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In the simplest of terms, wind is the movement of air. It is created as
the warmer air rises in the atmosphere. Some locations are prone to more
wind than others due to the climate of it. That is also why some periods
of the year can be full of wind while others are more calm and peaceful.
Yet that blowing wind really helps for the seeds of trees, plants, and
flowers to get where they need to be.

Sometimes it is just a light breeze that can feel good. Other times it is
cold and blowing everything around in sight. This is why we sometimes
welcome the wind and at other times we may be cursing it. High winds can
be extremely dangerous and cause plenty of damage. Many people lose
shingles off their roof due to it. Semi trucks may have to get off the
roads due to the force of the wind on their vehicles.

The wind can also be used favorably in many ways though. We have found it
to be an effective tool. Something as common and fun as flying a kite
can’t be accomplished without the wind to give it movement and to keep it
in the air. For a lovely sound people often place wind chimes outside of
their home. This presents a melody as the wind blows though them.

Wind has also become a very economical resource to use for electricity.
There will always be an endless supply of wind power that can be
collected. Since the very early days people have been doing so with the
use of windmills. Today many of them have been replaced with high powered
turbines that can collect more of the energy from the wind.

There are special tools that can be used to measure the speed of wind.
Generally these are used by experts in the weather field. Many of them
are readers for radar that are in place. This allows for the wind in
various spots to be reviewed and recorded several times per day. This
information can help people to know how to dress and to protect
themselves from the wind. Small children can be susceptible to painful
ear infections due to exposure to large gusts of wind.

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