Anastasia Internationals Miss Bikini Contest is Huge Success

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                             Over 20, 000 vote in Miss Bikini Contest

In June 2008, visitors from all over the globe took part in the vote for Miss Bikini. In a hotly
contested competition, 20,000 voters came together to choose from amongst more than 100 of
Anastasia International’s most breathtaking beauties, selecting Maria of Odessa, Ukraine, to
wear the Miss Bikini crown. Just one look at Maria’s lustrous brown hair cascading down her
stunning 5ft 6 in figure, illustrates the amazing quality of the Miss Bikini contestants, stunning
beauties drawn from thousands of gorgeous girls that anyone can meet via
Anastasia International.
                              Upon receiving the news of her victory in the month-long
                              competition for Miss Bikini, the sensational Maria exclaimed, with
                              charming modesty, “I am honestly surprised that I won! I have
                              never entered any kind of beauty contest before this; I’m very
                              flattered and grateful and would like to thank Anastasia
                              International for organizing the Miss Bikini Contest. And I
                              especially want to thank all those that were involved in the contest
                              and even more so those that voted for me.”
                              In addition to her strikingly attractive figure, magnificent Maria is
                              charming has a wide range of interests, such as attending the
                              theatre, dancing and singing. She loves nature and tries to spend all
                              of her free time outside. Maria also enjoys music and is interested
                              in psychology.
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According to Anastasia International owner and founder Elena Sykes, “This is the first time
Anastasia International has held the Miss Bikini Contest, and we are extremely pleased with its
outcome. In particular, we are proud of the enthusiasm displayed from both the contestants and
the voters. Just imagine, every day over 20,000 participants kept their eyes glued to our site to
monitor the results. We have received massive feedback and countless requests for other
contests of the same nature. At this time we would like to thank the women that participated in
contest and the men who voted for them-- thank you to all of you who made this such a huge
If you didn’t have a chance to take part in our voting you can still find thousands beautiful girls
in their bikinis on, as well as view their videos.

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