Backup an SQL Database

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					Backup an SQL Database

To backup an I/NET SQL database:

1.Choose Backup in the “Choose Operation” frame.

2.Select or enter the name of the SQL Database Server containing the database. The
default server is the name of your local workstation. If necessary, select Refresh List to
scan the network for available servers.

3.You can keep a record of the backup process by enabling () the Record Logfile option
and defining a filename for the logfile.

4.Click Start.

Note: When choosing a location for your backup in the following step, Netware drives
are not supported.

5.A new dialog is presented, allowing you to specify the name and location of the backup
file that will be created.

If you specify the name of an existing backup file, the data from this backup will be
appended to the existing file. If you were to restore this backup file, the restore process
would only access the data from the last backup appended to the file. Therefore, in order
to prevent your backup file(s) from becoming larger than necessary, specify a new
backup filename each time you perform a backup.

6.Select OK. The backup process now begins.

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