Selamat tinggal. * I do not understand - Saya tidak mengerti. * I do not speak Indonesian - Saya tidak mengerti bahasa.

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GENERAL * Yes - Ya / Tentu. * O.K. - Beres * No / not - Tidak / bukan. * Thank you - Terima kasih * You're welcome - Kembali * Please - Tolong / Silakan. * Please help me - Tolonglah saya * Excuse me - Permisi. * Sorry - Ma'af. * What time is it? - Jam berapa? * This - Ini. * Be careful / attention - Hati Hati * Dari mana? - Where have you just come from? * Tuan asal dari mana? - What country are you from?. * Mau ke mana? - Where are you going?

TRANSPORT * Where is the bus station? - Stasiun bis dimana? * When is there a bus to...? - Kapan ada bis ke...? * What time does it leave? - Berangkat jam berapa? * How many hours to...? - Beraoa jam sampai...? * Where is the airport? - Bandara dimana? * What is the cost of a ticket to...? - Karcis ke...berapa? * Can I have two tickets? - Saya minta dua karcis?

SHOPPING * Only looking - Lihat saja * I want to buy this - Saya mau beli. * How much? - Berapa? * Expensive - Mahal * It's too expensive - Harganya terlalu mahal. * Can you make it cheaper? - Boleh kurang harganya? * What is your fixed price? - Harga pas berapa?

TIME OF DAY EATING * I want the menu please - Saya mau daftar makanan minta. * Morning - Pagi * Tuan mau minum apa? - What would you like to drink? * Noon - Siang * I would like to drink water / beer - Mau minum air / bir. * Evening / Night - Malam * Drinking water - Air minum. * Yesterday - Kemarin * (Hot) Tea / coffee - Teh (panas) / kopi. * Today - Hari ini * Without sugar / milk - Tanpa gula / susu. * Tomorrow - Besok * With a little sugar / milk - Sedikit gula / susu. * Day after tomorrow - Lusa * Tuan mau makan apa? - What would you like to eat? * I would like to eat - Mau makan * How do you say it in English? - Apa bahasa Inggrisnya (pointing item on menu) * The bill (check) please - Tolong bonnya.

DAYS OF WEEK * Sunday – Minggu * Monday – Senin * Tuesday – Selasa * Wednesday – Rabu * Thursday – Kamis * Friday - Jum'at * Saturday - Sabtu

TIME * Day - Hari * Week - Minggu * Week - Minggu * Month - Bulan * Year - Tahun

ACCOMMODATION * The best hotel - Hotel paling baik. * The cheapest hotel - Hotel paling murah. * Mid-priced - Tidak mahal, tidak murah. * Clean - Bersih. * Are there rooms available? - Ada Kamar? * Do you have a room? - Masih ada kamar kosong disini? * Do you have any air-conditioned rooms? - Ada kamar dengan AC? * Do you have fan-cooled rooms? - Ada kamar dengan kipas? * Kipas - fan. * What is the cost of the room? - Berapa ongkos kamar? * What is the cost of this room? - Berapa harga untuk kamar ini? * Two people - Dua orang. * Including meals? - Termasuk makanan? * Is there a toilet, bathroom? - Ada WC, tempat mandi? * Bedsheet - Sprei * Blanket - Selimut * Towel - Handuk * Soap - Sabun * Can you wash clothes? - Bisa cuci pakaian? DIRECTIONS * Where is the toilet? - Dimana kamar kecil? * Where is the beach? - Dimana pantai? * Where is there a hotel? - Mana ada hotel? * Where is there a restaurant? - Mana ada rumah makan? * Where is the path to the waterfall? - Dimana jalan ke air terjun? * Where is..........? - Dimana.........? * How far is it? - Berapa jauh dari sini? * Dekat - Near * Jauh - Far * What is the name of this street? - Apa nama jalan ini? * Utara - North * Selatan - South * Timur - East * Barat - West * Kanan - Right * Kiri - Left

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MONTHS OF YEAR * January - Januari * February - Februari * March - Maret * April - April * May - Mei * June - Juni * July - Juli * August - Agustus * September - September * October - Oktober * November - November * December - Desember

NUMBERS. 0 Nol 1 Satu 2 Dua 3 Tiga 4 Empat 5 Lima 6 Enam 7 Tujuh 8 Delapan 9 Sembilan 10 Sepulah

11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

Sebalas Dua belas Tiga belas Empat belas Lima belas Enam belas Tujuh belas Delapan belas Sembilan belas Dua puluh

25 30 40 50 60 70 80 90

Dua puluh lima Tiga puluh Empat puluh Lima puluh Enam puluh Tujuh puluh Delapan puluh Sembilan puluh

100 Seratus 200 Dua ratus

500 Lima ratus 1000 Seribu 10000 Sepuluh ribu 1000000 Sejuta

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