Electrical by zhouwenjuan


									  Electrical Occupations

Program Length: Two years (900 Hours)

Program Objectives: Electrical systems including power, heat, light, motor controls, air conditioning, refrigeration, generators, and
transformers. Students study and practice all phases of residential, commercial and industrial electricity including layout, assembly,
installation, testing and maintenance of electrical systems.

Program Competencies:                                                    Occupational Requirements: Good mathematics skills ability
Hand Tools-Safety                                                        to read and interpret blueprints, schematics, color
Power Tools-Safety                                                       differentiation, manual dexterity, good eye-hand coordination,
Reading Blueprints                                                       ability to work at heights up to 50 feet.
Signaling Circuits
Wiring Methods
Power Circuits                                                           Work Environment: Ability to work in all weather
Lighting Circuits                                                        conditions. Variable from clean to dirty.
Motor Control Circuits
Low Voltage Circuits
Conduit Bending and Installation                                         Career Opportunities:
Service Installation                                                     Electrical Apprentice
Wiring Diagrams                                                          Electrician's Helper
Transformers                                                             Maintenance
Generators and Motors                                                    Electric Motor Installer
Troubleshooting                                                          Related Occupations:
                                                                         Appliance Repair
Equipment Used:                                                          Motor Rewinder
Drill Press                                                              Industrial Plant Maintenance
Electric Drill                                                           Electrical Equipment Sales
Bench Grinder                                                            Estimator
Conduit Bender
Pipe Threader                                                            With Further Education:
Industrial Control Trainers                                              Electrician
PLC Trainer                                                              Electrical Draftperson
                                                                         Electrical Engineer
Suggested Academics:                                                     Electrical Inspector
SOAR Scope & Sequence                                                    Vocational Instructor

Employers: Electrical Contractors, Electrical Supply Houses, Maintenance Departments in Industry.

Post-Secondary Training Opportunities: Pennsylvania College of Technology, Johnson College, Penn State University, Wilkes
University, and Baran Institute.


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