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Before starting the illustration of AdWords "in practice" you must open a new account. To illustrate all
of the options available will be shown step by step step of the process to register a new account,
deepening also some theoretical concepts.

To register a new account just go to the AdWords homepage and click on the button at the top right
"Click here to start." The page that appears immediately after already requires a small point to make,
about the version of AdWords that you want to use: restricted version and standard version.

In the beginner version you have available a simplified panel that allows you to manage one campaign
with one set of keywords.

The standard version is required to connect to the published Web site campaigns and it has all of the
features available in the AdWords interface including managing multiple campaigns with multiple
keywords in September

The examples that will be made in this guide refer to the standard version of AdWords, as with all the
functionality needed to manage a campaign in advanced mode.

For the curious, Google provides an information page where there is a detailed comparison between
the two versions.

Google Account
The third step is the "fusion" next AdWords account at birth, with your Google Account. Even in this
case, you have several options.

If you already have a Google account, simply enter your credentials to connect your accounts. The
most demanding can choose different user name and password only for access to AdWords.

If you did not have a Google Account you can activate one by selecting the corresponding option and
providing a valid email address.

Choosing the preferred option, provided the data and click on the button "Continue" you get near the
end of the activation of your AdWords account.

Currency Preferences
The latter figure required is the currency that you will use in the management of your account. If you
are in Italy just choose (if it is not already selected) item Euro and click "Continue." This data can not
be changed in the future.

Email Verification
Once you have provided all this information, the system will send an email to the email address
provided during registration. Just check your mailbox, open the message and click the link above to
confirm the activation.

The new account has been created but the system is not yet ready to proceed with the ads. Because you
need to enter information about how we intend to pay our spending in ads.

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