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Getting Started


									Getting Started

After explaining the business principles of planning and development ( ads and landing pages ) of a
pay per click campaign, it's time to communicate with AdWords the way you want to start running

To better illustrate this process will be shown all the steps necessary to start from the first season. The
activities to be carried out are not binding. However, the options available are many and it is
necessary, especially for those who are beginners, get familiar with the interface before you can take
full advantage of the benefits of AdWords.

The first step is to log on (using their own credentials) to enter the admin panel of
your AdWords account. If no campaign yet been activated, the page that has the front should present,
among others.

Once inside your administration panel you need to click on the "Create your first campaign."

If there are already other campaigns were launched with the procedure laid differs in some points
from that you are going to present. The case will be dealt with specifically later.

After clicking the button you just mentioned, it will start a sort of wizard that will allow you to set all
the features of the first campaign.

The steps to follow are:

       Choose the settings about the target customers of the campaign;
       Provide the content for the creation of the first announcement;
       Enter the keywords identified by the method described above;
       Choose the settings for the budget suited to the campaign launch.

During the launch of the first campaign is recommended print on paper as the product planning and
development. This information will continually be necessary and, to save time, it is good to have them
always at hand (even when they are activated after the first campaigns).

All the above points deserve to be treated specifically and in detail. The knowledge gained from the
creation of the first campaign are the basic know-how thanks to which, later on, you can activate
complex campaigns with AdWords.

After starting the first campaign, you'll know how to trace the achievement of objectives (conversion)
and how you can launch campaigns after the first.

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