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					                                                                                 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Sept. 30, 2010

                                                        If Australia is the next destination for yoga,
                                      nathan spreading the feel good energy
                                      is Bikram Yoga’s good boy

                                      FRoM HuMBLe BeGINNING AS A PRIMARY SCHooL TeACHeR, NATHAN
                                      STARTed HIS YoGA CAReeR oN THe wRoNG SIde oF A CAR wReCk.

                                                   ittle did he know at the time, but                                        teach the yoga. He has received the blessing
                                                   this accident would be the ‘spanner                                       to teach Posture Clinics from Bikram and
                                                   in the works’ that propelled him                                          his wife Rajashree, with whom he had the
                                                   into the future of yoga.                                                  honour to be a posture demonstrator in the
                                       Nathan started his yoga experience long after                                         latest seminars in Sydney.
                                      his car accident, when dragged into a Bikram
                                      Yoga studio unwillingly and still encumbered.                                          The ability to breathe, stay calm and
                                      His thoughts on yoga at the time: “chanting                                            centred during challenging situations is an
                                      old hippies twisting into pretzels and lots of                                         invaluable tool in life -this is what we learn
                                      orange material.” Yoga may have been around                                            from Bikram Yoga; and something Nathan
                                      for centuries but nothing prepared him for his                                         is taking back to primary schools with his
                                      experience which “released everything done by,                                         children’s yoga program- YogaFrogs. The
                                      and from, the accident… I felt the paradigm                                            yoga practise allows children to develop life
                                      shift on my world and what yoga was going to                                           skills, such as patience, honesty, dedication,
                                      do for me.”                                                                            commitment, fearlessness as well as helping
                                                                                             In the modern life we           self esteem and self health.
                                      “Bikram” is the name of the creator of the            lead, we can agree that
                                      system, Bikram Choudhury. He is an Indian            stress is a major factor in       Nathan now combines his two passions-
                                      Yoga Master and former yoga champion. The                many diseases and             that of education and that of personal
                                      system was developed with the help of his guru                                         health, into the future of well being
                                      Bishnu Gosh. Bikram Yoga is Hatha Yoga but
                                                                                           dis-ease on a global scale.       for adults and children. Through his
                                      it is a sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing                                        Bikram Yoga and YogaFrogs studios he is
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                                      exercises performed in a heated room for 90                                            extending the capacity for yoga to create
                                      minutes that make it unique.                                                           happy, healthy families.
                                      Since his first class, Nathan has become a Bikram
                                      Yoga teacher, Australian Men’s Yoga Asana
                                      Champion, and a regular International Yoga
                                      Championship competitor. Currently he owns a
                                      Bikram Yoga studio owner in Sutherland Shire,
                                      while travelling nationally and internationally to                            
                                                                                                 Nathan Dennett Director,
                                                                                              Bikram Yoga Sutherland Shire

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