Master of Arts_ Forensic Psychology - by zhouwenjuan


									University of Central Oklahoma                                                                             Graduate Catalog, 2012 - 2013
Program:         Psychology
Major:           Psychology - Forensic Psychology                                      College: Education and Professional Studies

Major Code:      3714                                                     transcripts must be from accredited institutions. Under-
Degree:          Master of Arts (M.A.)                                    graduate transcripts must show:
Department       Psychology                                               a. A minimum 2.75 GPA overall or 2.75 GPA in the last
College          Education & Professional Studies                            60 hours attempted.
                                                                          b. Completion of 24 undergraduate hours as follows:
Program Coordinator/Advisor:       Dr. Robert Mather                         PSY 1103, PSY 2753, PSY 3713, PSY 3833, PSY
E-Mail Address:                                     3903, PSY 4753, PSY 4763, and FRSC 2503.
Office Address:                    EDU 314
Phone Number:                      974-5474                         3. Students with a native language other than English must
                                                                       submit evidence of English language proficiency. See
Graduate Admissions:               Carlie Wellington                   Graduate Admission Information - English Language
E-Mail Address:                           Proficiency.
Office Address:                    Box 106, EDU 207
Phone Number:                      405-974-5105                     4. To be admitted, students must meet the following criteria.
                                                                          a. A GRE score of at least 900 (combined verbal and
                                                                             quantitative scores) or 3.5 on the writing portion.
Psychology - Forensic Psychology, M.A.                                    b. Students falling below these standards may qualify
   The Forensic Psychology major prepares students for                       for provisional admission. See Graduate Admisson
careers in intelligence analysis and criminal investigation at               Information.
the local, state, and federal levels of law enforcement. The
program emphasizes scientific research in experimental psy-
chology and applications to forensics issues. This is a non-
                                                                    Graduation Requirements
clinical program that trains students in quantitative methods
of scientific inquiry.                                              Required Courses.................................................19 Hours
   The Forensic Psychology major requires a minimum of 49            Course Course          Course Title
graduate credit hours. In addition to the core courses required      Prefix No.
for all Psychology M.A. students, a student exercising the           PSY        5013        BioSocial Psychology
Forensic Psychology major must also enroll in the Forensic           PSY        5033        Cultural and Gender Diversity
Psychology course work and additional course work as re-
                                                                     PSY        5051        Professional Career Planning
quired by the advisory committee. A student enrolled in this
major must submit a thesis in partial fulfillment of their degree    PSY        5143        Advanced Developmental Psychology
requirements. The student’s advisory committee, with the             PSY        5193        Experimental Design
addition of one faculty member from outside the department,          PSY        5563        Advanced Social Psychology
will constitute the reading committee for the master’s thesis.
                                                                     PSY        5633        Modern Learning Theories
The member from outside the department will, at the request
of the student, be appointed by the graduate dean along with
                                                                    Capstone Experience .............................................3 Hours
confirmation of the total committee as the thesis is begun. The
master’s thesis is a research project which has the potential        Course Course          Course Title
                                                                     Prefix No.
for publication in a psychological journal. For clarification of
what qualifies as research in the field of psychology and for        PSY        5990        Thesis
matters of concern regarding the design and reporting of
research, the student is referred to the publication manual of      Forensic Psychology Coursework......................21 Hours
the American Psychological Association.                              Course Course          Course Title
                                                                     Prefix No.
                                                                     CJ         5313        Ethics and Testimony
Admission Requirements                                               FRSC       5043        Crime Scene Processing
  Submit the following items to the Jackson College of               FRSC       5253        Forensic Science Analysis & Lab
Graduate Studies (JCGS), Nigh University Center, Room
                                                                     PSY        5343        Psychological Science
404, University of Central Oklahoma, 100 N. University Drive,
Edmond, OK 73034.                                                    PSY        5383        Multivariate Analysis in Psychology
                                                                     PSY        5623        Theories of Personality
1. Paper or online application for admission (           PSY        5653        Forensic Psychology

2. Official copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts
   from each institution attended with all degrees posted. All

University of Central Oklahoma                                                        Graduate Catalog, 2012 - 2013
Program:          Psychology continued
Major:            Psychology - Forensic Psychology                    College: Education and Professional Studies

Forensic Psychology Electives .............................6 Hours
(pick two courses)
 Course Course       Course Title
 Prefix No.
 FRSC      5143      Crime Scene Reconstruction
 FRSC      5313      Forensic Pathology and Anthropology
 FRSC      5323      Forensic Toxicology & Lab
 FRSC      5333      Forensic Molecular Biology & Lab
 FRSC      5343      Forensic Serology & Lab
 FRSC      5413      Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
 FRSC      5443      Forensic Arson Investigation
 FRSC      5463      Digital Forensics
 FRSC      5543      Advanced Firearm & Toolmark
 FRSC      5633      Digital Forensics Tools & Analysis

TOTAL HOURS REQUIRED ...............................49 HOURS
Other Requirements

1. Plan of Study. During PSY 5051 Professional Career
   Planning, students must complete a plan of study, which
   they must then file immediately with the Jackson College
   of Graduate Studies. The plan must be signed and dated
   by the student and the graduate program advisor before
   it can be considered official.

2. Academic Standards. Students must meet the following
   course work standards:
    (a) Overall GPA of 3.00 or higher; and
    (b) No more than six (6) hours of “C” shall be applied to
        the degree; and
    (c) No grade below “C” will be applied to the degree
    (d) No more than six advisor-approved hours from tradi-
        tional correspondence courses.
3. Thesis. If applicable, each student must complete an ac-
   ceptable thesis, successfully defend it in public, submit
   two paper copies of it to the library, submit one electronic
   copy to the designated electronic repository, and send a
   title page, the original signature page, summary, and an
   abstract page to the JCGS.

4. Final Requirements. Apply for graduation through the
   JCGS by advertised deadline.


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