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==== SEASON 19 - FALL 2007 ====

The Overnightscape #627 (Tuesday, September 25, 2007 / 1:47:00 / 49 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Violent device,
difficult area code, listener email (Joshua from Sacramento - Tuolumne
pronunciation), proposed Web 2.0 pronunciation website, forgetting
things, Howard Stern, "The Mind-Body Connection" by Dr. Sarno, the human
brain, back pain, OCD, Barry Farber, the lack of ability in the moment to
perceive that a feeling will not persist, the oldest man in the world,
human body as robot, the afterworld, Frank's 40th birthday, tiring of pop
culture, detoxing, chemtrail dust, poisons, The Master Cleanser, caffeine
withdrawal headache, addicitions, chemical amusements, coolness of
coffee, condensation, beverage review ("Java Monster Coffee Energy - Loca
Moca"), making fun of Starbucks, Mr. Sasha the Cat, shredding printouts
of the sci-fi novel "Severe Repair", proofreading at malls, sounds of the
shredder, The Overnightcase Video Reviews (Manny the Mailman - "De
Olifant - Matelieff" cigars and "Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky". His son
Mike (the Monkey) - "Celestial Seasoning Zingers To Go - Tangerine Orange
Wave Herb Tea"), Overnightcase website, dream company Jobox
Entertainment, busted Wiki, secret review from the past with Roel from
the Netherlands ("Celestial Seasoning Zingers To Go - Tangerine Orange
Wave Herb Tea"), Dasani, Poland Spring, World of Disney, Minnie Mouse
Princess Leia figurine, FAO Schwartz, mouth injury, mini WWII Jeep for
kids, giant fantasy stuffed animals, the falling dollar, Harry Potter,
Smurfs, Myachi Hand Sack, Alex Jones, Pogs, Apple Store, new iPods, iPod
games ("Vortex", "iQuiz", "Klondike", "musika"), Coverflow, annoyed by
how a guy uses his iPhone, Museum of Modern Art, Van Gogh, Picasso,
Toulouse Lautrec, Soviet Modernist Architecture, Korg M3 synthesizer,
shocking price quote for transferring 16mm movies to DVD, flavor names,
kinky white hairs on the sideburns, balding, and the Pocket Knock Gel
Ball Pen. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #628 (Saturday, September 29, 2007 / 1:16:00 / 34.9 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: The taint of DRM,
issues with a Pop-Tart variant, another California mystery area code,
Bunta Block, caveman living, taking out the trash, knocking over the box
of puppets, lost Puppet Community feature, Polly Cobain, the unclaimed
yellow pages, shaving off the sideburns, soap review ("Tom's of Maine
Natural Care Lavender Natural Moisturizing Body Bar"), tallow, Dr.
Bronner, snack review ("Nature's Path - Organic Frosted Toaster Pastries
- Blueberry"), following instructions, touching hot things briefly,
finger burned by a superhot flake of pastry, toaster over mishap, sear
mark, two fork method, college girl uses witchcraft on a Pop-Tart,
vegetarian corn dogs, weird supermarket, remembering the Rowe-Manse
Emporium, the Beanie Baby craze, shopping channel guy, VHS tapes,
staining the laptop, remembering Cocaine Energy Drink, Brawndo, beverage
review ("Pure Cool" - Mojo Cool, Tropical Tiki, Triple Chill), "Popcorn
Indiana", random drunken journey and injury, movie theater in the
basement, the Zune section, Virgin Megastore to be renamed "Zavvi",
Israeli biscuits, petabytes, exabytes, zettabytes, yottabytes, metric
prefixes, crappy backup tapes, pebibytes, 7-11, 1 Times Square, sunflower
seed confusion, Nicogel, "greelight" (Sniglet) - the unexplained green
lights inside esalators, busted escalators, antibacterial lights, green
fire engines, Verizon Fios, capping, Bell Atlantic, tearing up the
streets, DSL nightmare, horrendous customer service, Fios pricing,
chatting with customer service, and a quick pear update. Hosted by Frank
Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #629 (Monday, October 1, 2007 / 1:11:00 / 32.5 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Late night recording
session (3:08 AM - 4:29 AM), getting nocturnal, movie review ("Whatever
Happened To Baby Jane" starring Joan Crawford and Bette Davis), "Mommie
Dearest", Blue Oyster Cult, Kim Carnes, obscure information from an
article in a 1982 issue of Games Magazine ("Travelling The Road To
Rouing" - rubber band-powered balsa wood model plane combat), The Rou
Review, RC Combat Association Forum, Macy-Dash Roucraft Company, analog
TV, vertical hold, Macrovision VHS copy prevention, "The Ice Storm"
(1997), black box, TV news closed captioning error ("carousel" spelled
"kara cell"), "Dear Courtney", ephemeral things, the preservation of a
classic Coney Island carousel, 600 for 600 email (#121 - Jerry from
SoCal), "Green Onions" by Booker T and the MGs, Stax, the songs Howard
Stern used to play during live read commercials (such as "Whot's
Happening" by The Mar-keys), a vague video billboard on 42nd St., The
Howard Stern Show, Opie & Anthony, the secret project, toy review ("Boing
Light Ball" (large) by Active People), colored light, white ribbed
rubber, the internal mechanism, Podcast Expo, NYC taxi cab colorful
flower art ("Garden in Transit"), absinthe drinking information, steam
explosion update, and Mr. Jesse the Cat running around in the middle of
the night. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #630 (Friday, October 5, 2007 / 1:55:00 / 52.7 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "At a Street Fair in
Brooklyn, Part 1 , 33rd Annual Atlantic Antic, Hoyt-Schermerhorn subway
platform, mass transit, subway advertising, payphones, sky full of
chemtrails, "you are here", finding the street fair, giant sand castle of
the Taj Mahal and giant model airplane for Kingfisher Airlines in the
Port Authority Bus Terminal, wine sorbet, balloons, My Little Pony, Corn
King, police baton twirling, drumming, retro signs, craft ales, massage,
Cartridge World costume, early birthday party, CDs, annoyances of taking
a New Jersey Transit train, rainbow, cigars and hard drive, arriving at
Frank's wife Denice's booth, old time photographs, sushi pillows, talking
to Denice about her clothing company Bunta Block, talking to Liz from Liz
Shaw Design, fishy smoke, talking to Abby from Jewelry By Abby, green
grossular garnet, Botswana agate, moss agate, beer review ("Harviestoun
Bitter & Twisted" on tap), Beatles, coffee themes, WFMU, ship in the
distance, Macintosh Portable, pony rides, Casio SK-1, more beer, The
Sheik of Araby, Jean Shepherd, why the time traveler invitation thing
doesn't work, bank opening, Time Warner Cable "eye" logo, puppets, weird
hairy marionette of a bald eagle, Kyo, John Byrne, sea of people, Podcamp
NYC, A View From Space, sitar playing, Podcast Expo, toy trumpets,
collectibles, distractions, Mark Morris, falafel, Belarus, beer review
("Abita Amber" on tap), Sugar Corn Pops, Silly String, detoxing,
portapotties, drop of blood costume, the small black coffee experience,
Hoberman spheres, The Area Code of This Episode (630 - Western Chicago
Suburbs), sitting on a rock, listener email ("Joe from Chicago" - Area
Code 630 News), Flatbush Ave., an unexpected mall - "Atlantic Terminal",
LIRR, Guitar Center, bag check, Korg M3, Target, Chuck E. Cheese, popcorn
game, crappy mannequins, Daffy's, Daffy Dan's, Crazy Eddie, Bugs Bunny,
Daffy Duck, Buffalo Wild Wings, Pretty Woman, mathematical pleasure,
cosmic things, football game, and finishing the episode on a bench.
Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #631 (Saturday, October 6, 2007 / 1:40:00 / 45.8 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "At a Street Fair in
Brooklyn, Part 2 , Atlantic Terminal, paper towels, blatant chemtrails,
Atlantic Antic street fair, Flatbush Ave., Long Island, Brooklyn Academy
of Music, Iran, UN protests, Laurie Anderson, books, monthly bus pass,
finger healing, safety, show milestones (4.5 year anniversary, 500 hour
mark, 30,000 minute mark), intermissions, different year measurements,
"Pylones" store opens in Grand Central, The Obtuse Angle podcast archive
going offline,, Virgin Megastore update, Nirvana, Utah, Kurt
Cobain's daughter Frances is 15, The Gallery at Fulton Street mall is
dead, needing portapotty and falafel, barriers, absinthe drinking, the
hallucinogenic oils of the wormwood, trouble on the falafel line, ginger
lemonade, a sea of people at the street fair, Obama, Hegelian dialect,
Arp Axxe synthesizer, convertible, corn, bail bonds, wine sorbet, human
ingenuity, dry cleaning label as toothpick, evil marionettes, big dog,
plastic film on dishwasher control panel, pet peeve, nice beer logo,
homeless guy sign system humor, Tangerine Flair, Spentgag (pretending to
clear the throat while saying "Illuminati"), nasty fish smoke, Silly
String, getting weary of the noise, drumming, balloons, checking out the
ship, the BQE, Adopt-A-Highway, Brooklyn Marine Terminal, German Navy
sailor explains the ship, the chemtrail phenomenon, sheeple and sleeple,
humidity, funnel cakes, time for cigar ("Aurora"), hanging out in a
little park by the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, sunscreen, everyone
tapping away at their little computers, writing in little notebooks,
meaningless drivel, people eating ice cream, rustic foliage, Verrazano-
Narrows Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, scary random adventure in Staten
Island, 209, "Sunbathing" by Lush, Spentgag ("Don't call me Shirley"),
homonyms, puns, jokes, vegetarian issues, Rainman, the pomposity of
"assembly", what happened at Burritoville?, Michael Moore barricaded in
Maui Tacos, merging into traffic, random gaps, waiting for a taxi with
flowers, old-fashioned cars, Amity Street, health logo, footbridge,
honeymoon Sebring convertible, age tofu, fish shavings, and the sushi
place is closed. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #632 (Friday, October 12, 2007 / 1:46:00 / 48.5 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "The 40th Birthday
Show - Part 1 , sirens, raining like mad, wet commute, bigger umbrellas,
dryer, minor celebrities born on the same day (comic book artist Rob
Liefeld and Olympic figure skater Tiffany Chin), sounds of the bus stop,
feelings inside, facades, traumatic job, corporate politics, creative
projects over the years, Obliviana Super Occult Amusement, connecting
with people, bus stop people, lusting after power and money, Port
Authority, 20 years ago, 4 sets of 10 years, The Golden Age of Video
Games, Corridor of Losers, puberty, girls, an entertainment empire in my
mind, 7 Train, a puzzling time, experimental publications, a slacker in
1991, ezine, subway conductor, Grand Central Terminal, Fuzzy Daupner,, Internet radio station, Macchiato
Espresso Bar, sippy lids, expensive coffee, The Mini Car Show, 9/11, the
lost year 2002, beginnings of The Overnightscape, the birth and "death"
of podcasting, heading down to Maui Tacos for lunch, taxi flower art,
25th Anniversary of the opening of EPCOT Center, Walt Disney's last great
vision, EPCOT Gallery, soap, dark rides, memories of World of Motion,
puberty and facial hair, memories of a childhood friend and his mother,
"Mr. Mustachio", solo trips to Walt Disney World, happy endings, buying
dice at The Compleat Strategist, I Ching, Surfers Dining Room, Haiku Wet,
theming, azul, sad video, The Magic Cow, guy with cat on his head,
pixellated camouflage, two bathrooms, cigar, A View From Space, food
ingredients, l-cysteine, rest room signs, time travel, the occult,
supernatural beings, religion, obsessed with interdimensional travel,
psychic wars, grates above the train tracks, gag reflex, focused on a big
idea, personal power, tape recorder show planning, infallibility of the I
Ching, Mercury retrograde, and wisps of black plastic. Hosted by Frank
Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #633 (Saturday, October 13, 2007 / 1:37:00 / 44.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "The 40th Birthday
Show - Part 2 , time passing, Tangle Therapy, secret project update,
Schadenfreude, Avenue Q, announcing grand schemes that will neveramount
to anything, Future Life magazine, Laserium, big radio plan email, the
beauty of the imperfection of mankind, NYC audio (street drumming on 42nd
Street), NYC audio (Anti-Ahmadinejad Protest at the United Nations), mobs
of people and school buses, baricades, Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, orange
police nets, police vans everywhere, protest signs, speakers, sentry
tower, dead end, stage, non-threatening body language, news trucks, the
bicycle cops, Tudor City Greens, the "Mongolian Seating Area" depressing
deli, dialectics, puppet masters, weird silver curved building, blending
in, NYC Audio (40th Birthday, Part 2) Fedex Kinkos, Copy Kingdom, Heroes,
working at the copy center at the NYU Bobst Library, unpleasant words,
prepress, scanner operator, ThunderScan, ImageWriter, glass cylinders,
ancient computer equipment, Scitex, Dolev, stripping, "young fella", no
parties, "The Money Masters", dangers of credit cards, giving advice,
hoarding objects is a life misery, OCD, all the boxes in one room of
madness, Katagiri, TV shows ("Heroes", "Jouneyman"), sitting by the
Roosevelt Island Tram, Lucius Vorenus, Spy Magazine offices in the Puck
Building, miso, Japanese toy review ("Littlebony"), candy review ("Pop
Rocks" - Candy Cane, Sour Surprise, and Chocolate), Japanese coffee
review ("Sapporo Jack Black Mocha Blend", "Roots Aroma Black"),
overflowing garbage cans, exploring Bloomingdales, fancy shops, seventies
feel, South Spoon Bank, Home Depot, cool internal spaces, Metro Level
closed, cologne review ("Narciso Rodriguez For Him"), musk, amber,
"Narcheezo", W train, subway fear, life after death, lives as songs,
building corner, statue of Jackie Gleason as Ralph Kramden from "The
Honeymooners", weather manipulation, chemtrails, conspiracy websites, new
flyer holder thingie, the free ribbon, the happy ending, leftover ice
cream cake, and beautiful metal bottles. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #634 (Tuesday, October 16, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Embarking on a new
experiment - a series of 20-minute episodes, Mercury retrograde hitting
the show hard, audio equipment difficulties, the word "podcasting",
longform audio, a very special beverage review (a can of Japanese
"Original Blend UCC Coffee" with a lot of history), EPCOT Center, another
show, conspiracy theories, birthday presents, converting old media to
digital (vinyl records, VHS tapes, etc.), record selling failure, Culture
Club "Colour By Numbers" album, recordios, ancient tape recorder, vacuum
tubes, VHS to DVD, "The Dirty Pair", "Golgo 13 , a fragment of a super
obscure TV show ("Q.E.D." (1982)), and steampunk sci-fi. Hosted by Frank
Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #635 (Wednesday, October 17, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Got rid of the tarot
cards, getting into bed after a shower, zonking out, rescuing cats from
