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Adani Reality, along with M2K is going to launch its new residential project in sector 102, Gurgaon the location of this new real estate project on the Dwarka Expressway.

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									   Adani flats in Gurgaon
Indulge yourself in a luxury lifestyle with Real Adani Apartment. An Real Apartment, the focus was
given to create a green space that would define a lifestyle and stand the test of time in this new
Garden City. As more complexes get built, this will always remain a landmark with its verdant
gardens, pool and club complex etc. This apartment offers you the choice of 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxury
apartment available in the sizes of 1575 – 4950 sq. ft. at very attractive prices. This apartment now
brings you the opportunity to enjoy this matchless experience in your everyday life.

Adani Gurgaon is bounded with great natural beauty and also offering you excellent and healthy
environment for living in. These apartments are located in the centre of everything. It is very
conveniently located near shopping Malls, International Airport, famous schools, metros etc.

Adani Gurgaon is redefining luxury. This apartment offers fabulous facilities to the residents of these
apartments like health clubs, swimming pool, splash pool, tennis courts, badminton courts, and
basketball courts and so on. It indirectly makes a deal with the inhabitant promising a healthy living
in peace and harmony. This apartment is open to the front as well as to the back also so that its
residents can be facilitate with the receiving of both side sun rays. It gives a different type of
enjoyment to feel different types of sunrays. Its large openness of space and elegantly construction
makes it so special. Its spectacular view in its front is amazing to look at. Every room is made airy and
These apartment is incorporated with pretty garden and huge water body in which lotus and various
flowers are there which enhances your intimacy with nature. It has various beautiful and luxurious
things to look at. This luxurious apartment offers utmost luxury and comforts what you have
expected for your own house. The design of doors and windows provide maximum ventilation .The
doors and windows are noise effective .The architecture and infrastructure of these apartments has
achieved the objectives and standards of living. These apartments are made with well considered
site planning and building design which significantly improves the quality of the residents.

So, you have an ultimate chance to enjoy your real existence on this earth with Adani Gurgaon.

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