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									Zip Codes

Zip codes apply to all the different locations on the map in order for
the Postal Service to be able to do their job more effectively. Many
small towns have one zip code for the entire thing. Larger cities will
have several different zip codes that can apply to it so it is never a
good idea to just assume that the one you have is the right one. Many
people don’t realize that ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan.

Each area has a base zip code of five numbers. There are also four
additional numbers that can be added to the end of it. Yet it is commonly
acceptable to just place the first five digits on what you are mailing.
When you are filling out forms online, most of them only allow you to
have enough space for five digits. In fact, if you ask a handful of
people the majority of them will tell you they don’t even know what their
additional four digits are.

There are many ways in which you can look them up. If you are searching
for a zip code in your own state, you should be able to find it in the
front of your phone book. They should be listed for all of the towns in
your state. You can also look it up by entering the address into a search
engine online. If you don’t have the right zip code on the things you
mail, you may find they are delayed in getting there.

For many types of packages, the zip code of where you are sending it from
and where you are mailing it to will calculate the cost of it. You can
find out for yourself online how much this is going to cost you just by
entering the zip codes and the method you want to use for shipping into
your computer. You may find it is just a little bit more to get it there
in three days instead of ten days.

The use of accurate zip codes on items in the mail has become even more
important due to the sorting process. Most of the mail can be read
electronically and then sorted by the zip code. Those that aren’t correct
or that don’t have one on them though have to be sorted by a human. This
can delay them from getting into the mail truck timely.

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