an apartment where the apartment right next to it was gutted by a massive
fire, cat carrier issues, trying to figure out the "falafel on the side"
concept, finger burn healing, super obscure Tarot-like cards
"Reflexions", and crazy hair. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #636 (Thursday, October 18, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: The Synchronicity of
the Dryer Balls, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. States that are 2 states away
from the border, the random phrases, the nature of reality, hypnopompic
phrase "Warp Garden Pervasive", passing through a sea of information, "As
Seen On TV", executive stress relievers, wandering around drug stores, "I
want Dryer Balls", areas of the body that are harder to dry after a
shower, laundry accessory review ("DryerMax- Dryer Balls"), juggling,
Nellie's Laundry Nuggets, interesting tactic, and Lake Border USA. Hosted
by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #637 (Friday, October 19, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Little train station
rituals, show history, a photo of great artifacts, old reviews, beverage
review ("Metromint Lemonmint Water", "Metromint Orangemint Water"),
comments on the blog (Mike Barclay (from the beverage industry) on the
recent "Pure Cool" beverage reviews), Flash intros, VHS tapes, Dazzle
device, Twin Peaks, and anger. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #638 (Saturday, October 20, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Dawn of the
dystopian future, stopping going to the movies, benefits of NYC, movie
review ("Blade Runner: The Final Cut"), Harison Ford, all the different
versions of Blade Runner, Atari, Cuisinart, Pan-Am, the flying car,
history of the Ziegfeld Theater, The Ziegfeld Follies, old movie
theaters, interesting crowd, neon umbrellas, applauding Vangelis,
pervasive steam on the city streets, Times Square, the monster party
concept, strange similarities between cult movie endings ("Mad Monster
Party" and "Blade Runner" / "The Apple" and "Repo Man") , robots and
replicants, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" by Philip K. Dick,
glowing flying cars, and the analog VHS thing. Hosted by Frank Edward
Nora (

The Overnightscape #639 (Sunday, October 20, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: The dawn of
distillation, Canada, Lake Michigan update, Mr. Sasha the Cat, a
gathering of friends, rappers, stress, brandy, beverage review ("Remy
Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac"), a Sagittarius, centaur with spear,
mythology, "props" on sale at comic book stores (Star Wars "Remote",
Thor's hammer "Mjolnir", Beta Ray Bill's hammer "Stormbreaker"), a nerd
paradise, expensive scotch glass, computer games in Korea, PC bangs,
Starcraft, computer game review ("KartRider"), and the legendary Super
Mario Kart. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #640 (Monday, October 21, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: In the studio
audience of "The Hugh Thompson Show" on the AT&T Tech Channel
(, Mr. Sasha the Cat purring, the powerful cognac,
Barbados, Steve Poltz & The Apostles, audience handler guy,, The Rugburns, Jewel, living rooms shows, "Security
Band Challenge", Glenn Miller songs ("Pennsylvania 6-5000?, "In The
Mood", "String of Pearls", "The American Patrol"), calling the Hotel
Pennsylvania, the New York telephone service crisis, Grand Ballroom, The
Maury Povich Show, paternity suits, belligerent audience members, Hugh
Thomson's guests at the taping ("Dan Egerstad", "Bre Pettis", "Alan
Weissman", "Peter Neumann", "Whitfield Diffie"), Make Magazine,, Einstein, flutes, and explaining public key cryptography.
Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #641 (Tuesday, October 23, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Obscurity levels,
voices from the future, Iowa, cool area code shape, show formats, sports
and fashion, dealing with VHS tapes, anime, Geraldo, Alive From Off
Center, "You Killed Me First", mysterious girl "Lung Leg", love of
analog, Super Cool 1999 Tape, VLC, Saturn, Gulf War Update, Patriot
Missiles, the low point of Twin Peaks, false wars, and the lovely
Sherilyn Fenn. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #642 (Wednesday, October 24, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Random early 90s
television, listener audio (California Place Name Help - "Ranger Craig
from The Rock", "Bill from The Shadows"), 48 Hours with (fake?) Paul
McCartney, "The Dave Thompson Comedy Special", animated "Lord of the
Rings", Michael Moore on Donahue, "Live at Five", Father Ritter, 600 for
600 email (#122 - "Bud (The Overnightscape's Apprentice)", "Long Time
Listener Courtney"),, Bluffcosm, "Blufftoon" audio piece
("Tornado Warning" (excerpt) from November 25, 1973), and the vacuum
fragment. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #643 (Thursday, October 25, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Amazing origami,
tinkling, rubber "wax", dream review ("Plane, Overpass, Tornado"),
beverage review ("Maker's Mark Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whisky"),
spelling, lounge, cereal with hempmilk, hemp foods, spentgag ("Full
House"), the paper towel comment, and how to make clear ice. Hosted by
Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #644 (Friday, October 26, 2007 / 26:00 / 12.2 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: The exploding soup,
super fast meals, the Pyrex bowl, universal food recepticle, drawer
problems, record-breaking day, defunct department stores ("A&S",
"Ohrbach's", "Stern's", "Bamberger's"), pompous pianos, relating "Lord &
Taylor" to "The Prince and the Pauper" and "The Brave Little Tailor",
"Little Lord Fauntleroy", Mickey Mouse, "The Brave Little Toaster", fake
trailers, escalator issues, very long hair, the no sneakers rule, drunk
cartoon characters, guys with jester caps in the subway station, painful
stair climb, loud indoor jackhammering, The Times (of London) article,
Wikipedia, the "Master Blaster" ear cleaning product, and five very
special household appliances. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #645 (Saturday, October 27, 2007 / 20:00 / 9.4 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Girl's school,
spinning out in the snow, Cutty Sark, Completely Random Memories ("A
Ghost Town in Montana", "College Arcade Game Guy", "Artist Buildings on a
Hill", "Wee Box", "Barnabee / Herculani"), video game ("Alpha Mission"
(SNK, 1985)), smashing Jeep window, Nirvana hater guy, Charles Bukowski
bootleg tapes, "Under 21, Go Quietly", Shirley Temple, grenadine syrup,
and Jokerz pinball. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #646 (Sunday, October 28, 2007 / 22:00 / 10.2 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: First awareness of
New York City, Manhattan area code 646, pink flyer, giant wall chessboard
at 767 3rd Ave., cool plaza, stagecoach, metal footsteps, old trains,
seeing the movie "2001? as a young child, college trips to NYC, vague
14th St. memories, NYU, 5-floor walkup apartment on Thompson St., little
room, Trump World Tower, being a foot messenger, summer jobs, heat wave,
riding a bike on the city streets, Staten Island Ferry, internship at MTV
News, going to the U. N. to get a picture of Bishop Desmond Tutu,
printing industry job, FDR Drive, Pepsi sign, and the idea of the 22-
minute format. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #647 (Monday, October 29, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Frank's 1990 journey
