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									Part 1

1.    Among the seven cases analyzed in section 3 of the paper,
      select the case that you find most interesting,
      find similar case in Hong Kong and write a one page report with the
following sections:

According to case 7: Mobile Gaming. I have chosen a similar case is Hong
Kong Jockey Club.

Company background:
The Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the largest racing organisations in
the world.
Horse racing is the most popular spectator sport in Hong Kong and through
its subsidiaries,
the Club is the only authorised operator of horse racing.
It also operates the Mark Six lottery and under Government authority
offers betting on football matches held outside Hong Kong.
The Club is the largest single taxpayer in Hong Kong ¡V HK$13,115 million
in 2007/08,
or about 6.5% of all taxes collected by the Government's Inland Revenue
A unique feature of the Club, much admired worldwide,
is its not-for-profit business model whereby its surplus goes to charity.
Over the past decade, the Club has donated an average of one billion Hong
Kong dollars every year to hundreds of charities and community projects.
Today, the Club ranks alongside organisations such as the Rockefeller
Foundation as one of the biggest charity donors in the world.
The Club is also one of the largest employers in Hong Kong, with 4,800
full-time and 20,200 part-time staff.

HK Jockey Club is the only one legal gambling organization in Hong Kong.
The competitors should be the illegal gambling organizations.

Except the police fight with illegal gambling organizations,
HK Jockey Club can provide more convenient betting channel and
different gambling types which can refer to the foreign country and their
websites. (e.g.:
Now HK Jockey Club has provided various betting channels to their users.
Once they have applied for a Betting Account successfully,
they can choose between the following channels and experience the new
ways of betting:
-Telephone Betting,
-Online Betting Service (eWin),
-Mobile Online Betting Service,
-TV Betting Service (tWin),
-Interactive Phone Betting Service (iWin),
-Customer Input Terminal (CIT),
-Mobile Betting Service,
-PDA Betting Service.
But there are still very limited gambling types that illegal gambling
Users will easily attract to join the illegal bet or some legal bet
provide by foreign country.

Part 2

2.    Provide two examples of push and pull messaging within the wireless
mobile phone domain.

Push message is sent to user to inform them of something
(Example: Promotion message through SMS.)

Pull message is sent to user because they requested information
(Example: Alert function provide from Google calendar will send SMS to
user to alert them the function notes they have set it before.)

3.    What is the Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) and the Multimedia
Messaging Service (MMS)?

Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) is an application-level extension to
Short Message Service (SMS) for cellular phones available on GSM, TDMA
and CDMA networks.
An EMS enabled mobile phone can send and receive messages that have
special text formatting (such as bold or italic), animations, pictures,
icons, sound effects and special ring tones.
EMS messages that are sent to devices that do not support it will be
displayed as SMS messages, though they may be unreadable due to the
presence of additional data that cannot be rendered by the device.
EMS messages cannot typically be sent between subscribers of different
mobile phone carriers, as they will frequently be dropped by the inter-
carrier network or by the receiving carrier.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is a telecommunications standard for
sending messages that includes multimedia objects (images, audio, video,
rich text).
MMS is an extension of the SMS standard, allowing longer message lengths
and using WAP to display the content. Its' most popular use is sending
photographs from camera-equipped handsets,
although it is also popular as a method of delivering ringtones as well.
The standard is developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA), although
during development it was part of the 3GPP and WAP groups.

4.    Outline the main differences between wireless business-to-business
(B2B) activity and wireless business-to-consumer (B2C) activity.
Provide examples of each type of business activity in the real commercial
What are the main benefits of wireless B2B activity?
What are the main benefits of wireless B2C activity?
What is ¡§mobile collaboration¡¨ and how does it operate? Provide
examples of business sectors that make use of mobile collaboration.

Business-to-Business (B2B) describes commerce transactions between
businesses like the one between a manufacturer and a wholesaler or a
wholesaler and a retailer
i.e both the buyer and the seller are business entity.
An example of a B2B transaction would be the bookshop (retailer) buying
the books (products) from publisher (supplier).

Business-to-consumer (B2C, sometimes also called Business-to-Customer)
describes activities of businesses serving end consumers with products
and/or services.
An example of a B2C transaction would be a person (customer) buying a
book from the bookshop (retailer).

The main benefits of wireless B2B or B2C activity is the companies can
maintain their business anywhere and not limited with the available of
Also consumers can buy products anywhere and not limited with the
available of computer.

Mobile collaboration is a collection of Online Interactive Business
Applications made possible by Mobile Broadband.
Cellular Networks with GPRS and UMTS are connected to the Internet via
Media Gateways.

5.    How does the wireless business Internet model differ from the wired
Internet model?

Despite the convergence of the wired Internet with the wireless Internet
what are the factors that distinguish the wireless mobile Internet from
PC-based access to the Internet?
What are the four connected aspects of mobility that trigger access to
the mobile Internet?

Wireless business internet allows people access the internet anywhere in
service support area.
Wired business internet allows people access the internet only near the
wired computer.

Issues in the wireless internet arena is about how to converge the wire
internet with the wireless internet,
so that the user does not perceive any differences in style and content
irrespective of whether they
access the internet form a wired PC or a wireless mobile device and
providing the same level of security infrastructure for the wireless
mobile internet as exists for wired internet.
Access to the mobile internet is normally triggered by four connected
aspects as follows:
-Situation (e.g. flying, driving, walking, working)
-Location (e.g. town, country, home or abroad)
-Mission (e.g. purpose or objective)
-Time (e.g. a transient one-off occurrence)

6.    What are ¡§dedicated-embedded mobile environments¡¨ and provide two

Dedicated-embedded mobile environments are covered wireless network that
can provide users to use their wireless devices through network.
1. In a shopping mall, shops can send their promotion advertisement to
2. Use a mobile device to control the household appliance in a smart-

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