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					LESSON W2 October 20, 2009

TAKING ATTENDANCE Simple roll call.

PARTNER CONVERSATION After roll call, I want you to hold a short, casual conversation with one partner. You may want to write down three questions to ask. Each person should ask at least three questions and answer at least three questions. Here are some possible ideas, but you may talk about any topic you wish. Sample questions:  What did you do this weekend?  Have you read anything interesting lately?  How are you doing with your English practice?

HOMEWORK REVIEW Previous homework: You were assigned the vocabulary words on pp. 24-25 and the exercise on pp. 32-33. If you have completed this assignment, check your work with the answers given on pp. 332-333 when you have time. Assignment due: Textbook—study the words and phrases on pp. 59-60. Then fill in the blanks on pp. 66-67. After you have tried to answer ALL the questions, check your work with the answers on p. 335. In-class review of homework: On a piece of paper, write the correct word from the word list on pp. 59-60 to fill in the blank. Don’t forget you may have to change the form. You may look at the word list in your book. 1. 2. 3. It is hard for me to read food ____________ here because they are written in Chinese. I like to buy _____________ vegetables, but they are more expensive. When one country produces a _____________ of grain, that can be donated to another country in need. When there is sufficient rainfall, this area can produce an ________________ of fresh fruits.


5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Some foods cannot be grown in a region and they must be ___________________. An overuse of pesticides can create _______________ effects to the environment. It is recommended that good _____________ will help prevent the spread of the flu. Don’t forget to ___________ your sources when writing a research paper. He moved to that remote region not from necessity but ________________.

10. I hope that you will learn some useful writing _______________ through this course.

FOLLOW-UP ON GROUP ACTIVITY: Writing about hobbies In an earlier class, we did a group activity in which students wrote sentences about their hobbies and combined them into paragraphs. Those paragraphs have now been combined into a PowerPoint Presentation. Please read along silently until it’s your turn to read aloud. You’ll know when it’s your turn! After viewing the PowerPoint presentation, please write your reaction to what you saw. Here are some possible sentence starters for you: “I learned that in our class. . . “ or “I was surprised to see that. . . “ Your response does not have to be long; a few sentences will be enough.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT Read the “Writing Strategy” section in the box on p. 69. You do NOT need to write an essay, but read the model paper on p. 335, “What Does Diet Have to do with the Environment?” and answer the following questions: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Does the paper have a good opening sentence that introduces the topic? There are two arguments/points in favor of vegetarianism. List those two points, using as few words as possible. There are three arguments/points in favor of eating meat. List those three points as briefly as you can. Does the paper have a good closing sentence that concludes the discussion? Do you feel that one argument was stronger than the other? Why?

This assignment will be collected at the beginning of your next writing class.

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