to Toronto, quitting a job because of a blanket, immaturity, a crush on
Alison, clothing degeneration, stripping in prepress, imagesetter output,
hanging out in the darkroom, guy who new Madonna in the early days,
emotional development, dot etching, acid, wrecking a processor,
resignation letter, disoriented in the mornings, Amtrak ride to Toronto,
locker, youth hostel, hanging out with the born again Christians,
Mississauga, religious arguments, pop machine, Yonge Street, Bloor
Street, used books and magazine, underground malls and tunnels, Riverboat
Gambler pinball, the idea of the 24-minute format, updates, old job,
Robert De Niro, meeting an old co-worker randomly in the Port Authority
Bus Terminal, Grateful Dead, buying a Walkman, 2 Live Crew, and getting
the news that Jim Henson died. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #648 (Tuesday, October 30, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Milking squids,
random phrase, experimental days, Ion USB turntable, Pearl Jam song "Spin
The Black Circle", Gramophone, 78 rpm record "Queer Street" by Count
Basie, recordable records, 1949 DuoDisc, a record Jean Shepherd played on
his show - "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" from the album "Knuckles O'Toole Plays
The Greatest All-Time Ragtime Hits", outer groove, The Paunch Stevenson
Show, beverage review ("Cafe Sepia Tea Latte", "Cafe Sepia Matcha
Latte"), Japanimation, cuttlefish ink, and young women controlling giant
robots. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #649 (Wednesday, October 31, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: The Retrieval of the
Tarot Cards, the area code of the Turks & Caicos Islands, tropical
paradise, convincing yourself, leaning back in a squeaky chair, moving to
the new place, getting rid of stuff, VHS to DVD, LP to MP3, dream review
("Old Records From Germany"), Dumbledore is gay, boardgames, getting the
box out of the closet, baskets, Tarot Balbi, Morgan's Tarot, Universal
Waite Deck, Prediction Tarot Deck, Rohrig Tarot, Authors card game, Fluxx
card game, Cerebus Diamondback card game, Secret Dakini Oracle, Cosmic
Wimpout dice game, the ultra obscure tarot-like deck "Reflexions" by The
Catalyst Group (1987), "The Road Warrior", The Feral Kid, and a hard-to-
interpret card reading. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #650 (Thursday, November 1, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Big view of the sky,
honeymoon in San Francisco, the sundog phenomenon, all show descriptions
on one page, chemtrails, the conspiracy topic, a complex series of ramps,
a chemdog over Manhattan, photographic evidence, drama on Twitter, new
Alex Jones movie "Endgame", eugenics, the slumberland, food review ("Clif
Nectar Cacao Organic Chocolate Fruit and Nut Bar"), pronunciation of the
word "cacao", lolcats,, and the universal show.
Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #651 (Friday, November 2, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "The Porch Trilogy"
- Episode 1, Mall of America, Minnesota, strange weather, The Outer
Limits Marathon, vinyl records, Xavier Cugat, The Overnightscape in CD
quality audio, drinking some Laphroaig 10 single malt Scotch whisky, beer
review ("Stone Pale Ale"), demonic gargoyle character, new brewery, cigar
review ("CAO - The Sopranos Edition"), Holsten's, ambient noises,
catching up on "Entourage" and "Big Love", VHS to DVD difficulties,
Comedy Central in 1994, Absolutely Fabulous, French & Saunders, The
Vacant Lot, Mercury Retrograde, and no need to rewind. Hosted by Frank
Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #652 (Saturday, November 3, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "The Porch Trilogy"
- Episode 2, microwave beeps, figuring out the flavor of The Sopranos
cigar, the smell of antiques, sharp white on brown bottle, trouble with
the names of construction vehicles, driving forklifts, kid's books,
clothes, boxers or briefs, underpants, how to clothe a human body, Alpha
Flight t-shirt, gay Canadian superheroes, news teases, Harry Potter
spoiler alert, foreign clothes, sandstorms, digging down into the boxer
shorts drawers, good socks, food review ("Trader Joe's Pacific Shores
Vegetarian Rice Bowl"), dream review ("The Cyber Sled Postulate"), secret
project update, and Puck. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #653 (Sunday, November 4, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: "The Porch Trilogy"
- Episode 3, a little bit of a breeze in the trees, motorcyclists, bagel
phenomena, Ess-a-Bagel, bagels at work, hacked-apart bagels,
pumpernickel-raisin bagel with veggie cream cheese and peanut butter,
bagel disaster - no bagels left, bagel insurance, researching
pumpernickel, "the devil's fart", old drinking song, sun is setting, the
shadow of a telephone pole, the sounds of birds and cars, Sunday Drivers
("Car Wars" game supplement), candy review ("Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate
Edamame - Chocolate-Covered Soybeans"), edamame at Japanese restaurants,
and goodbye from the Porch Trilogy. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #654 (Monday, November 5, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Snipped my thumb,
childhood memories of folding wooden rulers, attractions on 42nd Street,
remembering the Broadway City arcade, the black coat, lack of pockets,
back on caffeine, Midtown Comics, crazy guy with folding wooden ruler,
Nokia Theatre, retracing the steps of "Frank's Guide to Classic Arcade
Games in Times Square - February 4, 2002? (heard on episode 493 -
7/5/06), Ferris wheel, tape measures, a scene from "Heroes" in Times
Square, Bar Code, the noise, Charmin Restrooms coming back, Laser Park,
remembering "Ha!" the cable comedy channel, electric shock arcade game,
comic books, new NHL Store with a Starbucks, cutting your nails, Curad
"band-aids", bootleg DVDs, escaping a conversation, mistaken for store
employee, and sparkly diamonds. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #655 (Tuesday, November 6, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Cold and windy at
Tudor City Greens, Health Nuts, sesame noodles, beverage review ("Synergy
Strawberry Serenity Kombucha"), snack review ("Little Lad's Herbal
Corn"), Bill Clinton, candy review ("Dagoba Organic Chocolate - Lavender
(dark chocolate, lavender, and blueberries)"), Yoda, bacteria, gravel,
rules of the park, "shall", interpreting rules, ramp, hybrid electric
bus, 42nd Street, playground, iron gate, Ford Foundation indoor garden,
Innovation Luggage, "The Royal Mall", exhaust fan, and a Northfork Bank
with a Starbucks. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #656 (Wednesday, November 7, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: To legally adhere
things to a wall, distracted by a lobby, a separate reality, heading up
to MoMA, reserved area codes, stores with "going out of business" sales
that go on for years, craft store, "post no bills", "bills" on the
construction wall, old musicians, bricks piled up, antiques and
electronics, gargoyle, erotic netsuke, dumpster, "Piss Bottle Man", brake
light, train go by underneath, Veuve Clicquot champagne, nitrogen
cannisters, Saint Bartholomew's Church, Park Avenue, cool sky, crazy
preacher guy, dream review ("Rolling Cannonballs Down a Hill"), Olympic
Tower public atrium, bathroom, waterfall, The Hellenic Museum Shop, rules
of conduct, NBA Store, modern art, and ancient Greek walls on the wall.
Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #657 (Thursday, November 8, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Sand bag lizard,
regular timestream, another controversial area code in California,
Disneyland, show format and secret project update, listener birthday card
("Randal from Houston, Texas"), currency review ("Taped Ripped Up Dollar
Bill", "Four Brand New Dollar Bills with Sequential Serial Numbers"),
they know me at F&B, Treasurers, occult symbolism, Federal Reserve, Ron
Paul, central banking, 600 for 600 email #123 ("Carrie from Texas"), show
archives, 9/11 truth, interpreting conspiracy content, New Jersey general
election "public questions", "an idiot or insane person", the "moron -
imbecile - idiot" classification system, and the little owl. Hosted by
Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #658 (Friday, November 9, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Melting pots,
listener email (Mark from Wisconsin - whiskey, Maker's Mark "wax",
Buffalo Trace recommendation), beverage review ("Buffalo Trace - Kentucky
Straight Bourbon Whiskey"), three strikes against the website, tinkling
ice, Lufkin X46 Folding Wood Rule, things unremembered for years,
analysis of "The Overnightscape Audio Totals Graph", "Dingaling" font,
stressful times, Neal from Ireland on Twitter, podcasts ending, error,
butter, pastas without cooking times, and plentiful pure limestone water.
Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #659 (Saturday, November 10, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Persistent vision of
a cafe in a convention center, magic whiskey bottle, E3 1998 in Atlanta,
a visit to Alabama, croissant, drive-in movies, resurgence of vinyl,
North American Numbering Plan Administration, area code jeopardy, review
of cool crafts collection "The Sampler" (coconut - bay rum fragrance
sachet, hand-spun yarn, small book earrings, mirror, greeting cards,
bookmark, lapel pins, patches, cross stitch kit, buttons, music CD
(Frances Mai-Ling - "Chronology"), mini mailing set, Craft Magazine,
notepad, Bust Magazine),,, and a witch chicken
in the mirror. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #660 (Sunday, November 11, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Peanut butter
madness, impressions of Missouri, gravity and dinosaur roadside
attractions, the phenomenon of Comet Holmes, light pollution, some other
comets, watching the thumb snip heap, fingerprints, Coffee-Mate Special
Edition Blueberry Cobbler Non-Dairy Creamer, TV Dinners, the cobbler
concept, Yahoo! Podcasts is finished, October 2007 NY Video 2.0 Meetup,
television taking over from from radio in the late 1940s, For Your
Imagination Studios, feeling out of place, Joost,,,, Kaltura, and improvisation with bagels. Hosted by Frank
Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #661 (Monday, November 12, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Serendipity, mold
and mildew, Earlimart, California, movie "The Watcher in the Woods" with
Bette Davis, John from Cincinnati cigars, Sopranos ad, Barnabee "cartoon
bee" logo, watching the US dollar collapse on, Ion USB turntable,
vinyl LP "Lucille Ball in Wildcat - A New Musical" (1961) with song "Hey
Look Me Over" also (kind of a synchronicity) used in "The National
Lampoon Radio Hour" episode #45 (9/19/74) "The Rehearsal" (which I have
dear memories of, listening to while having lunch at Burritoville),
copyright and our cultural heritage, depressing deli "Mongolian Seating
Area" neon sign gone, new CVS Pharmacy that used to be a "Casual Corner"
(that I saw them chiseling off the sign of), spread the word, and a new
crepe place in midtown. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #662 (Tuesday, November 13, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: An ad for a new
beer, Mississippi, walking down to the liquor store to try and get the
new beer, looking into the studio from outside, innovative new things,
Christmas music too soon, elaborate inflatable light-up lawn characters
(giant spider, full-sized stagecoach hearse with skeleton driver), cool
little animated "snow globes", success in getting the beer, weird
recording guy, sound of a football game on a TV set, brown paper bag, on
the porch, beverage review ("Brooklyn Local 1 - 100% Bottle Refermented
Ale"), champage-like cork "wire restraint", motorcycles, foam, great
packaging, dusting of yeast, Belgian flair, bombarded with visual crap,
bus, the devaluing of Christmas, wonderful orgy of materialism, Vincent
Price "shrunken head kit", getting everything on the Internet, and a
neighbor comments on the leisure setup. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #663 (Wednesday, November 14, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: The troubled
production of the 1960 Lucille Ball musical "Wildcat", "I Love Lucy", big
stars having trouble doing something different, Garth Brooks CDs "The
Hits" and "CD Zooming" from 1994, The Wiz at the Menlo Park Mall,
ephemeral audio, Garth Brooks in "The Life of Chris Gaines", Lucille Ball
reincarnated, mysterious stuff, blasts of information from the
hypnopompic state ("Violasta", rock star "Peron Cat", his zoo is "Kisrata
Kutty"), synchronicity report (Walter Becker song "Girlfriend" / guy in
bunny costume at subway station), mental block, and a cool Iron Man
costume. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #664 (Thursday, November 15, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Abandoned town, the
country of Montserrat in the Leeward Islands, magic whiskey bottle,
synchronicity report ("Crutches", "Apple Association Commercials",
"Missile Command Computer Game", "Monie Love", "The Flaming Carrot / The
Doors", "Walking On Water"), Howard Stern's early 90s TV show, being a
slacker in 1991, Atari VCS, Frogger, Cerebus the Aardvark, Mystery Men,
Being There, light-headed on 8th Avenue, Billy Harvey living room show,
award-winning Flash website, the exploding cream soda, Sifl & Olly,
KartRider, Daptin Gone, and the world is "real". Hosted by Frank Edward
Nora (

The Overnightscape #665 (Friday, November 16, 2007 / 24:00 / 11.1 MB / - Tonight's subjects include: Camouflaged by
cheese bags, a year ago was the wedding reading in Hackettstown of the
words to the EPCOT Horizons song, Billy Harvey website, the Flash award,
food review (Trader Joe's "Trader Ming's Kung Pao Noodles"), new artwork
in the "Corridor of Losers", outlines of medieval musicians, Ocean Spray
"Cranberry Bog", "Mystery Science Theater 3000? cast members create new
projects (Film Crew, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic), partial movie reviews
("Sleepless In Seattle", "Victor/Victoria"), Julie Andrews movie
("S.O.B."), Richard Mulligan, ClearPlay "home censorship" DVD player,
despicable copy protection, creepy stuff, and we should fight for our
freedom. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #666 (Wednesday, November 21, 2007 / 3:33:00 / 97.7 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: Investigating the
topic of 666 and Devil / Satan / Lucifer / Antichrist, three-digit
numbers, evil topics, secret project update, stopping the daily shows for
now, show formats, update on the new art in the "Corridor of Losers",
visit to the zoo, the Ron Paul rally in Philadelphia, national debt, The
Constitution, MadPlayer switch, 666 - The Number of the Beast -
downgraded to 616?, Stok website, partial movie review ("Jetsons: The
Movie" (1990)), The Bible, concepts of the devil, ancient Greek gods,
"wine, women and song", "sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll", dual nature of
humanity, the pleasures of the flesh, evil devil worshippers, elite
secret society shadow governments, spirituality, similarities in many
religions, supernatural beings, deals with the devil, Christianity,
reincarnation, living a life is hard work, a spiritual awakening earned,
atheism, reptilian aliens, ancient Atlantis, 1998 = 666 x 3, 10th wedding
anniversary, cool audio piece ("The Evil Farm (Distilled Highlights)"),
hanging out with juvenile delinquents in 1987, Frank's guest appearance
on The Paunch Stevenson Show, the closing of classic video game arcade
"Fun n' Games" at the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne, NJ, band name ("King
Creosote") probably based on a comedy piece from the National Lampoon
Radio Hour, a message from the Ron Paul campaign, listener audio (Ranger
Craig from Alcatraz - Comets Halley and Kohoutek), 1961 JFK speech "The
President and the Press" where he talks about secret societies, the
"Antichrist" in conspiracy theories, bloodlines, sea beasts, sneakiness,
the nature of secrecy, global warming, North American Union, a song from
1915 which has Satan in it - "Gasoline Gus and his Jitney Bus", the Fatty
Arbuckle scandal, cognac, cool middle name "Conkling", clips from silent
films, interesting ad in Bust Magazine (Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs - Neil
Gaiman perfumes benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The
Orangutan Foundation UK),, good website, putting metal in a
microwave oven (fork in pasta), the new fork concept, Mr. Jesse the Cat,
a set of pasta objects, safety is rule one, another chair has died,
ripped metal, chemtrails versus persistent contrails, cool item review
("Magnetic Golf Ball Massagers"), Pylones, magnetism affecting computer
monitors, degauss, thought I lost my Oakley sunglasses, Frank and his
saffron umbrella, snowing, remembering the Starbucks Chantico drink from
2005, Starbucks Caramel Apple Spice, Starbucks with weird gold statues
and waterfall, sugar-free hot chocolate, hot Dr. Pepper, shoe review
("Dr. Martin's Zack Elastic Slip-On Shoe"), shoes that suck, the "Dr.
