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									Robust Recipes from America’s Most Outrageous Television Chef

by Bill Hufnagle
Do real bikers eat Quiche? They do when Biker Billy makes it. This unique
cookbook offers a liberal sprinkling of biker banter, motorcycle tips, and classic

                                                                                                                                           New Book Information
photos that bring the joy and gusto of the open road into your kitchen.
   Biker Billy and his spicy motorcycle-themed recipies have come to be
known by millions through his cable television cooking show, his appearances
on national network tv (“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, “Regis & Kelly
Live”), and his features in national print media (People magazine, Vanity Fair).
And thanks to Biker Billy’s creative use of peppers, Burpee’s Seeds has even
named a new Hybrid Jalapeno after him!
   This new paperback edition of Biker Billy Cooks With Fire presents a
sizzling collection of recipes for every meal of the day. Even though these
quick, full-flavored recipes are loaded with “fire” (a code word for some of
the hottest peppers available), Biker Billy’s cuisine is not about torturing the
tongue. He creates snappy, memorable dishes, such as Lucifer’s Angel Pasta,
Biker “Beeritos”, Snap Jack Pie, Howlin’ Hush Puppies and others that provide        To download an electronic image of the cover,
a real adventure for the taste buds.                                                 please go to our website, click on Book Publishing,
                                                                                     and then Front Cover Gallery.
   Since it was first published in hardback, Biker Billy Cooks With Fire has sold

more than 53,000 copies, and author Bill Hufnagle has continued to
publish—Biker Billy Goes Hog Wild (Harvard Common Press 2003) has been                 Key Selling Points
a highly successful title as well.                                                     ■ Biker Billy’s cable television series is
                                                                                         viewed by thousands of fans each
                                                                                       ■ Biker Billy’s syndicated cooking
                                                                                         column appears in 7 regional
                                                                                         motorcycle magazines covering 22
                                                                                       ■ Personal appearances and likely
                                                                                         national media attention will
                                                                                         continue to generate interest

Chapters                                  The Author
■ How to Cook Like a Biker                Bill Hufnagle, aka Biker Billy, is the       Book Data
■ A Peek Behind the Dark Glasses          star and producer of Biker Billy Cooks       Title: Biker Billy Cooks with Fire
■ Biker Party Treats: Appetizers          with Fire and author of three                ISBN: 1-884313-50-7
■ Salsas and Dips                         motorcycle-themed cookbooks.                 Author: Bill Hufnagle
■ Condiments and Sauces
                                          Highly sought after for personal             Binding: Softbound
■ Breakfast and Brunch
                                          appearances at motorcycle events             Format: 6 x 9.25 inches
■ Lunch and Other Handy Foods
                                          across the country, Biker Billy is often     Pages: 260
■ Soups
                                          spotted riding his motorcycle in his         Art: 34 b&w photos
■ Pastas and More
                                          hometown of Madison, New Jersey.             Price: $16.95
■ Big Bikes: Main Dishes
■ Sidecars: Side Dishes                                                                Ship Date: September 2004
■ Biker Breads                                                                         WHP Product Code: BIBI
■ The Ride’s End: Desserts

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