Twelfth Night by liaoqinmei


									                      Twelfth Night Character Analysis &Comparison
Objective: Using direct quotes and as evidence, you will analyze one MAIN character from Twelfth Night and
compare him/her to another character from a novel that you have read about since August.

Guidelines & Requirements:
   •   3 paragraphs:
            1. Twelfth Night character analysis
            2. Other character analysis from any novel read this year
            3. Direct comparison of both characters with a so what/conclusion
   •   typed, MLA style (font, spacing, works cited page, etc.) – technically, typing will earn you extra credit!
   •   at least four parenthetical citations within the paper (must be a mix of direct quotes and paraphrasing to
       support your claims)

                                                   Notes & Tips
                                    What does it mean to ANALYZE a character?

                               How do I use text as “evidence” to support my claims?

                                           How do I start & get organized?

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