English Grammar and Writing Websites by zhouwenjuan


									             English Grammar and Writing Websites

1. http://grammar.ccc.commnet.edu/grammar/ This link takes you right to the table of
   contents for the 172 interactive quizzes. These quizzes cover grammar, punctuation,
   spelling, and vocabulary. This site seems to be a unanimous choice by English authors for
   top site. Hats off to Capital Community College of Hartford, Connecticut.

2. http://www.thea.nesinc.com/practice.htm Practice Exams for the THEA, the
   competency exit exam to pass Developmental Studies—English/Writing, Reading, and
   Math—in the state of Texas; tips are included.

3.   http://home.pct.edu/~evavra/indexGR.htm Dr. Ed Vavra’s Grammar Materials. This site from
     Pennsylvania College of Technology reveals truly innovative ways to teach grammar, complete
     with information for student and teacher. He calls it KISS.

4.   http://www.monash.com/spidap.html The Spider’s Apprentice: A Helpful Guide to Web
     Search Engines. These six pages will help you find information for research or fun. Topics range
     from how search engines work to in-depth analyses of popular search engines. Plus you can “beam
     up” all of them for your own use on spidap3.

5.   http://aliscot.com/bigdog/ Big Dog’s Grammar (15 sections) It has interactive exercises and was
     my main inspiration for the dangling/misplaced modifier chapter section.

6.   www.webgrammar.com This remarkable website by Judy Vorfeld contains grammar,
     cyberlibraries covering many subjects, an editing service, and how to build websites.

7.   www.englishplus.com/grammar This site has a very detailed “Common Mistakes and Choices”
     section for all those similar sounding words. The Capitalizing and Style and Usage sections are
     solid. The Grammar Slammer has the most information on this website.

8.   http://jdmeyer.pageout.net North Tyler Texas Cyberlibrary This website currently has ten
     academic folders and accounts of three high school outreach programs. (1) Spanish Tutorial, (2)
     Ethnic Studies & Global Issues, (3) Economic Development, (4)English: Writing, Grammar, and
     More, and (5) The NASA-PACE Project at Texas College for 2003 (includes earth/space science),
     (6) African-American Studies, (7) Virtual Career Counselor, (8) The Librarian’s Niche, (9)
     Education, (10) The Upward Bound/NASA-PACE Project for 2004, (includes economic
     development) and (11) Upward Bound/NASA-PACE Project for 2005 (Social Studies), (12)
     English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and (13). Higher Education, including
     Developmental and Educational Psychology.

9.   www.chompchomp.com Chomp-Chomp has exercises and terms that are presented in a very
     attractive style.

10. http://www.calstatela.edu/faculty/jgarret/3waypers.htm Ethos, Logos, and Pathos: Three Ways to
    Persuade. This article looks at three categories: the writer’s character, logical arguments, and the
    emotions of the audience.

11. http://weber.edu/writingcenter Weber State. The Writing Center at this university has many links
    and some handouts.

12. ftp://ftp.ets.org/pub/toefl/989563wt.pdf This is a six-page list of essay writing prompts for the
    TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). It’s located within the Education Testing
    Service website. Essays designed to enable ESOL students to go to regular college English are
    basically the same as Developmental English. {This site was gone for a while and came back}.

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