Martin's Boots" song from classic British comedy TV show "The Young
Ones", Alexei Sayle, Cruel Shoes, mini ruler as cutting tool, wearing
band-aids on your Achilles tendon, quick music album notes ("Red Carpet
Massacre" by Duran Duran, "Music of the Spheres" by Mike Oldfield), Duran
Duran instrumentals ("Tel Aviv", "Faith in This Colour", "Tiger Tiger",
"Tricked Out"), "Herculani" update, Gallitzin State Park in Pennsylvania,
video game news (Wii "Super Mario Galaxy", PS2 "King of Fighters XI",
iPod "Phase", "Ticket To Ride Online"), book review ("1929 Johnson Smith
& Co. Catalogue"), Jean Shepherd, Anton LaVey, punchboards, gray areas,
hypnopompic phrase (child star "Cliffy Pfoffy"), dream review ("Komodo
Dragon / Cats", "Return to College / Red and Black Blimps", "Beatles Band
Meeting / Fake Paul McCartney"), whispering a secret to you, the book
"The Secret" in Independence Visitors Center gift shop, selfishness,
exploring the topic of "Monster Parties", song "Monster Mash" (1962),
Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, movie "Mad Monster Party?" (1967),
pinball machines "Elvira and the Party Monsters" (1989) and "Monster
Bash" (1998), Internet Pinball Database, balsam fir incense, Frank's
Frankenstein costume, Martha Stewart, The Mummy, The Creature from the
Black Lagoon, Abbott & Costello, "Van Helsing", cartoon series "Groovy
Goolies", vague monsters, childhood stickers, Tonka toys, TV series
"Monster Squad", children's television in the 70s, the Mr. Show "Monster
Parties" sketch, Mad Metal musical interlude, NYC audio ("666 Fifth
Avenue"), NBA Store, Top of the Sixes, aluminum exterior, The Grand
Havana Room, DC Comics, getting the show to 3:33:00, the saffron umbrella
again, "it could be worse", and a happy ending on the bus. Hosted by
Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #667 (Wednesday, November 28, 2007 / 3:08:00 / 86.2 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: Oatmeal in
Atlantis, Maryland overlay, The Overnightscape Support Mailing List, big
announcement - the "secret project" is. The Overnightscape Underground, a
brief overview, Weekend Showcase, Mr. Sasha the Cat, Station Unlimited,
animating force, "virtual radio broadcast", meowing, NYC audio ("Charmin
Restrooms Holiday 2007 in Times Square"), long-gone Bar Code arcade, pom-
poms, toilet paper, the robot dance, the death Mr. Whipple, Puffs Plus
with the Scent of Vicks, menthol, smelling a tissue in the middle of 8th
Avenue, episode 666, vague music, connecting "The Christmas Song" to
Green Brook, NJ toy store "Tiny Tots" that Frank went to as a child,
Ricky Nelson, TV show "Connections" with James Burke, the original Mattel
Electronics handheld games, Jean Shepherd, Route 22, Toys 'R' Us, Fisher-
Price, Duplo, Plaza expansion, Google Maps, Leaning Tower of Pizza,
Flagship, making oatmeal in the past, basic food concepts, the Atlantean
cuisine, continents crashing together, vegetarians, time travel for the
fun of it, hot sauce, farewell Fun n' Games arcade at Willowbrook Mall,
VHS to DVD, faked out with the SD card situation, reading the
instructions, VLC, Miro, video tape (Duran Duran "As The Lights Go Down",
Monkees, Julian Lennon, early MTV, Alan Hunter, J. J. Jackson, a-ha,
Revenge of the Nerds, Thompson Twins, Nina Blackwood, Hooters, Martha
Quinn), DVD-R media grades, pen review ("Sharpie Retractable" (blue)),
advertising works, Tori Amos, Listerine PocketPaks, soap review ("Bath &
Bloom Natural Handmade Bamboo Charcoal Soap"), Future Sound of London,
Frank's wife Denice, stores asking for personal information, Radio Shack,
black square, wishing well, Hot Dr. Pepper post on,
Charter Oak, taking a shower, flecks, cool song on the radio ("The Low
Spark of High Heel Boys" by Traffic), going deeper, cucumber buying guy,
lemon codes, beverage review ("Hot Dr. Pepper"), Dr. Pepper's 23 secret
ingredients, denatured alcohol, Dr. Pepper from Texas made with cane
sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup, distances in Texas, bag review
("ChicoBag" (black)), plastic bag monster video, retired colors,
environmentalism, global warming is a lie to help bring in a totalitarian
new world order, turning the lights on, toy review ("Desert Toob (by
Safari Ltd.)"), roadrunner, childhood armadillo collecting obsession,
horned lizard, desert explorer guy, bobcat, cactus, scorpion, the idea of
the "Jersey Desert", Denice tries the Hot Dr. Pepper, ecology flag, lunch
boxes, partial movie reviews ("Inside Man" (2006), "Pan's Labyrinth"
(2006)), Chipotle, TV shows ("Heroes", "Journeyman"), time travel, junk
on turntable, putting together the fake Christmas tree while watching
"Fatboy Slim's Big Beach Boutique II", synchronicity report ("666th Forum
Post"), secret project preview, Magnetic Golf Balls update, analysis of
the lyrics of "Gasoline Gus", Byron Gay and Charley Brown writing the
song, Elvira, movie versions of "Gasoline Gus", Amazon Kindle,
RocketBook, new Poland Spring water bottle shape, companies pretending to
care about about the environment, the evil ones, Frank creates a "Mystery
Drink" (Dewar's scotch, Canadian Club whiskey, Grand Marnier, Remy Martin
cognac, Laphroaig scotch, Fruko Schulz absinthe), sliding down the rabbit
hole, Abbott & Costello, the taste of old rotted candy, slamming it down,
octopus Beanie Baby, "Ogu-Shio" phenomenon - Japanese Women's Badminton
Doubles Team, video game review ("Real Bout Fatal Fury" (SNK, 1995)),
insert coin sound effect, Duck King vs. Bob Wilson, Sound Beach, kicking
Bob Wilson's ass, vague energy drink "Slap", beverage guy Larry T., Brain
Twist, Cinnabon drinks, Macy's Great American Marching Band, and moving
toward the world of success. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #668 (Wednesday, December 5, 2007 / 3:28:00 / 95.3 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: Cream soda is
trouble, recording in the kitchen, MadPlayer with mini-speakers plugged
in, bad Canadian Club Whiskey from 1973 poured down the drain, The
Prohibition Era, Christmas tree, documentation for The Overnightscape
Underground, Ron Paul, heading out onto the porch, "Jingle Bells",
Christmas lights, pipe review ("Tavern Pipe" long colonial clay pipe
reproduction, smoked with Nat Sherman "Manhattan Twilight" pipe tobacco),
