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Media Arts: Computer Art/Illustration
Award Type: Associate in Applied Science Effective First Year/Term: 2004 Fall Overall G.P.A.: 2.00 Major Code: 3822 Faculty Initiator: Development Date: District Curriculum Committee Online Agenda Date: MCCCD Governing Board Approval Date: 5-22-01 Description: This program is designed for the student who wishes to develop an area of specialization in Computer Art/Illustration. The program acquaints the student with art principles and assists the students in developing their abilities to solve design and compositional problems as related to the art. It allows for the development of an individual's personal interest in this area, prepares students for employment, and upgrades skills of those already employed in this field. Employment opportunities are included in multimedia such as illustrator, artist, designer, paste-up artist, freelance artistdesigner, graphic design artist, or multimedia artist. Initiating College: Phoenix College Program Availability: Shared by: MCC, PC Total Credits: 66 CIPS Code: 50.04.02 Instructional Council: Art (17)

Program Notes: + indicates course has prerequisites and/or corequisites. Students must earn a grade of "C" or better in all courses within the program. Admission Criteria: None Program Prerequisites: None Required Courses: Credits: 38 ART100 Introduction to Computer Graphic Art ART111 Drawing I ART112 Two-Dimensional Design ART116 Life Drawing I + ART169 Two Dimensional Computer Design + + ART173 ART177 ART255AA ART255AB ART289 ART297AB MMT140 ELT/MMT292 COM259 ENG111 Computer Art (3) OR Computer Photographic Imaging (3) Self Promotion The Portfolio Computer Illustration Computer Graphic Design Internship Survey of Multimedia Technology Multimedia Update Communication in Business and Professions Technical Writing

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MMT/VPT216 MGT229 MGT251

Multimedia Project Management Management and Leadership I (3) OR Human Relations in Business (3)



General Education Requirements: Credits: 28 CORE Credits: 15

First-Year Composition + Any approved General Education course from the First-Year Composition area. Oral Communication Any approved General Education course from the Oral Communication area. Critical Reading + Any approved General Education course from the Critical Reading area. Mathematics + Any approved General Education course from the Mathematics area. DISTRIBUTION Credits: 13





Humanities and Fine Arts Students must select any combination of ARH102, ARH100, ARH115, HUM108 for a total of 6 credits in area. ARH102 Renaissance through Contemporary Art (3) ARH100 Introduction to Art (3) ARH115 History of Photography (3) HUM108 Contemporary Humanities (3) Social and Behavioral Sciences Any approved General Education course from the Social and Behavioral Sciences area. Natural Sciences Any approved General Education course from the Natural Sciences area.




Program Competencies 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Use various software applications to create finished artwork, which illustrates understanding of layout, design, typography, and color use in graphics. (ART100) Use basic operational systems, digital image manipulation, and computer operations to produce art electronically. (ART100) Use a variety of drawing tools with technical competency. (ART111, ART112) Create drawings of the human figure with a variety of drawing media. (ART116) Market a product and develop a portfolio of art and graphics for self-promotion. (ART255AA, ART255AB) Integrate human relations, communication, and technical skills as an intern in an appropriate business or industry. (ART297AB) Employ the use of line, value, texture, and compositional theory to define form within a two-dimensional format. (ART112, ART169) Use various computer skills, knowledge of color, and design to produce electronic art. (ART173, ART177, ART289) Produce finished commercial illustrations using graphic input devices. (ADA/ART289)

10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17.

Use computer information systems, computer concepts, microcomputer applications, and digital imaging applications. (ART100, ART177) Apply interpersonal, group, and public communication skills in business or professional situations. (COM259) Plan, organize, research, and write technical reports to be delivered in oral presentations for specific jobrelated audiences. (ENG111) Develop additions to different multimedia applications and evaluate them from an end-user's perspective for their effectiveness and style. (MMT140) Evaluate and/or use hardware and/or software upgrade products to improve multimedia presentations or multimedia delivery. (ELT/MMT292) Write a Request for Proposal (RFP) for an interactive video/multimedia project. (MMT/VPT216) Develop a project plan and create a developmental model to highlight each activity, checkpoint, and end product. (MMT/VPT216) Apply leadership skills for communicating, facilitating, and solving problems in a team setting. (MGT229 OR MGT251) Last updated: 7-12-05

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