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					Altamira Cave Paintings

       By Nikhil Joyce
   Highland Park Elementary
       April/May 2009

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         Painting Description
• The pictures are on no landscape or
  horizontal base.
• Each animal body had at least three colors.
• The paints were formed from natural earth
  pigments such as zinc and ochre oxides.
• Located in Altamira, Spain(north central)
• The cave is 300 meters long and 2-6 meters
  in height.
• Was portrayed only of animals
      Occupational History
Painted between 16,000 and 9,000 B.C.
Presumed to have been painted by the
Magdelian people. People didn’t live or
sleep in the cave, but they worked and did
flint knapping.
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      History of Excavation
The Altamira cave was discovered in the
year 1879. It was found by a Spanish paleo-
archaeologist named Marcelino Sanz de

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 Significant Artifacts/Features
Tools were found and were used for
cooking, working, and possibly fighting.
Some remains of their ancient food was
their, and hearths
            Cultural Data
These people must have had more advanced
lighting technology because of the lack of
soot on the cave walls. They probably
hunted a lot of bison because that is mostly
what was painted.
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