stigma of pipe smoking, nail, tamping, picture taking, foreshortening,
MadPlayer and wind chimes together, bad pictures, bite, "Colonial Frank"
in 1772, accents, vowel drift, The Illuminati, gloves, America, cold
outside, the current weather, electromagnetic energy, all show notes on
one page, the root beer topic, beverage review ("Virgil's Micro-Brewed
Root Beer"), Maxfield Parrish, beverage awards, anise, licorice,
intensely pleasurable carbonation experience, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg,
wintergreen, Reed's Ginger Brews, accidentally knocking the microphone
into my teeth, a pop-up window, "Ifs, Ands, and Butts", cool crafts
collection review ("The Sampler - Nov 2007?), Bunta Block, girly stuff,
independent creative media, tomorrow will be brutally cold, a trend in
creativity, sandalwood soap, castor oil, vegetarian soap, pouring cow
grease all over your face, sodium tallowate, saponification, show notes,
area code confusion, losing it, far western New York State, The Soap
Cafe, undo the pink bow, magnet test, Dismissie, Manic Trout, kiwi bottle
cap, Lollibomb Beauty "Vanilla Lavender Vegan Whipped Body Frosting", a
different Lollibomb, greeting cards, diamond-etched glass, buttonhole,
mirror, Nut and Bee, idea of creating a set of little character, hipster
octopus theme, Lizard Press, more greeting cards, hipster owl theme,
Adorn Magazine, mystery pouch disappointment, crummy ring, scarf kit,
gumball machine charms, writing show notes, cognac, psychology of digital
media purchasing, an overview of all the iPod Games, weird appearance of
"Brain Challenge" iPod game before official release, Frank's ancient
memory from his nursery school days - "Childhood Litterbug Book Lost",
Seth and the wooden blocks, balancing a sphere on top of a cone, cubby
holes, searching for the book, the book found - "Litterbugs Come In Every
Size" by Norah Smaridge (1972), Frank sees a picture of the cover for the
first time in over 35 years, Denice and Liz visit the show, "an echo of
childhood", the studio is a mess, moonstone ring, "Time for Timer" short
cartoons from the 70s, red faces, Brooklyn Indie Market, Liz talks about
moving to Saugerties, NY, Woodstock, Bethel, Caterskill Falls, Rt. 209
recording, Woodstock 89 audio ("Mountain Madness") - about a party in
Kerhonksen, NY that was shut down, "Time For Timer" segments - hunk of
cheese / sunshine on a stick, pomegranate juice, Purple 7, NYC
Audio/Place Sounds ("Subway Music"), pocket change, magic tricks,
intermittent?? game design obsession, "The Game of Obliviana" boardgame, "Bicycle Shadow Masters" playing cards, flourishes,
cutting a deck of cards with one hand, carrying around cool little
things, memories of childhood friend Jay (who had a deck of cards, a
Frisbee, and a skateboard - all of which he gave names to), skateboarding
in the 1970s, chess incident, Shufflin' Jamboree (card game) update, dice
games (Farkle, Cosmic Wimpout, Pig), proposal for a strategic version of
Shufflin' Jamboree, Paul is dead, lighting of the tree at Rockefeller
Center, remembering Evel Knievel, complex versus simple ideas, Snake
River Canyon, Evel Knievel toys, suing Kanye West, "Evel Knievel: The
Rock Opera", rollercoaster, Super Dave Osborne, 80s TV show "Bizarre"
starring John Byner (on Showtime), Mr. Sasha the Cat, Karl Malden is
still alive at age 95, the oldest living celebrities, short-lived 1980 TV
show "Skag" starring Karl Malden (as Pete "Skag" Skagska), Powers Boothe,
Piper Laurie, candy review ("Trader Joe's Mini Milk Chocolate Peanut
Butter Cups"), back to work, missing the bus, feeling a breeze not in a
normal place, fly down, a child-sized snowman doll sitting in the back
seat of a parked car, giant chemtrail "X"s in the sky, chemtrails are not
normal, crap going on right in front of your eyes that you don't see,
seeing a "2001: A Space Odyssey" pod spaceship on the back of a flatbed
truck, maroon??? spot, great scene from "2001?, parody versions of
things, Keir Dullea, sci-f TV series "The Starlost", SmartCar sighting on
3rd Avenue, awful picture by Liberty Bell, hypnopompic phrase (punk rock
singer "John F. Kendy"), dream review ("small pale orange-yellow oval
creature in the bed", "tractor trailer commuter train in the swamps of
New Jersey"), "Find-It" game, new Overnightcase reviews coming next
episode, The Overnightscape Underground website at Hosted by
Frank Edward Nora (

The Overnightscape #669 (Wednesday, December 12, 2007 / 3:36:00 / 99.1 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: Alligator meat and
white tea, area code 669 rejected in San Jose, beverage review ("Stop &
Shop Zazz Seltzer - Original"), Mexican area code 669 in Mazatlan, a fort
and a stairway, body butter, body frosting, dry skin, hand lotion,
bureau, thumb joints, feet are like "morphed" hands, designing the limbs
of humans, animated gifs, DNA, TV review ("Mad Men" on AMC), Journeyman,
DVR, Tivo, Scientific Atlanta, Altria (new name for Philip Morris),
stress/accents in words, monotone robot voice, talking is singing,
embedded lists, people taking all the fun out of Wikipedia, caps lock,
Mr. Sasha the Cat, DVR glitches, Match Game, William Shatner, knocking
over canned air, Curb Your Enthusiasm, toiletry review ("The Body Shop -
Nut Body Butter"), advertising, fascinated by New York City in 1960, The
Jean Shepherd Radio Show,,, TV show
"Friends", Sci-Fi Channel, the tarot card "The Sun", lot of occult stuff
going on, conspiracy annoyances, TV review ("Tin Man", Episode 1),
Richard Dreyfuss, Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, the acting in Star Wars,
Liam Neeson, cleavage creatures,, Sci-Fi Channel's
Seeing Ear Theater (audio drama site that stopped being updated in mid-
2001) , RealPlayer is the worst thing ever on computers, "brief
advertisements" in online videos, The Clash song "One Emotion" inspired
by Roger Moore's bad acting in the James Bond movies, Neil Gaiman's "Snow
Glass Apples", trashing things and then having to take it back,
architecture book review ("New York 1960?), Optima font, church steps by
Washington Square, The World Trade Center, gigantic books, Amazon Kindle,
The Overnightscape Underground ( update, weird clicking noises,
virtual broadcast, funky word, detailed text descriptions, maddeningly
slow progress, frustrating day, Shufflin' Jamboree card game update -
