SendThisFile boosts file sharing capacity 43 percent by sendthisfileco


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									                SendThisFile boosts file sharing capacity 43 percent

SendThisFile® today is announcing it has increased file sharing capacity over 43 percent to meet
demand for its online file sharing service.

"Due to our tremendous growth, we have expanded our file serving capacity 43% over previous levels,"
said John Stephens, SendThisFile VP of Operations. "It's a strong indicator that customers are finding
value in our service."

Traditionally, maintaining a high quality of service during a period of rapidly increasing demand can be
challenging. However, SendThisFile's service is designed for flexibility.

"Our service architecture is very robust, and is designed for rapid scalability," said Stephens. "This allows
us to quickly add server hardware to meet demand while it is being generated, without compromising our
high service quality."

The addition of new server hardware positions SendThisFile for continued growth, allowing the service to
handle simultaneous file sharing requests as the service continues to expand.


Since 2003 SendThisFile, Inc. has been an industry leader in providing managed file transfers to its
clients. Its service provides an uncomplicated and secure way for computer users to send large files that
are too big for typical email servers. With over 1.5 million users served and more than 63 million files
transferred and customers in over 160 countries, SendThisFile is a proven and reliable partner for
Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and individual users.

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