"SJ540? variation, insurance points, programming, beverage review
("Pomegranate 7-Up (Limited Time Only)"), "natural flavors" are the same
as "artifical flavors" - just derived from different sources, good
graphics, snack review ("Limited Edition Snyder's of Hanover Chocolate
Fudge Covered Peanut Butter Pretzel Sandwiches"), miso mug ritual,
chemtrails on the candy, long shows, mouth burn, tangle of wires, 7-Up
website, other new sodas, history of The Overnightcase, Roel from The
Netherlands, The Stackwhacker, cup-stacking craze, The Overnightcase
reviews (audio reviews by Stacy from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - "Peanut
Butter Chimes Ginger Chews", "Criterion Salt Water Taffy", "Hoboken
Eddie's Habanero Mustard"), ocean music, The Overnightcase secret review
with Frank and Roel ("Peanut Butter Chimes Ginger Chews", 9/16/06), the
studio is a mess, audio levels, more Overnightcase audio reviews (Stacy
is joined by her friends Michael and Melissa to review "De Olifant -
Matelieff" and "De Olifant - Matelieff Brasil" cigars), snow on laptop,
the hand-dome method, Cuban cigars, the missile crisis, travels in
Canada, ambient noises, video game news, the fighting game genre, Street
Fighter II theme song makes me happy, SNK is the best, "Real Bout Fatal
Fury" cool option screen, Neo-Geo video game system, MAME, Jerry from
Southern California sends Frank a PlayStation 2, defeatist attitude, easy
setup, another bureau, lunch money, grand scheme, trying to find things
in store, incident at the video game store, the "who do you think you
messin' with" concept, violence is bad, a lot of tension in the world
makes the world more interesting, video game review ("King of Fighters
XI" for PlayStation 2),game complexity, deep fighting systems, sense of
depth in pinball, import games, Charmin Restrooms, tributes to Mr.
Whipple, Robby the Robot, Procter & Gamble evil logo, toiletry review
("Puffs Plus Lotion with the Scent of Vicks" (non-mediated scented white
facial tissues)), suavizante, scenes from the 1986 movie "Blue Velvet" by
David Lynch, "Candy Colored Clown", Dean Stockwell, crappy "talking
heads" TV shows, overused ideas, Charlie Brown, True Stories, time for
show notes, the SCTV plan thwarted, 3:29 AM, The Overnightscape reaches
22 hours of audio, November was a 13-hour month, last episode's album
art, the violent video games issue, Night Trap, Mortal Kombat, the world
is full of gray areas and continuums, Postal, Carmageddon, "Monty Python-
esque" violence, ultra-violent games on the Cartoon Channel "Adult Swim"
website, Maple Story, using square roots at work checking out videogame
packages on the way home from work, Anna Pasta, "Strive For Five",
hypnopompic phrase ("The parents of TypePad users born with sleeping
alphabet."), Frank's wife Denice, tracking a dollar
bill, nude beach, AIM in Gmail, hating Facebook, movie quiz, video game
review ("Brain Challenge" on iPod), movie "The Matrix", the idea that at
some level we are living in a kind of "Matrix" in our own imaginations,
the nature of lies and deceptions, a kiss, and spilling seltzer water all
over Lucille Ball. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora

The Overnightscape #670 (Wednesday, December 19, 2007 / 2:14:00 / 61.5 MB
/ - Tonight's subjects include: Little funny
thoughts, mall delivery truck breakdown, the area code of the
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, The Mariana Trench, Papua
New Guinea, The Overnightscape Underground, song lyrics, podcasting, NYC
Video 2.0 Meetup at The Roosevelt Hotel during the Web Video Summit, free
food and drink, exploring the audio medium, dissed and ignored by
exhibitors, big shots, arrogance, TV overtaking radio in the late 1940s,
online video overtaking podcasting now, Freudian slip, ballroom, extra
chairs,,, text fading away, website review
("" - online TV shows), Murder One, phone ringing, the next day,
audio of walking to the highway bus stop, bus lane delays, walking on
hazardous ice-covered ground, going back home to get scarf and
earwarmers, Toblerone, wind advisory, ice cracks, momentum, dream review
("Arcade Research in Japan"), experimenting on the guards, figures clad
in black, tailpipe, the bus arrives, the feeling of starting to get a
cold, Cold-Eeze, leopard tape, pepper grinder Post-It Notes, Airborne
Formula, Shufflin' Jamboree card game update, more on, "The
Night Gallery" with Rod Serling, Mr. Sasha the Cat, the "edited for
television" version of the movie "The Breakfast Club", girl group update,
figure out what's going on, whistling PotatOH!, watching
with "ModStar" Hwanhee, writing, slang, "gotta" and "cuz", Aeron chairs,
chair stains, apple turnover flake mess, cleaning up just the bigger
pieces of the mess, an allegory for laziness, no expiration date, TV show
update ("Tin Man"), new NYC Apple Store, Canadian dollar worth less than
US dollar once again, PETA website, hunk of beef found
in vegetarian burrito at Burritoville, tempeh, Chipotle, Qdoba, Ron Paul
"Tea Party" raises over $6 million in one day, secret societies,
switching to Republican, The FKN Newz on 9/11 truth, beverage review
("Ricola Natural Herb Blend Instant Herbal Tea Mix"), horehound candies,
SCTV plan, hand "falling asleep", numbness, pins and needles, charts of
the human body, bad websites, "Reader's Digest" logo redesign, fonts,
iPhone with devil horns, conspiracy websites, the elite occultist secret
society shadow government, occult symbolism, obelisk, ancient religions,
Paul McCartney of The Beatles is dead since 1966, the movie "Let It Be",
Paul replacement Billy Campbell is a talented and interesting person in
his own right, Billy Preston, giant lies, gone crazy, album "Archaeology"
by The Rutles, the show is out of control, cool free PC game review
("Road Girls Revisited" pinball table for "Future Pinball"), Treo 680
software update, post office loading dock with bomb-sniffing dog,
Starbucks ad campaign ("Carol by Kayak", etc.), subway escalator scare,
vegan chili in Grand Central, agave nectar squeeze bottle, maple syrup,
corn syrup, going to the other side of the room, Kodachrome film from
1978, Marvel Super Heroes stamps, attract mode, and a lovely Christmas
Time. Hosted by Frank Edward Nora (

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